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3 New Additions To My Everyday Skincare Routine

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Recently my everyday skincare routine has had a few products added to the collection and they have been a happy addition to the pile. My skin has become super dry and irritable lately so I digged out a few of my old favourites and a completely new addition to change up my skin. 

Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish 
This is a new addition to my skincare routine and I know I am incredibly late to the party. This is a sample from a very old Birchbox (older than I'd care to admit) and I have only just recently started trying it out. It does say you can use this on your eyes and I have seen countless people use it in videos but it does smell very chemically (but that might just be the age of the product...). Other than that I have loved using it to take my makeup off, it makes my skin feel very clean and fresh which is just what I want from a cleanser. I am debating with myself whether it out shines the Lush Ultrabland Cleanser, they both are great at taking my makeup off but the Lush Cleanser does leave a residue on my skin I've recently found. 

Origins Original Skin Retexturizing Rose Clay Mask
I have had this product for some time and enjoyed using it thoroughly but it has only been recently that I have used it on a regular basis to help my skin. It feels really refreshing on the skin and when I feel like my skin is dry and flaky, this gets rid of all the nasty dead skin cells and leaves my face super smooth and soft. The product has lasted me ages so far and I use it all over my face every time so I'm impressed with how much product they give you. 

Origins Out Of Trouble 10 Minute Mask
I have spoke about this spot mask before in previous posts and it still makes an appearance now and again when my face has a few visitors. This mask is my favourite product to use as a overnight treatment for spots, it reduces redness and size and helps the spot vacate from my face. It is great at drying out big white heads if you don't partially want to pop them, eww I know. I only use a little dab on the problem area so this product is going to last me so long! 

Since I have loads left of the Origins masks I will only need to repurchase a normal size bottle of the Liz Earle cleanser when I run out, which I can see happening very soon! Are there any other products similar to these that you think I might like? 

Shopping my stash | Highlighters

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Following on from my Shopping my Stash | Blusher post I thought I'd do a post about my forgotten highlighters too and don't they make a pretty photo. Highlighters are such pretty products and come in the prettiest packaging but like blushers, I always seem to stop once I've done my bronzer/contour. Call me a lazy beauty blogger!

The first of my forgotten highlighters is Benefits High Beam which I have used about once since I got it. I know a lot of people love this highlighter and it is meant to be great in the summer but I have never got on with the texture of the product. I have always been a powder highlighter kind of girl and this product I feel can rub off my foundation when I apply it. It is probably me not applying it properly so I am going to give it a second chance this summer. 

A cream Highlighter that I do love using but always forget about is the Topshop Glow pot. This highlighter is a gorgeous golden cream shade that glows beautifully on the skin and thankfully doesn't rub off any makeup already on the face. This past week I have already started showing this product some more love and plan on continuing doing that this summer. 

Lastly my cutest highlighter in my stash is the I heart Makeup Goddess of Love Tripled Baked Highlighter. It screams Too Faced with its packaging but it is a fraction of the price! I always forget about this highlighter which is hidden at the bottom of my stash but I don't know why because it is so gorgeous. It definitely needs to be shown some more love this summer! 

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What I've Been Reading Lately

I have mentioned before that I am a total bookworm and since getting my iPad I have read so many books on it I think it is about time I gave you a low down of my favourites.

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Shadow Demon Series by Sara Cannon
This is my current series that I am reading and every book is free on iTunes which is a bonus. It consists of 8 books and is about the existence of shadow demons in a small town. It is very much a young adults novel and not surprisingly it includes a little romance with a 'bad boy' as he is refereed to by the other characters. The main character has had a hard life but finally feels like she has a place when she moves to a new town and realised she was born a witch. As she learns more about what she is and what the town have planned for her, her willingness to become what the town want her to be becomes too much. I am currently on the 3rd book and I am loving the series, each book isn't very long so you get into the plot very quickly and aren't waiting around for something to happen.
This book is good for people who like romance, magic and mystery. 

The Dimily Series by Estelle Maskame 
This is my favourite series I have read in a very long time. It consists of 3 books, Did I mention I love you, Did I mention I need you and Did I mention I miss you which is released at the end of July. This book is about true love which isn't considered the norm as the characters involved are step siblings who hated each other at first. Eden and Tyler are my OTP and you see their relationship grow through the books overcoming obstacles like parents and other partners. I have been waiting what feels like a year for the last book in the series to come out and I don't know if I'm ready for it to be the end.
This book is good for young people who like romance and drama.

The Sullivans Series by Bella Andre 
This series was one of the first book series I read on my Ipad and I become totally obsessed with it, reading the books in 2 days and then buying the next one start after. There are 17 books in total in the series and I had read 7 before I had to stop because it was taking over my life. Each book follows a member of the Sullivan family find love with the most unexpected people, I am not ashamed to say I feel in love with the male in each book. Each person has their own problems and life challenges which mean they've never been serious with anyone before which makes the events in the books so much more intense.
This book is good for people who like romance, drama and adult themes. (very naughty!)

