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Eyes By Kiko

Kiko is fast becoming one of favourite brands for eye products after trying some more great cream eye shadows recently. I already have quite a few products from Kiko that I love so when I went into the Kiko shop in Oxford, I went straight to the eye section and picked up some cream eye shadows to try. 

The first item I picked up and become obsessed with is the Kiko Cream Crush Lasting Colour Eye Shadow in 01 Pearly Vintage Rose. This is a lovely soft golden cream with shimmer partials in it that looks lovely by itself to make your eye lids pop a little. You can apply a small layer to add a little subtle sparkle to your lids or you can pack a lot of product on to make it a real eye catching gold shimmer effect. This is also a great product to use as a highlighter as well which was one of the reasons I picked this shade in the first place. 

The next products I picked up are these Kiko Long Lasting Sticks in the shades 28 Bright Ivory and 05 Rosey Brown. They claim to last for up to 8 hours and don't transfer once they are set and I do have to agree with that statement. I first apply these first thing in the morning and by the time I get home 10 hours later the product is still in place and hasn't gone cakey or faded at all. The first time I wore them I was amazed with the pigmentation and how well they lasted on my eyes. I usually run the sticks over my eyes and then use a fluffy brush or my fingers to blend the product out, I like to use number 05 all over my lids and then use number 28 on the inner corners of my eye to brighten up my eyes. 

Left to Right - Kiko Cream Crush Eye Shadow in 01, Long Lasting Stick in 28 and Long Lasting Stick in 05

After trying all of these products I am definitely looking to invest in some more eye products next time I find a Kiko shop on my travels. Are there any products you want to try or think I should? 

Lip Loving | My 5 favourite Lipsticks

Most people would associate summer time with bright lip colours and daring shades. Then there is me, who wears the same shade of lipstick everyday from 5 different brands, I am a creature of habit. My current favourite shade is this soft nudey brown, which is not much different than my normal lip colour but better. I have quite a few different shades of this colour which I go between a lot of the time and I love them all equally as they are my favourite formula (which is moisturising and glossy for the record)

Even though I love all these lipsticks more or less equally, I do have one which I wear the most out of all of these 5 lipsticks and that  is my Bodyshop lipstick. Sadly I can't find this style or shade anywhere on the website and the tube doesn't have a name or shade number which is really annoying. Anyway I love this lipstick because it is so moisturising on my lips, it reminds me more of a lip balm than a lipstick but unlike a lip balm, the colour consistency is amazing. I usually first put the lipstick on first thing before I leave the house and then once after I have had my lunch at work and it lasts the rest of the time no problem. It keeps my lips hydrated and plumped all through the day and it doesn't dry out my lips after a few hours which I love. 

Then I have my Clinique Pop Lip Colour in 02 Bare Pop which is pretty dreamy and a beautiful shade. Just like the Bodyshop Lipstick, the Clinique lipstick is super moisturizing on the lips and gives a great colour pay off considering how moisturizing it is. I got this in a pack of three shades and this definitely the shade I reach for the most as it is so easy to wear and goes with any makeup look. 

Rimmel lipsticks are one of my favourite as you can't go wrong with the brand, the pigmentation of their lipsticks are amazing, the shade ranges are brilliant and you can get any shade in any formula in the range. I have three currently that I always pick up and they are the Moisture Renew in 220 Heather Shimmer, Moisture Renew Sheer and Shine in 400 Good Mauve and Lasting Finish Lipstick in 066 Heather Shimmer. Now although I have two lipsticks with the same name they are slightly different as you can see on the swatches so I haven't wasted my money. I love these lipsticks because they keep my dry lips moisturised and the colour pay off is amazing as you can see in the photo below. 

My last lipstick which is becoming a new favourite after I had forgotten about it for a while... is the Elf Mineral lipstick in the shade Beautiful Berry. This is my favourite product I have tried from Elf and for the price tag the lipstick is great quality and a beautiful colour, as the name suggests. I have just found out is has been discontinued which I am so sad about. 

Left to right - Clinique Pop Colour 02 Bare Pop, The Bodyshop Lipstick, Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick 220 Heather Shimmer, Rimmel Renew Sheer and Shine 400 Good Mauve, Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick 066 Heather Shimmer and Elf Lipstick in Beautiful Berry.

Summer Time Calls For Highlight!

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I have a big obsession with highlighters like most beauty bloggers these days and I love talking about them. I have a few posts about highlighters already under my belt including Highlighting on a budget and Shopping my stash | Highlighters  but now it is time to talk about my all time favourite highlighters in my collection. 

I'll start with my only pallet in the post, the Collection Contour Kit - Highlight and Sculpt. This is one pallet where I can safely say I make use of both the shades in this kit. The highlighter is so beautiful and super pigmented for the price of £4.19. Unlike some palettes you actually get a generous size of product so it should last my for a long time unless I start going crazy with the highlight. 

