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New Year's Eve Outfit

First of all, Happy New Years Eve my lovelies! I hope you all have a lovely night whatever you are doing and that you have a good start to the year :) 

Myself and my boyfriend and our friends are going for a meal tonight at an Italian and then we are planing to go into town to one of the small pubs to see in the new year. We both aren't big party goers anymore so we won't stay long but because it is New Years I did want to dress up.

I am wearing a shirt dress from River Island which I got in the sale for £15, I have paired it with a plain black skirt to cover my bum. It is very black but black is the new black isn't it? 

Enjoy your night lovelies and see you new year! :) 

New Years Resolutions | Reflection on Last Years Resolutions

It has been a whole year since I started this blog and my first post was dedictaed to 2013 and what resolutions I was going to make. I wanted to reflect at the end of the year and see what I have completed from my resolutions post from last year which you can read here.

I know your going to see loads of these types of blog posts everywhere but I do think it is good to reflect on the year and go back to your old resolutions. 

Make the most of my days off At the beginning of the year I was doing really well planning fun things to do on my days off, I have gone to loads of villages with my boyfriend and gone for walks in new places, I've also drove to new places like Peterborough and Cambridge for days out.

Show some love to my old outfits this one hasn't been so successful. I have got into the routine of buying loads of new clothes and then not having the space to put them, so I sort through all my draws and wardrobes and give any old clothes to my friends who I think would wear them. It is good in a way because it means my wardrobe is organised more often but i have given half my wardrobe away this year and just replaced it with new clothes... I would say that was a fail!

Have breakfast EVERY morning this one lasted for about two months which is good for me. Recently if I have had breakfast at all, it has been cakes or a biscuit. Maybe this year I will actually stick to this one.

Treat myself to a pamper session once a week I don't know about once a week but I definitely do pamper myself a fair bit, although a lot of things have got in the way of me sitting down with a face mask on. The only thing I would say I am slacking on is my forgotten nails. I haven't done anything to them in months when I used to have a different colour on my nails every week so this year I do need to show some more love to my nails.

To use up my existing products before I purchase more when I wrote this one last year I was referring to my body products for the shower and such, but now my problem is having too much make up. Over the last 12 months I have bought quite a bit of make up and got some other bits from Birchbox and now my make up draw is overflowing. So this year I shall be focusing on using up all my make up before purchasing anymore. With Body products I have my stash under control for once.

I shall be posting my new years resolutions for 2014 as well so in a years time, I can write another post like this to see whether I have kept up with my new resolutions :)

Things 2014 has taught me


When I started this blog last Janurary my first post was a dedication to the year 2013 and I always planned to write a post about what I had learned during the year.

Here are my most memorable lessons, if you would call them lessons...

# Some people aren't worth making time for
# Some things are more important than clothes (yes I did just say that!)
# You cant please everyone
# Some people will never understand adult life
# Some times the people who have been around you the whole time in the background could be just the people you have been looking for
# The only thing stopping me is me
# Sometimes learning from other peoples experiences is better than experiencing them yourself
# I go out for dinner way too much
# Some people expect too much from friendship when you world doesn't revolve around them
# Working full time does drain all the energy and enjoyment out of your life
# Singing once a day does help with your mood
# No job pays you enough money to worry about things, when you clock out, unload your worries
# I make too many lists
# I enjoy making them too much
# Saying no is easier than you thought
# Common decency hasn't died yet
# Some people will always be gross
# Life should be simple so don't loss sight by getting bogged down by other peoples problems
# Making time for you is just as important as making time for others
# You can never eat too much chicken, no matter what people say
# There is such a thing as having too many body product
# But you can never have too much make up!

