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My Current Everyday Makeup Routine

My Current Everyday Makeup Routine

My everyday makeup routine has changed up recently since I introduced some new products and some old products which I had forgotten about back into my routine.

I recently got this little sample of Mac's Prep and Prime to try and I can't actually believe I have never tried it before. It feels more like a moisturiser than a primer which is why I really like using this product. It leaves my skin so soft and smooth so my foundations applies so nicely afterwards. I have finally started trying out the L'Oreal Infallible Stay Fresh Foundation properly and I like it so far. Compared to the matte formula of the foundation I find it feels more clogging on the skin and oxidizes when I first apply it but I can get away with it as I have quite a tanned neck thank god. I have been applying this foundation with my beauty blender which I wet first with the Newlook Fix Makeup Setting Spray which I think makes so much difference. I find the foundation gives me a nice glow but doesn't have the best coverage so I do have to go in with my concealers after. Maybelline Fit Me concealer in 10 works perfectly under my eyes to brighten my bags and the Collection Lasting Perfection concealer in 2 cool medium covers all my annoying blemishes with a thin layer. Lastly for powder I brought back out the Rimmel Stay Matte Powder which is an old classic.

To give me so killer cheekbones (or try anyway) I have been using my W7 Honolulu which I got in a Christmas calendar. This contour is the perfect colour and suits my skin tone so well, I would describe it as a dark ashy toned brown. It works as a contour and bronzer product so depending on what look you are going for you cover both bases. I have been double bronzing lately though so I have been packing on the Benefit Hoola bronzer on top of my contour and with a soft hand it can look really natural.

E Y E S & B R O W S
Since glitter was used way too much over Christmas I have ditched the eye shadow lately and opted for just some mascara to keep my eyes simple. I dug out my little mini Clinique High Impact Mascara from my collection and I have really been loving it. For brows I have been kicking it old school with my Soap and Glory Brow Archery in Brownie Points. To set my brows I am working my way through a pot of Sleek Clear Brow Gel which I totally forgot about for most of last year.

Blank Canvas Cosmetics Pippa Palette

For Christmas I got the Blank Canvas Cosmetics Pippa Palette from my partners parents and I am so thankful for it. I had heard about the brand before through Sinead Cady from the Makeup Chair on YouTube and I have been wanting to try something from the brand for a while.

This palette is the perfect palette for me as it is great for easy everyday smokey eyes which don't look to crazy and over the top. I am not one to stand out with my makeup, call me boring but I like to do subtle makeup that compliments my face and looks natural and that is so easy to achieve with this palette. In the palette you get a bronzer/contour shade Amour, a blush Pipsy, a highlighter Lulu and six eye shadow shades K.D, Dodo, Susu Tobi, Ollie and Lily. I love how natural all these shades are from the blush and highlight to the contour colour and I have used all the shades and liked how they turned out. I am not a big blush fan as you all know but Pipsy is a lovely soft natural shade which with a soft hand is hardly noticeable on the skin if you don't like to have an obvious blush on your cheeks. Amour is a lovely ash brown shade which I really like to contour with and Lulu is a gorgeous subtle golden highlight which I can't wait to wear during the summer.

For my everyday eye shadow I have been covering my whole lid with Ollie to make my lid look neutral for the look, I then use Tobi on the outer half of my lid and Susu on the outer third of my lid. To add some dept to the look I add a little of Dodo in the outer corner and if I am feeling really brave I add a tiny bit of K.D in the outer corner. These eye shadows are powdery when you swatch them but don't appear chalky or patchy when on the lids. The eye shadows blend really easily and last all day on my eye lids so they past the test there. The packaging for the palette is your standard cardboard which I know a lot of people don't like but I don't have a problem. It has a pretty pink girly design which I think is really pretty and stands out in my draw which is full of pretty much all black palettes.

For £30 it isn't the cheapest palette on the market and I don't see it to be a very big brand that talked about a lot but I totally think the palette is worth the price. I think it is a great palette for everyday use and with the amount that I use this palette, totally worth the money.

