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My Summer Goals 2018

This summer I am planning on overhauling my life and basically sorting my shit out. This year has taken me on a roller coaster and it is only the fourth month in so I am expecting big changes this summer and I will make them happen.

# Get a new job 
My work life has changed dramatically this year as you all know now and not for the good so my main aim this summer is to get a new job. As much as I love retail I really do think I need a change of environment and surroundings. Something closer to home with less stress would be the ideal situations so fingers cross something that ticks them boxes comes up.

# Become more fit
I don't really care about losing weight and going on a diet, my plan is to tone my body and become more fit in general. Although since moving out my eating has become so much better and I am learning to cook something new everyday, I still have weeks where my eating is terrible especially if I am working long hours. I am planning to join the local gym with Cal in the next month or so which will be really good for me, I used to go gym nearly every day when I first left school as a hobby so I can see myself getting really into it again.

# Grow my hair 
I have had short hair since 2015 now and I think it is about time I went the other direction and grew my hair (if I can) I have been trying to grow my hair since I was 16 and it would never grow past my boobs so I ended up giving up and going for the chop. Now I am ready to try again and hopefully grow my hair long and put more bleach in the ends so my dip dye starts higher in my hair. This is how I hope to have my hair soon...

# Finish off the bedrooms 
We are nearing a year in our house now and we still haven't finished everything we would like to because we aren't made of money and life gets in the way. We still need to get built in wardrobes in the master bedroom and once that is done we can get rid of all the rails of clothes in my little room and turn it into my blogging/beauty room. Once that is complete I think my blogging game will become stronger and more routined.

# Fill up my cooking book with recipes
Like I said my cooking skills are getting better with every Mary Berry cookbook I read (she is my gal) and everything that I really like to make I write up in my own little cooking diary. It has four different colours on the pages so I can separate my cooking lists, slow cooker recipes, recipes for dinner and baking recipes. I love filling in this book (because I have no life apparently) and get wait for it to be full.

# Get the garden started 
My garden is a blank space at the minute and I really want to make the space into something beautiful and relaxing so in the summer I can sit in my quite place and read a book or do some gardening. I plan to dig out all the plants in my front garden and start from scratch and decide what me and cal want to have.

# Visit another country
Lastly I really want to go on a holiday aboard this year and get out of England. I have some ideas in the pipe line with my family to have a big group holiday but if that doesn't work out, Cal and I will definitely go somewhere by ourselves. Maybe a weekend in a city or a week by a pool in a cheap hotel in Spain. My ideal holiday would be Benidorm but no one shares my love of it :(

Getting Back To My Happy Place

I never talk about anything too heavy on my blog because I want this space to be filled with happy content, nobody likes a debbie downer do they. This is how I have been living my life recently, going along with the bad stuff and hoping it will work out in the end so that my life doesn't look like a pile of rubbish to anyone on the outside.

I should have known I would crack after a while. I lasted a good month of ignoring the bad and focusing in on the good areas of my life. Then the bad started to effect my home life and that's when it all had to stop.

I made the biggest decision of my life this week and took redundancy from my job. It was a hard decision to make and it took a lot for me to finally do it. If I didn't have the support of Callum or my family I wouldn't have had the courage to it.

A lot has changed in my work life in the last 6-8 months, some for the good some for the bad and it has taken a lot out of me. I have always been a laid back person who just got on with life and had fun doing it, recently I became emotional about the smallest of things and wasn't myself anymore. My work life took over my home life and I wasn't okay with that. It also didn’t help that my new store was an hour away from my home so it made my days even longer and when I did 12 hours days, I just became a zombie.

It all came to a head when I visited an old friend of mine who I used to work with, this person had help me get to where I wanted to be before it all went wrong. I got so emotional talking to this person about how I was feeling, this was the wake up call I needed to get out.

Luckily because I was in a new role I still had the opportunity to take redundancy, I now have time to properly look for a new job that makes me happy and gives me a decent work/life balance.

