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Autumn mad

It may be a little premature but I am soo excited for autumn and winter! I love fashion when the weather is a bit colder. The colours are more wearable, the material and patterns are more cosy and you can throw on anything and make it work during the day. 

My Pinterest is already full of autumn/winter looks that I can't wait to wear and I'm going to show you what I am loving for autumn already. Follow my Pinterest here...

So first of all one of my favourite looks for autumn is wearing skirts/dresses with jumpers on the top. I think it looks so cute and girlie but your still covered up and if the weather does turn warmer you can just take off the jumper. 
I wear dresses all through the year but I much prefer to wear a dress with tights and boots in the colder months, than in the summer with nothing else. 

My second favourite autumn look is blue jeans, big boots and an oversized jumper or cardigan. I have a little boots obsession which I am quite proud of. I find boots soo comfortable to wear and I prefer to have my feet covered up rather than have them on show in a sandal. 
Jeans are so easy to wear you can just throw them on with anything and leave the house so on them days when it's cold outside but you need to run out somewhere or you want to go for a walk in the countryside (my favourite thing to do), this look is perfect. 


My last look for autumn is one that I have started wearing already, collared shirts underneath jumpers and thicker tops. I love a collar me and I will put a shirt underneath anything; a jumper, a dress, another shirt! Wearing a shirt underneath a jumper turns a perhaps boring outfit into a more interesting look. 



My Hair Dying Experience

Last month I did something very unlike me, I dyed my hair for the very first time! I didn't dye the whole thing because that would have probably given myself a heart attack... as just having these streaks put in my hair caused my heart some problems!
I was the only one of my friends with their natural hair colour and  I quite liked that about me, but I always felt quite boring and envied people with lighter hair than me as mine can sometimes looks black.
So I bit the bullet and asked my sisters friend who is a trained hairdresser to dye my hair. She was one of many who was shocked I was actually doing to do something with my nice healthy natural hair.

This photo is of my natural hair untouched, you can see how shiny and healthy it looks... but it is still boring so here we go!
So this was my first time ever putting anything like dye on my hair so firstly I done a patch test to make sure I wasn't allergic to anything being used (safety people!). Then on the Friday night I went round my sisters to start the process. We were going to bleach my hair first to lift my natural colour before we put the hair dye on. (Colour light copper brown)
Because my hair had never been touched before, the bleach was turning to powder on my hair and my hairdresser couldn't work out why. Then we found out that because I had 'virgin' hair (natural hair) my natural oils in my hair were rejecting the bleach. Brilliant!
So my hairdresser decided to stop and wash the bleach out so that it didn't damage my hair and because it wasn't working properly anyway. Since it wasn't working properly she only put the bleach on the bottom layers so the day after we tried to bleach it, my hair looked like this... 

I quite liked that light copper colour, that was the colour I was going for so I wasn't too disappointed.  We still tried again on the Monday with some different and stronger bleach on the rest of my hair. This time the bleach worked properly and turned my hair blonde! At first I hated it, I thought I looked like a tiger and so so stupid! It wasn't until the next afternoon that I actually fell in love with it, we decided not to use the dye over the top after that because I loved the blonde colour so much.
Here are a few photos of my hair in different styles (sorry about the drunk face in the second one...)

Since having my hair bleached I am actually itching to put more colour on it! I think I would like more copper tones like the ones on the bottom of my hair but I have definitely seen a difference in how healthy my hair is since bleaching it. It isn't as shiny as it was before and it is definitely more dry but I'm drowning it in aragon oil so that is helping.  Maybe in a few months when my hair is a bit more healthy i'll add some more tones :)

How I organise my wardrobe

Before you get your hopes up, no the closet in the photo is not mine, although I wish it was so badly! How beautiful would it be getting dressed here everyday!

I hope I'm not the only person in the world who strangely enjoys spending an afternoon sorting through my wardrobe? Yeah okay then... Now I've actually wrote it down I can see how sad it sounds but I really do enjoy it. I hope I'm not the only one! So I thought I would share with you guys how I organise my wardrobe, you lucky things! 

Starting with my built in chest of draws, I have all my PJ bottoms, casual t shirts and many many piles of black and patterned leggings. I keep all my causal clothes in these draws as it gives me more space to put nicer clothes in my wardrobe (yet it's still not enough...)

So now for my wardrobe, I have a little OCD with my clothes so I like to keep them in sleeve length order, because I am just really sad like that and working in a clothes shop where clothing has to be in the right place and you can't mix sleeve lengths when merchandising has effected how I look at my own wardrobe. First off in my wardrobe I have all my shirts and smart tops, in arm length order of course! Following them I have my cardigans and jumpers on the right side of my first wardrobe.

Then in my second wardrobe I have all of my dresses (I'm a bit dress crazy). I have all my casual day time dresses first - in sleeve length order of course- and then I have my more fancy evening dresses following them. My dresses take up most of my second wardrobe so I can only fit my few trusty pairs is jeans and long skirts in in the corner. 

Because I work with clothes and am around them constantly my will power fades from time to time and I buy more clothes that I don't have the room for. This has resulted in me using a curtain pole that I had laying around to hang clothes on, on the other side of my room.
It may sound excessive and you might be wondering why I haven't had a clean out of my old clothes, but I sadly do clear out my wardrobe regularly and still need my extra pole for room.

On the pole I hang all my short skirts and shorts and any outfits that I am planning to wear in the near future. 

