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Shorts in this weather? HELL YEAH

I was rummaging through my wardrobe last week trying to find a outfit for my sisters birthday and as I was looking through my dresses, I realised that I had been neglecting my smart shorts I bought from Primark in April. I told myself that no matter what the weather was like, I was going to wear a pair of shorts out that night! That's when I came up with this three outfits based around my two pairs of shorts.

I thought I'd do a post showing you what I put with the shorts and maybe get your opinions on which one I should wear next week. You can be my style advisors! I have a favourite but my sister's favourite is completely different to mine so I need a few more opinions...

I paired all the outfits with my favourite pair of wedges but I'm undecided whether to stick with them or not?

Top - Newlook
Shorts - Primark
Wedges - Newlook

 Top - Newlook
 Top - Dorothy Perkins
What do you guys think?
Which outfit is your favourite?
Would you change anything about them?
Help a undecided girl out!

January Top 5: Make-up

I'm going to jump on the bandwagon and start writing monthly favourite posts every month (obviously haha) on items that I have been loving that month. So I don't write a massive blog post that might get a bit tedious, I'm going to group the favourites into separate blogs: Make up, Skincare and Hair care and Random.
So lets just jump into it... these are the 5 make up items that I have be loving this January :)

Revlon Photo Ready Crème blush in 300 Coral Reef
I've never been a fan of crème blushes until I tried this Revlon one. It's a great colour on my skin and looks really natural, which I found other crème blushes don't. This product has changed my opinion on crème blushes so I'm kind of excited to try some other ones, any recommendations?

Collection 2000 Extreme Coloured Lengthening Mascara in Blue2
I like to mix up my make-up some days and wear this bright blue mascara on my lashes. If I wake up in a summery mood, I wear this with some bright coloured clothes and pretend its the middle of the summer (I'm counting down the days till I can go outside without wearing a coat) This mascara isn't too in your face because in some lights, it does just look like normal black mascara.

Rimmel Scandaleyes waterproof eye pencil in 004Taupe 
I love this eye pencil on my bottom lid as it opens up my eyes without making my eyes look too heavy which black eyeliner can do. Plus it looks nice on my top lid with a little mascara for these casual days. 

Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick in 086 Sugarplum
This lipstick is in my January favourites basically because I can't get enough of this colour and it smells like sweets, what could be better!

Lumiere Lipgloss set
My sister got me this lip-gloss set from Boots for Christmas and they have become my favourite lip glosses ever. The shades are really nice and wearable during the day and they don't dry out my lips like other lip glosses. I've tried to find them on the Boots website but they seem to have been taken off, but they should come back out again next Christmas.

And that's basically it, short and sweet just like me :)
What are your favourite items this month?

Birch Box?

This evening I signed up for Birch box after reading a few peoples posts about them. I was just wondering what peoples opinions about them were.
Are they worth the money?
Are the samples decent sizes?
Are they just random tubes of crappy product? 
I'm one of them people who gets intrigued really easily, nice packaging or a big advertisement gets to me every time. So I'm excited to get my first box and see what goodies I get, even if it is rubbish little bottles of rubbish :)

The Liebster Award

I've been nominated by Reb-Ellie for the Liebster award. I love the idea of this so thank you girls! For those of you who don't know what this is (I didn't until yesterday) then here are the rules...
  • Choose 11 bloggers to nominate who have less than 200 followers.
  • Answer 11 questions given to you. 
  • Let people who you have nominated know you have done so.
  • You can't nominate the person who has nominated you.
  • Create 11 questions for the people you nominated to answer.
  • You must follow the blog that nominated you. 
So here we go...
1. Why did you decide to start blogging?
I really got into reading blogs over the last few months after seeing that people I watched on YouTube had their own ones. I loved reading peoples views on products and just wanted to have my say as well. The blogging community seemed so friendly that I didn't feel scared to try it myself.
2. What is your favourite pattern, eg; spots or stripes
My favourite pattern is probably spots (and hearts)
3. Which bloggers are you most inspired by?
The favourite bloggers are Zoella, DizzyBrunette3The Make-up Chair and Gh0stparties.

4. Tell us one interesting thing about yourself?
My nose changes shape depending on how I'm feeling, some times I have a pointy nose other times I have a little button one.
5. What is your favourite fashion or beauty trend at the moment?
It's a bit plain but I love everything monochrome at the moment, especially patterned dresses.
6.  If you could travel anywhere in the world where would it be?

7. What is your favourite season of the year?
Definitely winter! I love wrapping up in loads of layers and Christmas is my favourite time of the year.

8. This is one we were asked but we’d love to know yours, so, who is your celebrity crush?
I have many... Louis, Harry and Liam from One Direction, Shiloh Fernandez (such a hottie!), Brad from The Vamps and every leading male in every romcom really...