3 Techniques For Washing Make Up Brushes

3 Techniques For Washing Make Up Brushes
I like to change up how I wash my makeup brushes frequently depending on how much time I have, how many brushes I need to wash and of course, if I can be bothered. Some techniques are quick and easy and some take more time but they give my brushes a thorough deep clean so there are good and bad points for both. Here are my favourite three techniques to use...

I was pulled in by the hype for this product and if I am being completely honest I do not use it as much as I should, but it is always handy to have on hand. With this cleanser I usually cover a cotton pad in the solution and rub my eye brushes repeatedly on the pad until the brushes are clean. This is a easy way to clean your eye brushes in between deep washes when you run out of clean brushes and can't be bothered to do a big clean. This is handy thing to have on your desk with your makeup brushes but it doesn't clean my brushes completely and I do find the cleanser can run out quick so I never use it for big face brushes otherwise it would run out after just a few brushes. Also for £12 it can be quite costly when you have to keep re-purchasing it so its not the cheapest option. 

Recently I jumped on the bang wagon and started using soaps to clean my beauty blenders and I haven't looked back. I got this mini beauty cleanser in a Birchbox many moons ago and never used it as I wasn't a big sponge lover at the time. Roll on a few years and I dug it out of my draw and tried it out and found it was so so easy to use. Usually I would use a lot of shower cream to clean my sponges with which would take a while depending on how much product was in them but with this soap it takes minutes. It is a life saver but at £14 it can be pricey for a small soap so I like to mix it up and use my shower gels as well so it doesn't break the bank. I tend to only use this for beauty blenders and sponges as it isn't the best product to clean brushes with. 

This is definitely the cheapest option and gives my brushes the best clean out of all the three. I like to do a big clean with all my brushes when I use this method so I don't tend to do it too often as it can be time consuming. When I do use this method I feel like a new women after I am finished. I usually wet the  brushed under a running tap and then swirl them around in a handful of shower gel and run under running water again until it runs clean. This can be super quick with eye shadow brushes but can take longer with foundation brushes. This is my favourite method to wash my brushes and for just £6.50 these products can last for months and months even if you washed your brushes once a week. 

Which method do you prefer to use? Do you have any cheaper alternatives? 

Tanya Burr Beautifully Defined Palette

When Tanya Bur first released her makeup range in 2014 I wasn't too interested in her products at all, but her 2016 make up collection is absolutely right up my street. As soon as she uploaded a video of her using the products I knew I had to have them. I purchased the Face Illuminator months ago and fell in love with it so when I realised I got the Tanya Burr Beautifully Defined palette for Christmas I was so happy. 
First of all the packaging is just gorgeous, compared to the packaging of her first range the packaging of this range is so much better. The palette has a magnetic lock which is a very nice touch indeed and as you open it you have a heart shaped mirror on the left hand side and all the product is on the right hand side. 

After trying the Face Illuminator I knew I would like the other products in the range and I was right. Included in the palette is a squeeze-y tub of highlighter, three eye shadow shades, a powder highlighter and a powder bronzer. 
The liquid highlighter is an absolutely gorgeous golden shimmer highlight which is very much the spiting image of her Face Illuminator if not a little more glittery. It will be amazing in the summer when I have a tan and want to look sun kissed and golden. 
The powder highlighter (Champagne Shimer) is more a subtle version of the liquid highlighter which I have been using non stop so far this month. Whereas the liquid highlighter is more golden, the powder highlighter is more toned down and more of winter highlight in my opinion which is why I have loved it. 
The bronzer shade (Caramel Kiss) is a lovely subtle powder bronzer which really suits my skin tone and I have really liked wearing since I got it. In the pan the bronzer looks quite dark but on the skin it isn't too dark or over the top. 
The three eye shadow shades are really easy to wear everyday bronze shades. Cuddle Me is a lovely brown crease shade which I have been using all over the lids. Silk Pyjamas is a gorgeous golden brown which I like to pat on top of Cuddle Me to add some shimmer to the look. Baking Brownie is a dark chocolate brown which I have been using lightly in the crease to give my eyes some extra dimensions. 

I would really recommend this palette as there isn't one thing I wouldn't use in this which is hard to come by with some brands. The products are high quality and work really well together. I do want to try more of the Tanya Burr range but since I am on a spending ban I think I'll just window shop for now!