Tell me about the lessons you have learnt this year :) xx

Merry Christmas & Outfit For The Festive Day

I just wanted to tell you all I hope you have a lovely Christmas with your families, friends or who ever your with :)
I'll also share with your my simple but dressed up outfit for the big day. This white dress is from a Next wearhouse near me and my funky tights are donkeys years old but I thought they'd look cute with the plain dress. And of course at Christmas you have to wear red lips! 
See you lovelies after Christmas! Xx

Lumberjack Boots

Okay where is my axe? Its tree cutting time!

Now that I've got that out of my system it is time to tell you guys about my favourite boots that I have been living this winter. I call them lumberjack boots, my boyfriend calls them fake timberlands, you can call them whatever you want!

I bought these boots from Newlook at the end of November and I haven't really took them off since. They were only £27.99, half price with my discount but £28 for these boots isn't bad at all. That are super comfortable to wear and I have done 8 hours shifts running up and down in these and my feet do not hate me in the evening.

The material I wouldn't want to get wet personally just because I wouldn't know how they would turn out but whenever it has been wet outside I have just left them at home. Other than that I have no problems with these boots and I find although they are quite casual, they go with near enough everything, jeans and shirts or leggings and jumpers.

There are still some left on the website so you can go on over and have a gander here.

At the minute all you ever see me in is my Del boy coat and these boots and since they are both the same colour and I wear dark bottoms with them, people must think I never change my clothes!

Del Boy Coat

It is becoming a tradition for me to blog about my favourite new coat of the winter, last year it was my black and white leather sheep coat that I still love now which you can read about here. Ahh look at how clear my skin was back then...

This year it is my absolute bargain of a Oatmeal coloured 'del boy' coat. I call it my 'del boy' coat because when I first wore it my boyfriend said that I reminded him of Del Boy In it, in a good way he added... if there is a good way haha.

I call this my absolute bargain of a coat because I bought it from my favourite app at the moment, eBay, and I only paid £20.99 for it which is unbelievable for a coat! It is from Hong Kong itself and I have purchased quite a few things from China and Hong Kong on eBay which I have thought have been brilliant.

Of course with stuff that is made outside the UK you need to look at the size measurements as smalls to them mean a UK size 0 sometimes, but as long as you check the measurements the clothes should fit you no problem. The coat is a size 12-14 and I ordered this size because I was scared that the 8-10 would be too tight on my back and I wasn't wrong, the 12-14 fits me snuggly and I have room for jumpers and cardigans underneath.

 It is a lovely soft cashmere material and although it is quite thin, surprisingly it is really insulated and warm and of course you have room to put another layer underneath if it is really that cold. My favourite thing about the coat is the fur collar which I am really becoming a fan of recently. It keeps my neck really warm and gives the coat a more mature and smart look. You can take the collar off but without it the coat looks a bit plain to be honest. You have poppers underneath to do the coat up and then gold buttons on top just for show which I like. Plus you have quite small but deep pockets on both sides where the zip is covered by material.

I absolutely love this coat and considering it was from Hong Kong it got to me really quickly so I have been non stop wearing it everywhere. It you are interested in the coat you can look at it on eBay here and we can totally be coat twins! :)

Outfits of the week #1

I'm going to start doing posts about my favourite outfits of the week as I enjoy writing outfit posts quite a bit so keep your eyes out for the future ones :)

I have had a bowler hat for some time now and if im being completely honest it has hardly seen the daylight. I love wearing hats but they just aren't practical at my job and since I work full time I rarely decide to pop it on on my day off (as I am usually in bed all day...) so I am making a conscious effort to wear my hat more.
My hat, top, ripped jeans and sheep coat are all from Newlook shock...

This is my favourite dress now since I ordered it the other week. I love that it is really easy to wear and I feel like I just throw it on with a belt and I'm sorted. I don't need to fuss about what to put with it or how to wear it. I also love the shoulders although they have been a little cold everytime I have worn it so maybe it's not for the Middle of winter haha.
(Excuse the funny hand...)
Lastly on my day off I wore my new fur collar from Newlook with a floral shirt which I think goes really well with it. I have wanted a fur collar for a while now but I was a little put off by them as i didn't want to look like Cruella de Vil (which I do think I do) but once I tried it with my sheep coat I felt more comfortable wearing it. Hopefully this won't be another bowler hat! 

