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9 YouTubers Worth A Watch

I love nothing more than laying around being lazy and binge watching beauty videos on YouTube and I have a collection of girls who I love to binge watch their videos on a weekly basis.

9 YouTubers Worth A Watch
M E G  S A Y S
Meg is someone who I have been subscribed to since she started YouTube 2 years ago and I fell in love with her straight away. I love her makeup videos because does really beautiful natural glowy looks that you can recreate on a day to day basis. I also completely trust her monthly favourite recommendations and watch her videos religiously. I never miss her videos and love watching her vlogs especially if Will is in them, them two are super cute.

T H E  M A K E U P  C H A I R
Sinead was one of the first beauty You-tubers I watched and all these years later I still swear by her videos. I like that she breaks down videos to make them really easy to follow and she literally has a video for everything! Plus I love her accent I wish I had it!

T H E  A N N A  E D I T 
Anna is an old school You-Tuber who again was one of the first people I started to watch on YouTube. I love that Anna is a beauty YouTuber who is super natural and doesn't cake herself in makeup which is how I am a day to day basis so I totally trust her recommendations. You can tell she genuinely likes the products she talks about and recently she did a video where she tried something new everyday for a week and vlogged her thoughts and I loved it.

Steph is a new obsession of mine who I have recently watched nearly every video of, she seems to make any product whether it is a really underrated cheap product look amazing on her skin. She loves her drugstore makeup which is one of the reasons I love her so much as she talks about stuff that everyone can afford. Her makeup just slays every time and I wish I was her friend.

S O P H  D O E S  N A I LS
I discovered Sophie at the end of last year and her videos are so good. She does great testing makeup videos trying out different technics and brands and that was how I found her. I love testing makeup videos and she has some pretty great ones on her channel. I love the way she does her makeup and again she is a drugstore makeup lover!

L U C E  S T E P H E N S O N
After finding Sophie I discover Luce who is very similar to Soph but deserves a lot more followers then she has! Like Soph she posts testing makeup videos and reviews on her channel which I totally trust as she is so relatable. I love the way she does her makeup and the range of products she uses so anyone can afford to buy them too.

J U S T  J O D E S
Ahh my Jodes! I don't know who was the first person to start the 'Testing Makeup' trend but for me Jodes is my queen of it. I have been subscribed to Jodes for years now and she has always been one of my favourites. She has such a range of videos to her testing makeup videos to high end hauls and everything else in between. I love watching this girl.

Now I thought I would do honorable mentions to two girls I love to watch who aren't all about beauty. The first is...

F A B U L O U S   H A N 
I bloody love this girl! Everything she says is hilarious and she is so down to earth I can totally relate to her! I could watch her all day and not get bored so she needs to live stream her life for everyone to see. If I could chose one YouTuber to be best friends with it would definitely be Han!

R H I A N N O N  A S H L E E
I started watching Rhiannon when she was at the end of her pregnancy and I loved how open and honest she was about everything she was going through while pregnant, then she gave birth to Delilah and I have been a sucker for the family every since. I religiously watch her vlogs now and love seeing what her, Delilah and Doug get up to. I feel like i'm a part of the family and I feel like a proud family friend watching Delilah grow up which is so strange considering I have never met any of them. I think Rhiannon is a great mother and I love how she is still so open and honest about parenthood even when people make comments on everything she does.

Life Update | Buying Our First Home & Home Haul

Life Update | Buying Our First Home & Home Haul

Already this year has been an amazing for me so far and I thought it was about time I told you all about it and shared this exciting new!

At the start of 2016 Cal and myself decided to start saving money so we could move into our own place, we always knew we wanted to buy a place instead of renting so we saved pretty damn hard all of last year. We never intended to buy anything until maybe 2018 when we thought we had enough money and time to look but then something caught our eye over Christmas last year. We found out about some houses for sell in the village next to us and fast forward to two months later, we have just exchanged contracts with the sellers and are waiting to move in! It is so crazy to think that two months ago we weren't even thinking about buying for another year and now we have everything in place to move in this May/June!

The house we are buying is a three storey new build in a little village right next to where we live now, it has three bedrooms (plenty of room for kids hint hint Cal) and should be ready for us to move in between May and June. I never thought I would have ever been able to buy a three bedroom house at the age of 22 and we are able to do it because the housing development that we are buying it from run a help to buy scheme for first time buyers which means we are able to buy a house we never would have been able to buy otherwise. The scheme so far has been fantastic and there hasn't been any scary small print catches that we have found so I would seriously recommend this scheme if you are looking to buy your first home.
Life Update | Buying Our First Home & Home Haul

Life Update | Buying Our First Home & Home Haul

Life Update | Buying Our First Home & Home Haul

Because we have chosen a new build as well we got to chose everything that went in so from built in appliances to carpets and flooring. Obviously we have to pay for any extra that they fit ourselves but because we picked the 'house of the week' we actually got money off some of our options for the house so we have picked all our carpet throughout the house (cream for the first and second floor and then light grey for the master bedroom) and a fridge freezer and cooker. So luckily we don't have to worry about picking a design and shape to fit our kitchen after we have moved in.