5 Minute Makeup

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Who has the time in the mornings to sit in front of the mirror for hours and do your makeup nowadays? I definitely don't unless I have a day off so my makeup needs to be quick and easy. Here are a few products which I like to use on those early mornings when I have a lot to do but not enough time to do it all. 

You can't go wrong with Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation in my eyes for a quick and easy application. The product makes you look really healthy (which the names suggests) and awake in the morning when your more than likely still too tired to get out of your pjs bottoms. I use a Real Technics sponge to apply this product and takes about one minute to blend it all into my face, I never have to worry about it caking or being streaky. My Miss Sporty concealer in light is my favourite concealer to use underneath my eyes and always helps me look more awake and alive during the mornings. It blends in really easily so it doesn't take very long to apply it. 

My go to bronzer for when I don't have time to contour is the Bodyshop Honey Bronzer in light which works a treat at making my look like I have some sort of colour in my face. A couple of sweeps on the cheeks and I am good to go!

For eyebrows my easiest product to use is my Soap and Glory Brow Archery pencil in brunette, I love the felt tip on one end for filling in my brows as it is really quick and easy. I don't have to worry about making a mistake as I can just wipe the excess away and the product lasts all day on my eyebrows. 

A easy way to look like you've spent time on your makeup when you really haven't is to use cream eye shadows, my new best friends and my holy grail. They are basically the lazy girls guide to eye shadow. Two of my favourite ones to use are the Maybeline Colour Tattoo in On and On Bronze and The Kiko Long Lasting Stick Eye shadow in 04. They are both beautiful golden browns which suit any look and lasts all day on your lids. I usually skip mascara if I am in a rush so I tend to just use my eye lash curlers instead to give the illusion that I have done something to them. 

Lastly the lipstick I always reach for and which is always in my hand bag for referent use is the Newlook lipstick in Camel. The perfect nude that suits any eye look I have gone for and which isn't fiddly to apply, one coat and your good to go.  

New In Beauty

New In Beauty
I am starting a strick no spending ban this year as Cal and I are hoping to move out and get a mortgage this year and if things continue the way they are going... we may have bought a house and move into it by the middle of the year ekkkk. Therefore I am not going to have any money to spend on makeup anyway. Over November and December I have collected a huge stash of new makeup to keep me going through this long year of no spending.

Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm
This was very much a impulse buy if I am totally honest. I had seen a few people talk about this product on YouTube and that really made me want to try it since Clinique is one of my favourite skincare brands. So far I haven't reached for it very much as I find it isn't as easy to move round my face, I think I might need to work it a little and break the first layer for the product to work better.  

NYX Matte Finish Fini Mat Spray
I really like this makeup spray so far and it is one of my favourite fixing sprays to use at the minute. It helps my makeup to last longer during the day and leaves my skin with a fresh feel to it. I really want to try the Dewy version next (although I won't because I am on a ban...)

Newlook Refresh and Prep & Fix Sprays
I was really intrigued to use these sprays from Newlook and so far I have used the Refresh and Prep spray most days since I purchased it. I like the feel of it on my skin rather than a primer. I find If I layer too much on my skin such as primer, foundation, powder ext my skin can feel really clogged and bumpy rather than smooth. So using this spray helps keep my makeup lightweight and comfortable. I have used the Fix spray a couple of times but I definitely need to give this product a bit more love before I comment on how good it is.

L'Oreal Infallible Foundation
I absolutely love the L'Oreal Infallible Matte foundation so of course I had to try the non matte version. So far I have only tried it once or twice and I can't say I love it as much the matte version but I am still trying it out.

Rituals Foundation in 11
I haven't heard much about the brand Rituals before hand but my friend bought me this foundation for Christmas after she tried it and feel in love with it. I have only tried it a few times so I can't give you a proper review of it but so far I have found it to be really dewy and gives a  healthy look to the skin.

Bourjois City Radiance Foundation in 02 Vanilla
I am a big fan of Bourjois foundations and I haven't been disappointed with this new addition to my collection. It is a much thicker consistency than their other foundations but after using it with a beauty blender I am really loving the consistency of it. It is definitely a medium coverage as my red cheeks are covered but my fresh spots still pop out and need some concealer on top.

