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First taste of Origins

Origins is a brand that I have wanted to try out for so so long and now I have collected three Origins face mask and it's time to let you all know my picks. There are so many different types of Origins face masks that it can be hard to decide which one to try and trust me, I spent at least 20 minutes picking each mask. These are the three masks I own, so far...

ginzing energy boosting moisturizer, Ginzing mask, orginial skin rose clay mask, Origins, Out of trouble,

This is a mask that contains Zinc Oxide and Sulfur which you leave on your skin for 10 minutes and it helps to soak up excess oils, gets rid of dead cells and debris. So far I am really liking using this mask on my un-tamable spotty chin and I do think it is helping. 

The Wake Me Up - Origins GinZing mask 
My favourite type of masks are ones that really wake me up and give a energy boast to my skin and that is exactly what this mask does because of the energy boosting Coffee Beans, refreshing Cucumber and soothing Hoelen Mushroom. It is a really nice mask for the mornings and is part of my morning routine. 

This clay mask is a god sent when my skin doesn't want to do anything some days. I cover my entire face in the mask and sit back and relax in the bath and after I take it off my skin feels so clean and refreshed. It's a good mask to banish pesky little spots that wont go away because of the Mediterranean rose clay, Canadian willow-herb and exfoliating jojoba beads. I am currently using this right now as well as the Out Of Trouble Mask to combat my spotty chin.

These are three masks I am really enjoying using at the moment and I am excited to try out some more Origins skincare, I think my new purchase will be the GinZing Energy Boosting Moisturizer which I really want to try out. 

What I'll Be Watching This Christmas

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I absolutely love what is on TV over the Christmas period and this year I have not been disappointed. After looking through the TV magazine I am even more excited about some family time around the TV on Christmas eve and Christmas day. Now I know Christmas is more than just sitting round the TV obviously but my family do love a good film to watch together in between board games and quizs (yes we are one of them families).

Here are my pick of the best TV this Christmas.

Christmas Eve 

  • Stuart Little - Channel 4 - 12:30pm 
  • The Sister Act 2: Back In The Habit - BBC Two - 1pm 
  • A Chrismas Carol - BBC One - 2:20pm 
  • Finding Nemo - BBC One - 3:50pm
Christmas Day 

  • The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause - BBC One - 11am 
  • Happy Feet - ITV - 11:30am 
  • The Muppets Christmas Carol - Channel 4 - 1:45pm 
  • Top Of The Pops - BBC One - 2pm 
  • Brave - BBC One - 3:10pm 
  • Stick Man - BBC One - 4:45pm
  • Doctor Who! - BBC One - 5:15pm 
  • Googlesprogs - Channel 4 - 8pm
Boxing Day 
  • Back To The Future - ITV - 10:55am
  • Jurassic Park - ITV - 1:20pm 
  • Home Alone 3 - Channel 4 - 3:30pm
  • The Crooks - BBC One - 4:45pm
  • Despicable Me - ITV2 - 6:40pm 
  • Peter and Wendy - ITV  - 8pm
  • Skyfall - ITV2 - 8:30pm 
New Years Eve 

  • Father Of The Bride - BBC Two - 8:45am 
  • UP - BBC One - 2:50pm 
  • Honey, I shrunk The Kids - Channel 4 - 3:20pm 
  • Pitch Perfect - Film 4 - 9pm 
New Years Day 

  • Top Of The Pops New Year - BBC One - 11:55am
  • The Sound of Music - BBC One - 1:15pm 
  • Wreck It Ralph - BBC One - 4:30pm 
  • Tangled - Channel 4 - 6pm 
  • Billionaire Boy - BBC One - 7pm
  • Catch me If You Can - BBC Two - 10:20pm 
I know this is a hefty list of films and shows to watch and because of work I probably will only get to watch a hand full but that small hand full will make me feel very happy and jolly. What films and shows will you be watching this Christmas? 

Black Friday Elf Purchases

Working in retail usually means I have to work major holidays and events and Black Friday was definitely a big event this year. You couldn't go anywhere without seeing posters and adverts for it. I worked most of Black Friday Weekend so could only look for bargains online. I had a good look through the Elf website and found some little goodies.