We have also picked our kitchen units and floor colour which is really exciting. We picked a grey marble kitchen top, with like grey cupboards with a even lighter grey flooring which has very subtle sparkles in it which you can't see on the photo sadly. For the bathrooms we picked this dark grey/black flooring which has sparkles too which luckly you can see in the photo.

Ever since we found this place we have been buying as well as our families little bits here and there so that when we do move in we have the essentials. We don't plan on buying anything big like sofas or new beds until we have moved in and decided what colour we plan to do each room as but we have a big pile of little bits and bobs all ready to go. I will try and link everything for you so you can have a nose yourself!


Life Update | Buying Our First Home & Home Haul

The kitchen is the one room in the house which I think is nearly complete as we actually have so much stuff already for it. Cal and I both liked the idea of square plates and bowls rather than circle and we found these individual plates in Tescos in January for around £3 so we picked up 4 plates. We also picked up 4 of these cute mason style glasses from Tesco too which I absolutely love. After we purchased these we did find sets of each at B&M so ended up buying a 16 piece square dinner set and a set of 4 mason jar glasses which I can't find on the website but they were only about £3 again so well worth a look round B&M for.

Life Update | Buying Our First Home & Home Haul

From B&M again we bought a Russell Hobbs 3 Piece Pan Set for only £19.99 which I think is a great deal. They were reduced from £50 to £20 so we had to yet them when we saw them. My mum swears by Russell Hobbs so hopefully I like these as much as she does. We also have loads of bog standard kit for the kitchen like drainer, pizza cuter, peeler, wooden and metal spoons, Tupperware, frying pans, mixing bowl and measuring jugs. We got all of these from either B&M, Wilkinson, Tesco and Home Bargains. One of the kitchen utensils which I think is definitely worn checking out is the Rose Gold kitchen utensils in Wilkinson. We picked up this rose gold Colander which is so cool.

Life Update | Buying Our First Home & Home Haul

Lastly for the kitchen we recently picked up at Tescos the Hinari Genie 8 In 1 Blender which was reduced so obviously we picked on up. My mum has one of these and whenever I make toad in the hole or pancakes or shakes I use hers so I really wanted one for myself when I moved out. On most websites this set is in the £30-40 range but at Tescos it is only £24.50 so definitely worth a look.

L I V I N G  R O O M

Life Update | Buying Our First Home & Home Haul

We are super lucky to be given two practically new sofas of some family friends which we are very thankful for but to make them our own we have bought two super fluffy grey throws from Next which feel so beautiful I want to wear them all day every day.

Life Update | Buying Our First Home & Home Haul

Now this last Living room object is something Cal wanted for his birthday so Myself and my family all chipped in to get Cal this old fashioned suitcase Record Player from HMV. At first I didn't really get the appeal of this if I am completely honest but now that I have used it, I think it is a great piece to have in the house - one because it super cool and unique and two because it will be perfect when in the summer you want to listen to music in the garden.


Life Update | Buying Our First Home & Home Haul

Me and Cal both love a bit of Ikea so of course we stocked up on a few bits in the last few weeks. We found this brown 'Welcome' mat for just £4 in store and this was exactly we wanted for the front door as having a cream carpet is hard work. We also got this green fake grass mat to put outside the back door. Lastly from Ikea we bought two bath mats for the main bathroom and the ensuite on the top floor, we picked this grey super soft design in large for the main bathroom and small for the ensuite shower.

Life Update | Buying Our First Home & Home Haul

Cal and I both are quite minimalist people so don't expect us to have quotes and sayings dotted around the house but we did find two cute little wall hanging in B&M this month which we thought would work great in the house. The first is this grey chalkboard week planner which we want to plan our meals for the week on, I plan on becoming a cooking goddess when I move out so having this will keep me from forgetting to prepare dinner and relying on take out food, this was only £2.99.  We also got this super cute grey key and post holder to hang be the front door, can you tell we have a grey theme running through the house yet?! This was around £3.

The house currently has a roof, stairs and flooring but no walls so hopefully by the next of next week (the 4th of March) the walls should be fully plastered and they can start fitting in our appliances and flooring! I am so excited for this big change and if any of your are interested I will keep you posted on the progress with lots and lots photos! If you have any questions on Help To Buy loans leave them below and I will answer them for you.

