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My Top 3 Face Masks

Lush wiki 7th heaven mask magnaminty

If you have been around here for a while you will know that face masks are my favourite type of skincare for many reasons. They are so relaxing to use, they really deeply clean your skin and they are great to do with other people. Here are three of my favourite masks at the moment. 

The Refreshing Mask - Lush Mask Of Magnaminty 
This mask is something I picked up after reading a post about how it was great for pimples and bumps on your skin. I read it and thought 'I need this in my life' so went to my nearest Lush store and bought it. I had no idea it would be so refreshing, it is a peppermint scent which really opens up your nose. It is really refreshing on the skin and it has little bits of something (I don't know to be honest but I am assuming peppermint?) which also exfoliates my skin while I rub it in. My skin feels so clear after I have used it that I never want to put make up on and ruin my fresh face. 

The Deep Cleaning Mask - Wilko Kiss x Clay Purifying Face Mask
I have already spoken about this mask in a post here so I won't drone on and on about it too much. This mask I like to use when my skin is having a bad day and is either really dried out or feeling really clogged. It has a thick consistency which is great for covering your whole face and dries hard after being on your skin for a while. When it starts to crack or tingle (when it tingles you know it is working) that is when I usually wash it off with a flannel and my skin always feel so clean afterwards. This is great for them days when you wake up and no facial washes are making your skin feel clean. This was also only a few pounds in Wilko so it is a skincare bargain. 

The Cheap Easy One - 7th Heaven Blemish Mud 
I have bought loads of this sachets over the years for a quick and easy treatment and since they are only a £1 you can't go wrong with them. I always bring these to girlie nights round peoples houses and I have bought a few to put in little pamper sets for friends birthdays. There are so many different types as well, I have a few material masks from 7th Heaven in my draw as well that I am saving for when my skin is really dry. 

Places to Eat in Bedford

Its no secret that I love my food and one of my favourite meals is a good old hamburger and chips. While in Bedford me and Cal found this pub and restaurant on the High Street that made the best hamburger and chips called The Standard. We walked past it on the way to Nandos actually and noticed the interior inside and grabbed a menu.

It has a real old fashioned feel to it with a handful of tables with chairs and a hand full of sofas and armchairs to sit in, it didn't look like a restaurant at all. We loved the quirky chairs and the paintings on the wall. It was quite busy when we walking in so we knew it was good. 

Up the stairs was a roof terrace with more sofas and deck chairs which I thought was an amazing idea. We didn't end up going and looking our selves but the photos from the website make it look so cosy. 

There had boards everywhere talking about their live music and stand up performances they have weekly every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday and the girls who worked there were super lovely and even went to the shop across the road for me. 

Bedford The Standard
Bedford The Standard
Bedford The StandardBedford The Standard

To eat I had the plain hamburger (shock) with loads of ketchup and chunky chips, it was served with homemade coleslaw which was so amazing I had both mine and Cal's pots. Cal had the Smokey barbecue sauch burger with extra streaky bacon and shoestring chips. I also got a strawberry milkshake that was amazing and so refreshing since it was hotter outside then we expected. We sat at the front of the pub on the two big sofas in front of the huge open windows which I loved and Cal complained the whole time that he couldn't eat there. 

Bedford The Standard

Bedford The StandardBedford The Standard

We will definitely be returning next time we're in Bedford for a bite to eat on the roof terrace and a strawberry milkshake. 

Photo Diary : June - July

I thought I'd do a photo round up for June and July for you because for once I have been doing stuff. Little old me who likes to live in her bed on all her days off actually went out into the world. Horay.

Bella Italia Bedford Cambridge Rimmel Kate Moss Monthly Roundup

Here is a photo of me, my sister and my friend Leanne before a night out in my town. In the end we were the only three to actually to go out because everyone else bailed but it was such a good night of dancing and drinking quite a bit which is unlike me. I can't wait for another night out with these two, my feet will definitely hurt afterwards! 

Me and Cal had a date night at the Bella Italia at the Mk stadium retail park and it was super delicious. I went for this huge cheese and tomato pizza which was amazing and a side plate of chips because why not, you only live once. Cal went for a chicken dish which I can't remember the name of but he liked it so it was all good. 

