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The £1 Lip Stains

£1 lip stains eBay bargain
I've spoken before about being a lover of  eBay bargains whether its clothing or make up and eBay pro over here has found another bargain make up gem. I wanted to build my lip product collection as the only products I really had was lipsticks which I weren't using much of at the time. I found these Lip Gloss Stains for just £1. Yes £1! I like to buy products that I like in every colour going so with these lip glosses being one £1 I can buy all the colours they do for the price of a normal lip gloss.

I ordered three shades to try; 03 which is a pale pink nude shade, 24 which is a sparkly coral shade and 31 which is a gorgeous Barbie pink shade. I picked these three as they were the most wearable colours for me and I have found myself steering more towards natural tones lately with lip colours. My most loved shade has to be 03 pink-y nude as it is so easy to wear.

The product is very pigmented, much more pigmented then I thought they would be and you only need a little product to get the job done. I find these last a good few hours as long as you put them on top of dry lips. One time I did put one on after applying a moisturising balm on my lips and it slide straight off!  Apart from that I find that these give my lips a good colour that dries quickly and works very much like a lip stain. I would call these gems a lip gloss/stain hybrid which is the best of both worlds, the product applies like a lip gloss but dries matte leaving you with the colour but you don't have shinny lips that don't last more than a hour.

I love how simple the packaging is for this product and it is made slim lined so it can fit in even the smallest of handbags or purses. You have a normal applicator to apply the product and the top of the tube has a smaller passage so that you don't waste too much product when you take the applicator out.

I did only buy these products to try out because I love trying different things and didn't expect much from them to be perfectly honest. I am glad I bought them now as they are a regularly used product in my makeup collection.  You can purchase the lip stains here.

Bourjois CC cream

Bourjois CC Cream

I have already mentioned my love for this product in my Simple Face Of The Day post but I thought it deserved its own post too because it is so amazing. Now I am a person who is easily pleased I will admit it but no product has made me fall in love as easy as this CC cream.

The product claims to cover redness, dark spots and is anti-fatigue. I can honestly say that it definitely does the first two without a doubt. I have spoken before on here about the problem I have with my red cheeks, although my skincare currently is helping my problem greatly this CC cream also covers any red skin I still have perfectly. It also gives my skin a lovely glow which I find my current stash of foundations do no compare to. I am prone to have dark bags underneath my eyes from time to time and this CC cream completely covers them and doesn't crease in my eye wrinkles which is a bonus!

The glow I get with this CC cream as well as a few swipes of my W7 chubby contour stick give me the best bronzed (but not fake tanned looking) face and since starting using this product, I haven't reached for anything else. I find this product lasts all day on me and I still have the same glowy skin at 6pm as I did at 9am.

It has a super light weight texture for the coverage that it gives which is the best combination in my opinion. I never feel like my face is caked in product but I also never have the fear that my patchy skin will still be visible after applying it. I find that using this product is actually making my skin better, every time I take my makeup off when I am using this product my skin is still hydrated and even.

I don't want to harp on too much about this product but it definitely is a winner for me. I know I am a little late to the party but am I ever not? I plan to repurchase this product once I have used up the tube, which wont be too long the amount I am using it at the moment.

Have any of you tried the Bourjois CC cream? What did you think?

How to get over a stressful day

If any of you work in retail in particular then you will know how it feels to get home after a stressful day of wanting to rip your hair out, literally. If you've had a hard day or everyone has just annoyed you and the thought of going back tomorrow makes you want to cry. Here's a list of things I tend to do to get over one of them horrible days.

  • Change you clothes - even if you don't wear a uniform it is nice to change your clothes so that you don't feel like you are still at work.
  • Eat your favourite food - going to your favourite restaurant for your favourite food or having your favourite takeaway can make you forget about your day.
  • Go for a walk - I love going for long walks in the country side when I have something on my mind. I always have my best brainwaves when I'm on my own in the quite.
  • Put on a face mask - nothing is more refreshing then properly cleansing and cleaning your face when you feel like your day is clogging your mind (and your face)
  • Be around people - when I am having a bad day I tend to actually sit in the living room and watch trashy evening tv with my parents because it takes my mind off my troubles.
  • Have a long sleep - need I explain why?!
  • Stick on your favourite romcom- you know the one where the guy is super hot and you love the lead girl because she reminds you of yourself.
  • Stick on your favourite youtubers - I love a good get ready with me
  • Have a good old cuddle of someone who makes you happy - saved the best for last really :) 
What do you do to get over a rubbish day? 

