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My Simple Everyday Make up Routine

Simple everyday makeup bourjois rimmle l'oreal revolution w7
My bright idea to take photos in the garden while the weather is amazing back fired just a little. At least you can recognise the packaging. :)

I have been very un-adventurous with my make up recently thanks to a few factors (the main one being I am enjoying a few extra minutes in bed) and so I have noticed a few products that I have been reaching for without fail during the last few weeks. This make up look is very simple, quick and easy to do which is why I have been using this routine so frequently.

For my base I have been mixing between two different products, my Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation in Ivory or Soft Beige depending on whether I have fake tanned and my Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Cream in Ivory. No matter what my skin is doing in the morning these products always work for me and give me a nice even base. For concealer I use my trusty Collection Lasting Perfection in the shades Fair or Cool Medium (depending on my base shade). 

For my cheeks I have been loving two products that I am sure I have spoke about before because I love them so much. My W7 Chunky Bronzer is a god send! The perfect shade to bronze my cheeks and fore head and so easy to apply that I'm done in a few seconds. The second is my Revolution Vivid Baked Bronzer in Golden Days which is a gorgeous shade and looks really natural on the skin. 

For my eyes I have three products that keep me looking awake on a daily basis. I use my Mac eye kohl liner in shade Teddy to open up my eyes and then I use my favourite eye lash curlers to curl my stupidly straight lashes. If I still need something to make my eye pop I use my L'oreal waterproof Volume Million Lashes and then my make up is done. 

Why Lily Collins Will Forever Be My Girl Crush

I am not one who has many girl crushes, guys that's another story I like any lead in any romance movie but I don't have many girl crushes. I do have a major girl crush on Lily Collins though, to the point where I want to be her and I want her life. There's more than a few reasons why too...

lily collins, girl crush, Jamie Campbell Bower,

She is the daughter of legend musician Phil Collins! 

lily collins, girl crush, Jamie Campbell Bower,

She brought back the fuller natural looking eye brows (well contributes to the trend coming back anyway)

lily collins, girl crush, Jamie Campbell Bower,

She looks like Audrey Hepburn

lily collins, girl crush, Jamie Campbell Bower,
 She goes from super long hair to a pixie cut and rocks them both 

lily collins, girl crush, Jamie Campbell Bower,

She is dating Jamie Campbell Bower (one is my man crushes!!!)

lily collins, girl crush, Jamie Campbell Bower,

She totally embraces her natural pale skin (but here's a earlier photo of her with a tan, she looks like a totally different person) 

lily collins, girl crush, Jamie Campbell Bower,

She is half British 

lily collins, girl crush, Jamie Campbell Bower,

She is intelligent and went to university

lily collins, girl crush, Jamie Campbell Bower,

She continuously post photos on Instagram and loves a good quote 

lily collins, girl crush, Jamie Campbell Bower,

She has a wicked sense of style 

lily collins, girl crush, Jamie Campbell Bower,

She loves a red lip

And lastly I love all her films, I don't know if making this post is entering into stalker territory but ... who cares! 

My Holiday Summer Essentials

Holiday Summer Essentials
Image Source 
With my summer holiday right around the corner (actually 81 days, 12 hours and 37 minutes; not that I'm counting) I thought I would share with you some of the items I think are essential when you are going away on a summer holiday.

Now the most important thing to take on holiday with you is a good sun lotion. The main reason is to protect your skin from the sun which is super important as you don't want to have skin problems when your older but it also helps you gain a nice even tan on holiday. I am not a big sun worshiper (my moto is fake not bake) but on holiday I tend to sit around the pool or beach and don't shy away from the sun, as much as usual anyway. I usually lather myself in Pizbuin on a factor 20-30 and continuously cover myself in it all during the day, this lotion protects my skin from the sun but it also help to enhance your tan and make you darker which I am a fan of.