Me, Cal and Laura went for a walk round Wickstead park in Kettering on a really sunny evening and walked round for a bit before getting some burgers at a local pub restaurant. Because it was so sunny I decided to park my car under a big tree so It wasn't like molten lava when we returned. Everyone laughed at me but it worked so I got the last laugh. 

Heres a snap of me and Cal laying on the grass in Jesus Green in Cambridge after spending the day there. We walked round the center and along the river before going a bit mad with the shopping. We even went punting together which was even more better than the first time but it was so hot we had to grab a ice cream straight after. 

I am in love with this new shirt I picked up in Newlook. I live in over sized shirts for most of the autumn and winter months and I guess I thought wearing this one would bring on the cold weather. Its so comfy and I've already worn it to death. 

I also bought these two new Rimmel lipsticks from Boots hoping that Autumn will be on its way soon. The left one is part of the Kate Moss nudes collection and it is shade 45 and the second one is a lovely dark nude-y/brown in the shade 066. 

Last Saturday me and Cal went to Bedford for the day before I went back to work and we found this little pub restaurant on the high street and had the best lunch ever. We both had lush burgers and I had this lovely strawberry milkshake. 

This is Cal relaxing on the sofa of the pub with my empty glass of milkshake and a very full stomach. 

I'm starting to eat breakfast every morning again and so far so good, I've been eating these oats with strawberry yogurt and I'm still loving them one week on. Hopefully I don't get bored and go back to having a chocolate bar when I get to work to keep me going, Wish me luck! 

Outfit Of The Night : Schoolgirl Tartan

River Island Pink and black Tartan Dress Chelsea Girl Range Newlook

River Island Pink and black Tartan Dress Chelsea Girl Range Newlook                                                                                                                    Hey guys, heres a little outfit of the night for you to feast your eyes on. I'm sorry about the picture quality but my room had really bad lighting and my mirror was dirty so it was a loose loose situation.                                                                                                 I bought this pink and black checked dress from River Island a few months ago in the sale, I feel in love with it when I first saw it and knew I wanted it but this whole time I hadnt't had an occasion to wear it.                                                                                          It was one of my friends 30th birthday party on Saturday and I picked this out of my wardrobe and promised myself I would wear it. I paired it with a white shirt collar underneath to hide my non-exsitent breasts and some plain black heels.                                                                  I felt like a Chinese schoolgirl in it but I loved it and I can honestly say no one else had my outfit so it was a good night.                                                                                                       Because I am a bit late to the party with showing you guys my dress I now cant find it anywhere on the website so i'm sorry if you've fallen in love with it too! Hopefully they will  bring another one like it out!

Dress - River Island Chelsea Girl Range - Unavailable 

Lush D'Fluff Strawberry Shaving Soap = Heaven

Lush D'Fluff Strawberry Shaving Soap

I told you guys in my Little Lush Shop that I would let you know whether I loved or really loved Lush's strawberry shaving soap and I can confirm.... I love love love it! It sounds incredibly weird to say that I love a shaving soap but it is the best thing I have used to shave with my whole life.

Since I was about 16  I have dry shaved my legs and bikini and waxed my armpits, that was my routine and I was happy with it, but I do regret it now a days because my skin is quite irritated from all the years of waxing and dry shaving. One shave with my trusty Wilkinson Sword Quattro and the Lush shaving soap and my bikini, legs and even armpits were incredible. I didn't really expect much from the soap as I have been shaving my body since I was about 15 and dry shaving your bikini is possibly the worst thing to do (I have learn since doing so) but the soap left my skin so soft and smooth and no sign of hairs or even shadow on all three places.

Warning: A little pre warning for you guys, I have very sensitive skin area my bikini which is why I have only ever shaved that area. Two days after using this shaving foam I came out in a horrible red rash around my bikini line where I used it. It may just be my skin being funny but I would be careful when using this around your bikini and do a small test patch first, silly me didn't and now i'm paying for it :(

The great thing about this product is that because it is from Lush there are no harmful ingredients to irritate me (about from my funny bikini skin) and I have even told my sister who has very sensitive skin and can only use Dove soap to try this out on her arms and legs as it is so good. You can use it in the shower and add water to it to cover your whole legs with and your ready to shave and you don't need a lot of product as it lathers up the perfect amount.