5 Things I Wish I knew At The Start | Blogging

blogging, List, tips,

Over the time that I have been blogging I have learnt a few things that really help to make a blog look better and get more attention. Some of these I have seen in other blogs and some I have found myself along the way. I thought today I would tell you guys a few tips that I wish I knew when I first started blogging.

  1. A little goes a long way - Posts don't have to be paragraphs long with super super detail. I love reading bullet point posts and lists. 
  2. Labels are important - These help people who search for a specific topic find your post which means more page views 
  3. The blogging community isn't scary- I didn't start taking part in the blogging community until recently because I didn't know if I really fitted in, but since I have I have met so many lovely people and gained some lovely followers so don't be scared to put your self out there. 
  4. Add properties to your photos - By copying your labels into the Properties tab on your photos, when someone searches a topic your photo can appear leading them to your blog which means more page views 
  5. You can post as much or as little as you want - Some times I can feel like I need to post more frequently because all of my favourite bloggers do but if you gave a good following, it won't matter how often you post they will still be there to read them. 
I have learnt a lot since I first started blogging 3 years ago and now that I am in the full swing of it frequently trying to up my blogging game so I am sure I am going to learn even more. Feel free to comment anything you wish you knew at the start! 

Valentine's Day Makeup

Valentines Face Ft Tanya Burr Products

I love getting dressed up for Valentines Day whether Cal and I are sitting at home watching a film or going out for a meal or a drink. This year Cal and I are going out to dinner and getting our favourite meal, curry! Not a very romantic meal I know but we love it!

For the evening I have already planned out my makeup for the night and it is a really easy gold bronzey look which is basically all I wear lately. For my base I am going to wear my all time favourite dewy foundation, L'Oreal True Match in shade Rose Vanilla. This foundation gives my skin a flawless healthy glow which is just want I want for Valentines. To give my skin even more glow I am going to be adding the Tanya Burr Face Illuminator which I love to mix in with foundations. When I mix it with matte foundations it adds some subtle glow to my skin and when I mix it with more dewy foundations, it keeps my foundation topped up with glow instead of becoming dull during the day. To prime my skin for my foundation I am going to be using my new favourite primer the Mac Prep + Prime Skin Base which I have used everyday since getting it last month. 

On my cheeks I will be using a mix of the Tanya Burr Beautifully Defined palette and the Revolution Vivid Baked Bronzer in Golden Days. The Tanya Burr palette is absolutely beautiful and I love using it for bronzed glowy looks. I will be using Caramel Kiss to bronze and slightly contour my cheeks and topping that up with the Revolution Baked Bronzer. Then adding Champagne Shimmer on the top which is a beautiful highlighter.

Valentines Face Ft Tanya Burr Products

On my eyes I'm going to use the three shades in the Tanya Burr Beautifully Defined palette to create a golden shimmer eye look to match my cheeks. I also have the Seventeen Easy On The Eye Birthday Suit palette on hand too which has some amazing nude/golden shades which would work well with the Tanya Burr shades. 

On the lips I have two different options because I am someone who changes my mind way to often. The first option is my mini Charlotte Tilbury Red Carpet Red lipstick which is my favourite red at the minute and is the perfect red for Valentines. I also have my old favourite The Clinique Pop Lip Colour in Bare Pop which I always talk about because it is such a good moisturising nude. To add a little something to the nude lip I also have the Newlook High Shine Lip Glaze in Rose Gold to pop on top. I love adding this shimmer nude lip gloss on moisturising and matte nude lips. 

What are you doing for Valentines Day? Whether your going out with your partner or staying in with your friends, I hope you have a great day/night! 

January Skincare Fix

Current Skincare | January

I have spoken before about how much I love a striped back skincare routine and through January I have had three firm favourites that have helped over haul my skin. Firstly I have been trying out properly the Clinique Take the Day Off Cleansing Balm which I picked up back in November . I have spoke before about how I didn't like it at first as I felt you had to break the first layer of product to really be able to pick up any balm, well I have well and truly broke the seal now and I love this cleanser. I use it in the mornings to wash my face, in the evening to take my makeup off and all over my face except for my eyes. It does say you can use this product on the eyes but having sensitive eyes myself, I find it makes the area quite dry. The cleanser breaks down makeup really easily and leaves my skin feeling super clean. The product is really smooth and nourishing on the skin so my face never feels striped after using it which I can find with some balms. I got into using this product daily at the start of January and I have used it every day since and love it.