On the topic of protection my next must have is a good pair of sunglasses. I always tend to take more than one pair but that is because I am a very clumsy person and accidents happen around me, but for any normal person one pair is enough. They need to be a pair which will go with any outfit and won't look dirty once you've wore them to the beach one day.

My next holiday essential is a good flattering bikini. I am lucky to still have the same bikinis I bought donkeys years ago which still fit me, still flatter my body and still look brand new (thank you Matalan). I have a selection of boob tubes with removable straps that are good for lazying around and catching a tan, and also some nicer bikinis which enhance my insect bites and have this very 60s style straps, which will come in useful when I travel to the water park and don't want to flash to the whole site.

While your at the pool or the beach you are gonna need a very important item in my opinion, a pretty kimono which goes with all your bikinis. I have a record number of kimonos that I purchased during the summer of last year so I think trying to choose which one I take on holiday this year is going to be tricky. They are so easy to wear and are so flattering to throw on over your bikini to walk around the hotel, if you are not comfortable walking around in just a bikini (I know I'm not). As long as they have the same colours in as your bikinis then go crazy, clash a little. The bigger the patterns the more flattering the kimono is i think!

Lastly, to make you prepared for any occasion that comes your way on the holiday you need two pairs of shoes. A casual flat sandal that is comfortable to wear all day and a wedge that goes with all your evening outfits. It would be nice to bring your shoe collection with you on holiday but its just not realistic so us girls have to compromise. The good news for us is that most retailer makes so many different types of shoes, its easy to find pairs that can be worn multiply times with different outfits. I think you can't go wrong with a brown wedge because they go with absolutely everything and brown is a more summer colour than black.

Writing this post has got me so excited for my holiday but I still have to wait 11 weeks which is going to kill me! Tell me about any holidays that any of you have been on already and make me jealous!

My Top 3 Hairstyles for Short Hair

Here are a few of my favourite hairstyles to do on my new shorter hair, I was going to show you on my own head but I am rubbish at taking photos of my hair so here are a few photos that I found on Pinterest of each hair style. You can follow my Pinterest here.

The Half Up Top Knot 
3 hairstyles for short hair pinterest
*Featuring the lovely Shelby From Love Shelbey, Follow her blog here.
3 hairstyles for short hair pinterest 3 hairstyles for short hair pinterest

The half braid crown 
3 hairstyles for short hair pinterest

3 hairstyles for short hair pinterest 3 hairstyles for short hair pinterest

Simple Curls
3 hairstyles for short hair pinterest

3 hairstyles for short hair pinterest

3 hairstyles for short hair pinterest

My Hair Care Routine

Garnier Fructis Argan Oil L'oreal Silk and Gloss

I am someone who doesn't change their hair care routine too often because I know what works for my hair and my hair can be temperamental. Recently though, my hair wasn't healthy or happy and I had to change things up. I have always tried to last as long as I can before I wash my hair (not because I am dirty) because I find my hair is healthier when I don't wash it every other day. But at the time my hair was going greasy the same day that I washed it,  it was really flat and my head and scalp were really tender. I had no idea why until my hairdresser told me it was my shampoo and conditioner and she recommended using Garnier instead. 

So I went and purchased these Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine shampoo and conditioner and I have to say my hair is much more healthier since I have started using these. My hair definitely isn't frizzy after I have used this which is a life saver to someone with short thick hair. My hair is also super sleek which means I don't have to use my straighteners, which save my hair from heat. 

After I have washed my hair I use either one of these hair treatments depending on what I am planing to do to my hair afterwards. If I am leaving my hair to dry naturally and I'm not doing any particular hair style, I use my Argan Oil Leave In Spray to soften and de-tangle my hair. It is a heat defence leave in spray but I tend to use this spray for my 'natural hair'. 

If I am planning on straightening, curling or using a hair dryer, I use the L'Oreal Studio Silk&Gloss Hot Straight cream to protect my hair from the heat. It also de-tangles my hair which is a bonus. 

