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The Best Of Tanya Burr Cosmetics

The Best Of Tanya Burr Cosmetics
The Best Of Tanya Burr Cosmetics

I thought it was about time I wrote a whole post on one make up brand/collection that I have a growing stash off and which is one of favourites at the moment. Most of my stash are from a few of her collections with most of them still in shops as far as I am aware so I definitely think you should try these products if you haven't already!

The Face Illuminator is my all time favourite product from her collections because the product inside works really well on my skin and helps me look more alive when I don't always feel it. I use this underneath my foundation to give my skin a glow and to make me look more tanned. I love this product so much and I have 3 squeeze tubs of it in case it runs out, prepared much?! This product is only £8 and it does exactly the same as what some products which cost £30+ do so if you love the glowing from within look this is definitely up your street! 

Next up is her Illuminating Powders and I have both Warm Bronze and Champagne Sorbet which are both stunning. I love bronzers and Warm Bronze is the perfect shimmery warm toned powder to use normally when you have a tan or to use with a light hand over a flat bronzer to give your cheeks a real healthy glow. I love wearing the bronzer by itself or on top of other bronzers and it always looks nice. I am not a big highlighter gal on a day to day basis but Champagne Sorbet isn't too over the top so when I am in the mood to wear something this is perfect for looking natural.

I also have the My Paradise Eye Palette which is stunning! I love all four colours and they blend together to make such beautiful looks. I am quite a boring girl when it comes to eye shadow, I like one or two shades which match that I can blend together and I am done. None of this cut crease shit I don't have time for that! So this palette is great because all four colours work well together and when I wear them they are natural on the skin and don't look like I've made too much effort.

Lastly I have my first ever Tanya Burr product if I remember correctly, the Beautifully Defined Palette (ebay) which has 3 eye shadows, a contour, a powder highlight and a small tub of my favourite face illuminator. I used this palette non stop when I first got it because it has everything you would need in it. The contour shade can look quite scary in the pan but on the cheeks it is really subtle and blends in really easily.  The 3 eye shadow shades are right up my alley with the matte and shimmer brown tones and again they blend in really easily and look really natural. Annoyingly this palette isn't sold anymore from what I can see but I can see Tanya bringing out something similar in the future (well I am hoping anyway because I would buy that too)

The main thing I have found with most of the Tanya Burr products is that they all give me glowing healthy skin and I love that a lot. If I am going on a night out or going out on a sunny day I reach for these products because I know I will look good in them even if my skin is having a hiccup that day (which is most days lately...)

I would definitely recommend Tanya Burr Cosmetics if you haven't tried them yet and I haven't even spoke about her lip products... that might have to be a separate post!

A Very Christmasy Day | Christmas Tree Shopping

A Very Christmasy Day | Christmas Tree Shopping

Christmas is my favourite time of year as you should all know by now so when I had the chance to go with my friend to buy a Christmas tree I of course tagged along! Since I've been a little girl I have always had fake Christmas trees and Cal and I recently bought our own tree for our house which is a beautiful fake tree from studio. I have watched vlogs of people going out and picking their trees and since then I've wanted to tag along with someone. I personally am too lazy for the upkeep of a real tree and prefer having a tree already that I can pack up and store for next year. Buying a real tree every year can be expansive and having just bought a house most of money goes on my mortgage!

 We went to Stagsden Christmas Trees in Bedford which is basically 10 minutes away from the main Bedford roundabout. The small little inside shop sells everything from baubles, reefs, tables decorations and everything in between. I love cute little Christmas shops like this and had a good look round for some more house decs. I picked up a super cute white fur squirrel with tinsel wrapped around his neck which matches another two white animals we purchased from The Range previously. |I am planning on doing a Christmas Dec haul once we have all we need.  I find in these kind of shops you find really special house ornaments and decorations that you keep for years and my little squirrel is definitely one of those.

Once we had a little shop inside we made our way in to the forest of Christmas trees which was just magical! Having grown up loving Christmas trees walking through a forest of thousands of them was definitely unreal. There were so many different types of trees to choose from, if it was me I don't know if I would have been able to choose to be honest. I did end up taking quite a few photos in the trees because who wouldn't?!  I feel like this might be a yearly tradition now even just to tag along.

For those who are interested this is the tree Cal and I bought, we aren't getting it till after the 10th of December which way is too late for me which is why I have a second little white tree in our bedroom to keep my going till my main one arrives.

A Very Christmasy Day | Christmas Tree Shopping

Changes | 2017

My life has changed completely this year all for the better but it still feels strange to think about how much it has.