I haven't seen my friends or spent time with my family in what feels like months and I'm sad that I let it get to that stage. I was too wrapped up in trying to sort out my work life that I ignored my personal life, I couldn't split myself enough to be everywhere I wanted.

I have been working since I was 16 and worked so hard to climb the ladder at work to become management, so talking about taking redundancy was a no brainier for me. I love to work and with a new house to pay for I wasn't going to let myself be jobless for any amount of time but I have had to be a little selfish and put my happiness first this time around.

Right now I am enjoying the sunshine, spending time with friends and family and doing things that I enjoy. I have dug out my book I kept putting off finishing because I didn't have any time and I am full of ideas for my blog because my head is free.

I am on every job site that exists right now and I am going to go to my local agency to meet with recruiters who might have a new path for me to down. I have loads of experience in retail management but I think I want  to move into office work now with a Monday to Friday week so I can spend proper time with Cal and my family who all work Monday to Friday.

While I am looking for my new job I am going to spend a lot of time getting myself back on track and try to figure out what I want to do with my life. I've never felt so unimportant and unaccomplished in my life but I did what I had to do and I already feel so much better.

Now I've had my rabble and got my feelings out it time to get back to happy posts! I have a lot planned in the next few weeks which I'm excited about including a Royal Wedding party at my house next Saturday!

5 Questions I Ask myself When De-cluttering Makeup

5 Questions I Ask myself When De-cluttering Makeup

This week I had a huge de-clutter of my makeup and removed a huge bag of products from my collection. When I first got into beauty blogging and youtube I thought the aim of the game was to have the biggest makeup collection. I used to watch youtubers collections and be so envious of the size of theirs and the different products they had to hand. That made me end up buying makeup every time I went out and picking up bargain products I found in random shops so that I had products to bulk up my collection.

I know now that that is stupid since I hardly used the majority of the products because I had my favourites, thankfully people started focusing on steamline makeup collections and the 'makeup declutter videos' were born. As silly as it sounds, now that big youtubers are reducing the size of their makeup collections I now don't feel deflated with my small collection and enjoy reducing my own to the essentials.

So here are 5 questions that I ask myself when I am de-cluttering my makeup! 

1. Is it used up?
Sounds simple but I find so many products which are basically empty but are still in my collection. Whether its a reminder to repurchase the product or you just forgot to throw it away get rid of it. Luckily with my blog I can talk about the products that I love so in the future I can look back and know the formula and shade I want to repurchase.

2. Have I used it in the last 3 months?
Like I said when I was trying to expand my makeup collection I had quite a few products in my collection that never got used so I had wasted my money and time in purchasing them. Now I like to go through my collection and see if I have actually used the products. If I haven't used the products in the last 3 months then I will either give them away or put them in my everyday makeup bag to use them and see if I like them. The worst thing is throwing away a product to later find out you would have loved it if you had tried it. If when I next sort through my makeup I still haven't used that product it then goes in the give away pile.

3. What is the expiry date?
I am someone who will hold onto a product because I love it even if it is a little bit old... I know it is disgusting but you ignore the fact that the product is gloppy and just spend an extra 10 minutes blending it in... I have stopped doing that you will be pleased to know and I follow a strict process now where every 6 months I go through the items which I know would have expired during that time. I do use the little icon on the back of products to identify if I need to get rid of them but lets be honest, who remember exactly when they bought that lipstick? I also use this cheat sheet to remind myself of the time frames for makeup.

5 Questions I Ask myself When De-cluttering Makeup
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4. Do I like it?
Sounds very strange when you have spent money on this product to ask if you like it but so many times you are keeping products you don't actually like because of sentimental value or because you spent a lot of money on it. I am quite careful with high end products because I will always research them before giving over any money, the idea of spending so much money on a product I won't like scares me. So I always ask myself if I like this product when I am going through my makeup because a lot of the time the products that always make it through your sort outs are sentimental but not your shade or formula at all. You might be thinking I couldn't do that my nans best friends son's girlfriend got me that eye shadow palette but when you have minimal room for your storage and the palette hasn't been used once, isn't it better to give it to someone who will use it?