Simple Face of the Day

This post should be called 'Lazy face of the day' because I am so lazy recently with my routine that I am ashamed. I am also very lazy because I didn't take any of my makeup off last night because I fell asleep so I didn't want to cover my face in products all over again today.

Anyway ramble over... time for the products!

Since coming back from Barcelona I have been loving this CC cream by Bourjois, I find it does everything it claims to on the packaging. It covers my dark spots (which I'm starting to get more of now) and it definitely covers my redness. I have said before that I have quite red cheeks especially after washing my face and I try and cover them up as best I can, this cream covers them great and gives me a nice coverage as well as giving a glow to my skin. This makes my skin look nice and healthy on them bad skin days.

Next is my trusty Collection 2000 concealer in the shade Medium, I recently moved from the Fair shade to the Medium shade which I wish I done long ago, I didn't realise how light the Fair shade was for me until I tried the Medium which is probably my perfect shade. No more white eyes for me! Anyway this is great for covering dark bags and spots as it has a great coverage and blends in so nice that you cant tell that you've used it at all.

For my cheeks It has been all about the bronzers and contours for me recently and I decided it was time to mix things up and opted for a blusher instead. A favourite of mine this past week has been the Revolution Bronzer Blush and Highlighter trio which is the perfect size to carry around with you. The blush is a natural pink shade which isn't too much for a day to day look. I have been using this blush to give my cheeks that little bit of colour.

For my Eyebrows shock I used my favourite eyebrow product ever the MUA Pro-Brow eyebrow kit. I wont harp on too much about this product, if you want to read more about it check out my full post about it here.

Lastly you cant forget the eyes. I recently got as a freebee this Clinique High Impact Mascara when I bought another product and I am trying it out this week for the first time. So far so good! I really like the brush as it is fibre instead of plastic so its adds volume to your lashes and my little lashes need some! I also love the size of it as I again I can carry it around in my bag and the fact that its green means I can find it in my tray of mascaras. No one understands this annoyance unless you store your mascaras in a tray and they all look the same!

So here is my simple (lazy) face of the day, there are a few newbe products and a few golden oldies. What are you wearing on your face today? :)

Clinique Sculpting Chubby Stick

I'm sure everyone has seen this product floating around the blogsphere by now and before it even started popping up everywhere I picked this item up on a shopping trip to try out, does that mean I'm physic? I hope so...

I have been using this contour stick for a few weeks now and I love the idea of the product, it makes contouring so easy for beginners but I tend not to use it for contouring at all.

Although everyone and their mum has raved about how this stick gives a good natural contour to your face, I find that it blends in too well for my liking so I feel like I haven't actually contoured my face at all. I find I get a much better contour which stands out (still naturally) with my Revolution Protection Palette. If you really want to make an impact with this product you need to put a lot of it on, but in doing that I found I was after blending, leaving myself with a big brown cheek. I instead use the stick to bronze my forehead and nose on top of contour and find it works really well at giving me a nice glow and warms my face up when I am having a pale day.  

For now I think I will stick to my Revolution Protection Palette to actually contour my face but I have also bought a W7 contour stick which I have found to work better for me at contouring so W7 might convert me to crème contours properly, I'll let you know!

Flower Power

I don't know what it is about this year but I am obsessed with buying flower crowns! In the space of a week I have purchased 3 and since I have never been interested in them before, I thought it was a little strange. Before I used to think flower crowns were a bit over the top and they would be too much to wear during the day, then I watched a video of  SunBeamJess where she put on a huge flower crown and I really liked how it looked so thought it's about time I tried them out.