9. What is the first picture that comes up when you type your name into Google images? (Post at the end of this post)

10. Most played song on your phone?
The 1975's version of What Makes You Beautiful. It is amazing.

11. What is your favourite movie?

Hands down the Harry Potter series. The Prisoner of Azkaban to be precise.

My google picture is soooo small
The 11 people that I choose are:
  1. Makeup Mayhem www.victoriaearls.blogspot.co.uk
  2. Sophie de Merci www.sophiedemerci.blogspot.co.uk
  3. Haus of Haul www.hausofhaul.blogspot.co.uk
  4. Lipstick Loveheart Beauty www.Lipstickloveheart.blogspot.com
  5. Molly Rose www.mollyrosefashionuk.blogspot.co.uk
  6. The Voice of Nia www.thevoiceofnia.blogspot.co.uk
  7. Skincare Girl www.skincaregirlblog.blogspot.no
  8. Dream in Lace www.dreaminlace.blogspot.com
  9. Beauty Babbles www.beautybabbles.com
  10. Birch Beauty www.birchiebeauty.blogspot.com
  11. Tartan and Love www.tartanandlacee.blogspot.com
And my questions are:
  1. If you could be any celebrity for the day, who would you be?
  2. If your wardrobe could be filled with only one brand of clothing, what brand would you choose?
  3. Do all you friends know about your blog?
  4. What celebrity inspires your fashion sense the most?
  5. What do you enjoy most about writing a blog?
  6. What were you doing 5 years ago?
  7. Favourite thing to do in your free time?
  8. Do you prefer to get all glammed up or be natural and casual?
  9. If you could be best friends with any blogger, who would you choose?
  10. What item do you not leave the house without?
  11. What made you choose your blog name?
Have fun guys! :)

Afternoon out for tea and shopping

The garden room and kids toy shop

The seating area in the middle of the shops next to the band stand

The really friendly tearoom that makes the best toasted tea cake

I recently went on a little adventure with my sister to a village in Weedon (near Daventry) for a girlie afternoon out. I searched on the internet places to go in Northamptonshire and I found the website for this little place in Weedon called Heart of the Shires. It is a little shopping enclosure (if that's what you would call it) that has a tea room, art gallery, garden room and a few cute shops.

There is a super cute tea room there set in a old cottage looking building, that even on this bright but dreary day, made me feel like we were in the middle of summer. I can't wait to go back when it actually is warmer and I can sit outside in the garden where there are little garden tables, round the back of the tea room. The service is very friendly there and the tearoom was very calm and relaxing so was perfect to grab a tea and hot chocolate in after we spent all our money. I recommend the toasted tea cake!

Most of the shops are full of cute house bits and bobs, perfect things for lovers of anything shabby chic! There's only a few pieces of each of the items so you don't have to worry about anyone having the same items as you. You would think it being a village that all the pieces would be ridiculously priced but all the items were at such good prices I went a bit crazy while I was there, I couldn't stop myself when the prices of all these cute little pieces were so good! There is a theme in most of the shops and that is hearts, nearly every shop has heart pieces in it, all really cute items, mostly made of white wood.
The service in the shops is great, everyone says hello to you when you enter and says have a nice day when you leave, which I find is hard to find on the high street or in shopping centres.

Most of the shops are separated outside but inside a building there were also some more shops including a sweet shop yum and a jewellery shop. While in this shop me and my sister got talking to the owner who let us try on loads of new bracelets she was viewing with what I am guessing is a supplier. We both fell in love with these unique bracelets that they were looking at, really cute silver clasp bracelets with real leather straps, all of different styles , colours and with different clasps.
Again the shop was really friendly and the women who showed us the bracelets were extremely kind and helped us out with the names of the bracelets we wanted so that we could ring them up and reserve some when they were available.

In the middle of the complex there is a bandstand and quite a few tables and seats to sit in and enjoy the sun, take a break from shopping and grab tea and cakes from the tea room.

The best thing about these shops is that because it is in the middle of the countryside, the shopping experience is so peaceful. You don't have rude people making a loud racket while you are trying to have a look around, you can look round at your own pace, without people hassling you, in peace. It really is a lovely place to shop, especially for birthday/Christmas presents.

Here are some photos of the goodies I bought while I was visiting :)




Retail therapy £5.99
Love is the wind £2.99

£1.99 each

Separate letters that you can put in any order
I also bought a plastic rocking photo frame for my sister for her birthday and some glass bird candle holders which were each £2.99 

I will definitely be returning to the village with my sister and mum soon! Visit the website of The Heart of Shires to see their opening times and facilities! http://www.heartoftheshires.co.uk/

Naughty H&M Beauty Haul

I recently found myself on H&M's website browsing for some sale treats when I was bored one evening and I noticed that for that day I could get free delivery, and so I had to buy at least something, you cant pass up free delivery! Anyway I got the end of the clothes pages and I haven't found anything that I liked enough to order (I'm rather picky when it comes to ordering clothes online) and so I felt quite defeated.