I have two Revolution highlighter products which I love to pieces and always go back to. I have had the Vivid Baked Highlighter in Peach Lights for nearly a year now and I haven't even hit pan yet which is amazing. I do love powder highlight as I think it tends to last longer and this powder is so pigmented and blends so lovely on the skin and on top of other makeup. I also have it in Pink lights which is beautiful to wear as well and is as pigmented as the peach version. 

round up, highlighters, makeup, collection, beauty, revolution, newlook, pure colour, collection, summer, glow, shimmer, I also have The One Highlighter Stick by Revolution which is so so pretty. Although I tend to use powder highlighters more often then stick versions, I do have two favourites in my stash and this is one of them. I find this gorgeous stick is super creamy and doesn't budge my foundation which I find in some sticks, it gives a gorgeous effect to the skin and it reminds me of Nars Copacabana highlighter. 

Lastly I have two Newlook Pure Colour highlighters which I love love love. The first is the Baked Highlighter Powder in 93 Gold which I use as a bronzer/highlighter as it is the prefect shade to give a bit of colour to your cheeks as well as some sparkle. The pigmentation of the highlighter is insane and I use this product all the time and still haven't hit pan (I don't actually think I have hit pan on any of my highlighters which makes me happy). 

My final product is the Pure Colour highlighter Stick in 93 Gold. Like the Revolution stick, the Newlook stick doesn't budge any of my foundation when I apply it and it is so smooth and creamy when you apply it and again, leaves a beautiful shimmer to the skin. Since this stick is a little bit smaller then the Revolution stick it is perfect to add highlighter to your nose and brow arch, which might be too small for the bigger sticks to fit in. 

What are some of your favourite Highlighters? 

Bath Time With Lush

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I love a good bubble bath after a long busy day and at the minute I am thankful to Lush for keeping me happy and relaxed with their products. My current bubble bar that I am working my way through is the Brightside Bubble Bar which turns my bath into a bright orange juice coloured mess, which I am loving and finding so relaxing to sit in. Plus it adds a bit of magic to my bath. To wash my skin I am loving using my Comforter Shower Cream which is also a favourite of Cal's too. Whenever he is round he uses it in the shower and I'm sure that's where most of it has gone! The smell is so yummy and a little goes a long way! It remind us both of Calpol which we both used to take as kids. It is really refreshing when I am feeling really groggy and helps wake me up in the morning. Plus it is bright pink which I love. 

To scrub my skin I love using the Rub Rub Rub Shower Scrub from Lush which I got as a present for my Birthday. It is bright blue which obviously I love! It is a really thin consistency so it is super easy to spread around your body and I can really feel it working on my dry areas of skin. You don't need a lot of product to work your whole body till it is super soft. Lastly the only product I use to shave my body is the D'Fluff Strawberry Shaving Cream which has been a holy grail product for me for years now. I have spoke about this loads of times before so you're probably sick of it but I certainly aren't! This product makes shaving my body so easy and so smooth. I haven't cut myself once while using this and it leaves my skin so silky smooth. I always get people to touch my legs after I've shaved using this and I mean, I see someone in the street that I know and I get them to touch my legs...

Lush has been a firm favourite of mine for shower and bath products for years now, sometimes I mix my products up and add a few extra other products into the equation to make a change but I always end up coming back to these products. I am planning on doing a similar post all about my Soap and Glory products that I also love using during bath time. If there are any products you think I should try comment them below! 

The 5 Stages Of Clearing Out My Wardrobe

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It may just be me being a very sad person but I love a good clear out, especially when it comes to my wardrobe and bedroom. Every few months I like to go through my whole wardrobe and throw out all my old things that have collected in the nock and crannies of my overflowing wardrobe.

Here I am going to go through the 5 stages or questions I ask myself when I am de-cluttering my wardrobe.

1. When was the last time I wore it?
If I haven't wore a item for more than two season I make myself get rid. I am a big horder sometimes and think 'oh I'll wear that if I ever go...' and then I still never wear the item so I know it is just taking up space where sometime new could live.

2. Is it in good nick?
If anything has any pulls or holes in and I can't fix it (or usually my mother...) I get rid, there is no point in keeping it in my wardrobe for me never to wear again because it looks trampy now.

3. Do I have anything to wear with it/wear it to?
Sometime you can have an amazing top which you love but never wear it because you don't have anything to wear with it, it is too hard to style with other pieces but you don't wan't to let it go. And there is no point keeping a prom dress when you are never going to go to a prom again. Get rid of it if it never leaves the wardrobe so someone else can show it some sunlight!

4. Is it still my style?
My style has changed so much over the years and some of the items I used to wear only a year ago I would never wear now so keeping them is silly. If I don't see myself wearing it now it is a definite throw away!

5. Does it still fit?
The one thing we sometimes can't admit to ourselves, when our most loved pieces are too small for us but it would break our heart to get rid of them. When you have worn a lovely outfit to an occasion you usually want to cherish it forever but when you have 10 of them outfits it can get a little crowded. I think to myself as long as I have photos of the great night, I don't need to keep all these special outfits especially if they don't fit anymore!

Although sorting through and getting rid of old clothes can be a long process, it is also great once it is done as your old clothes can help other people along the way. All the clothes I decide to throw out either go to friends and family or to the charity bins at my nearest supermarket. Sometimes that makes the whole process a little easier to go through.

P.s. No that sadly isn't my wardrobe in the photo, thanks IKEA for taking such great photographs for your website! Click here for the wardrobe!
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