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WIW & FOTN | Date Night

My boyfriend has been wanting to take me to Nandos since before we got together so this week we went for a meal there finally, and since I hadn't actually left the house all day... I wanted to make an effort during the night :)

I wore my green check tube skirt from the teen section of Newlook (it's cheaper than the adults so who cares if it's aged 14-15..) with my black cropped curled bottom t-shirt from Topshop and some black tights. I paired them both with my new petit black leather jacket from Newlook, which I am in love with! I've been feeling a bit frumpy lately since I've put on a bit of weight (biggest understatement ever!) recently and hated how I looked in tight skirts. But because of the A line cut of this skirt it skims over my hips and doesn't highlight my stomach. Brilliant! 

On my face I was wearing Dr Brandt Primer, my trusty Supergoop CC cream in light to medium, my concealer palette from eBay and the sleek contour palette in medium. On my eye I wore a mixture of Models CO black mascara and a cheap mascara I bought from primark last year which has the best brush ever. It is brilliant at opening up my lashes when mascara is on them! 

Ciao xx

Monthly Favourites | September '14

I am currently eating a packet of chocolate chip cookies on the sofa in a big baggy t-shirt watching The Mindy Project... Loving life right now!

I have quite a few favourites this month to talk about and most of them are beauty related which I have either bought or been sent in a Birchbox. 

I'll start with the two bath items that I have been loving this month. The first is the Soap and Glory Clean Girls body wash. It makes my skin feel so soft, it is really creamy and lathers up really well so you don't need to use a lot of product, meaning the bottle lasts a long time. Plus the fact the bottle is huge!

The second bath product was a present from my good friend Ashleigh for Christmas I think... it may have been my birthday I cant remember haha. It is a body wash by The Sugar Pop Company in raspberry ripple, who I have researched but I cant find a website, Facebook page or shop for. One of the things I love about the product is that it smells like pink lemonade, I never knew how amazing pink lemonade smelt until I used this product. Other than the smell, the body wash is really refreshing and leaves my skin feeling clean and smooth.

The rest of my monthly favourites are all makeup products. Two products I have re-discovered recently and haven't stopped using since then. These are the Rimmel Stay Matte Mouse foundation and my Concealer palette. I ordered my concealer palette last year after reading loads of reviews on these types of palettes and I found it so useful and handy in covering spots. You can purchase one really cheap here and you can read my  blog post review on the Rimmel Stay Matte Mouse here.

My last three favourite products I have recently purchased or received in my last few birchboxes. The first is the Sleek Contour Palette in Medium 374. I love this palette so much! There has not been one day since I bought it that I haven't used it. I find all the colours useful and think they all work really well together. The shades are just right for my skin tone, I did think after purchasing it that I should have looked at the light shades but it does work for me. Everytime I wear it I do get compliments about my makeup (even from my boyfriend who doesn't understand how it works) so I have faith in the product.

My next product is the Supergoop CC cream in light to medium. I got this in a previous birch box and I have tried CC and BB creams before and not been too impressed. Even so I tried this one not expecting much and to my surprise I loved how it worked on my skin, it gave me a tan and meant I didn't need to put anything else on my face, not even my trusty Sleek contour palette. Although the tube is the smallest thing I have ever seen it has lasted me a good few wears and it isn't empty yet, I do have another small tube of it but I don't know if I would pay £20 (32$) for it on the website. I might have to try and find a drugstore CC cream that works as good for me.

The last item I have to talk about is mascara I got in this months Birchbox. It is the Model CO Power lash black mascara. I haven't got a mascara from Birchbox yet and I love my first one! It makes my lashes look so big and full and lasts all day. I have a big box of mascaras but this one is fast becoming one of my favourites.

And that is all my favourites for this month, if you have tried any or know of any products similar (and cheaper) to anything mentioned, let me know! :) xx

P.s. check me out posting a monthly favourites post before the month is out and not a week (or two) into it, Go Me!

10 things to do every day to make you happy

I am told all the time that I am the happiest person in the world and that I smile too much, how much is too much really? I mean I think everyone needs a little bit of happiness in their day to day life!

Here is my list of 10 things I do everyday to make me happy :)

~Sing out loud at every opportunity 
~Smile at all the little things 
~Wear something that makes me feel good
~Eat something I enjoy 
~Make my bed before I leave so that when I get home that night my bed looks irresistible  
~Tell the important people in my life that I love them
~Wear lipstick 
~Stay in bed as long as possible 
~Smell nice before leaving the house 
~Making jokes about how small I am

Monthly Favourites | August '14

I haven't wrote a favourites post since May so this feels a little bit weird.. but I'm just going to roll with it! Hopefully once I get into it, it will come naturally to me again and I'll ramble on like I normally do :)

I have a few things that I have been loving during the month of August so ill get straight into them!