Then I noticed the beauty products page and I couldn't resist looking... Low and behold half an hour later I had ordered 3 blushers, a bronzer, a lipstick and two face masks...opps.

Now I love going in to Boots and spends ages going up and down the different make-up ranges and taking ages to pick which ones I'm actually going to leave it (I can go a bit crazy) but I also love trying out cosmetics from fashion retailers, I've found some gems over the last year. So I thought I'd try out these few bits... I'll leave some links to the items on the website if you want to take a look yourself.

First of all, I put some face masks in my basket (shock) for just 99p, YES 99p! You have no excuse not to use face masks when they cost less than a pound! Anyway I picked up a Goji Berry Superfruit Mud mask and a Coconut water Moisture mask, the mud mask is meant to tone and the moisture mask is meant to protect. I saw them on the website and thought they sounded nice and would smell amazing.

 Next I added a bronzing power in 'Dark Tan' to my basket ready for the summer, compared to amount of blushers I have I needed a bigger choice of bronzers (only had two at the time) and so I thought I would give it a go. Its more of a golden shade than a brown like other bronzers are, I think it will be nice in the summer and on holiday when I have a tan. To view the bronzer then click here.

I have wanted a dark lipstick for the winter probably since before November all thanks to Zoella and I hadn't seen any that caught my eye really or that I thought suited me, and then I saw this shade when I was looking through the makeup and got a little excited. It is a gorgeous plum colour called 'Wild Thing' and It didn't disappoint me when it finally arrived. As soon as I opened it up I had to put it on straight away and then planned my outfit that day all around it. It lasted all day but over the hours it did become a little bit more subtle, but that may have been me just getting used to having darks lips. I would definitely recommend this lipstick to people who may be a bit scared of wearing a darker lipstick, it not so dark that you would be mistaken for looking dead like some lipsticks. If you want to try out the lipstick then click here.

Finally I went a little bit crazy with the blushers on the website, I basically couldn't decide between two of them so I decided to just get them all as it was free delivery (slaps wrist). The first one I knew as soon as I saw it on the page I was definitely going to buy it. The shade is called 'Pink Dahla' and it is a bright pink which is just gorgeous. To find this blush click here. 

The next blusher is a peach shade which is more for the casual everyday look but I think it will become one of my favourites that I go to a lot, called 'Dazzling Peach'. When I wore this blusher out for the day with my sister, quite a few people asked about it and complimented me about it. The colour really suited me and it gave my cheeks a really natural glow and really made cheek bones come out. Definitely a blusher I would recommend! To find this shade click here.

The last blusher I purchased is called 'Sweet Rose' and again it is more of a daytime blusher that I think I will get a lot of use out of. It is a really nice colour on the skin, I wore it with a BB cream that is a little darker than my normal skin tone and they really complimented each other. If your interested in this shade click here.

And that is my little H&M beauty haul which shouldn't have happened but ah well... If you like any of the products check them out. I've been really surprised at how nice these products are for a high street clothing chain. :)


Revlon Lip Butters


During the summer I purchased some highly recommended Lip Butters by Revlon and I fell in love, seriously I have used them so so much since I purchased them. If I couldn't buy another lip product for the rest of my life, I think I'd be alright.

First of all I love the packaging of this lip product, I love that they are more square then circle and the design makes them look more expensive that they actually are. They really aren't expensive at all and I usually get them in Boots 3for2 promotion so that's even better!

I have four colours in the lip butters, the four I think are most wearable. The first colour is called 'Pink Lemonade' (047) and is a lovely pale baby pink colour which looks great if you are wearing a lot of eye make up, it gives your lips a peachy/pink colour and doesn't look too much for a casual make up look. I always go to this product when I don't have anywhere special to go or have dressed really casual that day. 


My next colour is call 'Tutti Frutti' (015) and it is a really rich orange colour. I personally have found that I don't really suit this colour, I think the colour is too orange for me, I think I would suit more of a coral shade rather than this bright orange. But it is still a nice shade that would look great during the summer months with bright coloured clothes, maybe it would suit me more when I'm on holiday and I have a tan? Maybe, I won't write it off for me just yet.

My next colour is called 'Sweet Tart' (090) and it is a really rich pink, it is a really wearable pink and looks great with both minimal and bold make up. I found this shade is very much like my Collection 2000 Lasting colour lipstick in shade 'Sweet Tart' (8) but the Revlon Lip Butters are more creamy and moisturising on my lips. 


My last shade is definitely my favourite, 'Wild Watermelon' (063). The colour is amazing, a really nice red shade that isn't too bold, doesn't take over your face and suits most skin tones I've found. I love this colour a lot and wear it so often. I definitely prefer wearing this lip butter to any actually red lip stick, and I have a lot red lipsticks in my collection (all different shades of course, I'm not silly)


I would definitely recommend these lip butters so go try them out if your like bright coloured lip products that really moisturise your lips while you wear them :)
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