I didn't expect to buy much to be honest but they had an offer where if you spent over £20 you got a free gift which was a make up set bundle and free delivery so I couldn't resist.

elf, blush, bronzer, baked eyeshadow, lipstick, eye palette, mascara, black, friday,

The first item I picked myself was the 32 piece eye shadow palette which is so dreamy. It includes 3 matte shades and 28 shimmer shades from beautiful nudes to dark browns and blacks. I can't wait to try this out I'm a big fan of all the shimmer brown shades plus the different shades of black are going to be great for smokey eyes. I also like the more stand out colours so hopefully I can create some great make up looks with them.

elf, blush, bronzer, baked eyeshadow, lipstick, eye palette, mascara, black, friday,

The next item I purchased was the Warm Studio Bronzers which screams Nars to me. The packaging is a direct copy of the Nars packaging and I love it. It includes a contour shade, a bronzer, a highlighter and a blush and I choose the Warm shade so it came with a blush that I could use as a bronzer. They all have a slight shimmer to them and again I can't wait to try this out. I think it will be perfect to carry in my handbag on the go.

elf, blush, bronzer, baked eyeshadow, lipstick, eye palette, mascara, black, friday,

The next few items where included in the free set I got. The first is a blush brush which is so so soft! The second is this blush in the shade Mellow Mauve and it is what I would call a bronzer blush because it is warm toned and can be used a bronzer. The next item is this Baked Eye Shadow in Toasted which is beautiful and very wintery/christmasy. I love ELF's baked blushes so I know I am going to love this eye shadow. Next is this Mineral Lipstick in Beautiful Berry which is a really nice autumn shade. Last are two eye products, the Expert Liquid Liner and the 3in1 Lengthen, Define and Volumize mascara.

elf, blush, bronzer, baked eyeshadow, lipstick, eye palette, mascara, black, friday,
elf, blush, bronzer, baked eyeshadow, lipstick, eye palette, mascara, black, friday,
elf, blush, bronzer, baked eyeshadow, lipstick, eye palette, mascara, black, friday,

I'm really excited to try out all of these products as ELF is a brand I haven't had a bad product from yet. You might see some of these products creep into my future favourites posts.

My Hair Inspiration

Today I am going to show you all the hair styles I have been obsessed over these last few weeks which encouraged me to chop most of my hair off. 6 months ago I chopped most of my hair off after falling in love with Jenna Louise Coleman hair style and now I've done it again but even shorter. And I love it so much! Here are a few people who's hair length was my inspiration.

Estee, essie button, poppy deyes, wonderfulyou, viviannadoesmakeup, emma stone, jenna louise coleman,

Jenna Louise Coleman (obviously)
Estee, essie button, poppy deyes, wonderfulyou, viviannadoesmakeup, emma stone, jenna louise coleman,

Emma Stone 
Estee, essie button, poppy deyes, wonderfulyou, viviannadoesmakeup, emma stone, jenna louise coleman,

Estee, essie button, poppy deyes, wonderfulyou, viviannadoesmakeup, emma stone, jenna louise coleman,

Estee, essie button, poppy deyes, wonderfulyou, viviannadoesmakeup, emma stone, jenna louise coleman,

Estee, essie button, poppy deyes, wonderfulyou, viviannadoesmakeup, emma stone, jenna louise coleman,

Go over and show these beauties some love! 

Finally here is my new hair...

Why I Love the Festive Season

Christmas, festive, list, season

There are many reasons why I love the Christmas time and since we are only 2 weeks away from the big day, I thought it was about time my blog got a sprinkle of festive cheer! So put your  most Christmas-y pjs on, grab a cup of tea and a mince pie and sit back and indulge your festive side.