Changes | 2017

At the start of the year Cal and I were waiting for our mortgage offer to be accepted which was a very anxious time for both of us. I get nervous speaking to new people anyway so having to talk to different mortgage accountants and solicitors was a bit nerve racking, plus I don't sound very professional at the best of times. It didn't take very long to get all the legal side sorted so it was just a waiting game after that. I can't explain what emotion I felt when we were told we finally had our mortgage offer and just needed to wait for our completion day. I have wrote a few posts about the process and although it can be a really hard and draining process for some people, we were quite lucky that we didn't have a house full of stuff to move or kids and pets to get settled. Because it was just us two we could do it all at our own pace which made it more fun.

Then moving into a new place for the first time with my partner was a very strange feeling, I am a big home person and I am the kind of person who if I got the choice to go out and do something or stay at home... I would stay at home. My room in my parents house was my favourite place so leaving that behind to live with someone else was a big step for me. I am quite an independent person in that I am happy to do my own thing on my days off or evenings so spending every evening with someone is different. Now that I have lived in my house for 7 months it feels completely like home and I love it so much. Cal and I have found our rhythm living together now and our house is coming together and by the beginning of next year we hope to have the final touches done.

If that change wasn't big enough Cal proposed to me the first night we slept over in our new house and I really wasn't expecting it at all! I know some people say that proposing means nothing it is just a piece of jewelry but it has definitely changed our relationship. It still feels weird walking around with a sparkly ring on my finger, it definitely makes me feel more grown up. I have forgot to wear it a few times because it is still new to me which Cal doesn't let me forgot haha. I have wrote a post on our engagement story for you to read.

They say good things normally come in threes but this year I had a fourth big change happen to me! I have been working in retail management for 4 years now and like in most retail jobs, to get to where you want to go you have to move up the ladder which can take years. Over the years I have been a Sales Advisor, Supervisor, Sales Manager and Deputy and finally I am a Manager of my own store!! I love working in small stores, I love smaller spaces so I can do more things in a shorter time and I find working in smaller stores I can do more. When I have worked in larger spaces I find I am just people managing all day rather than merchandising ect. I love all my staff that I have who are all lovely girls and am so happy in my store!

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November Clothing and Skincare Haul

November Clothing and Skincare HaulChristmas is coming thick and fast now it feels and while I've been gallivanting around looking for Christmas presents I may have purchased a few presents for myself too... If you can't treat yourself who will hey?!

Starting with the skincare I have been on the hunt for some new skincare products to change up my routine because my currently not very friendly and my old routine wasn't working. I decided to take it back basic and re purchase some of my old favourites which served me well before hand. First of all I re purchased the Lush Ultrabland Cleanser which I used to live on back in 2015. I went through about three tubs of the cleanser at the time and at the time my skin loved it and definitely was in better condition than what it is in now, but then I ran out of my last tub and decided to branch out and try other cleansers like the Clinique Take The Day Off balm. I still have that balm in my collection but I still love but I tend not to reach for it on a daily basis because it irritates my eyes whereas the Lush cleanser doesn't irritate me at all. Hopefully this product can help calm down my skin and I will definitely let you know how I get on with it!

Next I have a moisturiser which again I used to love back in 2016 which is the Origins Gin Zing Ultra Hydrating Moisturiser. This used to make my skin feel so amazing and when I was having partially dry patches this moisturiser sorted them right out.  I stopped using this again when I ran out of the tub and since I normally buy it from Bicester Village because it is cheaper than buying it store, it wasn't worth a trip just to pick one tub up so I tried other products. I was using the Sukin Moisturiser but I feel like while my skin is this irritated I need something that I know works well and my skin likes.

On to clothing I picked up this super cute pearl top (similar) from Zara in Oxford a few days ago and I am in love. I love the safisicated but simple look of the pearls on black and think it will look super cute tucked into a high waist skirt and black tights for winter. I already have a jumper exactly the same but with longer sleeves so I know I'll get a lot of wear out of this.

I also bought two new jumpers from Newlook which are so flattering I have been throwing them on most days. They are just a simple long length design which covers my bum which is my favourite thing about them. Most jumpers now are cropped in some way and even though I love a good crop on some things... I welcome long body items into my wardrobe too! I have the jumper in burgandy and cream and love pairing them with ripped blue jeans and boots.

Lastly I have two new pairs of jeans to share with you, yes two blue pairs of ripped jeans. My excuse was I really need blue jeans... I have loads of black but not any blue jeans apart from one pair which I am absolute in love with but they have rips all over the bum. I have been on a hunt for these jeans again everywhere and couldn't find any! Then I tried these blue high waist hallie jeans from Newlook and I didn't hate them so I bought them thinking I would never find my jeans. The next day in Oxford I found the ripped blue skinny jeans I wanted AND they were in petit -dream come true! I had already wore the first pair of jeans so now I have two pairs of blue jeans but don't be mistaken, they are very different! One in a thin comfy material and the other is a thicker high waist style.
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