Using all these products together leaves my hair shiny, light, bouncy and feeling good. I'm not very adventurous with my hair products but now I have a routine that works for me again, I don't have any need to shake it up. 

Loving your feet

Loving your feet lush soap and glory Primark

Looking after your feet is really important especially in the summer when you want to wear pretty sandals and heels. I am terrible for looking after mine mainly because I am a lazy person, but leading up to the warmer months I have put some effect into making my feet look pretty for summer. 

My foot spa is the like saver I never knew I needed. Its so easy to use and really relaxes my feet and softens them up. While my feet are in the foot spa I like to cover them in the Lush Volcano foot mask and leave it on my feet for about 10 minutes. Then I put my feet in the water and wash off the mask and my feet feel so good afterwards. My hard skin is softened and much more smoother than they were before. It also properly washes my feet and makes them smell of peppermint. If my feet are still hard after I've used the mask, I use this Primark foot file to file away and soften the skin. 

To keep my feet soft and hydrated after I've filed and washed them, I cover my feet in my two favourite foot creams. Soap and Glory Heel Genius is a old favourite that works every time. Palmers Cocoa Butter foot cream smells amazing and leaves my feet so soft and smooth. I also have this macadamia oil foot mark which will definitely be used right before my holiday in September to make them beach ready. 

Why Short Hair Girls Have More Fun

Jenna Louise Coleman Short Hair
Shout out to my favourite girl Jenna Louise Coleman 

A month ago I cut my hair into a bob and I am in love with it! I have had long hair since I started growing it at 16 and the longest it has ever grown to is around my boob region. Realising I wasn't going to have hair down to my bum I accepted defeat and embraced the short hair crew. And now i understand people who get the bug when they cut their hair short, I want to get an even shorter bob do but I have been told I am not allowed by Cal haha.

I thought I would make a little list of all the things I love about having shorter hair and why it is great to be part of the short hair crew!

  • Washing and drying your hair doesn't take 10 thousands years 
  • There is definitely no dead ends left in your hair when your missing half of it
  • Half up half down dos really do suit shorter box cuts 
  • Your hair is so bouncy you think your in a VO5 advert 
  • It takes half the time to curl or straighten it hallelujah
  • You don't get an annoying wet back when you take your washed hair out of the towel
  • Your hair doesn't tangle as much 
  • You go through less shampoo and conditioner ect
  • You'll be thankful for shorter hair come to hotter months 
  • Dry shampoo somehow works better with shorter hair - just me?
  • It so much easier to style, just throw some sea salt on it your ready to go 

I might do some hair style type posts in the near future to show you guys my favourite styles to do for shorter hair as well as a hair care routine.

 Who else has embraced the short hair crew?

4 Things I've Been Loving Lately | May

Lush Ultrabland Soap and Glory scrub favourites

This scrub is so amazing it has over took my old Soap and Glory favourite the Sugar Crush scrub, I love that once you mix this scrub with water it turns into more of a body wash and really covers all of your skin. I use this product as a scrub/wash duo and it does the job amazingly. This is perfect when your too lazy to do a proper shower routine, although if it was having problem skin, I would stick to my S&G Sugar Crush scrub to really work my skin. Scrub 'Em and Leave 'Em is a winner for me!
Lush Ultrabland Soap and Glory scrub favourites

This nifty invention has been getting a lot of action recently thanks to Cal for setting it up for me when my feet are hurting after a hard day, even he has been loving it since his feet have been aching a lot recently. Mixing this with boiling water and my Lush Foot mask makes my feet baby soft and my mood much happier.

Lush Ultrabland Soap and Glory scrub favourites

I have jumped on the bangwagon and fallen in love with Lush's Ultraban cleanser, I can honestly say it is the best thing I have used to take off my make up. I have left my Bioderma and Garnier Micellar water in my face draw and picked this cleanser up instead as it is that good. It really moisturizes my skin as well as take any trace of make up or dirt off and it doesn't hurt or harm my skin at all. Bonus.

