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New Favourite Youtubers To Binge Watch

Recently I have wanted to find some new YouTubers  to subscribe to as I was getting bored of waiting around for the same people to upload new videos so I went on a hunt for some fresh material and I have found loads of lovely girls to watch recently so I thought I would do a post on all my favourite content creators.

You can go to any of these lovely ladies YouTube pages by clicking on there names so go do some clicking!

My Pinterest Home | The White Bedroom

I am a big Pinterest lover and use the app on my phone all the time to plan outfits in my head, or get ideas for my future home. I may only be twenty but I am already on the look out for furniture and home decorations so that when I move into my dream house, I already have some of the essentials that will make my house look like a home.

I thought I would share with you some of the ideas I love the look at for my future home through my Pinterest boards. If you want to look at any of my boards you can click here.

Today I'm going to start with the most important room in any house, the bedroom. Out of all the different style you can have in your room, my favourite is the white walls theme. I think it looks clean and makes the room feel so much more lighter and bigger. I know that where ever I move into the bedroom will probably not be white and I will have to paint it but I am willing to spend the time doing that to have my white bedroom.

Here are some of favourite white bedroom pins that feel me with fuzziness.


I love the look of minimal bedrooms and big windows so that your bedroom looks like a big open space, plus the light is great for doing your makeup! Obviously I am not deluded and I know that my first house probably wont look anything like these and will have a small bedroom but its nice to imagine your perfect space up so that one day you can work your way towards it.

If you want to look at my Bedroom board on Pinterest you can find it here.
If you like this kind of post I think I might do one for all the rooms in my Pinterest home as I have a board for every room at the moment, enjoy!

A look at Dior

I have a pretty little collection of Dior cosmetics thanks to my late Aunt who worked at Dior before she passed this Christmas. I was lucky even to spend some time with my aunt and my uncle before she got really ill and she gave me these items as a gift before I left, so these items have some special meaning to me. Because of the sentimental value of these items I try not to use them very often so these items are saved for important occasions.  

The first Dior item is the Pore Minimizer primer which is the best primer I have ever used. I know when I use this product that my makeup will last all day and looks the best. The second item is the Nude Tan Light powder which is a lovely light bronzer which is great when I am having a pale day and need a little pick me up. You can never go wrong with this bronzer because it is a light bronzey colour you can never look orange. 

The next two products are Dior Addict mascaras which I really like to use to create simple flared lashes. I have two mascaras In the colours black 092 and the purple 162 and obviously one gets used more. These mascaras are great at opening out your eyes and spreading your lashes out, I tend to put a different bigger mascara on on top if I am going out on a big occasion just to add a bit of length and extra fibres to my lashes. 

Lastly is the Fluid Stick by Dior in the shade 754. Boy does this lip product pack a punch! It îs a cherry red shade which is super pigmented and really compliments the skin. It is super long lasting and makes a great statement with minimal makeup for the rest of the face. The packaging of the fluid stick, as well as the other products, is beautiful as well. 

I would like to dedicate this post to my aunt Jill who always look glamorous and never stopped succeeding in life. :) 

Rimmel lips | Nude edition

I know I am a little late to the party... But I finally have some nude shades in my collection! Before I have not seen the need for a nude lipstick as my collection was already full to the brim with bright shades and to be perfectly honest I did think why would I need a colour that you couldn't tell that I was wearing. 

And then I found my perfect nude shade, this Rimmel Lasting Finish lipstick in shade 206 Nude Pink is definitely my kind of nude colour.  It is a peachy nude shade which moisturises my lips while I am wearing it so I never have to fear that my lips will dry up while I'm wearing it (we've all been there when your lips go dry and your lipstick colour is in chunks in the corner of your lips... Not attractive at all!) 

Like most pale shades of lipstick I find that this nude doesn't last more than an hour or so on my lips but I wasn't expecting it too if I am honest. I have quite big bright lips so pale colours never seem to last long on them as my natural lip colour wins the fight you could say. This colour is really easy to wear and I have been turning to it a lot recently for a more natural lip look during the day. 

My second nude shade I have recently bought is a product that I have been lusting after for ages. I already had a Rimmel Apocalips in a bright pink shade which I love but found it is just too bright to wear a lot of the time so finally I picked up the nude shade of 328. This is a more orange shade of nude then the classic and at first I found it unflattering on my skin but I have really grown to love it now, it definitely looks nicer after a few minutes when it has had time to soak in. 