NYX Dusk Til Dawn Dream Catcher Palette
This palette caught my eye when I was in Selfridges in London and I really wanted to leave London with something and  this was the only thing that I liked. The palette is filled with different gold shimmer shades which is basically all I wear at the minute. So far I have found I really need to break the first layer of the product for me to really get any pigment from them, so some of the shades are looking a little worse for wear. Once you have broke the first layer, the pigmentation of the shadows are really good and great for nights out. It also has a matte brown which means you can make lots of looks with this palette.

P.s Illuminate Cream Highlighter
This palette was another impulse buy which I do regret a little bit because I have not used this product since I purchased it, it was only £4 so that made me buy it. The colours of these highlights are gorgeous and so dreamy but I am not a big fan of cream highlighter at all so I always find  myself reaching for my powder products.

Newlook Strobe KitThis highlighter kit gives me life!
 It includes three powder highlighter shades and two of the shades have become a staple on a day to day basis and I love them. Like I said before powder highlighters appeal to me much more than cream products so I have been reaching for this palette nearly everyday since I purchased it. I like to use the middle shade to highlight my nose and the end shade on top of my check bones.

Newlook Matte Lipsticks Latte & Mulberry
Of course another Newlook product to talk about... I picked up Latte which is a pale pinky nude and Mulberry which is a very dark burgandy red which is just gorgeous. These are the matte formulas so they last really long and they dont dry out on the lips which some matte products can do. Also the new packaging is so lush.

Charlotte Tilbury Red Carpet Red Lipstick
This miniature lipstick is the cutest present idea ever and I have to give my friend props for giving me the Red Carpet Red shade for Christmas. I love a good red lipstick and this lipstick is a gorgeous dark berry red which I have wore so much since getting it. Also the size of the lipstick is great for people like me who always mess up applying red lipstick.

Newlook Eyebrow Powder Pen in Dark Brown
Powder eyebrow pens are something new to me and I am a fan so far, I find this pen is easier to use when your in a rush in the morning and looks much more natural then a normal pen or eye shadow.

Hope you enjoy my naughty purchases
Wish me luck on my spending ban! 

2016 Beauty Top 10

2016 Beauty Top 10

Trying to pick just 10 beauty products that I have loved during last year is always hard because I go in between different products all the time so narrowing them down is hard. I have narrowed it down to 10 picks which I have been head over heels with during the year.

Origins GinZing Moisturiser
I have spoken about this moisturiser many times before and it is a favourite of mine for many reason. I prefer using this moisturiser underneath my makeup rather than any of my other moisturisers as it sinks into my skin so easily I don't feel like I have anything on my skin. It leaves my skin really soft and smooth so applying foundation afterwards is so easy.

L'oreal True Match Foundation
I tried three new foundations in 2016 and this is one of them. I knew this was a blogger favourite so I finally purchased a bottle to try myself and I am so glad that I did. It gives my skin the most amazing finish and gives my skin a boost of life. It covers all my imperfections and lasts all day on my face so its gets a big thumbs up from me. This is the foundation I apply when I am going out for a night out and I want my skin to look a-m-a-zing.

L'Oreal Infallible Matte Foundation
This is the second new foundation I tried in 2016 and again I loved it after trying it. It is such a easy product to wear, I would feel completely confidence applying this foundation in the dark. It gives a really good coverage which can be built up for a evening look and gives my skin a a flawless finish. I never have to worry about my red cheeks peeking through as this foundation lasts all day and doesn't look cakey after a few hours wear.

Revlon Colourstay Foundation
The last foundation I'm going to talk about today is this little beauty. Just like the L'Oreal foundation, I would feel confident applying this foundation in the dark because it always turns out looking great. This is my everyday foundation which I can apply in a rush and know I don't have to worry about my makeup before I leave because it blends into the skin so easily it doesn't look like I am wearing foundation.

Maybelline Mastersculpt Highlight and Contour
I really don't mix up my contour products very much so this contour and highlight duo from Maybelline have been in my makeup bag all year. It is the perfect contour shade for me and is my favourite product for contouring in my whole collection. I do use the contour shade more then the highlighter shade but you can never have enough highlighters in your collection.