After Christmas my skin didn't want to co-operate at all and I had mountain after mountain appear on my chin so I decided to try something new. The L'oreal Pure Clay Masks have been floating around everywhere recently and having a real obsession with masks I wanted to try one of them. I opted for the Charcoal Detox Mask to really clear my skin of all the gunk that had been clogging it. Since purchasing it about 2 weeks ago I have used this mask twice a week and since then, my chin has completely turn around. The spots on my chin were big puss spots which I would pop and then they would reappear. The worst thing about them was that no amount of makeup would cover them which I hated. Since using this mask the spots have become less angry, less puss fill and are slowly going away so it has saved my skin this month. 

Current Skincare | January

Lastly I mentioned in my January Favourites post that I don't change up my moisturisers very much but since the start of January I have fell in love with a new moisturiser which I have now sadly ran out of. It is the Lush Gorgeous Moisturiser which I had a little tester pot for from Christmas. Since trying it at the beginning of January I have used it nearly every day since because it is the perfect moisturiser to wear underneath foundation. You don't need a lot of product for it to do its job, it leaves your skin tacky  at first so doubles as a primer for your foundation and if you leave it to sink into the skin, it leaves it feeling really smooth and soft. If I wasn't on a spending ban I would go and repurchase it straight away but sadly since I am, I will have to make my way through my remaining pots first before I can justify buying any more. 

Do you have any products you have tried in January you would recommend?

January Favourites | 17

It feels crazy to be writing my January Favourites already when it feels like just yesterday I was writing my yearly favourites for 2016. It is scary how fast the first month of this year has gone by but it excites me so much because that means I can move into my new home sooner! Oh yeah I haven't told you that I have been accepted for a mortgage with Cal for our first home! I am beyond excited but anyway on with favourites.

A friend of mine gave me a sample of the Mac's Prep and Prime Skin Base to try this month and I haven't used anything else since trying it. This has become my favourite ever skin primer and it makes me quite sad that my new favourite product is a £23 primer but it is worth it. It leaves my skin super smooth, super healthy and glistening with sparkles which you might think isn't what you want on a day to day basis but it works. It works more like a moisturiser than a primer which is why it works so good everyday.

It is very hard for me to change up my skincare routine as I am a creature of habit but the Lush Gergous Moisturiser has stolen my heart. This again is a little pot Callum got me for Christmas to try out and it become part of my daily routine. A little goes a long way with this moisturiser so even though it is a tiny pot it has lastly me longer than I would have imagined. It leaves my skin quite tacky which makes it great for wearing under makeup to help it last all day, this moisturiser plus the Mac primer is the perfect combo underneath makeup.

A base product that I have been wearing none stop during January is the Bourjois City Radiance Foundation in Vanilla. At first I wasn't a fan of this foundation but it wasn't until I sprayed my beauty sponge with Newlook Fix Makeup Setting Spray that I really started liking the finish of this foundation. This foundation gives me a lovely healthy glow when I wear it which I have fell in love with, I usually go for matte foundation for everyday but this has changed my opinion of dewy/healthy formulas.  It also lasts all day on my skin while I'm at work so its duration is amazing. I also can't use my beauty blender without spraying it with Newlook's Fix Spray as it gives the best finish with all my favourite foundations.

I have been loving the Revolution Ultra Bronzer this month which has been in my stash for years now but I only fell in love with it recently. First of all the pan is huge, this product is going to last me for even more years. Secondly this shade which annoyingly has no name looks good on any skin tone. I can be tanned or as white as a ghost and the colour still suits me.

I've mentioned the Pippa Palette by Blank Canvas Cosmetics before in a post about it here and it is in my favourites for the month too because I have been wearing it non stop. The palette has everything you need in it including a bronzer, blush, highlight and eye shadows. If you want to know more about it then read my post about it here.

My last make up favourites are the Newlook Matte Velvet Lipstick in the shades Toffee Apple and Heather. I have spoken about these before in my Newlook Makeup Haul post and I still love two months later. They don't dry out my lips at all and the colour lasts all day if I don't eat but if I do, they re-apply non patchy and no crust in sight.

I have three random favourites for the month too and the first are my two new harry potter books that I got for Christmas. I read Fantastic Beast and Where To Find Them first and absolutely loved it, I loved the story, the cover, the characters and surprisingly I loved reading it as a screenplay. Couldn't recommend this book enough. I then read Harry Potter and The Cursed Child and I didn't enjoy it as much as the first seven Harry Potter books to be completely honest. Don't hate me hardcore HP fans but I am just a lover of the old school books.

Lastly I have been obsessed with Gossip Girl since Christmas and am currently starting series three. I used to watch it while I was at school but I can't remember half the stuff that actually happened. I know who Gossip Girl is but I'm enjoying going through it all again.

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