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W7 In The Nude and In The Buff Palettes

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Recently I added two new eye shadow palettes to my collection and I have not been disappointed. The palettes are the W7 In The Nude and In The Buff Natural Nudes and I have seriously been impressed with them. I have had my eye on them for a while but I never knew where to purchase them as they aren't in Superdrug or Boots, then I discovered that they were sold in B&M and I couldn't resist trying them out.  
The quality of the eye shadows are really good for the price of £9.99, most of the time you can get it even cheaper online or in B&M for around £4 which is even better. The eye shadows last all day on my eye lids (with or without a eye primer) which I was surprised about, the pigmentation of the eye shadows is rich and creamy meaning they blend in seamlessly every time. Because they are quite creamy I tend to use the smudge brush to apply the product and then use a fluffy brush to blend out the product or to blend two colours together. 

W7, In the buff, In the nude, eye shadows, palettes,

The range of colours you get in the palettes is really good and you can create a range of looks from just one of the palettes. You get 12 colours in each of the palettes and they range from a skin coloured nude to a dark crease colour. My favourite out of the two palettes is the In The Nude palette which I got first, it has 9 shimmer shades and 3 matte shades. All three matte shades are perfect bases for all the shimmer shades that follow and are perfect for the spring/summer time. I have had a lot of use out of this palette as you can tell from the indents everywhere. 

The In The Nude palette is more for the going out/ glowing winter time of the year. It includes 8 shimmer shades and 4 matte shades all perfect for smokey eyes. The second shade which is a gorgeous golden shimmer shade (which has the huge dent in) is my favourite shade from both the palettes. This palette I am excited to use during the Christmas party season because the gold shades are just beautiful and so pigmented. 

The packaging of these palettes is very Urban Decay with their plastic case which makes them really easy to clean and hopefully indestructible (I'll keep you posted!) 

Let me know if there are any other W7 products that are worth purchasing!

Lip Loving | The Rimmel Edition

Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipsticks

I have recently discovered a new formula of lipstick that is rivaling all my other lipsticks in my stash. If I am being honest I have worn hardly any lip products during this winter. Now it is time for Spring so I need to get into gear and get my lips looking lip-tastic. That was really bad I'm sorry...

I wanted to try out a new formulation of lipstick to combat my severely dry lips I have had to endure this winter and the Rimmel Moisture Renew lipsticks caught my eye. I picked up the 200 Latino shade first to try out and I was amazed at how soft they made my lips feel. I have had dry cracked lips for months now but with just one layer of this lipstick my lips were super soft, moisturized and super pigmented. The colours of these lipsticks are really pigmented for moisturising lipsticks which I was surprised about. They don't seem to last too long because of their formula but I don't mind about that. My lips have not dried out once since wearing these lipsticks which is a big bonus for me, once the colour as faded from my lips I just reapply the lipstick and I'm good to go.

#Wanna know what the best thing about these lipsticks are?! You can find them super easy in your handbag because of the silver and purple packaging, how handy!

I have four of the normal Moisture Renew lipsticks and two Moisture Renew Sheer and Shine formula which I am loving just as much. Since first trying out the formula I have bought another five lipsticks in the shades 700 Better and Brighter, 180 Vintage Pink, 220 Heather Shimmer, 380 Dark Night Waterl-oops and 400 Good Mauve. 

My favourite at the moment is 220 Heather Shimmer for a a really glossy nude! 

Drugstore Beauty Haul

Drugstore beauty haul Newlook, pure colour, maybelline, rimmel, bourjois, seventeen, miss sporty, topshop, So the last few weeks I have bought quite a bit of makeup and so it is time for a bumper haul since I haven't posted one since September last year! It may have been a long time but I don't think I am going to disappoint you with this collection of goodies!

Pure Colour Foundation and Contour Sticks in Light and Medium
This sticks have only came in in the last week or so and I had to try them as soon as I spotted them. I love the idea of foundation in stick form but I haven't try any brands yet. To save my money being splashed on an expensive version that I didn't like I picked up this £4.99 version in 2 shades to try out. So far so good!

Topshop Glow Pot in Polished 
I have wanted this pot for ages but My topshop never seemed to have this shade until last week. I couldn't buy it quick enough and I have loved it so far, the effect it gives my face is amazing and I understand the hype around it. 

Maybelline Colour Tattoo in On and On Bronze 
This is the 7th pot in my collection I can't get enough of these eye shadows. These are perfect for someone as lazy as me to just whack on my lids and go. As a big lover of bronze and glitter shades these one is right up my alley. 

Miss Sporty Perfect Stay Concealer in Light and Medium 
I've been looking for a new concealor for a while and after watching some YouTube videos I decided on giving this brand a go. The concealers are only £2 something each which is crazy cheap and worth a shot I think. I picked up the Light and Medium shade and there is quite a big difference in the shades so it might be worth mixing the two shades together to match my skin when I have a little tan to my face. 

Bourjois Aqua Blush in 02 CocoriCorail 
This product is just beautiful. I am not a big blush fan but the idea of this really intrigued me and once I tried it I found that I really loved it. The product can look scary when you first pump it out but it blends in so easily that it looks really natural on the skin. 

Rimmel Oh My Gloss in 800 Crystal Clear 
& Seventeen Lip Luster in Ice Maiden 
I was on a hunt for some new lipgloss to add to my collection since I wasn't really get much use out of my matte lipsticks this winter. These two caught my eye for two reasons; the clear lipgloss to use when I don't want to use any colour but I want my lips to pop and the nude lipgloss to wear when I have big eye makeup. 

Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick in 200 Latino 
I did buy one lipstick recently but I choose carefully with the moisture renew formula so hopefully my lips won't crumble into pieces when I apply it! The shade is a low key perfect for the spring time. 

Rimmel Kate Moss Eye Shadow Stick in 100 Rose Gold
This stick is just so gorgeous, the shade is super pigmented and I've never really been into eye shadow sticks before but I thought this shade would be the best place to start. I love cream eye shadows so I am sure I will love this product. 

Top Picks On Netflix

Naomi's and ely's no kiss list, Shadow hunters, Benidorm, netflix, favourite

I am a big Netflix junkie thanks to a friend of mine and since having the app I have watched a lot of programs and films so here are my top picks that I've watched on netflix.

American Tv Programs

  • Pretty Little Liars 
  • Shadow Hunters 
  • Vampire Diaries 
  • Making a Murderer
  • Prison Break  
  • How I met Your Mother 

British Tv Programs 
  • Gavin and Stacey 
  • Merlin 
  • Little Britain 
  • Miranda 
  • Benidorm 
  • Jonathan Creek 
  • Outnumbered 
  • Doctor Who 
  • Like Crazy 
  • Love Rosie 
  • Naomi and Elys No Kiss List 
  • The Best Of Me 
  • It's A Boy Girl Things 
  • A Royal Christmas 
  • In My Dreams 
  • Picture This 
  • Walking On Sunshine 
  • Endless Love 

I am currently on episode 6 of series 2 of Pretty Little Liars and I am loving it! 
What are you watching at the minute?
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