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5 Steps To Healthier Skin This Winter

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Having healthy skin is something that is really important to me during the winter months as I do have irritated skin during this time. I have 5 steps which I know from experience works for me and since it feels like full blown winter outside already I know these will help people straight away.

1. Keep you routine simple 
Some people include the whole range of Boots in their routine twice a day because they think their skin needs every single product. I find the more product you use the less it works on your skin because you are telling your skin to do lots of different things. Keep it simple and use products that really work for your skin.

2. Keep a steady routine 
Following on from the last point, I find my skin is the best when I keep up my daily routine so I try and keep a steady routine and don't skip out on days so my skin is always fresh when I wake up and go to sleep. This doesn't always happen I am human but I do try!

3.Always start with a clean face 
I find my makeup always goes on better when I have a completely fresh face so if I've done my morning routine then I am ready to go. If I am having a lazy day and don't actually put my face on until the afternoon I always splash some water on my face at least before I do my makeup.

4. Drink lots of water 
I know everyone says that but it does work especially in the winter, I've even bought a giant 1lt bottle to take to work which makes drinking more water much easier. Plus I actually love the taste of water unless some people I know.

5. Protect yourself from the environment 
Since I have sensitive skin I always have to keep my skin protected during the cold and hot weather. During the summer I use SPF to protect my skin if I am going to be in the sun all day and during the winter I use a super hydrating moisturiser to protect my skin from the cold.

New In | Beauty

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I have quite a few new beauty bits that have made their way into my makeup collection recently and some of them are so so pretty. You know I am a sucker for pretty packaging and even prettier products. A lot of the products are for eyes but what can I say, I am a keen eye shadow shopper! 

I picked up a new lipstick from Max Factor called 837 Sunbronze which is a super pretty shinny mauve /pink which is perfect for this time of year. Yes I know it is very similar to most of my other lipsticks but it really hydrating and packs a lot of power. I love the colour and shin the product gives my lips and the gold packaging is definitely eye catching. 

I hadn't invested in a new mascara in months so I went for a shop and picked up the Revlon Volume and Length mascara which I have had my eye on for a while. I love the concept of having different mascara to do different jobs for my eye lashes. I picked up the volume and length version as my eyelashes are quite short and stumpy this is great at making them long and fluttery. 

The first of my eye shadow products is another Kiko cream crush pot in the shade 05 which is a shimmery sheer creamy glitter. In some lights the product looks pink and in other lights it looks silver especially if you apply more product. It is so gorgeous and would make a brilliant highlighter as well (if not over applied)

I also purchased this single shadow from L'oreal in the shade Lumiere 500 which I am very excited about. I mean look at it! It is a gorgeous bright gold which is so pigmented so you have to be careful not to be too crazy with it. I haven't used it properly on my eyes yet as I don't think this is a everyday shade. This would be great for Christmas party makeup for sure! I will definitely make use of it soon. 

A new quad that I have picked up is by Rimmel in the shade 002 Smokey Brun. It is the perfect everyday eye shadow quad in my eyes as it has great everyday shades and is a great size to take on the go. I like using this palette for a subtle smokey eye which these colours are great for. 

The last product I've purchased lately is a cute little eye shadow palette from Seventeen in Birthday Suit. I have never tried a Seventeen palette before which I think it a crime after I have swatched this beauty. The pigmentation of the eye shadows is really good, the cream eye shadows I am still a bit unimpressed with but I am looking forward to playing around with this palette at a later point.

Three Drugstore Concealers You Need

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Concealers can sometimes be more important then foundation depending on the state of your skin and I have three concealers that I go in between constantly. I've always been told you shouldn't use the same concealer to cover all the problems on you face and mine come sometimes be in double figures! It is good to have a range of different formulas and shades to work with and here are my top three concealers for my skin!