  • The dark mornings - Unpopular opinion I know but I love waking up on a dark morning, it helps me fall back to sleep on my days off and I feel much more cosy in bed. 
  • The cold weather - I love an excuse to wrap up in a big fluffy coat, a big scarf and a bobble hat. 
  • The mince pies - I can eat a whole tray in one day, I'm not even sorry. 
  • The novelty pjs - They always feel more cosy and warmer than normal pjs. 
  • The Autumn candles - You have to have a candle burning every evening or its not really Christmas.
  • The fairy lights, tinsel and baubles on the Christmas tree - Who else loves sitting next to the Christmas tree doing nothing but getting excited for the big day?
  • The treats - I always engorge on way too many naughty treats at Christmas but I tell myself that it is Christmas and I am allowed to go a little crazy on food. 
  • The festive videos - I love watching YouTube videos with festive backgrounds and everyone's vlogmas's, they get me even more excited for Christmas. 
  • The presents - Now I don't mean getting loads of presents yourself, I love Christmas shopping for other people and then giving them the presents, especially if it is something I have had hidden in my room for weeks waiting to give it to them. Nothing feels me with more joy when someone likes the gift I bought for them. 
  • The party outfits - I love getting dressed up for a Christmas party or helping people pick outfits for theirs. 
  • The festive makeup - Never is it more acceptable to wear glitter eye shadow then at Christmas. 
  • The Christmas films - I have so many favourites that I watch over and over again.
  • The glittery shoes - Lets admit we all have at least one pair of tacky glitter shoes that we bought for Christmas. 
  • The family evenings in - Sitting in front of the fire with your family who you might take for granted for most of the year.
  • The Christmas jumpers - the tacker the better.
  • The Sunday cooking/baking - During this time it is acceptable to spend your whole day off baking or cooking something tasty!
  • The boots 3for2 offer - That is great when you need to buy people presents. 
  • The turkey dinner - With lots of extras!
  • The Christmas Songs - They are the only thing that gets me out of bed some days!
  • The Top Of The Pops Christmas special on Christmas Day - My family watch this every Christmas day, its a tradition for us.
  • The Doctor Who Christmas special - That ones just for me really, i'm a secret geek...

This list could go on forever if I continue so I will leave the list here, I hope I have gotten you in some sort of festive mood and if I haven't I make it my mission to do that by Christmas Day! If you have any Christmas related posts leave me your links lovelies I'd love to read them. 

Pure Lips #2

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Newlook have done it again with even more beautiful shades in their reformulated lip stick collection. Since my last post I have purchased another 6 shades plus two lip crayons from their collection.

I love Newlook lip sticks because they are so creamy and rich, the colour lasts a long time on your lips and for me, they don't leave my lips flakey or dry like some lipsticks. They also come in such a wide range of colours so no matter what you are into, there is a shade for you.

pure, lips, newlook, lipstick, review, makeup,
pure, lips, newlook, lipstick, review, makeup,

My first shade is this gorgeous dark nude shade called Camel which I have worn non stop since I bought it. It is a more darker browner nude shade then the previous two that I purchased and its my favourite out of all of them. I have been wearing this shade during the day at work while I am wearing big eye make up. Strawberry is an amazing bright red shade which is more on the pink side. I haven't had an opportunity to try out this shade yet but I know it will be perfect for the summer time with rosy cheeks. Magenta is a fushia pink shade which I have had my eye on for some time and then it went into the sale for £2 so I couldn't resist a cheeky purchase. Again I haven't tried out this shade yet because I am too obsessed with dark eye shadows but I can't wait to give it a whirl. Mid Pink is a darker fushia shade which has become a favourite of mine lately. Its darker then the Magenta shade but not so dark that you can't wear a smokey eye with it. Bright pink is my most adventurous shade that I purchased and I did purchase it on a bit of a whim but it is so beautiful. It is a typical barbie pink shade. My last lip shade is this lovely dark red shade with a hint of plum in it called Burgandy. I love this shade with minimal make up and the shade really suits my skin tone.

pure, lips, newlook, lipstick, review, makeup,

I recently picked up two lip crayons too in the shade Camel and Plum. The colour pay off for these crayons are really good compared to other lip crayons I have purchased. The crayons are moisturing on the lips and the colour lasts for most of the day on me. The Camel lip crayon is very similar to the Camel lipstick but a little bit more creamier and moisturing and the Plum crayon is a super wearable dark plum shade.