The Silence Series by Natasha Preston
This is a more serious series which really pulled on my heart strings. This series of 2 books follows a girl called Oakley who hasn't talked since she was a 5 and is trying to finding her way in life and romance but at the same time holding back a secret that would rip her family apart. It made me so emotional and had me rooting for Oakley the whole way through. Her romance with Cole is the purest, cutest thing I have ever seen and his willingness to do anything to protect her made me fall for him.
This book is good for people who like romance, drama and adult themes.

So what have we learned today? I fall in love with every male character I read in books apparently... I have to give credit to the authors for making the characters so real! I have focused on the series' that I have read in this post but I have plenty more stand alone books on my iPad that I can talk about if you are interested. Also if you have any good recommendation on young adult romance books, leave them in the comments below!

adult, Bella Andre, book, Dimily, drama, Estelle maskame, lifestyle, List, magic, mystery, Natasha preston., Reading, romance, sara cannon, shadow demon, Silence, The Sullivans, young adult,

5 Things I Do To Stop Work Taking Over Your Life

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Working in retail can mean a lot of your time is spent pulling your hair out at a messy shop, throw in manager duties and it can get a little crazy. I have recently got a promotion which means in the next few weeks I will be moving to a bigger city store to work which is 40 minutes away. I am quite good at separating my work like from my home life but when I move that might become different when I getting home at 8 and leaving the next morning at 5. These are the 5 things that I do now and will continue to do to keep work from taking over my little life. 

  1. Mute all my work chats - I have a total of 5 work chats on Whatsapp it is ridiculous! So apart from my managers work chats which I have to keep open in case anything important is said, I mute the other 4 so I am not constantly reading about the stores on my region.  It can get really annoying when your phone constantly pings and the message isn't for you. 
  2. Making plans on my days off - It is so easy for me to spend my whole day off in bed doing nothing. I am a not so secret sloth but then I go back to work and feel like I have wasted my free time so I try and make plans most days. Its usually seeing my friends who are off too or going shopping in another town. My days off are my only real free time to blog too so usually my morning in bed are spent doing that. 
  3. Going out for lunch - Half the time I have to stay at my work during lunch because I am the only management in but the other half I can leave and sometimes it is nice to just get out the shop especially if I am working a long day. You don't even have to spend money you can take a packed lunch and go sit on a bench or a park, lucky for me my new store is right by a river with benches all along it. 
  4. Not bringing work home - Sometimes it is easy to think 'I can finish that rota at home and then it's done' but every time I do that I end up having no evening and then it is time for bed so I've stopped doing that . Work is work and home is home, yeah sometimes I bring a little something home to start because I want to but I have stopped giving myself homework. 
  5. Using my evenings to relax and have me time - After a long day at work I like to come home, get in my pj's and do absolutely nothing and it feels great! If I do have some energy then I like to have a little pamper sess to build me back up and if I have a lot of energy I like to see my friends and be sociable. Me and Cal love to go for a walk when it is nice weather in the evenings (see picture above from last nights walk). 

I shall let you all know how my move goes when I finally do move! Change is exciting but also so so scary so I hope I enjoy the change of scenery! 

Shopping my stash | Blushes

Something that I always forget about when I am doing my makeup is blusher, mainly because I have always been a bronze/contour girl at heart but also because I don't think I have the right face shape to use both. I try and copy people on YouTube and I look like a drag queen-true story. Even though I don't wear blushers at all I have a large collection of them in my stash which as you can tell, never get used. I really need to start shopping my stash pronto as I have put myself on a spending ban to help me save money for a mortgage, so here are a few items I am hoping to slowly start to love using in my routine. 

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I'll start with the newest edition to my blush collection, the Bourjois Aqua Blush in in 02 CocoriCorail. I watched lots of tutorials using this blush product and thought it would be perfect for a blush novest like me but I've never really used it apart from the first day I got. I don't know if I am using it right or not but I haven't given it the time of day at all so this product definitely needs some more love!

A sample that I have had for a long while now and always keep telling myself to use is the Benefit Benetint. The idea of it intrigues me but I always forget that I have it in my stash. I intend to start using it regularly this summer as it is a product that you can't go wrong with and its quick and easy to apply.

 A very scary looking blusher is the Revlon Photo Ready blush in Coral Reef 300, this product is months old and used to be a big favourite of mine but recently I have totally forgot about it and neglected it. Even though it is really scary looking in the pan it comes across really soft and subtle when it is blended in. Perfect to give your face a little big of dimension while not being too in your face.

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The Sleek blush palette by 3 in Lace I have had for donkeys years and I haven't actually used it once! What a waste! The quality of the powder products from Sleek are so good but that is what is scaring me about this trio. They aren't just pretty normal colours... they are bright babies! I am going to start using this super neglected palette with a very light hand!

My last neglected blush is the Elf blush in Mellow Mauve which I didn't buy that long ago. Even though this is a really pretty natural flushed colour I have hardly used it since purchasing it. The quality of this product is very similar to Sleek which is great for the price, but it also is subtle and builds evenly. This will be my everyday natural blush choice. 

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Do any of you have these products? Which one works best for you?
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