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Halloween Inspiration | How To | Saw Make Up and Outfit

So today is the 31st of October which means today is Halloween! I love holidays like this because there are always decorations up everywhere and people really get into the spirit and it gives people an excuse to dress up.
Now this Halloween I am actually not dressing up just because my only option of going out is to go into town and I am not doing that in fancy dress! So anyway this evening (or now depending when I put this up) I am going to the cinema with my boyfriend to watch Ouja, hopefully I wont poo my pants in the cinema...
Since I'm not dressing up this year and I didn't have this blog back then I thought I'd show you guys what I dressed up as last year for a Halloween party. I went as the puppet Saw from the gruesome Saw films which are my favourite! I had the help of my sister and her two friends to get me looking creepy. I had work till 6 that night so it was a bit of a rush to get ready in time for the party but we did it. 
I bought white face paint to cover my whole face in, black eye shadow to put all around my eyes, I used a bright red lipstick I already had, a red cream blush to draw on my circles on my cheeks and lastly used a black pencil eye liner to draw on my dummy jaw lines.
The funny thing was my over exaggerated eyebrows look like some girls eye brows normally!
For my hair I backed combed the top of it to get it hold for the whole night (which it did) and curled the hair at the bottom. I tried to make it quite messy so that I wouldn't look to 'put together'
For my outfit I bought a fitted white shirt from Newlook to put under my fitted black blazer from there and wore them with my black disco pants from you guessed it... Newlook. I ordered a red dicky bow off eBay which was a bargain!
And my Saw look was complete!
Here are two photo from the party where I still look quite decent haha the first one is of me and a Micky Mouse garden ornament because why not... and the second is of me and my favourite clown Joseph <3 

Favourite Autumn Lip Colours | Red

Since the autumn season has started I have got back into wearing bold lip colours, over the summer months I had stayed away from wearing lipsticks just because I had had a lot of no makeup days. So now that it is getting colder I have been wearing lipsticks for whats feels like everyday!

Here are some of my favourite lip colours for the autumn season, and I know in the photo they all look like the same colour but I promise they are all different! haha

Avon in Chilli

This lipstick is my number favourite of this time of year as it is super moisturising on my lips and never dries them out like other lipsticks, especially when the weather is colder than usual. The shade is really nice dark red that isn't too much during the day time but can also be worn at night on a night out with a full face of makeup. It lasts a good few hours but you might just need to reapply it after you've eaten.

Mua Power pout in Crazy in Love

I love this lip product so so much! It is a great colour unlike anything I had already and although it looks red in the photo it is more of a mix between a purple/maroon/hint of red, the colour is really hard to describe but it looks great on the lips. It has a little shimmer to it that looks subtle on the lips and not like you've dipped your lips in glitter.

Rimmel colour show off in Be Bold

You cant really go wrong with Rimmel lipsticks I think, when it comes to lip products Rimmel are always on form in my opinion, that is why I have two Rimmel lipsticks in this list. This colour show off lipstick is something that I always come back to, its easy to apply and top up and lasts a good amount of time before you need to.

Rimmel Kate moss in 22

This Kate Moss lipstick is a little more subtle then the colour show off lipstick as it isn't so bright and looks a bit more natural on. It is a deep but bright red at the same time and has a slight shimmer to it which isn't too in your face. It lasts as good as any other lip product too.

Revlon colorburst in Wild Watermelon

This lip butter was one of the first lip products I ever bought and I have been in love with it right from the start. The texture of this product is so rich and soothing, you wouldn't need to ever use a lip balm before applying it because It moisturises your lips so much, you have no need too. I wrote a post months and months ago about my four  Revlon Lip Butters which you can click on to take a look at. The only downside to the lip butters is that they don't last that long because they are so creamy BUT I will take that for such a good lip product, I don't mind reapplying them often.

Foundation Free Face

Sometimes, going foundation free for a couple of days is just what you need to fresh your skin. If you have temperamental skin like mine then continuously slapping foundation on it doesn't help it at all. I'm quite lucky in a way because if I don't want to put foundation on I don't always have to, if I am having a good skin day then I can get away with skipping it and still look quite fresh. I understand that some people might be reading this and just the thought of going foundation free might make them feel really self-conscious but I do think we all do need them days where we let our skin breath.

Here are a few items that I tend to use on my foundation free days and these products are enough to cover any blemishes I have.

Concealer palette - This palette is like my best friend, it has every shade of concealer you would need and has the added counter balance shades to help cover up spots. I usually use the green concealer over any spots I have to cover the redness of them and then put the right shade of concealer for my face on top.  Here is where you can find the palette.

Rimmel Wake Me Up concealer - If I am not wearing some sort of foundation or bb/cc cream then this Rimmel concealer is a must. It is perfect for under my eyes to cover any bags I have and it is great for just brightening up my cheeks and covering any redness I might have.

Sleek Contour Palette - I use this palette near enough every day now as it works well with and without a base. If I'm not putting any foundation on I like to contour my face only a little so that it gives my round face some definition and temples.

Sleek Blush Palette - You always want a little rosy blush on your cheeks to make you look fresh faced. I like to you the shade Guipure in this palette just to brighten up my cheeks.

Mac Teddy eye kohl crayon - If I'm going to wear eye liner I am enjoying using this mac brown shade just to define my eyes and make them look a bit bigger.

Benefit they're real mascara - This product doesn't really need an explanation for what I picked it but if you want you can read my review on it as well as other mascaras here.

Reasons why I love Autumn/Winter

My favourite time of year is most definitely Autumn/Winter. It is no contest at all and here are some of the reasons why...

  • the cold weather
  • wearing layers
  • hot chocolate
  • big boots and socks
  • Christmas films
  • cosy nights in
  • big fat roasts
  • tv shows Christmas specials
  • amazing smelling candles
  • scary(ish) films - they always feel better watching when its cold and dark outside
  • movie nights in instead of going out in town
  • cuddles in bed
  • mince pies!!
  • harry potter day/night marathons  

Sleek Contouring palette

I have finally finally bought the sleek contouring palette Yay! I've seen so many reviews on this product and the hype was too much to resist. Although to have wanted this for months now so I'm proud I've lasted this long. 

First of, one thing I love about this palette is the packaging, it's simple and let's the product speak for itself, and it's easy to fit in your handbag on a night out. 

All three shades in the palette are useful and well loved. I've never been a fan of highlighters before so this is my first and I have to say it has been used on plenty of days. The bronze shade is perfect for people like me who on some days can look really pale and then on others can have a nice tan. The contour is a heaven sent! It's my first of it's kind and I am loving using it. The best thing about the three shades is that they are really easy to work in so I'm never afraid im going to walk out the house with a giant brown cheek.

The staying power of this palette is really impressive, I can use it at half 7 when I'm getting ready for work and it's still on my cheeks when I get home at 6. 

The big question is, is this palette worth £10? Hell yeah it is!
You get three great colours which all do different jobs, it lasts all day compared to other bronzers and contours, it is easy to pack and take anywhere because the packaging is simple and the casing is easy to clean.
I'd say I'd found a winner!

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