If you have never tried the Newlook makeup range I would strongly recommend you try at least one lip product from them. I usually pick these lip shades over all my other lip products so they are definitely worth a try in my opinion,

Cream Eye shadows are my new best friend

A new love of mine which I have discovered over the last few weeks are cream eye shadows. I know I am really late to the party but I was still in my 'eye shadow isn't for me' phase until a month ago. I had two of these pots in my make up collections since last year probably and they had never been used. They was collecting dust in my draw until one day when I randomly thought 'I'm going to put that under my eye shadow' and like they say the rest was history. Since then I have either wore a cream eye shadow everyday by its myself or with powder eye shadows on top.
eye shadows, cream, Maybelline, ma factor, benefit, superdrug, fairy lights,

The main reasons why I now love cream eye shadows are;
  • They look much more natural then powder shadows 
  • They keep your powder shadow in place all day like a primer 
  • They last all day themselves 
  • The colour payoff is really good because they are creamy and rich
  • They are easy to blend and easy to get rid of if your make a mistake 
  • They are much easier to pop on your lids in no time at all
  • You only need a little bit of product so these pots can last for months
eye shadows, cream, Maybelline, ma factor, benefit, superdrug, fairy lights,

Two of these pots I already had in my collection from a birchbox and boots (which I don't remember buying) and then this week I went to Superdrug and made use of their 3for2 offer to get three more. Here are the cream eye shadows I now own...

Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow - This was sent to me in a Birchbox so long ago I don't even remember if it was this year or not and to be honest when I first got it I didn't know what it was. Then one day I thought 'hey I've never used you before' and so put it on before I put my powder shadows on. It is amazing at keeping your eye shadow in place and still looking untouched all day and I love the colour of this cream shadow as it is basically the colour of my eye lid but a flawless version so if I have any veins or discoloration on my lids it covers it up. I also like to wear this by itself on them lazy make up days where I don't want to look all done up but I want my eye lids to pop. 

Maybelline Colour Tattoo Leather Effect in Creamy Beige 98 - This is the other cream eye shadow which I had in my collection and never used. It is a great base taupe/beige colour which I like to use as a base/primer for when I do a smokey eye effect. I like to put this all over my lid so that this base colour can be seen under the other eye shadows I will be putting on. I then take a darker shade and cover my outer half of my eye with before I take my darkest colour and blend it into my crease. This shadow is really long lasting at it feels like it dries on the lid so it will last all day (without being flakey or horrible) but it isnt as creamy as the Benefit cream eye shadow. Its more of a harder product to pick up on your finger and work into the lid but this may be because I have had it for so long, and it does help it last longer. 
eye shadows, cream, Maybelline, ma factor, benefit, superdrug, fairy lights,

Max Factor Excess Shimmer Pot in Bronze 25 - This is the first of the three pots I purchased this week in Superdrug. This first one by Max Factor is the most amazing golden metallic shimmery bronze colour which I thought would really suit my brown eyes and look amazing for a Christmas party look.  I have yet to try this pot and I hope it works as well as the Maybelline pots which I am now a huge fan of. 

Maybelline Colour Tattoo in Eternal Gold 05 - This gorgeous gold glittery shade again I thought would be great for Christmas as a base underneath golden eyes. It has hints of yellow in it but the gold wins the colour battle. This colour is so gorgeous in the pot I don't particularly want to touch it and ruin the top but I can't wait to use it. 

Maybelline Colour Tattoo in Metallic Pomegranate 70 - This is my last purchase and maybe my favourite. It is a great burgundy pomegranate shade which I think is so beautiful. I have used this shade already underneath Purple/burgundy shades in my palettes. 

I can see myself growing my cream shadow till I have every shade that is made, which I won't be complaing about! Let me know what you think of the cream eye shadows, do you love them or hate them? 

Lush Skincare | My Collection

Ever since I first discovered Lush as a brand properly last year my collection has just doubled and doubled. Half of all my skincare/body and hair care collections now include Lush products and today I am talking about all my favourite Lush skincare products.

Lush, Skincare, Ultrabland, Kalamazoo, Ocean Salt, dark angels. mask of magnanimity, enchanted eyes, grease lightning,

Starting with the product that I have been using the longest the Ultrabland Facial Cleanser has been a firm favourite of mine for so long now. I love this cleaner to take off my make up it makes removing my makeup so easy. I just cover my face in the cleanser and work the product into my eye area which leaves me looking like a panda. I then use a flannel to clean off the cleanser and the makeup and my face is left super clean, even my mascara is completely off. Some people have said they don't get on with this product because they feel like the product is left on their face after wards but my flannel removes all the product.