Argon Oil Heat Defence Leave In Spray
I picked this spray up from a cheapy Home Bargins kind of store at the beginning of the month because I was still looking for a product to really help my hair become more healthy after I dyed it. I have Argon Oils at home but I was intrigued by this leave in spray. I can honestly say it is so much better than normal oil. It works straight away to make your hair feel soft, it makes it easier for you to brush through your hair after a shower and it also has heat defence qualities.

Wearing shirt collars underneath tops/jumpers
I have talked about this in my Autumn Mad blog post already so it shouldn't be any surprise that one of my August favourites is shirt collars. They look good under anything and make a simple casual outfit look more girlie.

Ripped Jeans
Who isn't loving ripped jeans right now? They look so put together with plain t-shirts for a casual look or with shirts for a more funky smart look. I have been living in my light blue ripped jeans for weeks now and everyone seems to love them.

Nail vanish remover pots
These are just the best invention in the world! All I need is one for my toe nails and my life will be complete. I love wearing nail vanish but because I use my hands a lot for work they get chipped often. I find it annoying having to keep taking the nail vanish off every couple of days so I gave up painting my nails until I discovered they beautiful little pots. Hats off to who ever invented them!

MUA power pout colour tint and balm
I bought this lip tint at the end of last month and I haven't stopped using it since. The colour is easily wearable during the day and it lives up to its balm title, it never dries out my lips which is great during these colder months.

The Mindy Project
Mindy is basically living my life (apart from getting all the hot guys and being in medicine and being American...), she is hilarious and I cant wait for the next episode. If you don't watch this show then they is something wrong with you.

And there we have it, short and sweet!

5 things that are making me happy right now

Right now my life is at a great stage where I enjoy every part of it and don't feel like there is anything missing. That is a bold statement but really, you don't new everything all at once anyway?
Here is a list of the things that are making me happy at the moment ..

~Having my own space
My parents are currently on holiday for 2 weeks so I have the house to myself which I am loving! 

~Spending quality time with the girls 
I have a tight girl group of 3 girls who don't always get a chance to get together every week but make time for one another as much as we can. We all have things like work and relationships that take up a lot of our time but when we all get together for a girlie night, they are the best!

~Having someone who makes you happy and who you can be yourself around 
Having someone who knows you so well and can sit in a room with you and not say a word but look at you like they are having the best time ever, is the best feeling in the world. 

~Achieving goals on a daily basis
At work achieving your daily goals and getting acknowledgement of your hard work is what makes working in a demanding sector worth it. 

~Feeling like your in the right track and going at a right pace 
There's nothing better than feeling like your where your meant to be. I didn't know what I wanted to do in life for so long but now I'm in a managerial role which I am lucky to have and never take for granted. I know in some form where I want to end up and I'm excited for the journey. 

Cheeky Shopping Spree...

I bought a few bits last time I went to town and what started out as a day off with my boyfriend and sister turned into a major shopping spree on my and my sisters part... It just escalated too quickly to stop ourselves and to be honest we didn't want to stop!

The bulk of my spree was spent in Superdrug, I originally only went into Superdrug for my sister because she wanted to pick up some concealer but it didn't stop there. I picked up two Sleek face palettes which I've been itching to try out for ages now. I picked up the blush By 3 palette and the face Form contouring and blush palette and i can't wait to try them out!
I also picked up a new Barry M nail vanish in shade 272 shocking pink, a MUA power pout lip stick in shade Crazy in love and the Rimmel London Kate mascara in the shade 007 Eye Rock Emerald. I didn't realise that it was green until I got it home but it actually works really nice and you cant tell that it isn't black once its on your eye lashes. I really need to check the colour of a mascara before I buy them!

I also bought some new clothes in Newlook and Primark which are perfect for the colder months in autumn. Firstly I picked up a pair of little boots which I am in love with already! They are perfect to wear with leggings or jeans and frilly socks and a big baggy jumper. I also bought two new pairs of jeans as I have had to throw out a few of my old favourites recently, my favourite are the ripped light jeans from Newlook (Other pair from Primark). I picked up 5 shirts from Newlook recently, the plain white shirt I picked up to wear underneath jumpers and bulker tops. The last clothing item i picked up was this black and white checked stretchy skirt from the 915 section in Newlook.
I've chosen to write this post after I have already worn most of the clothes and they are in the wash so I've had to get a photo off of the websites for some of them... some are sold out so I cant show you a photo, sorry!
 Enjoy! x
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