It is very easy to apply too much of this product and make it look cakey but if you use a light hand then the colour will look fine on you. You can't fault these Apocalips for there staying power as whichever colour I use always lasts a long time on my lips. 

Since I'm late to the party, what shades of nude do you lovelies rate the most? :) 

A look at W7 mascaras

I was sorting through my mascaras trying to find a waterproof one, which I found I was seriously lacking in, when I found that I had accumulated a number of W7 mascaras without even realising, and that they were actually my favourite mascaras to use.

I have three mascaras to talk about today which are all under £2 (from B&M) and work just as well as my more expensive mascaras. They are all in similar size packaging with just one difference. The first mascara I ever picked up from W7 is not made of plastic like the other packaging it is more of a rubbery material which does get dirty really easily ( as you can see in the photos). 

Apart from that I love all of these mascaras and use them all for different reasons. None of the wands are the same shapes and are all extra large which I really like. My favourite wand is the Eyelust mascara as it is really big and gets all my lashes. The Showing Out mascara has an even larger wand which makes my lashes so big. The Lashtastic mascara is the smallest wand of them all but has small fibres in it that attaches to your lashes and makes look much fuller and thicker. 

I find when I am using these mascaras that I don't have to deal with any annoying clumping which is the most annoying thing in the world ( hands up if you agree with me!). 

I think these mascaras are so good for the affordable price they are and I do find that I tend to reach for these mascaras more than any of my others, and I have quite a rediculous number of mascaras at the moment. 

Comfy Sunday Attire

I picked up this grey split maxi dress from Newlook recently and I love how it hangs and simple it is to wear. You have to wear something on your bottom half because the slits are so high so I have been pairing it with black leggings and I also bought the black version and have wore that with some patterned leggings and a black skirt with tights for a night out. 
The thing I like most about this dress is that I can wear it in the current weather with a leather jacket and leggings but so wear it on holiday on top of a bikini or with some shorts in the summer. 

Dress - Newlook 
Leggings - Newlook 
Sandals - Primark
Brown belt - Primark 
Balloon Necklace - Newlook 

My ultimate eyebrow product | MUA Pro Brow Kit

I'm sure you would have seen in a few photos of me pre February that I didn't use to bother with my eyebrows. I had never found a shade which matched my dark eyebrows without looking big and black and I had kinda given up the search for one. Then my sister used her brow kit on me and since that day in February, I have been doing my eyebrows everyday!

The kit in question is the MUA Pro Brow kit which I picked up in dark. The dark brown is a perfect shade for me and my eyebrows don't look unnatural or OTT when I use it which is brilliant. When I really want to make a statement I can use the black shade and even that isn't too dark on me. 

It also comes with a nude shade which Im guessing you either use for highlighting underneath your eyebrow or even as a eye shadow and a brow jel which I am yet to use. I use a angled eye brow to apply the shade and I can get the perfect eye brow with this combo. 

The eye brow kit is less then £5 so it is a right bargain if I do say so myself! It is worth a try if you are looking for a cheaper alternative to the high end brow kits which can cost your a bomb. 

Outfit of the night | monochrome stripes

I am in love with this AX Paris dress! The stripe pattern is amazing at concealing any lumps and bumps (which I have accumulated over the last few months...) and is so eye catching, but not too ott. 
I paired the dress with my cut out wedges which match the detail on the dress perfectly and I can last all night in them which is a plus. The dress was only £20 and I know I'm gonna get a lot of wear out of it so expect me to wear this for any event im going to in the near future! 

Dress - AX Paris 
Shows - Newlook 

Benefit's Erase Paste

Recently I surcomed to blogger peer pressure (just a phase, no one hold me down and made me buy it really) and purchased the new and impressive looking Erase Paste by Benefit. I watched the video of the girl using it and was amazed at the thought of having something amazing to cover my bad eye circles lately.

I ordered the lightest shade they made (no 1 fair) and which isn't that light at all and when I tried it on my eye bags, it didn't brighten my eyes or make me look less tired. I was pretty disappointed that I had wasted this money on a product that didn't work. 

But just then I had a thought. My skin is quite bad at the moment, I always have at least one spot, and so I tired it out on covering my red spots... And it is amazing! It is just the right shade to blend in with my skin and completely covers the area and hides the redness really well. I feel completely confident just using this to cover my spots and not use any foundation. 

It comes in a really small pot which isn't super hygienic but I just use a different finger for each blemish and obviously wash my hands before applying it. Even though I am covering my skin In it lately with the amount of spots I have I think the product will last me a long time as you don't need a lot of product to do the job. The actual product can last all day on my face as long as I don't touch my face, which I tend to do a lot. 