The next product is the Kalamazoo Beard and Facial Wash which is much thicker than any other facial wash I have ever used. In the tub it looks more like a balm but once it is mixed with water on your face it turns into a normal wash consistency. I really like this facial wash as it leaves my skin so soft afterwards and cleanses your skin at the same time as washing it.

A new edition to my skincare collection is the Ocean Salt Face and Body Scrub which I am still testing out right now. You can guess by the name that this scrub has extracts of the ocean in it so every time I use it I always get sea salt in my mouth which is the worse taste in the world! I must subconsciously open my month when I wash my face... haha. Anywhoo I really like this scrub to use after I have took off my makeup before I go to bed, so my face is fresh before bed.

Lush, Skincare, Ultrabland, Kalamazoo, Ocean Salt, dark angels. mask of magnanimity, enchanted eyes, grease lightning,

My next skincare pot is the Mask of Magnaminty Face and Body Mask which I have owned and loved for most of the year now. This mask is so refreshing and great to use first thing in the morning to wake yourself up. I am a sucker for staying in bed all day on my day off because I am too tired to do anything but when I use this mask I feel much more awake and ready for the day. It is great at getting rid of them pesky spots that wont go away. Plus it smells of mint yummy

My last pot is the Dark Angels Cleaners which I absolutely love! It looks scary in the pot as it is black but don't let that scare you! It can be used with either a little bit of water or a lot of water depending on how thick you want the cleanser to be or how you want to use it. I like to use the cleanser as a mask so let the cleanser dry on my skin and go hard before I wash it off. It makes my skin feel so soft and smooth and clean. It is really good to freshen up the skin after I have just cleared a spot or blemish.

Lush, Skincare, Ultrabland, Kalamazoo, Ocean Salt, dark angels. mask of magnanimity, enchanted eyes, grease lightning,

Lastly I have two skincare bottles that I am a big fan off. The first is the Grease Lightning Spot Treatment which was one of the first products I purchased from Lush. It leaves a layer of the treatment on my spot overnight and by the morning the spot is either dried out or ready to pop so I can get rid out it. I choose between this and my trusty Sudo Cream to deal with spots.

My last product of the day is the Enchanted Eye Cream which is my favourite product to use on my eye area. The moisturiser is so light it is perfect to put on under your makeup and sets your concealer like a primer. My eyes definitely look more awake and more alive when I use this eye cream.

And finally... that is all my Lush skincare products. Lush plays a big part in my skincare routine and I recommend their products to all my friends and family and now I am recommending them to you.

Revolution Affirmation Palette

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I mentioned in my October Loves Post that I had started wearing eye shadows for the very first time. This may sound strange since I have been wearing make up for god knows how many years but before then I had never wore eye shadow before, mainly because I didn't think that they suited my face and I didn't know how to apply them properly. 

Makeup, Revolution, Redemption, Affirmation, Palette, Eye Shadow,

Since then I have watched loads of YouTube tutorials and Get Ready With Me's so I think I definitely have a good idea of how to do some basic looks on myself. I have also invested in some palettes thanks to Make Up Revolution which are amazing. The first palette the Redemption Essential Mattes 2 Palette I have spoke about in my October Favourites post which you can have a read of here. 

Makeup, Revolution, Redemption, Affirmation, Palette, Eye Shadow,

The second palette the Affirmation Ultra Eyeshadows Palette is my second eye purchase and definitely my favourite out of the two. Although I love the Redemption palette for its list of nudes to choose from, the Affirmation palette has more shades to choose from (32 to be exact) as well as 12 shimmer shades to make some really pretty looks with. A favorite shade of mine to use is the Disclose shade to draw a little flick on my eye lid. I like to use eye shadow to draw wings as it looks much more subtle and is less hard to mess up. I also love the two shimmer shades Accept and Oath which I can't wait to use to create some Christmas make up.  

Makeup, Revolution, Redemption, Affirmation, Palette, Eye Shadow,

I love the packaging of this eye shadow palette as you get this huge mirror to use which is perfect for taking with you when you travel anywhere, plus it is also nice to look at with its sleek black case. For just £8 the palette is an absolute bargain for all these gorgeous shades. Its currently out of stock online but I have seen some in Superdrug stores so if you want to try this palette have a good hunt round the shops! 