 I would just like to add that I don't really care if your can see my messy room in the photos as when I'm getting ready my room never stays tidy, and who can honestly say their room isn't messy after they have got ready in the morning? :) 

Face of the day #2

You know them days when you take a long time to do your make up just because you have the time and it goes really good and you just want to tell the world. Well today is one of them days so I'm gonna tell you what has worked so well on my face today, just cause I wanna tell the world today is a good make up day :)

Dior Pore Minimizing Matte Primer
Benefit Stay Don't Stray Concealer Primer
Collection 2000 Concealer - Fair
Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer - Ivory
Revolution The One Foundation - shade 7

Elf Baked Blush - #D34
Revolution Vivid Baked Highlighter - Peach Lights

W7 Showing Out Display Your Lights mascara
Mac Eye Crayon Khol - Teddy

Babylips Lip Balm
P.S I love Matte Long Last Lipstick - Shade not known

Recent Orders | Clothing and Make up

Over the last week I have had the spending bug really really bad and now I am eagerly waiting for loads of packages to come through my door. I've ordered clothes from eBay and Newlook and some make up from Make Up Revolution which I am so excited to try out.

This coat is my bargain buy for this winter. I am in love with it and I am so sad that I will probably have till January to get it as it coming from china but isn't it a beauty! It was only £20.99 on eBay which I think is brilliant for such a nice coat.

Isn't this shirt just adorable! I personally love owls and I think this design is such a cute idea and for just £4.99 on eBay it is a treasure.

I like to wear crop tops like these underneath see-through shirts so I bought this one in white to try as it was only £3.47 on eBay so such a bargain! If it fits well I'm going to order quite a few colours like the peach and the blue. 
I love the shape of this dress and think it will be a nice casual outfit to wear to work when its a little bit warmer but still not summer weather, plus it is brilliant if your waiting to wax your armpits but you want your skin to breath ;) This was £10 from Newlook with my staff discount so normally £19.99

This patterned dress stood out to me on the website and I think it will be a good staple outfit to wear on a night out with just some heels or during the day with some sandles, I really like this dress because you really need anything else with it. This was £14.99 from Newlook with my discount so normally £19.99

I've seen so many reviews for products from the Revolution Makeup range so I caved in and purchased two items..
This matte foundation I purchased in Cool Ivory (£2) and the One Foundation (£4) I purchased in shade 7. I really hope that this shades work for me as usually I go for the names such as Ivory but the number shades confused me a little.
If any of you have tried any of this revolution make up then tell me in the comments how you found it, I got these in the post today so I am excited and dubious to try them at the same time!

Reunited with my second skin

Today is a good day, and why is that you ask? Today is a good day because I have finally been reunited with my one true love. I don't think my boyfriend would appreciate me saying that but I think I've made my point.
I first purchased this foundation a whole year ago and after the first try I was in love. After that first try this foundation went straight to my imaginary first place in my foundation chart. If I'm being honest I was quite upset when I finished the bottle but because I had gone a little crazy on the foundation while I had it, I wouldn't let myself buy it again until I have used up some of the foundations I already had (and if I'm honest I still have 5 in my make up draw and I have just ordered 2 from Makeup Revolution so I shouldn't have bought it tbh) 
There are many reasons why this foundation is my personal favourite, one reason being that it applies really well to the skin and it doesn't matter how you apply, whether you are using a foundation flat brush or your fingers. It also doesn't look cakey even if you layer it up to cover bad skin and you don't need much to cover bad skin I find as a little bit of product really evens out your skin.
Another thing I love about this foundation is the colour it comes out as on your skin, all the foundations I have are in the shade Ivory but this foundation makes my skin glow like no other and look like I've been on holiday (or at least sat in the garden for an afternoon). Don't get me wrong it doesn't make me look brown or orange, it gives me a good tan and boy do I need it!
The foundation itself lasts a long time, I wore it to my works Christmas party (which I was actually ill for so you can imagine how much fun I had...) and it lasted until the early morning and it helped made me look healthy and not a big ill mess.
When I first started this blog I used to rave about this foundation at any given opportunity and now that its back in my life I think it is safe to warn you all to prep yourself for some more, I expect I will be including this foundation in many make up posts in the future!