I would definitely recommend this product, even after our shakey start because the products brilliant at blurring out imperfections and giving you the illusion of a good complexion. It's a winner from me! 

Spring Cheeks #

I've told you guys what clothing choices I can't wait to wear this spring and here are a collection of my favourite blush colours to wear during the warmer months :)

Revolution Ultra Blush Palette in Sugar and Spice - 
This palette first of all is just gorgeous. Makeup revolution really know how to package there products well and most importantly, how to make high quality products. You get 6 colours in this palette, 4 blushes and 2 highlighters and they are all gorgeous. My favourite colours that I have been wearing already are the two bottoms shades. I also think the top left colour would work as a great light contour too. 

Sleek Blush by 3 in Lace 367 -
Here is another palette that is very spring friendly. I'm not too sure about the Orange toned blush but the other two are just beautiful high quality colours and the middle shade is my favourite. 

H&M Make Me Blush in Pink Dahla 14 -
This is a lovely fishia pinky shade which I have been quite scared to wear before because it is so highly pigmented but I'm hoping with a light hand it will give me a lovely flushed look. The shade is gorgeous and well worth the few pounds that I paid for it. 

Revlon Photoready in Coral Reef 300 -
This product is maybe the perfect creme blush for spring summer I have loved it the whole time I have had it. It has been mentioned in a few posts before and I still love to use it, it gives me a lovely natural flush but you have to be careful to use a light hand. 

Bargain Brushes #2

I have my second set of brushes for you today and they haven't disappointed! These ones I got from eBay again for just £6.18 which is a bargain for such good brushes. As you can see these are copies of Real Technique brushes and comparing these to my proper RT brushes, you can see no difference to how they work. The brushes are really soft and lightweight so hopefully will apply my makeup flawlessly.

You get 5 brushes in this set and you get one brush for everything really. The first one (brushes are arranged back to front because I'm silly)  I have been using to put my foundation on and I haven't actually used anything else to put my foundation on since. I think the reason I prefer this to my old favourite foundation flattop brush is because it is more dense so it feels to me like it buffs my foundation in better and quicker.
The second rounded brush I have been using to blend in my concealer, it is a good brush but I don't know if it overtakes my beauty blender just yet. The third brush is another foundation brush I think I will really get on with, I think this one will be the next brush I use to apply my foundation as it is a bit more rounded then the complete flattop.
The fourth brush is an angled flattop brush that I think I will use to apply contour and hightlight as it should fit perfectly into the hollows of my cheeks. The last brush is probably my favourite brush because of the way it looks and feels, it is really light and feels like a feather on the face. I haven't decided what I'm going to use this brush for yet but watch this space because I do think I am going to love it soon enough! 

Look out for the third post about my last brushes coming soon. 

Monthly Favourites | February '15

It's that time again people where I tell you guys what I have been looooving this past month and this month is a beauty biggy! I have got loads of make up bits I want to share with you so grab a tea and biscuit and rest your feet...

The first favourite isn't makeup but it is so much better! Whenever I have been at home I have been non stop watching my Sex and the City box set that I got for Christmas a few years ago. Yes I am currently watching it in bed right now as I'm writing this and I am loving life! I am definitely Charlotte. 

My next favourite is a eye pencil that I have been wearing on my eyes near enough every day. It is the Mac kohl pencil in the shade Teddy which is a lovely brown shade that really opens up your eyes. I like to wear this without mascara (on them days when I'm too lazy to take my eye makeup off at the end of the night)

Next is the Dior Addict It Lash mascara in black which is just amazing! It never clumps on me and lasts all day on my lashes. This is my go to mascara for any big day or night or just when I'm making a special effort that day. 

This month my go to foundation most days has been the Maybelline Fit Me in shade Ivory. I have been using his foundation for a while now, I've writen a few posts including it and I always find myself coming back to it because it works so well for me. 

I have never been very much into doing up my eyebrows before I saw it as a waste of time, then my sister done my eyebrows round her house and she actually had the perfect shade for me! I have been put off doing my eye brows before because I have never found a right shade for me but then my sister surprised me. What I have been using is the MUA pro brown kit in medium and dark. 

Lastly I have been loving the Revolution Blush Palette in Sugar and Spice. The colours are all very high quality and they go great with my contour as they are all darkest brownish colours (worse description ever!!) but trust me they are good :) 

Hope you guys enjoyed this months favourite post and tell me what you've been loving this month :)

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