I might write some posts on make up looks I make with this palette if that is something you would want to see, let me know and I'll plan some for you! 

Must Haves Items During Autumn

During the start of Autumn there are a few items that get dug out of peoples draws and cupboards and get dusted off ready for the colder months. You see them all over Pinterest and Tumbler and now your gonna see them on my blog too, because I am one of them people who goes crazy for them when November comes around.

Hot chocolate - with lots of marshmellows!!

autumn, dressing, fairy lights, gown, joggers, pillows, slippers, throws, hot chocolate

Joggers - A must have item for when your have a lazy day/evening/life at home when its cold

Autumn, dressing, gown, slippers, fairy lights, throws, pillows, joggers

Fairy Lights - Absolutely everywhere

Autumn, dressing, gown, slippers, fairy lights, throws, pillows, joggers

Lots of pillows - I don't know why but autumn makes me think of beds covered in pillows

Autumn, dressing, gown, slippers, fairy lights, throws, pillows, joggers

Throws - Bed ones with lots of fur

Autumn, dressing, gown, slippers, fairy lights, throws, pillows, joggers

Slippers - Pillows for your feet!

Autumn, dressing, gown, slippers, fairy lights, throws, pillows, joggers

Onesies - Preferably an animal or super cute pattern

Autumn, dressing, gown, slippers, fairy lights, throws, pillows, joggers

Dressing gowns - A furry one for when your just too hot in your onesie

*Imagine a photo of some really cute fluffy furry dressing gown!
(Trying to find a photograph of a dressing gown that doesn't look like it is meant to be in a catalog is really card!)

What are you Autumn essentials? 

October Loving

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It is finally November!
I have already decorated my room in Christmas decorations and got half my Christmas presents. I am so prepared this year! I have been loving quite a few make up products this month and for once, I have a hefty list of favourites to go through. Yassss

My first favourite is the Revolution Makeup Redemption Essential Mattes 2 Palette. For the first time in 21 years I am wearing eye shadow and it feels so good. I have always hid away from eye shadows because I didn't know how to apply them properly and I had always thought my eye area was too small to do anything fancy. That was until my sister convinced me to purchase this palette that she swore by. It has a mixture of soft nudes and dark browns and taupes to choose from and they are all matte. I have already used this palette for my Halloween make up and on a daily basis and I love it so far. Watch this space for more eye shadows to make an appearance! 

Something that I have owned for a long while and not used before is this Real Techniques eye shadow brush which worked amazing when I done some smokey eyes for my Halloween look. The brush fibres are super soft and make blending the easiest thing to do. The size and shape of the brush is also great at fitting into my super small eye lids. It is definitely a brush that I would keep in my make up bag for everyday. 

Monthly, favourites, October, Benefit, Hoola, Revoluton, redemption, eyeshadow, palette, W7, MUA, brow, real techniques, Newlook,

Sticking with the eye theme, my next favourite is the W7 Absolute Lashes which is widely known as the Benefit They're Real dupe. I have wrote a post on the mascara already comparing the two mascaras. Roll on two months and I am still obsessed with the product. After curling my eye lashes this mascara is perfect at making my lashes look super long and spread out. I find it lasts all day and the most important thing is... it is easy to take off at the end of the night with micellar water. That is the dream! It is a bargain at £3.99! 

My fourth favourite is the MUA Power Brow Shape and Highlight pencil in dark brown. It is the perfect colour for my eye brow hair and has a nifty little highlighter on the opposite end. I have never been a big fan of brow pencils before now, I have always opted for powders but now I am converted. I love doing my eye brows everyday now!

Monthly, favourites, October, Benefit, Hoola, Revoluton, redemption, eyeshadow, palette, W7, MUA, brow, real techniques, Newlook,

My last two makeup favoruites are things that I have been using together and they work so well together. The bronzer I have spoke about so many times before and I am still using it everyday over all my other bronzer. It is the famous Benefit Hoola Bronzer which everyone and their mother loves. I have been using this W7 angled contour brush to apply it and it is the best contour brush I have ever used. The fibers are super soft and the shape of the brush makes contouring sooooo much easier, it is the perfect brush for beginners. Plus at just £5 it is a bargain too! 