2016 Beauty Top 10

NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams
NYX cosmetics have exploded this year and I totally understand why after trying a few of their products. I came a bit late to the party which isn't really a surprise with me anymore but I am so glad that I finally gave into the hype. I currently have three Soft Matte Lip Creams in the shades Abu Dhai, Cannes and San Paulo and I love them all so far. The pigmentation of the lip creams are so good and because the product is so creamy they look amazing on the lips even if you have quite dry lips like me. If you have read my Liquid Lipstick Collection post then you will know that I have purchased these products from NYX, Collection and Bodyshop and I reach for my NYX products why more than the other brands.

Clinique Colour Pop Lipsticks
It will be no shock that I have included these lipsticks in my yearly favourites as I have spoke about these in so many posts this year. The formula of these lipsticks is one of my favourite in my whole collection, the lipsticks are so creamy and moisturising but the pigmentation packs such a good punch which you don't always get with moisturising lip products. The Red and Nude shade have been my go to products for most of the year, I hardly wear the pink shade as I am not very much of a pink girl but I can bear to separate the three.

2016 Beauty Top 10

Maybelline Colour Tattoo // On and On Bronze
Cream Eye Shadows have been one of the main makeup trends of 2016 and I took full advantage of all the new releases snagging some amazing products through the year and my all time favourite cream eye shadow out of them all is the Maybelline Colour Tattoo in On and On Bronze. I've spoke about this product in many posts and so many bloggers love this shade as well so I agree with them all in saying it is amazing. When I want a really simple easy makeup look but I still want to look like I have put in some effort, I reach for On and On Bronze. It is a gorgeous golden bronze shade  which is perfect to wear by itself with a nude lip or underneath a powder glitter shade to really pack a punch. I love this product during Christmas time, especially if I finish work at 6 and need to be ready for a Christmas party at half past!

Revolution Salvation Palette // What You Waiting For?
Picking my favourite palette from the whole year was really difficult, really really difficult. I have narrowed it down to one palette that through the year I have pulled out and shown some real love to. The shades in this Salvation palette are absolutely beautiful and you can mix and match with all the shades in the palette to create some lovely looks. My favourite combo is to use Hot Track all over the lid and then place Moving Car over the top and it gives my eyes a beautiful bronze-y shimmer feel. I really need to start using the other shimmer shades more but every time I go to use it, I see Moving Car and immediately wack it on my eye lip because I love it so much.

What were some of your favourite makeup products from the year? 

Lush Products I Got For Christmas

Lush Products I Got For Christmas

My family and friends know me very well and I got a ton of Lush Bath Products for the bath this year so I thought a post was definitely in order. You really can't go wrong with a Lush Bath Bomb or Shower Cream when you are feeling run down.

Floating Island is the only bath oil I got for Christmas and I am interested to try this out. I am pretty sure I have used a bath oil from them before but I don't remember anything special about it so when my skin is needing a pick me up, this bad boy will have its time to shine.

Two Bubble Bars which I am so excited to have in my collection again are the Comforter and Brightside. I owned both of these before and I absolutely loved them for so many reasons. I crumbled a little bit into my bath and the amount of bubbles they produce are amazing. The bars lasted me so long before I was so sad to see them finish. Brightside made my bath a bright pink mess of bubbles and Comforter made my bath look a little bit like bright pee but it was still lovely.

Bath Bombs have to be my favourite products from Lush and I got a 8 bath bombs in total for Christmas which made me a happy bunny indeed. I got two Golden Wonder bath bombs which is very exciting because look at them! What could be better than a gold castle and it smells really citrus-y (yes I have just made up that word). I also got The Experimenter bath bomb with I have used before and loved. It makes your bath a rainbow colour which looks a-m-a-zing! Fizz Banger is a amazing smelling yellow colour which smells like a really sweet apple pie which is one of my favourite deserts. Intergalactic is like Experimenter because it feels your bath with lots of colour but mainly a sparkley blue which I absolutely love, it reminds me of the Frozen bath bomb which is one of my all time favourites. Butter Bear is a super cute white bear which smells like a savory butter cake which smells amazing and really makes me what some cake. Lastly for bath bombs I got Ickle Baby Bot which I have already used, it is a super cute little blue robot which made my bath turn baby blue in colour, I found it didn't do anything apart from change the colour though so glad I used that one first and saved some of my favourites for later.