The three that I bought were all really cheap and all have different looks. The first is this really small cream flower crown from Primark which was £2 and this one I thought would be good to wear when I'm wearing something with pattern or something quite loud and the little flowers will be a nice touch. 

The next two are from Newlook and I really like these because they are nice colours and their are quite loud. The red crown was £3 and the smaller pink crown was £2. I think these two will look good with something summery and plain so the outfit is all about the flowers. 

I can't wait to wear these but I think I'm a little ahead of the weather right now so these might have to wait a few weeks (hopefully not months) before they get an outting. 

What are you thoughts on flower crowns, cute accessory or over the top statement? 

Finishing Touches

I think accessories can make an outfit come alive and turn it from simple to eye catching. I always feel naked unless im wearing at least one piece of jewellery (usually earrings). Here are some of my favourite accessories to add to my everyday outfits.

My friends and family make fun of me because I wear these fake black glasses but I absolutely love them! I think they really finish off my face once I've done my makeup, they give my face more definition and make it look less round. You'll always see me wearing them on the days when I can't be bothered to do any mascara as they still open up my eyes. All of my family wear glasses so I'm only preparing myself for later on in life...

Blue Heart Necklace 
This was a present from my sister which I think is my favourite necklace of all time. Me and my sister both love the film Titanic and she saw this necklace and remembered that I love the pendent in the film so bought it for me. I love the size of the heart and it stands out with whatever I pair it with. 

Michael Corrs Blue Watch 
This was an unexpected present from my parents which I love to wear, it is unlike any other watch I have seen around and it is just my style. I don't like the same gold or rose gold watches that everyone seems to have so this was a lovely addiction to my watch collection. I wear this watch on most of my days off as I always like to have a watch on, even though my phone is normally always in my hand. 
Gold Drop Love Heart Earrings 
These are my favourite earrings to wear with plain or simple outfits. They are only a simple design but they still change the look of any outfit and make it look like you have put in that little bit more effort. They are only a cheap purchase i made in Newlook (I think) last year and they are still in decent condition. 

Blue Bead Braclet
Again, this was a present from my parents for a birthday or Christmas. It is a lovely blue chesalled (I think that's what you'd call it) design with a white and silver bead in the enter of the braclet. You can tell what my favourite colour is right? Haha I love the effect that this braclet gives off in the light and it goes with all my other favourite accessories. 

What pieces of jewellery do you wear to finish off an outfit? :)  

Bourjois Colour Boosts

I finally, after months and months of seeing people talk about this lip products and pinning for them, purchased some Bourjois colour boasts in three shades! I was quite lucky that I looked on Feel Unique on a whim and notice that they were selling these three shades in a set for about £15 and I just had to get them! I love the idea of lip pencils over lip sticks any day because they are easy to carry around in your handbag and I feel they last a longer time.
The three shades I have to wear are Fuchsia Libre, Red Sunrise and Plum Russian which are all lovey colours but of course being me, my favourite is the dark plum shade. These colour boosts packs a lot of pigment in them (which explains the name really) and are really moisturising on the lips. They don't last long at all but the colour they give you is worth it I think and I don't mind reapplying it.
I do want to expand my collection now and see what others colours they do, so in a few weeks I might have draw full of colours to wear, which I wont be complaining about!

A Few Holiday Purchases

During my quick Easter break in Barcelona I was amazed at the number of beauty/make up/body shops over there; to me it was heaven, to Cal it was hell. With so many shops I had to come back home with a few bits just because they were there.

The first item I was hunting round Barcelona for all weekend, I tried duty free at Luton and had no luck, I then went in every Sephora shop and still couldn't find it anywhere. It is the Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturising Cream, which I wanted in the lotion form but it just wasn't anywhere in Spain apparently so I opted for the cream over the gel. It was on offer as well at 25 euros so bonus. I love the packaging of Clinique and previously has a smaller version of the lotion, so I'm sure I'll love the cream too and write a post after I've fallen in love with it.