My last favourite is a bit random but none the less I have been crazy for them all October. They are my Newlook Joggers, really really random I know but they are so super comfy and fit perfectly even though I am half the size of a normal human. I have a grey and a black pair and I have wore them to death this month. As soon as I get home I put them on, on my days off I wear them at home, I even wear them to bed when its really cold. It must be love!

Let me know what you have been loving this month! I need some new things to try :)

3 Autumn Reds

Autumn, Lips, Red, Avon, Chilli, Rimmel, 22, Revolution, who we are, comparison, fairy lights

As much as Callum hates it when I wear bright colors on my lips, I love a bold lip. My signature colour is red, mainly because I am too un-adventurous to experiment with more brighter or bolder colours! So since Autumn is now upon us I thought I would take you through my three favourite red shades, the shades I tend to reach for the most. 

Avon Chilli
I loooove this shade for many reasons. The formula is really moisturising and I feel like it acts like a balm while on my lips too which is great for someone like me who has bitty lips. The shade is a gorgeous dark dirty red and it is so easy to wear which my skin tone. It isn't the longest lasting lipsticks mainly because it is so moisturising on the lips but I still like the wear it and don't mind re-applying it.  It also have Avon indented in the lipstick which I think is a great touch.

Rimmel 22
Everyone loves Rimmel lipsticks for many different reasons and I love this red Rimmel shade in number 22, It is red shade with a twinge of pink to it and this comes through when you apply it to your lips. It isn't a matte formula but does apply matte like on my lips which I like. It is super long lasting -come on it is Rimmel- and applies really smooth. It is quite a bold look so I tend to sport this look when I am going out for the evening and plan to dress up. It definitely isn't a shade you pop on to nip down the shops...

Revolution Who We Are 
This red shade is a fairly new addition to my red lipstick collection and out of all three lipsticks, it is the truest shade of red. When you think of bog standard red lipsticks with no other twinges to it, this is the shade you would think of, a classic red we'll call it. It is less bold then the Rimmel 22 and might lighter then the Avon Chilli but a firm favourite when I want to channel my inner Taylor Swift. It applies really smoothly and is nourishing on my lips which helps hold the colour. It lasts a fairly long time if your not eating or drinking, like most high street lipsticks. 

This is just a needle worth of my red lipsticks because I am a bit of a horder, if you would like to see my full red lips collection then let me know, you might be hear for a while! 

Highlighting on a budget

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I enjoyed writing my Bronzing On A Budget post so much last month that I have turned it into a series and followed it on with this Highlighting on a budget post! You are welcome...

I have four budget highlighters to show you today and I'll start with my favourite two. They are by Makeup Revolution and are so so amazing! I have the Vivid Baked Highlighter in Peach lights and the same in Pink lights. Pink lights is definitely more pigmented and vibrate whereas the Peach lights is more subtle and natural. Although powder highlighter isn't my favourite I do love using these two as they work really well at lasting all day and add a lovely glow to your cheeks during nights out. These powders do have the power to make you look like a shinny glitter ball is you go over board with the highlighter so having a light hand is a must.

My second highlighter is by Newlook and I have mentioned it before on my blog. It is the shade 93 gold and is great at using on the cheek bones. I prefer the effect this stick gives my skin during the day as it is much more natural and effortless then the powder highlighters which can look too much during the day. I like to pop this on my cheek bones and on my phones over my foundation but I plan on trying it under my foundation as well as I think it might give my foundation an added feature. The formula of the highlighter is really creamy so it is really easy to blend and move around the face once you have swiped a line.

The last highlighter I am mentioning is the Kiko Makeup highlighter pencil from their contouring pencil set. This is very similar to the Newlook highlighter stick apart from it isn't as creamy as the Newlook one and it has a more pointed end so it is easier to apply your highlighter more precisely. Again this stick is perfect for during the day when you want to add a little shine to your face and dont want your face to look like a glitter ball.

Let me know what your favourite budget highlighters are! 