I have been a big lover of books since I was a kid and for as long as I could remember I have been a lover of real - hold in your hand- books. There's just something about holding the book in your hand and turning the page yourself, plus the smell of new books is heavenly. I recently got an I-pad for my birthday yay and Cal convinced me to try reading a e-book. Since then... I am addicted to my I-pad, as sad as it sounds. I have already read 5 books on my I-pad and I am already addicted to a series. *Insert emoji of face with geek glasses*

Chelsea | One Year On

Chelsea One Year On Look Back On 20s Birthday

I turned 21 in April and I wanted to write a post on what has changed in my life since my last birthday post Chelsea In 5 Years and although it is only a year on, I thought I would tell you guys about a few things I have done in my first year of my 20s.

Firstly I have travelled to more and further places then ever before. I have drove to Cambridge, Oxford and Peterborough a number of times now and practically know the route like the back of my hand. I have always been a bit of a careful person when it comes to travelling to new places especially by myself but I have definitely found my driving bug to explore new places, even driving to a little town called Biggleswade which I had no idea where it was but I made it there and back in one piece.

My mission for this year is to finally make it onto the motorway, hopefully if I can gather the courage!

Because I have travelled to more places this has meant that I have worked in loads more stores as well, even working in a busy retail park twice. All of this is experience for when I progress in my career and boy am I waiting on a change in that department!

You guys will all know by now that I have a new boyfriend, well not that new since I have been with him for 9 months, and that he started off as and has continued to be one of my best friends. Although he hates when I call him it and I don't like to gush too much on here as I don't think you really want to know too much detail but he is definitely the best boyfriend. So I am thankful that our relationship began this year.

Lastly, it was only this year that I really started to take my blog more seriously and planned to post more frequently and by a schedule every week to show that I was committed to the space and that it meant something to me. Because of this something I didn't expect to happen happened, more people started reading it and now I have over 200 followers which I am so pleased about and something I never thought would happen. I didn't see 10 people reading my little blog as I didn't have much hope about it when I first made it, it was just a space to write my own thoughts on products and where I could basically say what I wanted. So thank you :)

Hopefully this year continues to have more great experiences and memories that I will cherish forever. Just on Sunday Cal and I booked our first summer holiday together in Gran Canaria so I am really excited about that. Of course there will be loads of holiday related posts coming your way over the next 3 months until I go you lucky things!

Favourite Moisturisers | Clinique

Clinique Dramatically Different Superdefense creams
Soz about the bad quality photo - I'll do better next time!

When I find a product that I think works for me I like to use it and use it and use it until there is either none left or I am sick of it. The two creams I'm going to talk about today are no different.

The cream I have using in the day is the Clinique Superdefense Daily Defense Moisturiser which leaves my skin feeling super moisturised, like the name suggests. This moisturiser is for people with very dry to dry combination skin and since I suffer from spats of horrible dry skin, this works perfectly to give it a boost. I use this cream during the day because it has a thinner consistency so sinks into my skin quickly, this makes applying my make up quicker and easier in the morning. It also has a SPF20 in it so it is perfect for underneath your makeup in the summer (if we ever get any sun in England)

The cream I use at night is the Dramatically Different Moisturising cream which I picked up in Barcelona after a mighty big hunt for it. This cream is more thick than the daily defense cream so it great to use during the night to give back your skin the moisture it has lost during the day. This again is for very dry to dry combination skin and it works wonders on my skin after a long day of wearing make up. With both these creams my face feels super soft an hydrated even on my worst skin days.

I love the packaging of these creams, they look so sleek in my bathroom draw and I know its not about the packaging its about the product inside, but you cant argue that these creams look dreamy. All of my other face creams have fallen to the back of my bathroom draw and I don't see myself using anything on my face anytime soon.

Let me know if you have tried and loved these products too!
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