Next is a Lush product which I wasn't expecting to pick up in Spain. Call me naïve but I didn't know Lush was that  big outside of the UK so this was a nice surprise to find. Although there are hundreds of Lush shops in England and I have one quite close to me, I still picked up this Lush Hottie Massage Bar as standing on the Metro how ever many times a day and walking miles were killing our backs and shoulders. We didn't use it over there in the end so I have it home now for next time our back decides to play up.

Next is another product I can easily get in the UK but it was only 12 euros over there when it is usually £12 in England and I have wanted to try this BB cream for a long while now so put it in my basket. It is the Body Shop All In One BB Cream in 01 which adapts to your natural skin tone. I have mixed feeling about this product right now, it is not at all what I expected and I definitely think I need to use it more to decide whether I like it or not.

Lastly, probably my favourite pick up is the Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Cream. Now yes I know this is everywhere in Boots... but they never have any light shades! I go in every Boots near me and its 'warm beige, cool beige, light beige, rose beige' maybe some people don't have beige skin?! Maybe some people have lighter skin... Anyway I picked up the Ivory shade and I have wore this everyday since coming back and I am in love. I am picking this over all my foundations at the moment and still getting the same coverage. I will do a detailed post for you guys as I cant rave about this product enough!

And those were the few bits that I picked up while away, most of our money was spent on presents and paying to get in places and see things. Hope you enjoyed guys :)

21st Birthday in Barcelona

Hello lovelies! A few exciting things have happened over this bank holiday and I thought I would write a post for you telling you all about it, its not really a surprise because it is in the title but ... It was my birthday on Thursday!! I am officially 21 so I guess I should book a ticket to America to go buy some alcohol, you know just because I can.

On the Tuesday night me, my family and my boyfriend went out for a meal to celebrate my birthday, we had the meal two days before my birthday because for the last few months Cal had been planning a surprise for my birthday with my family and he wanted to tell me at my birthday dinner, I knew he was taking me away some where so I wanted enough time to get prepared and pack so I planned the meal a few days before we left. To be perfectly honest I thought he was taking me to somewhere in England, my first thought was Cambridge because he knows how much I enjoy it there. He was a little cutie and made a moon pig card with lots of hints to where I was going (even though I didn't get any of them and thought it was Newcastle...) and it turned out that he was taking me to Barcelona!

I am not ashamed to admit that after 5 minutes of  'really? are you kidding? are we really really?' that when It sunk in we were going there I cried, much to Cal's shock. Then another thought hit me, what am I going to take to Barcelona?! That will come in another post don't you worry.

We travelled there for what equalled to 3 days (one morning and evening and two full days) and now that we are back I plan on resting in bed until I am back at work Wednesday. There is so much to do there I was knackered by the last day! We stayed in this holiday in a really quite area in the Inner City called Tryp Condal Mar  which was so lovely. Silly me was too busy exploring to remember to take photos of the hotel or even our rooms but trust me it was amazing.

The hotel was a 10 minute walk from a big shopping centre called Diagonal Mar (which we took full advantage of) and the metro. Every day we left the hotel around 9 and went to the metro to travel to our first stop. We got a 3 day travel card which was 20.50 euros each which is really good. With only a Barcelona map and a tube guide we travelled everywhere!

Since Cal had planned and paid for this whole trip we definitely had to visit the FCBarcelona Stadium for him which he loved. Even I enjoy walking round the stadium, and sitting on the balconies and walking by the Pitch. Cal also got a photo with a picture of Messi so he was extra happy.

We went to see the Cathedral and two of Gaudi's houses which are so cool. The only annoying thing we found with these places is that the queues to go in them are ridiculous! We weren't prepared to waste our days in queues to see one thing, we were happy seeing the outside and then moving on to another place. Sagrada Familia is definitely worth a visit, the building is amazing and it is right in front of your face when you walk out of the metro.

The Cathedral

Sagrada Familia

Sagrada Familia

Sagrada Familia

Gaudi's house
Gaudi's house

We went to two museums while we were there, Museu d'art Contemporani de Barcelona and Museu nacional d'art de Catalunge, and although the buildings where amazing to look at, the art didn't really appeal to us.  At both museums though there was other great things to do, at the contemporary museum there were stalls outside selling clothing and jewellery and lovely little things for presents and at the national museum there was a huge shopping centre Arenas de Barcelona which had loads more shops.