Coat Shopping, again

People who have read my blog for a long while now will know of my obsession with buying a new coat every winter. I don't ever need a new coat, I just want a new one for the winter. Last year I bought my  Del Boy Coat from eBay and absolutely loved it. I worn it to death -but it is still in great condition- well done eBay!

This year I have already bought my new coat for this winter, and I may have bought more than one... naughty me. 

The first coat I picked up is actually a jacket, a very nice jacket. I have been obsessed with finding a denim jacket with a fur collar ever since Corrie from Dizzy Brunette wore one in one of her videos. My one is from Primark and was a bargain at £16! I bought it in a size up so I can layer it over jumpers and thicker tops when it gets colder. I love the fur collar on this jacket especially the colour, which I can remove if I wanted to, but I won't. The fit of the jacket is great and although I have to roll the sleeves up one time, it fits me like a glove everywhere else.

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I'm planning to wear this jacket with black jeans and leggings this winter, as well as over casual dresses. 

My second coat is from the Generation section at Newlook. Don't laugh at me when I tell you this but... It is age 10-11. I've always fitted into the teens section at Newlook but never have a ever fitted in something so small. Apart from the astonishing size it is a really great jacket. The material keeps me so so so warm I never want to take it off. It feels like I am wearing a fluffy dressing gown all day. I love the style of the jacket and the fact it isn't a really short version which I have seen around a lot. And it has pockets, I loveeeee pockets! Don't know why but if something has pockets, I'm more likely to want it. With my discount it was only £20 which I thought was a really good price for a jacket. 

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I'm already wearing this coat with my blue and black coloured jeans and on top of my leather skirt. 

My Pinterest Home | Old Fashioned Kitchen

I am not much of a cook, not at all!
I can just about make pasta and that is only because it is my all time favourite dish ever. This doesn't stop me wanting an amazing kitchen in my dream house, which would hopefully encourage me to branch out and experiment with cooking.

As much as I love hi-tech modern kitchens, my heart will always attract me old fashioned, big windowed, wood top kitchens. You know the ones you find in old country cottages which scream shabby chic. Although I know I most likely won't end up in a cute little cottage in the next few years I can still dream about my perfect kitchen.

Here are some of favourite styles from Pinterest, the best site to get house inspiration.

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Three things I've been loving this September '15

My monthly favorites started out as a huge list of products when I first started blogging and now I find it hard to think of 5 things that I am in love with during the month. So that is why I now have a series called 'Three things that I have been loving in...'

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My Everyday Base Makeup for Tanned Skin

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Since getting a glowing (If I do say so myself) tan on holiday my daily makeup routine has changed and the products I use everyday have changed too. My Ivory and Vanilla shade foundations are now taking a well earned rest and have been replaced with two darker products that don't see much light.

I am dabbling between my Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation in Soft Beige and my Body Shop All-In-One BB Cream in shade 01. They both are a perfect shade for my tanned skin and keep my skin looking fresh and glowing. 

To cover my eye bags and any spots or blemishes I use the Collection Lasting Perfection concealer in Cool Medium. The shade matches my foundation perfectly and covers up any bits I don't like. 

To bronze and contour I have been using the Benefit Hoola Bronzer which I have never liked before. I never found that the shade suited me before so it used to just lay in my makeup draw collecting dust for months. Now that I have a tan I understand the hype about the bronzer, it really is a perfect bronze colour (on the right shade face).

If you have any recommendations of good foundations in these shades for glowing tanned skin let me know! I am liking this tanned look and may get back into regular fake tanning to keep it. (if I can be bothered to keep it up...)

September Holiday Haul

I can't stop myself from spending money even in a different country. On my recent trip to Gran Canary I went a little crazy... little may be a bit of a understatement. Most of the purchases are make up which isn't a big surprise to anyone. I'll crack right on with it before I bore you with my horrible delay story!

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First Impressions | New In | Kiko

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I've been a fan of Kiko for over a year now and I made a cheeky little online order the other week to try out some products I have heard a lot of things about. This is going to be a little first impressions post for you to tell you what I'm loving already and what I'l be loving very soon I'm sure.

August Photo Diary

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Its that time again when I try and sound interesting to you guys when really for most of the month I've either been in the bath or in bed asleep... But anyway here is my August Photo Diary. 
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