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Whats In My Bag | 2016

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Call me a nosey parker but I do love reading posts about peoples bedrooms, houses, make up collections and hand bags. I'm sure everyone is like me and keeps everything no matter how random in their handbag including the kitchen sink, which makes carrying it around the hardest chore ever. The one time I do leave something at home you can be sure I will need it that day!

Today I'm giving you nosey parkers a look inside my handbag for the first time - The handbag I am currently using is my River Island Christmas present from Cal which I loveeeeeee! (sold out online sorry!)

  • My empty purse (river island)
  • My house and car keys (including fluffy cat ball)
  • My work notebook which has important info in 
  • My mini notebook for writing blog post ideas
  • An array of 3 different lip balms -currently two baby lips and a EPOS
  • Current Perfume -Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue
  • Mitchum Underarm Deodorant (for them annoying hot flushes...)
  • Benefit Boiing concealer 
  • Rimmel Stay Matte Powder 
  • A little hair clip which I don't leave anywhere without, it is basically a part of me
  • 3 black hair bands 
  • My Newlook bobble hat 
  • My BodyShop Strawberry Hand cream (the best thing ever!!)
  • Chewing Gum -for obvious reasons
  • A big bundle of tissue (unused!)
  • A packet of pain relief tablets (usually for Cal)
  • An array of make up brushes which I used first thing that morning 
  • My watch -that I probably took off around 2 o'clock when it started to annoy me
  • A pair of head phones -which I forgot I had in there so never used
  • An lastly my phone because I am lost without it

I told you it was going to end random! What random things do you find in your handbag which make you question why there were put in their in the first place?

My Top 5 Pick Me Up Films #2

I thought it was about time I updated my post on my favourite films to cheer me up as I have fallen in love with some great films since my last post and January is always a depressing month.

My Top 5 Pick Me Up Films #2

Love Rosie 
I love love love this film! For many reasons, the first being Lily Collins is my girl crush and I want to be her. Secondly Sam Clafin is not sore on the eyes at all and his character is so goofy and cute. And lastly I love the story line, falling for a best friend myself I really love watching stories about the same thing.

My Top 5 Pick Me Up Films #2
If you love cute romance but not tradional films then you will like this film. Penelope was born with a pig nose and the only way she can get rid of it is for someone of her own kind (filthy rich) to accept and love her, not an easy task. It stars Christina Ricci and James McCavoy who shock I have a crush on so I enjoy watching it. It has a really cute ending with a good meaning behind it.

My Top 5 Pick Me Up Films #2

This movie makes me smile so much. It's a typical British comedy so has loads of great British actors like Peter Capaldi and Julie Walters plus its full of British humor. It is a really cute story line and is really heart felt throughout and makes you feel all warm inside.

My Top 5 Pick Me Up Films #2
No one really understands my love for this film but I can't deny that I love it. I love most of Adam Sandler's film tbh and I went to watch this at the cinema and thought it was great. Firstly its set in Africa so the scenery is amazing in all the shots. It is about two single parents finding love again so it has some real cute moments together, but mainly it is just hilarious.

My Top 5 Pick Me Up Films #2
Pitch Perfect 1+2
How could I not have already mentioned Pitch Perfect yet? I was one of them girls who was obsessed with this film when it first came out so naturally I went to the cinema to see the second film straight away. It always perks me up and gets me singing (badly) Plus Anna Kendrick is a bad ass in my opinion,

You can read my first post here and leave me your favourite pick me up films! 

New In | Lush and Newlook Pure

New Products Lush and Newlook Pure
 So my dry January didn't last very long... I promised myself (and Cal) I wouldn't buy anything this month and I went to London on Tuesday with my friends and we had a little lookie in Lush and Newlook and I found some goodies. Like I always do.

My only justification for any of these products is I had to repurchase the Mask of Magnaminity. I had a little melt down earlier this month when I realised my beloved tub was quite a few months out of date... not that you could tell! It broke my heart to through it away but I thought it was probably the best option. This time I picked up the big sized tub since I go through it quite quickly. It is my favourite ever face mask and leaves my skin so healthy and clean. I have included it in a few blog posts already including my Top 3 Face Masks and my Lush Skincare Collection.

The second mask I purchased was the Rosey Cheeks fresh face mask which I have been hunting for for ages now. Quite a few people spoke about this face mask on YouTube and it was always sold out in my local Lush so I had to get it when I was in London. It is to combat redness on the face and I sure have a lot of redness on my round face. I've used it once already and it left my skin really soft and even.