Museu d'art Contemporani de Barcelona
Museu nacional d'art de Catalunge
Museu nacional d'art de Catalunge

Museu nacional d'art de Catalunge
Museu nacional d'art de Catalunge
Museu nacional d'art de Catalunge
Museu nacional d'art de Catalunge
Museu nacional d'art de Catalunge

Museu nacional d'art de Catalunge
We also visited the Zoo which was a lovely trip and we got a few photos there (well Cal did because I was too lazy to take photos all holiday) but as you can see from the photos, most of the animals were sleeping which was annoying! I guess the heat was too much for them which I can understand.

One morning and one evening we took a stroll down to the beach which was lovely, it was really quite and peaceful and the only people we saw was runner after runner first thing in the morning. I can imagine it being packed during the summer and I would like to go back to sit on that beach in the sun, but then again there is too much there to just sit around for hours.

The place we probably visited most and spent the most time in was a stop on the metro called Jaume. It had everything we needed there, the cathedral, street after street of shops (mostly Mango, it was ridiculous how many Mango stores we walked past on the same street!), the market. I did find a Body shop and a Sephora there which made me extra happy and I will do a post on the few bits I bought.

On our last night after dinner in our favourite restaurant in the Diagonal Mar centre ( the best steak house ever) we went to the arcade to get rid of a few of our last change and ended up finding a bowling alley at the back. We played a game to end the night (which I lost badly) and then went to leave to go back to the hotel when Cal stopped to play on a grab machine (you know the ones that you use the grip to pick up a cuddly toy and it always lets go after a second), he used a few euros and didn't win anything. Then we went to leave again and he spotted a minion one and wanted to have one last go, so I found a euro at the bottom of my purse and... he won me a minion! It was the best way to end the holiday as he has a thing of buying me cuddly toys. Even before we got together he got me a Boo toy from monsters ink and a Olaf toy from Frozen. So now we have another minion to add to our collection. Meet Little Messi!

And that I think is it in a nut shell, I think we did more but I cant remember names and the weekend feels like a blur now. It was the best way to celebrate my birthday and I think me and Cal will go back at some point, to cover the places we didn't get time to go to this time. It is so easy to get around there with the metro and we had no trouble there what so ever. I definitely recommend Barcelona if you are a person who likes to go exploring all day instead of sitting around by the pool on holiday. We did go when it wasn't so hot that you were sweating all day so it might be a little more hard work in high heats but the views and experiences are worth it.

The only thing I found we were a little disappointed about was the nightlife over there, although we didn't want to go crazy and get drunk in a Spanish club, we wouldn't have minded some bars or restaurants to drink in in the evening. Although some nights we were so tired from walking we went to bed at 9, they were 12 hours days I think we were allowed haha.

 I plan now to soak my feet in the foot spa all day and eat lots of white chocolate eggs (yes I have white chocolate eggs!!) and try and plan something equally amazing for Cal's birthday next year, wish me luck! :)

8 Reasons Staying In Is For The Best

It only took about two months of non stop partying when I first turned 18 for me to get bored of going out in the evening. Give me a night in bed and I am a happy chappy but make me go out in town for a evening when its cold or I'm tired and be prepared to have an annoying Chelsea all night.

Here are just 8 reasons why staying in at night is the way forward.

*Your bed is never more than 10 steps away from you

*You don't have to waste money getting into a club which is full of sweaty men

which leads me onto...

*No unwanted guests

*So much take away to choose from without having to leave your bed

*Your friends and teddies wont judge what your wearing (yes them pineapple PJ bottoms...)

*No one will spill a drink down your onesie

*You can dance like no one is watching (because no one is)

*You don't have to spend hours picking an outfit, where 9/10 times you just end up buying something new

*You don't have to search the crowds for your new man, prince charming is on the screen right in front of you

*There is no risky drive to McDonalds the next day when your still drunk (naughty naughty!)

*You can enjoy the sunny Sunday without being bed ridden or being sick after every moment

Who else is with me?!
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