It feels very weird to be writing a whole post about a shaving soap and to be raving so much about it but it is the most incredible thing I have ever tried and makes shaving a whole lot easier and less painful. Lastly I want to add that because this is still shaving, this product doesn't magically spot the hairs from coming back and like shaving with any other soap, the hairs come back in a few days(that's one thing I miss about waxing). But this soap makes it super easy to get rid of the hairs in the shower when needed. I feel like I am going to go through so many of these pots but it is worth it, i'm trying to convince Cal to use this on himself!

Body Shop Sale Bargains #2

Body shop sale scrub shower gel

Every time  Bodyshop have a sale I am in there like a rabbit on heat (worst analogy to use Chelsea!) but you get the gist of how much I love a Bodyshop sale. My last sale post is here for you to read. I never like to go crazy in Bodyshop otherwise I would leave with every scrub in the place so I limit myself to two or three products at a time and these are the two products I picked.

I picked up their shower gel in the scent Pink Grapefruit which, I didn't know until now, is my favourite scent ever. It is so fresh and fruity and just that little bit over powering? The gel makes my skin smell amazing and feel so smooth and hydrated. The gel is a soap free body cleanser which I didn't know exists but totally understand that by the way my skin feels afterwards. Plus the bottle is absolutely huge at 750ml and you don't need too much product which is great, it only cost me £8 which is amazing for such a big bottle.

I also picked up the most amazing smelling scrub of my entire life. If I never use this scrub ever I will still think it is worth buying just for the smell. This heavenly scrub I am talking about is the Early Harvest Raspberry body scrub, I don't really understand the name but I don't really care. The scrub is this really dark jelly like formula which is packed full of raspberry seeds, you rub the seed and the jel into your skin and buff away any dead skin. It leaves your skin smelling amazing, I really can't get over the smell. I have never really been a big fan of raspberries or their smell but I could smell this scrub all day. This big tub is also really cheap at just £6.50 so I would pay that just for the smell.

Body shop sale scrub shower gel
I do feel like the only thing you are going to take away from this post is that I buy things mainly based on smell but I do I can't denie it so take my advice and run to your nearest Bodyshop right now before all the Raspberry body scrubs are gone.

New In | Dr.Organic Face Scrub and Mask

Dr.Organic Face Mask and Scrub

Its funny the things you find in the most unexpected places. A few weeks ago I went into Holland and Barrett with my sister so that she could pick up some tablets that apparently help you hair to grow (wouldn't that be amazing) and I spotted these face products on the shelve. I have never tried Dr.Organic Bioactive Skincare before and being me, I couldn't leave the shop without them. 

The scrub is one of the best scrubs I have ever used on my face because you can actually feel every granule on your face and see the dead skin just come off. I think if i used another one of my face scrubs that was a little more gentle on the skin and then used this scrub, the honey scrub would still find dead skin to remove. You can use this scrub dry or with water first but when my skin is feeling really flakey and blocked up, I like to use this dry as the granules work my skin better. If you do have sensitive skin I would stay clear of this product though as it is quite rough on the skin and leaves my skin red for about 10 minutes after I've used it. One extra thing, it smells of honey. Enough said.

The mask is similar to the scrub in that you only need it on for a little while before you start to feel it tingle your skin (which is a good sign). This mask is a thick white product that I tend to cover my chin and cheeks with as these are my areas most prone to blemishes. I was a bit nervous about putting something on my face that has virgin olive oil in as in my head oil + face = not nice skin but I was shocked by how the mask really cleanses my skin. Both these products are said to 'deep cleanse' your skin and I totally agree, I don't feel a need to add any thing else to my skin after I have used these products, plus these products have worked my skin so much already you don't really want to put anything else on them that day/night. 

I would recommend if you are looking for products that will really work your skin and also for a organic option to try Dr.Organic's skincare. There were loads of different products by these range that I really want to try so in the future I might have a whole draw of these that I go between (not that I need anymore or have space for another draw full...) They also are regularly on offers like 'buy one get one half price' which please me greatly. 