Lastly I got the Snow Fairy shower gel which smells like heaven to me. Its smells like them candy necklaces that you used to eat when your were a kid but x1000 in impact. I find Lush's shower gels are so amazing for their smell and how amazing they leave my skin. They lather up so well and leave my skin so soft and smelling like a candy shop.

Right now I wish you could add smell to posts so you can all smell how amazing my room smells now from have all the products out of their packaging. I shall link all the products which are still availible on the website, let me know what is your favourite bath bombs and bars.

10 Most Popular Posts From The Year | 2016

10 Most Popular Posts From The Year | 2016
It has become a tradition for me to do a round up post around New Years on my most popular posts of the year. I usually write about my top 5 posts of the year but since they seem to be very similar to my top 5 last year so I'm going to take you through my top 10 this time around to change it up.

1. How To Style | Ripped Jeans 
This post still gets a lot of love 2 years on and I am so happy as I loved writing it. I take you through my favourite looks that I style with ripped jeans from checked shirts to over sized jumpers to winter boots. I got all the photos from Pinterest which is my main source of inspiration for most of my outfits.

2. Kiko Universal Fit Hydrating Foundation
This is another post which a year on still gets so much love. I was really excited to try this foundation and sadly I don't still have it in my collection after using it up and never repurchasing it. Since this post I have tried loads more products from Kiko and it has become one of my favourite brands for eye products.

3. Why Lily Collins Will Forever Be My Girl Crush
This post is all about my favorite gal on the planet. I run through a list of reason why she is amazing and why she is my girl crush and trust me, there are quite a few. If you love Lily too then you will love all the photos I included.

4. Pure Lips
You guys should know by now how much I love Newlook makeup. For a high street clothing brand I think most of their products are top notch. A popular post of mine is this post on my first 4 Pure Colour lipsticks that I bought, shock the lipsticks are all nude but you know me very well. Since then I have bought soooooo much makeup from the brand and definitely recommend to everyone.

5. Why Short Girls Have More Fun
I wrote this post after having all my hair chopped off and I felt like a new women tbh. I have been trying to grow my hair for so long but it never seemed to reach further than my shoulders so I took the plunge and cut my hair into a short bob. I absolutely loved it so wrote a post about all the great thing about having short hair. It also features me other girl crush Jenna Louise Coleman.

6. Pure Colour Collection | The Good, The Bad and The Wonderful!
So you know I love Newlook makeup and this bumper post includes all of my collection from their old collection. They have recently re-branded their range so non of the products look the same as in their post but it does give you an idea of how good their products are and which ones to look out for.

7. My Hair Inspiration
Linked to my previous post about why I loved having short hair, I posted this first of all the beautiful women who inspired my to chop off my hair. It includes beauties like Poppy Deyes, Wonderful You and Jenna Louise Coleman. It also shows off my new hair which sadly has totally grown out now.

8. Rimmel Foundations | The Formulas
Rimmel foundations have always been one of my brands to use so I had to write a post about all my favourites. It includes Wake Me Up, Match Perfection and Lasting Finish which are firm favourites in my collection. You really can't go wrong with this brand.

9. LaRoc Beginners Eye Shadow Palette
In this post I talk through this amazing eye shadow palette I found on eBay for £4.99. It is a right bargain and definitely deserves a look if your love brown and golden shades. It is a big chunky for travel but you have everything you would need to do god knows how many makeup looks.

10. 5 Things I Wish I Knew At The Start | Blogging
This post is slightly different to my normal posts as I talk about a few things I wish I knew when I started my blog how many years ago. A lot of you found this post really helpful which made me really happy and made the post worth while.

I just want to say thank you to everyone who had followed my little blog this year and a huge thank you to everyone who has followed my blog for a long while. I love writing this blog and I am so happy people enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it xxx

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