My last Lush product is the Eau Roma Water Toner Water which I am really interested to try. I used the Tea Tree Toner a few years back and didn't think it was anything special but the woman in store said that this toner is great at putting moisture back into your skin and I sure need that right now.

New Products Lush and Newlook Pure

The first Newlook product I purchased was the Mattifying Primer in their beauty range which had been recommended to me by at least 5 people. When 5 people you know like a certain product it usually means there is something to it. I haven't tried it yet but if it is as good as everyone says it is, you might see it very soon in a favourites post. 

Lastly my final product is the Newlook Pure Contour Palette in 29|Brown Pattern which I am really excited to use. All the contour shades are matte which was one of the reasons why I wanted to try this out so badly. The packaging is your basic palette with a huge mirror so that is a plus side. As for the contour product I am yet to use any of it but I am planning on writing a post detailing whether this is worth the £6.99 or not. Keep your eyes peeled! 

The Best Of 2015 | Skincare

Skincare has to be without a doubt my favourite subject to talk about. Although I don't experiment with skincare as much I do with make up, I have been trying out new things and growing my collection this year.

My favourite moisturiser of all time has to be the Clinique Dramatically Different Cream. I started a love affair with Clinique Moisturisers at the beginning of this year when I bought the 3 step starter kit from feel unique. Since then I have not used any other face moisturiser as nothing makes my face feel as amazing as this moisturising. This love affair has made me drag Cal around all the beauty shops in Barcelona to find my favourite formulation... you know its love then!

My favourite eye cream is the Lush Enchanted Eye Cream. This became a firm favourite of mine right from the start as it is so thin it sinks into the skin within minutes so it is a perfect product to use before applying makeup. It really brightens the eye area and makes me look like I have had a better sleep then I actually have. This makes it a perfect product for uneasy sleepers like me.

My favourite facial wash is the Clinique Liquid Facial Shop in Mild. Facial wash is something that I like to change up regularly as I tend to get bored of washes quickly, the clinque wash is a product I always end up going back to after I have tried something new out. It makes my face look and feel much cleaner and all round in better shape.

My favourite face scrub is the A-M-A-ZING Dr Organic Rose Otto Face Scrub. Oh my this scrub is the best face scrub I have ever used! You feel so clean and refreshed after using it and the amount of rubbish it scrubs off the your is amazing. It can leave you skin red sometimes but it doesn't last long and it means it worked.

My favourite face mask of the year is the Lush Mask of Magnanimity. I have spoke about this mask loads of times on the blog and I wrote a whole blog post on my Lush collection which includes it here. It is the perfect mask to use in the morning to wash up your skin and yourself.

I lastly have two favourite cleansers to end the post with. The first cleanser is the Lush Ultrabland Cleanser which is my holy grail when it comes to removing my make up. It melts away everything on my face so all I need to do is wipe my face with a flannel and I am done.  The second cleanser is the Lush Dark Angels cleanser which I love to use to cleanse my skin of dirt and to deep clean it.

Leave links to your favourite posts in the comments so I can read all your posts lovelies!

The Best Of 2015 | Make up

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2015 has been my year to experiment with makeup and I have enjoyed every moment of it. I have quite a few favoruites that I go back in between so narrowing it down to one was quite difficult. I have cheated once and picked two products.

My Favourite Primer of all time is the Revolution Ultra Face Base Primer. It is the best budget primer I have used yet and it leaves my skin so super soft I feel like a new born baby! -Yes it is that soft!

My favourite foundation of the year is the L'oreal Infallible 24 hour Matte foundation, I can never go wrong with this foundation. It covers all my redness on my cheeks but never looks cakey on the face. It is very light weight but still has great coverage.

My favourite concealer is the standard Collection Lasting Perfection concealer. I have spoke about this concealer numerous times and it has never left my make up bag, it covers anything and lasts all day.

I have two bronzers on this list that I couldn't pick between because they do two very different things. The Benefit Hoola Bronzer is a all round perfect summer product that suits my skin tone really well and gives me a great summer glow. My other product is the Clinque Chubby Sculpting Stick which I love to use on comfy or no make up days to give my face some definition. It is also a great contour product for nights out.

My favourite blush product from the year has to be The W7 Honey Queen Homecomb Blush. I am not the biggest blush fan but when I do wear a little I like to wear this mix of blush colours together on the apples of my cheeks. It is more of a darker blush so it doesn't look too much on my face.