I am a strong believer that an organised wardrobe leads to an organised life.... I can't function properly in the morning if my wardrobe is a mess and I can't find anything to wear.
I wanna know if I am the only person who gets this excited about organising my wardrobe so wrote a post on how you organise yours and let me know! :)

My dream one day is to have a walk in wardrobe with lots of shelves and racking for my shoes and spot lights all around it but for now I guess ill make do with my two wardrobes and a pole :)

Outfit Post: 20th birthday party night

Last weekend it was my best friend's (All Things Ashleigh) 20th birthday night out in our home town, she is the baby of the group and so was the last one to turn 20. I thought I'd show you my outfit, hair and make up for the night :)

My outfit ended up being all from Newlook shock.
The dress I purchased from the Newlook store in Weston Favel which I picked up the week before when I went over to cover the store. The white shoes I had picked up a few weeks earlier specifically for a night out (with Ashleigh again because we are party animals apparently..)
I paired these two with a white and cream clutch bag (which I didn't take a photo of as It was waiting for me round Ashleigh's house at the time)

On my face I used my two favourite concealers Collection in Fair 1 and Rimmel Wake Me Up in Ivory. I used the Rimmel Match Perfection foundation in the shade 230 Warm Ivory.
I set my make up with the Collection Pressed Powder in Tender Touch. I used my H&M Bronzing Powder in Dark Tan and the Natural Collection Blush in Blushed Cheeks.
Lastly on my eyes I used the Eyeko London Skinny Mini Liquid Eyeliner in Black, I used the Maybelline Rocket Volume Express on my eyelashes and then applied my Benefit They're Real Mascara over the top to make them stand out a bit more.
Finally on my lips I put my Collection Lasting Colour Lipstick in shade 8 Sweet Tart.

Lastly I'll just pop in a photo of my outfit for my girlie night out with Ashleigh where again I am wearing a Newlook dress with my white heels :)

Reading Material | Bloggers I Never Miss

At the minute I have a hand full of bloggers who I am loving at the minute. I always look out for their posts when I'm scanning Bloglovin and I'm never disappointed with their posts.

If you don't already read them than you need to have a look at them! :)
Ive really been loving Rebecca's post recently, I look to her for make up and lifestyles posts.
I love Corrie, I find her hilarious and always enjoy her posts. She was one of the first people who I used to read, who made me want to start blogging myself. I love her make up, fashion and hair posts. Major hair envy!!
I really enjoy Aileen's make up posts but the thing I have loved the most recently was her posts about friends knowing about your blogs, I found I really related to her post and thought it was great.
I love everything about Becky's blog. I love the layout and design, I love the way she takes photos, I love her little sausage dog and lastly her round up posts.

My ten guilty pleasures


I am quite a naughty person when it comes to having things that I shouldn't, I've never been able to stick to a diet and I am too impatient to ever wait for something, so this idea of writing about my ten guilty pleasures in life is rather fitting for me.

My first guilty pleasure is probably going to be the most obvious one, Chocolate. I know I shouldn't have it as it gives me loads of spots and makes me lethargic but I just can't resist it.

My second guilty pleasure is a bit nerdy but I've embraced my geeky side so I don't mind sharing with you guys, I am a HUGE Doctor Who fan and when I say huge I mean I went to the cinema to watch the anniversary special on the big screen (which was great). I may not look like your typical Doctor Who fan but I never miss an episode.


My third guilty pleasure is a follow on from the last one, David Tennant. Need I say more? I find him so attractive it is really weird, whether I watch him in Doctor Who or St Trinian's or whatever, I fancy the pants off of him. Don't judge!

It doesn't even stop there, since Matt Smith took over the Doctor role I have found myself starting to fancy him too, maybe its all down to them playing the Doctor that makes me find them attractive but I do and I embrace it.

Following the theme of old men, my fourth guilty pleasure is Colin Firth. Don't ask me why but I fancy him in everything, Bridget Jones, Mamma Mia, St Trinians again (can you imagine have excited I am when I watch the film with they both are in it..) He is my definition of the perfect man *wipes drool my mouth*

My fifth guilty pleasure is something that I don't care who knows and people can feel free to judge me, it is One Direction. Right from the start when they were on the X Factor I loved them, I voted for them and I bought the songs they sang on the show on iTunes every week. I was a dedicated fan to the core.

My sixth guilty pleasure is my ultimate weakness, Lasagna. I am obsessed with lasagna and I could eat it for breakfast lunch and dinner if I wouldn't get fat. Homemade or at a restaurant I will 99.9% of the time get lasagna even if I have had it the night... I have a lasagna problem.

My seventh guilty pleasure is Christmas, let it snow let it snow let it snow. It is my favourite time of year!

My eighth guilty pleasure is David Attenborough's voice. That man could send me to sleep with his voice, it is so peaceful and soothing. I love watching his nature programs on my days off.

My ninth guilty pleasure is singing very very loudly in my car while I'm driving, to the point where cars that are driving next to me look round because they can hear me. My car is like my own little stage haha. I also like to play a new song that I love repeatedly until I am sick of the song and can no longer listen to it. I do it every time and never learn from it!

My tenth and final guilty pleasure is plucking peoples eyebrows. I absolutely love it! I love plucking my friend's, boyfriend's and my own eyebrows. I find it so fun and entertaining, a rather calming which I understand Is very strange.

What are your guilty pleasures? :)

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