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My Hair Dying Experience

Last month I did something very unlike me, I dyed my hair for the very first time! I didn't dye the whole thing because that would have probably given myself a heart attack... as just having these streaks put in my hair caused my heart some problems!
I was the only one of my friends with their natural hair colour and  I quite liked that about me, but I always felt quite boring and envied people with lighter hair than me as mine can sometimes looks black.
So I bit the bullet and asked my sisters friend who is a trained hairdresser to dye my hair. She was one of many who was shocked I was actually doing to do something with my nice healthy natural hair.

This photo is of my natural hair untouched, you can see how shiny and healthy it looks... but it is still boring so here we go!
So this was my first time ever putting anything like dye on my hair so firstly I done a patch test to make sure I wasn't allergic to anything being used (safety people!). Then on the Friday night I went round my sisters to start the process. We were going to bleach my hair first to lift my natural colour before we put the hair dye on. (Colour light copper brown)
Because my hair had never been touched before, the bleach was turning to powder on my hair and my hairdresser couldn't work out why. Then we found out that because I had 'virgin' hair (natural hair) my natural oils in my hair were rejecting the bleach. Brilliant!
So my hairdresser decided to stop and wash the bleach out so that it didn't damage my hair and because it wasn't working properly anyway. Since it wasn't working properly she only put the bleach on the bottom layers so the day after we tried to bleach it, my hair looked like this... 

I quite liked that light copper colour, that was the colour I was going for so I wasn't too disappointed.  We still tried again on the Monday with some different and stronger bleach on the rest of my hair. This time the bleach worked properly and turned my hair blonde! At first I hated it, I thought I looked like a tiger and so so stupid! It wasn't until the next afternoon that I actually fell in love with it, we decided not to use the dye over the top after that because I loved the blonde colour so much.
Here are a few photos of my hair in different styles (sorry about the drunk face in the second one...)

Since having my hair bleached I am actually itching to put more colour on it! I think I would like more copper tones like the ones on the bottom of my hair but I have definitely seen a difference in how healthy my hair is since bleaching it. It isn't as shiny as it was before and it is definitely more dry but I'm drowning it in aragon oil so that is helping.  Maybe in a few months when my hair is a bit more healthy i'll add some more tones :)

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