The Cover Up - Collection Lasting Perfection 
This concealer is the best concealer in the drugstore for covering spots and blemishes. I know every blogger and YouTuber shouts about this product and at one point it was in every video and every blog post, but that is because it is just so good. Whenever I have an angry spots or some really rosey cheeks, this stuff covers it up completely and makes me look human again. It doesn't cake on my skin no matter how much I top it up and I don't need powder to set it, plus it always blends in perfectly with your foundation. Like any make up product though, the more you touch your face the shorter time the product lasts and I have a habit of always touching my face, especially if I have a blemish I want to make sure hasn't grown in size. Long story short - don't touch you face and the concealer will last all day!
I have shade Light and Medium 

The Under Eye - Miss Sporty Perfect Stay Concealer
This concealer is rarely spoken about in the beauty world but it definitely deserves more credit in my eyes. I use this product under my eyes everyday to brighten my eye area and cover my permanent bags. I tend to suffer from dark bags under my eyes 6/7 days of the week and I find some concealers just exaggerate the problem and especially the few lines I have there as well. This concealer brighten my eyes and doesn't make my lines look worse. Brilliant!
I have shade Light and Medium 

The Radiant Look - Bourjois Radiance Reveal 
When I need a little bit more help to look awake or if I am going for a really healthy glowy look then this concealer really comes in handy. It is super brightening on the eyes and on the days when I have had little or no sleep, this product makes me look human again. It is also the perfect concealer to use for highlighting your features when you contour as well as it is so bright.You do need a light hand with this product as I find applying too much can make you look like a ghost and if there is anything worse than dark bags under your eyes, its white bags!
I have the shade Light

I'd love to know some of your favourite drugstore concealers! 

Skincare Brands | Top 3

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skincare, brands, favourite, autumn, lush, clinique, origins, products, cleansers, facial wash, face masks, moisturisers, eye cream, list, blogger,

I haven't wrote a skincare post since February and that is just not alright with me. Skincare is my all time favourite kind of products to talk about but I very rarely mix up the products that I use,  once I have a routine that works for me I stick with it so I don't want to talk about the same products over and over again. Today I am going to talk you through three of my favourite skincare brands for work for me. Now everyone's skin is different and different things work for different people so just because these brands work with my skin doesn't mean they will definitely work for you too.

The Fancy Skincare - Clinique
Even though I have called this brand the 'fancy skincare' doesn't mean I have the products just because of the name! My mum used to use this brand when I was younger so I knew of the name and always wanted to try it. I started out with a moisturiser from a discount beauty shop and fell in love with it. Clinique are the only moisturisers I use as they make my skin feel amazing every time I use them and they don't irritate my skin or break me out. I have tried other brands (and the Origins moisturiser is quite good I'll give the brand that) but I always come back to my Clinique moisturisers and always take them away with me because they are so amazing. Some of the products can be expensive so I tend to buy them when I go through duty free or visit Bicester Village so I can save some pennies.

I have ... Dramatically different moisturising lotion, Daily superdefence moisturiser, All about the eyes eye cream.

The Everyday Skincare - Lush
My love affair with Lush started out with the bath bombs and gradually moved onto other products like the skincare. I really like their skincare as I know non of the products are going to irritate my skin or break me out as they only include natural ingredients. I use Lush products on a daily basis as they aren't too expensive and won't break the bank if I need to repurchase them. I have a range of products from Lush from cleaners and face washes to toners and eye creams and all of them I have fallen for as they really works for me. You can tell how much I love the brand with the number of products I have in my skincare collection!

I have ... Enchanting Eye Cream, Eau Roma Toner Water, Ultrabland Facial Cleanser, Kalamazoo Beard and Facial Wash, Ocean Salt Face and Body Scrub, Dark Angels Face and Body Cleanser and lastly Angels on Bare Skin Face and Body Cleanser.

The Pamper Skincare - Origins
I love using Origins skincare for a pamper night product as the masks in their range are so good at refreshing your skin. I tried one mask many moons ago and fell in love with how it left my skin, so tried another one and then it snow balled into to buying a new mask every time I visit Bicester! Origins know how to make a good mask and all their masks make my skin feel cleansed and polished after I use them. You get a generous amount in the packaging too so they can last you for ages which means less money you are having to spend. Again some Origins products can be pricey but they do sell them in discount shops and obviously at duty free. After trying the face masks I moved on to buying a moisturiser from the Gin Zing range which I love as much as my Clinique Moisturiser!