I have become a much bigger fan of highlighter this year and I have quite a few that I go in between which are both powder and cream. The highlighter that I have been reaching for the most these past few weeks is the Newlook Baked Highlighter in 93 Gold. This is the perfect cross between a bronzey glow look which I have been opting for quite a lot lately.

My favourite eyebrow product has to be the MUA Power Brow Highlight and Shape. It is so easy to use and you can't go wrong with it. The brow nib is the perfect shade for my hair and the highlighter is a great add on to define your brows.

My favourite eye palette has to be the first palette I bought this year, the Revolution Redemption Essentials Matte 2 Palette. This year has been my year to discover the wonders of eye shadows, before this year I had never touched a eye shadow and now I buy a new one every month (much to Cal's dismay). The Revolution palette is my favorite because it has everything you need to do a simple day look or a ramped up night look. I particularly like to use this palette for smokey eye looks.

I haven't worn much eyeliner this year as I prefer the look of mascara by itself as it looks softer and more wearable, but on them days or nights were I have wanted to go a bit more bolder I have used the Lord + Berry Kohl liner. It is really easy to use and great to smudge out to create a bolder effect.

My favourite mascara of the year is the L'oreal Volume Million Lashes, my mascara collection has grown considerable this year but when I want to use something I know for sure will work, I pick this mascara. It is really good at separating lashes and opening out your eyes.

I found it really hard to choose a favourite lip product but in the end my love of Newlook nude lips trumped all my other lipsticks. My all time favourite nude lipstick of the brand is the Camel shade. I wrote a whole blog post all about the lipstick which you can read here.

You can read my post from last year here. Comment below with links to your end of year favourite posts, I love reading them for future reference when i'm next make up shopping!

10 Things Cinderella Has Taught Us

10 things Cinderella Taught Us

I have always been a hopeless romantic and so Disney films are my favourite kind of films to watch. I love the story of Cinderella and I love any film which has a cute male lead, recently I watched the re-maked version of Cinderella (which is so good) and it got me thinking about writing a silly little post about what Cinderella has taught us.

So here you are, a few little things that Cinderella taught us...
  1. True love conquers all barriers
  2. A good pair of shoes makes everything better 
  3. Nothing good happens after 12 o'clock
  4. You don't have to be rich, famous or popular to win the guy 
  5. Jealous people never win in the end 
  6. Kindness prevails all 
  7. Never lose sight of your dreams
  8. Don't be afraid of where you come from 
  9. A true man follows his own rules 
  10. Don't let the bitches get you down!

Five Most Popular Posts From The Year | 2015

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Last year I wrote a blog post called My 5 Most Popular Posts From 2014 and although the name of the post has changed, I am going to talk you through my most popular posts from 2015 too. Some of my most popular posts from the year are posts I put a lot of effort into and so I am glad they are my best received posts.

I'll start with my fifth most popular post and work my way up and that post was my Pure Lips post. This post was all about some new lipsticks I had purchased from Newlook. I still love these lipsticks and recently posted a second post all about more Newlook lipsticks that I bought recently, read that post here.

My fourth most popular post of the year was my Why Lily Collins Will Forever Be My Girl Crush post. I got a lot of love for this post so a lot of people must share my love for the girl. I basically list all the reasons why I love the girl and why I want to be her. If you love Lily too have a little read!

My third most popular post was my Best finds on eBay and Tips! post and I really enjoyed writing this post as I had never seen anything like it and loved how it came out. I do love a eBay shop and this post shows you all the great bargains I have bought over the years and gives you a few tips for buying great quality products on the site.

My second most popular post was my How To Style | Ripped Jeans post which was my fifth most popular post for 2014. Fashion posts are something that I really enjoy writing but very rarely do which is something I want to change in 2016.

My most popular post of 2015 was my Kiko Universal Fit Hydrating Foundation which I wrote in January of 2015 and for the whole year it has been my most read post with 1059 views, that might not be a lot to some of you but to someone like me, that is a lot of views! If I am being totally honest with you, I have no idea why this post has become so popular but every month this post is my most viewed post.

This year has been a good year for myself and my blog and I finally feel like I am finding my own style of blogging. I can't wait to see what 2016 brings and hope that I still enjoy blogging then as much as I do now (which I know I will already)

I would just like to say a big thank you to everyone who has followed me this year and also to the lovely people who have been following me prior to this year. I appreciate you all so much and hope you all have a lovely new years day and hope you all have an amazing year.

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