5. Do I have anything similar
Lastly the question we are all guilty of, have the same product in 5 different variations. I am not that adventurous with my makeup because I like the natural look most days so this can mean I end up with 5 eye palettes all with the same shades in which is obviously silly and wasteful. I don't need two matte nude palettes or two shimmer pink palettes sadly so I like to pick my favourite one and pass on the other to a friend. It is the same with lipsticks so many shades right now are basically the same with different packaging so who needs two browny nudes with look exactly the same.

I hate the idea of waste so any products that aren't out of date or a bit grim go to my sister or friends who love rummaging through and finding treats. I find that I might not like a product but my sister who is different in her style of makeup and shades might love the product so at least it goes to a loving home.

I hope this post helps you de-clutter and spring clean your makeup collection. 

My Spring Shower Routine | April 2018

I like to change up my shower routine quite frequently and I recently been loving using certain products in the shower so I thought I would do an updated routine for you all.

First up I have been obsessed with using these Radox shower gels which I have talked about recently here, they are only one pound which is so good and they come in so many different scents. I am currently using the Pink Grapefruit and Basil scent which smells so refreshing and we also have the Mandarin and Lemon grass scent and the Eucalyptus and Citrus oil scent which both smell so amazing, The Eucalyptus gel smells like cleaning products but in a good way and the Mandarin gel smells like lemon sour sweets. These are great shower gels to use first thing in the morning to wake yourself up because they are so refreshing and relaxing you use.

Once I am all clean I then wash my mop which gets greasy quite easily recently so I have gone back to using the Pantene Prov Colour Protect shampoo which leaves my hair very soft and light after I have used it. I have really thick hair so a shampoo which leaves my hair feeling lighter makes styling my hair so much easier.

Lastly once my body and hair are clean I then wash my face so that any residue from the other products is washed off my face and I have been using the L'oreal Fine Flower Cream Gel Wash with my manual cleansing brush. I love my manual cleansing brush and use it everyday with one of two cleansers, my shower cleanser is the L'oreal one and my main bathroom cleanser is the Sukin Foaming Facial Cleanser which is nearly running out because I use it so much. I hardly ever finish a skincare product as I tend to mix things up quite a big so to nearly finish a cleanser is big for me.

Anyway back to the point I have two cleanser brushes one for each bathroom because I am two lazy to run between the rooms... You can buy them in Primark for 2 pound so definitely worth a try. I think once you go cleansing brush you don't go back, my skin does not feel as clean if I use anything else.



Getting My Glow This Spring | Base

Getting My Glow This Spring | Base

Since it looks like we wont be getting sunshine anytime soon in England I am gonna need to fake my glow some other way and thankfully I have some products in my stash that do just that. I am tired of being pale and wrapping up and so I looking forward to going outside without a coat and not having my makeup end up all over my coat rather than on my face.

Starting off with skincare I find using Origins GinZing moisturiser and the Clinique Prep Start eye cream leave my skin feeling and looking super healthy, it also creates a great base for makeup when I want a super dewy look. They are both moisturising products which are light weight and easy to work together and with my makeup.

Sticking with the skincare I love using the Dove Summer Glow Moisturizer to hydrate my skin as well as give me a really beautiful golden tan. I am not the best at applying tanning products but with this moisturiser you really can't go wrong. You just apply the moisturiser to your skin after a shower or bath and the more product you apply the more tanned you appear. I normally apply a thin layer to my skin on a daily basis to build it up gradually and then when a need a quick tan I just apply a large amount. This exact bottle as well is only sold in B&M stores for 2 pound so make sure you don't buy the new smaller tubs that are more expensive!