How To Cover | Red Pigmentation and Blemishes

I don't know about the rest of you but my skin is very temperamental, really really temperamental.  Recently I have been suffering with really bad redness on my cheeks and red dots all along my cheeks and chin.
This could be a result of a few different factors (rubbish food and stressful days at work aren't helping) but I have been using a few products that I have found really useful in covering up my blemish skin and making it look even.
Because my skin has been so horrible lately, I have been using these products nearly every day and I've got into a bit of routine in applying them.

Prepping your skin before you cover it in products is really important not just to help your products last through the day but also to stop them from looking cakey or even flakey if you suffer from dry skin. There are two products that I use to prep my skin before I load it with foundation and concealer, the Simple Oil Balancing Moisturiser and the Christian Dior Pore Minimizer Skin Refining Matte Primer.
The moisturiser is good at giving my skin some added moisture and boost without drowning it and I only need to wait a few minutes before I can start adding my primer. It also helps control shine which we all suffer from now and again.
The primer helps me get a matte looking finish and helps keep my foundation and concealer on for longer, so my horrible red cheeks are hidden for longer.
Together these two products are great as a duo and perfect as a base for under foundation.

After I  have prepped my face I put my Rimmel Wake Me Up concealer in Ivory on any reddnes on my cheeks and any spots I might have. This doesn't cover the blemishes completely by its self but its does help me disguise my blemishes before I add my foundation.

Next I cover my whole face in foundation like I would normally do, because I have prepped my face with moisturiser and primer my face shouldn't look cakey or orange with my foundation on too. The foundation works as a mask to even out my skin so that my concealer is now invisible and my skin looks naturally even.
I  have been going between two different foundations recently which are the Rimmel Match Perfection in shade Warm Ivory which has a medium to full coverage so is handy on the days when my skin is really bad, and the Maybelline Fit Me in shade 115 Ivory which has less coverage then the Rimmel product so is useful on the days when my skin isn't to blotchy.

Top Up
Lastly, so that my make-up lasts the day and my blemishes stay hidden, I use the Collection 2000 pressed powder in Transparent to set my make up and I then use it through the day to top up my make up and keep it looking fresh. No one likes a patchy face in the afternoon!

I would post a photo of my skin before I have applied these products to show you have good they work but who wants to see my spotty red face, I'm saving your eyes!

Christmas Most Watches

This did start off as a top 5 list of films about Christmas but I got a bit carried away...

When it comes to Christmas films I am the biggest kid going. I start watching them in September and have been known to have a Christmas craving at unconventional times of the year (April because I felt like it)
Everything about Christmas films are great and here are my favourite 5!

Buddy is a human raised but elf's in the north pole and he sets out to find his real dad in New York after discovering his true past.

10 people who are all linked in some way try to found true love over the Christmas period

One Christmas eve Scrooge is visited by three ghosts who show him the true meaning of Christmas

Two women swop houses, cars and lifes over Christmas to forget about their rubbish love life's.

A little boy boards a magical train full of kids that is heading to the north pole and Santa Claus

One man intrigues New York when he claims he is Santa Claus and causes a public case against him

The Grinch has always been an outsider in his town of Whoville so one Christmas he decides to steal all the presents and ruin Christmas for everyone.

The last three are all a bit of a cheat as they are either, three films in one mention, not technically a Christmas film and one isn't actually a film, but its my post so who cares!



Favourite thing in the whole world!!!

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