Why being a grown up sucks

Why being a grown up sucks

I know that growing up is a part of life that you can't ignore or miss but sometimes when your already deep into the start of your adult life, you miss the times when your only worry was that you got home in time to watch Authur (anyone else obsessed with that on CBBC? Please tell me it wasn't just me)

Here are a few reason why being a grown up, in simple terms, sucks. 

#Having to work full time at a job that doesn't actually fill you with happiness
#Always having something to save for so every time you spend a little bit of money you feel guilty
#Not being able to pull sickies when you want a day in bed to mope (especially when your actually in charge of people at work)
#Feeling like there is always something you are meant to be doing when your finally get some time to relax 
#Realising there never is any free time 
#The pressure to have a grown up job/life/relationship
#The changes to the dating game. What ever happened to holding hands on the playground
#The judgmental looks you get from people when you tell them you spent your day off in bed watching 99 films
#Never having money when you need it #billsbillsbills
#Having to learn to cook (If I could live on takeaways I would believe me)
#And finally realising that you'd rather be where you are today with these little annoyances then be a kid again because let's be honest, kids TV isn't what it used to be!

Holiday Shoes From Primark

I love a good pair of Primark shoes and when I went into their Northampton store this week they didn't disappoint me! My main reason I went in their (apart from to spend all my wages) was to find some nice shoes to take on holiday with me. Although I tend to keep shoes for a few years and love bringing out an old pair to wear, I hadn't bought any sandals in ages so decided I needed a new pair for holiday.
I ended up leaving with three which is pretty good for me considering these were the only three things I bought.

My first pair are my new bargain babies! I found these as I was leaving the show department and fell in love with them. When I picked them up I realized they were my size and were only £6, it was fate. They are so comfortable to walk in and more importantly they are soooooo pretty! These will be the heels I take with me on holiday to wear most nights because they will go with every single one of my outfits. 

Primark Holiday Shoes Summer

I also picked up these black and brown flat sandals which are so comfortable to walk in, I feel like I'm not wearing anything. These were only £8 each which is really good and me being me, I picked up both colours so that they went with all my outfits. 

Primark Holiday Shoes Summer

I think I'm sorted for shoes for my holiday now so if i see myself walking into a shoe department before then, I need to turn back around and removed myself from the pretty shoes before my bank balance gets abused. 

Little lush shop

Lush haul no drought dry shampoo enchanted eye cream d'fluff shaving foam

I went shopping today and had a little looky in Lush and picked up some gems I have been waiting to try for a while now and today, I was in a spending mood. 

Firstly I picked up the No Drought dry shampoo which I have been intrigued with for a while. I have seen people post about this product saying it is the best dry shampoo they have ever tried and I have also seen people say that it isnt good at all and it makes their hair go greasy after half an hour. I am someone who likes to make my own opinion on a product and not just swear it off because someone else (who may have different hair and skin) doesn't like a product. I told the girl who worked there I wanted something to give my hair a bit of lift and life as my hair always ends up flat. I'm excited to try this as I am trying to be more adventurous with my hair lately, hope this lasts longer than last time!

Next I picked up the Enchanted Eye Cream after Maddie Bruce talked about it on her Skincare Routine video which you can watch here. I have a few eye creams that I go between but I have never found one that really helps clear my eyes of bags and tired lines. I haven't slept properly for probably a good few months so I have had constant lines under my eyes which don't scream glamorous. I'm hoping this eye cream will help my eyes look more rested and I will definitely give you guys an update on this.  

Lastly is a product that I have been watching for months and finally thought 'lets just give it a go'. For years I have waxed my underarm hair and been perfectly happy doing that, but my armpits have always been sensitive since I started and it has got the point now where I think waxing my armpits has damaged the skin. 
So I have boy-cotted waving now and am trying to find alternatives to remove my underarm hair more gently. I currently use Soap and Glory's Clean, Girls body wash to shave my armpits with as it lathers up quite good compared to normal soap but I picked up the D'Fluff Strawberry shaving soap today because the texture drew me in. The consistency is so thick that I think it must be amazing to shave with. I may be completely wrong but I can't wait to use it and I am slightly disappointed that I shaved my armpits this morning so I have to wait to use it. 

If any of you have tried these products comment below what you opinions of them are! :) 
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