Now that my skin is glowing I need a glowing face, my two favourite bases to use for good glowing skin are the Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation in Ivory and the Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation in Vanilla. Bourjois is my more natural glowy skin base where as the Rimmel foundation is my more tanned bronzed base for when I have a real good tan. Both foundations give me a great base which lasts all day and doesn't dull during wear. I like to match my concealers when I use these foundations so when I wear the Bourjois foundation I pair it with the Bourjois Radiance Reveal concealer and when I wear the Rimmel foundation I pair it with the Rimmel Wake Me Up concealer. The Rimmel concealer is super weightless and light coverage and good for when you don't really need to wear a concealer but feel weird not applying it where as the Bourjois concealer is super high coverage and really brightening at the same time.

Lastly to add more glow to my base I still love to use the Tanya Burr Skin Illuminator and the Loreal True Match Highlighter in Golden Glow. I have spoken about these two products many times before and you know I love wearing these underneath my foundation as an all over natural glow or on the tops of my cheekbones for a stand out glow.

I am so ready for the Spring time now after this horrible weather we have been getting so I have been getting all my Spring makeup out of my draws so I am ready for the sun. What new Spring products do I need in my life?

Hosting At Home

Hosting At Home

I love inviting people round to my house and hosting people whether its for a hour or for the night. I don't know where I have got this from but since having my own house I have developed a lot of house pride which I think everyone gets once they own their own place. I use any excuse to make people come round my house now so that I can play host so I thought Id take you through what I like to do before someone comes to stay.

One thing I love doing when someone is coming over to stay is make the bed with a fresh bed sheet, obviously tidy the spare room and then close the curtains and turn on the fairy lights. Whether it is sunny time or in the middle of winter I think a dark room with fairy lights look so much more appealing. I want to make the bed look really appealing for the person because I know it isn't always nice to spend a night in someone else' bed.

I have got into the habit of leaving fresh towels folded on the end of the bed in the spare room because even though the people who stay over are mainly family members and properly wouldn't care about using the same time it is nice to have a fresh one. I also don't want my guests to have to ask for a towel. I am planning on replacing all of our towels soon so that they all match and match the bedding so it looks more pretty all together, sad I know.

On the night stand beside the spare bed I like to leave everything my guest could possibly need, a tooth brush in case they have forgot theirs, a empty glass and a new bottle of water in case they get thirsty in the night and don't want to go roaming round my house, a pair of fluffy socks which are very important during the winter (we are lucky our whole house is covered in carpet so we don't feel the cold too much but some people don't like showing their feet which is where the socks come in) and a few hair bands because I know what it is like forgetting a hair band and sweating during the night with your hair stuck to you.

Because I love bath and shower products I have a huge collections that I spread across both bathrooms so when people stay over I like to leave out my mini shower gels and scrubs so that if they have a bath or shower they have something to use. Can you call it a shower if you haven't used a shower gel?! I also like to leave cotton pads out for our female friends to remind them to take their makeup off because I know how much they will regret it in the morning if they forget.

When ever people are staying over at my house I like to stock up the fridge and cupboards, half of the time I cook a proper meal for my family and friends and the other half we get take away depending on whether I have been to work or not but I find the snacks and drinks are the most important. I know what it is like to get the munchies during the night so I like to have little snacks that people can take up with them to bed in case they do get peckish (we've all been there) and a mixture of drinks so people have a choice. I know alcohol isn't everyone's cup of tea and I am not a big drinker myself but whenever we have friends or family round we always get something to put in the fridge whether it is a bottle of wine or a crate of beer. Even if we don't drink it ourselves it is there in case our friends/family want it. We also have mason jars with little chalk boards on so we can write our guests names on the jars which goes down a treat.

Now I'm not saying I am the most amazing host in the whole entire world and that I do all of this every time someone comes over because I'm human and I work a lot but when I do these things, you can tell people really appreciate it and it gives them a rest from doing it themselves at home.
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