I have ... Original Skin Retexturising rose clay mask, GinZing Refreshing Face Mask, Out Of Trouble 10 Minute Mask and Drink Up 10 Minute Mask.

Autumn Style Picks

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Photo nicked from Pinterest because I really can't take photos of clothes to save my life. Im sorry but they all look like poo so if you have clicked this post to see where that skirt is from I have no idea... Link for Photo!

I love the autumn season and with the change in weather I can finally wear the clothes to match the season. I have already picked up a few pieces for the colder weather and I thought I'd show you some of my new pieces as well as some of my old favourites.

I have quite a collection of patterned skirts in my wardrobe and I love how they look on me. I recently bought this green tartan skirt which I absolutely love, it fits perfectly on me and I love it paired with a plain black long sleeve t-shirt or a roll neck jumper. I love this jumper with the cut out shoulder and of course I have it in light brown and black but with sleeves.

When I'm not in a girly mood I live in black skinny jeans; plain black or black with rips I love both but they always have to be high waisted. These high waisted black skinny jeans from Topshop are my all time favourite. I live in cropped jumpers and long sleeved cropped tops too. This yellow cropped jumper (similar) goes perfect for a lazy casual day.

I recently picked up this super cute baby pink shirt jumper combo (similar) which I absolutely love. It is so cosy and easy to wear and it looks really good with my light blue ripped jeans. Its a really casual look which keeps me cosy when it is cold.

My favourite purchases for autumn is this fur waistcoat from Newlook which I have fallen in love with. I wear it with my black high waisted jeans and long sleeve black top and I absolutely love it so much. It is so cute and is perfect for when it is really cold but you also get too hot wearing a big coat, I like my arms to breath otherwise I sweat (I know you wanted to know that!)

Lastly every girl needs a pair of little brown boots and some super cute beanie hats! I bought two from primark recently for only £2 which is such a bargain. I picked up a mustard colour and a burgandy hat. As for my boots (similar) my all time favourite ones are pretty battered since last year but I can't part ways with them, they are super comfy and easy to pair with tights and jeans.

Pure Lips #3

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Newlook have done it again and created some amazing shades for the autumn winter months and I have already got my hands on some of them before they re-brand their makeup all over again (which I am very excited about). Before I purchased these new shades I did sort out of my makeup and give away some of my less used shades in my lip collection so I now keep all of my Newlook lipsticks in this little cute lipstick holder from TKMax.

I am embracing the dark lip for once this year and have purchased a few darker shades then I am used to, one of them is the Dark Brown lipstick in shade number 27. The name isn't very imaginative but it describes the shade perfectly and although it is a dark brown shade, I think it is very wearable and won't look too out of place on a day to day basis. I tried it on at home the day I bought it and at first I was a bit like woah, but once I had got used to it I really liked the colour on me. I am tried to expand my lip colour range so I don't spend another few months with permanent dark berry lips!

newlook, Pure Colour, makeup, range, beauty, lipsticks, highstreet, tkmax, shades, autumn,
I also bought the Mid Brown shade in the number 24 which is a light brown/pinky nude all rolled into one lipstick. I really like this colour and although I have about ten thousand nude lipsticks, I am glad I now have this in my collection. It is super easy to wear with any makeup look and suits my skin tone perfectly.

My last lipstick with a more inventive name is the shade Cinamon 81 which is a peachy-orangey shade which is very autumn appropriate. Some people only link autumn and winter with dark shades but I think this is a perfect autumn shade as it reminds me of orange leaves and the brilliant burnt orange shade we get in clothing shops. I am not a big fan of orange lip shades but this lipstick is a very loved addition to my collection and I suspect with be used a lot in the next few months.

newlook, Pure Colour, makeup, range, beauty, lipsticks, highstreet, tkmax, shades, autumn,

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