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Photo Diary | January-Febuary

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I thought it was about time I had a little catch up/what I've been doing these past two months post with you all, so here is a little snippet into what I have been doing since the new year began!

  1. These are the flowers Cal got me for Valentines day. We don't celebrate valentines day really all we usually get each other is a card but he got some flowers delivered to me as a little surprise which was really cute. 
  2. For valentines day we just drove to Peterborough for the day and had lunch at the Homemade Burger Co which do the best burgers ever!! If you have a Franks near you then I am telling you they are better than Franks. Plus they serve huge chunky chips. 
  3. Me and Cal are trying to eat better and starting this year have vowed to cook for ourself's once a week together since we are rubbish at cooking right now. We both live at home so we can get away with not cooking. One night we made an amazing homemade toad in the hole with mash and carrots and believe me, it was incredible. 
  4. I can't do one of these posts without including a face mask selfie! Here I am with my all time favourite Lush mask, the mask of Magnaminty. 
  5. This month I had a Five Guys for the very first time, yes I know I am seriously late to the party. I had a strawberry milkshake with my meal and it blew my mind. Hands down one of the best milkshakes I have ever had. 
  6. In January I took the plunge to get false nails for the very first time. I just got french tips nothing to fancy but I fell in love with them. I thought I wouldn't be able to do anything for myself in them but after the first day, I was moving trends and changing bars at work and they didn't even get scratched! They lasted about four weeks and I probably should have got them off a week earlier as they were so out grown but I didn't want to get rid of them. They are off now sadly and I decided to give my nails a rest before I get some more at the end of march for a wedding I am going to. 
  7. Now another food photo... Cal and I have our own favourite curry house which does the best curries so when I had a weekend off we went out for a little date night there. My curry (which is the best) was a Chicken Tikka Masala (left) and Cal's curry was a Dansakk.
  8. Two friends and I spent a random day in London in January and we done loads! We went to the typical sightseeing places, went to oxford street and went shopping, went to the ice bar on regents street and finally had a late meal at TGI Fridays. We ordered cocktails like true Londoners. 
  9. Here is my Ice Bar selfie! The capes weren't too amazing but they kept us warm for sure! You pay £15 to enter the bar for 45 minutes and for a free cocktail. We lasted about half an hour before we got too cold and left to feed our bellies. It is beautiful inside though and worth a look if you are in London. 

My Travel Skincare Routine

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Yes that is me behind the flower in the mirror, say hi to make up free, glass wearing chelsea :)

Considering I have an overly large travel make up bag, my skincare bag is relativity small and all pretty different to my last skincare post. Link Here

I have considerably reduced the number of products I use on my face on a daily basis in the last few months and my skin went through a horrible period over Christmas so I swapped around all my products again in the last month.  This few products are what works best for me at the moment and I have no plans to change it any time soon. 

Starting with makeup removal I like to use the Garnier Micellar water as it gets all the dirt and makeup off my face so easily. It works wonders on eye makeup which is something I dread taking off everyday. This product also doesn't dry out my face which is one of the reasons why I love it. 

To wash my face I have been using this Spotless Daily blackhead Scrub which I purchase from Wikos at the end of last year. It is really cheap but it has become a really loved product lately, especially when my skin was at its worst. You can use it three different ways; with a lot of water to use it as more of a face wash, with little water to use it as more of a face scrub, or in the middle for a softer scrub. Hope you got that! 

A new product to my skincare is the Lush Eau Roma Water (post) which paired with the Blackhead scrub has completely rescued my face. Unlike most other toners it leaves my skin hydrated and refreshed and I think it has been one of the factors in clearing my skin.

I have been loving using the Origins Out Of Trouble face mask lately as a night mask on any lumps, bumps and spots on my skin. It reduces the size of them considerably and the redness surrounding any spots.

My last two products are moisturiser for the eyes and the face. I like to use the Lush Enchanted Eye cream during the day to brighten up my eye area. Then I like to use the Clinique Dramatically Different moisturiser to give my skin extra love during the night and on the days when my skin is extra dry and my toner isn't enough to quench its thrust .

Leave  me any links below to your own skincare posts and videos! 

LaRoc Beginners Eye Shadow Palette

LaRoc begginers eye shadow palette eBay

LaRoc is a brand that I have never really heard of before. I stumbled on this amazing palette by chance on eBay when I was hunting for bargains on the website, as you do. When I found this palette of 88 different shade for only £4.99 I couldn't say no! For that price even if they weren't very pigmented and I only used them for base colours I didn't mind at all since I had 88 colours to choose from. 

I am excited to tell you all that the pigmentation of these colours is in one word - amazing. The shade range is incredible with the colour ranging from white and greys, to nudes to golden browns and taupe's. Plus you don't just have one shade of each colour, you get around 5! This is a great palette for people who love to do natural everyday eye shadow but it also has other shades that you can create a good smokey eye with and vamp up your makeup for the evening. You also get a few extra crazy colours like the grass green, dark green and fushia colour, just in case some days your feeling adventurous.  There are 45 shimmer shades and the rest are all matte shades perfect to use as a base for the shimmer colours. You can already see big dents in some of the shades where I have worn them no stop recently. 

LaRoc begginers eye shadow palette eBay

Now the part you have all been waiting for... are the eye shadows good quality or not?
They are definitely great quality eye shadows especially for the price and size of the palette you get! The eye shadows definitely pack a punch when it comes to pigmentation and the texture is really creamy so you know they will last. To make the most impact I like to use the smudge brush that comes with the palette to apply the product to my eyes as normal eye shadow brushes don't pick up or transfer much product. These eye shadows last all day on my lids and don't need a top up or pick me up during the day which I love. Lastly the shade of product that you see in the palette is a true colour match for the shade that appears on your lids, too often does a eye shadow look slightly different on your skin to how it looks in the palette and then it ruins the look you were going for. 

The packaging of the palette is very sleek and no fuss which I like although it does get dirty very easily, especially when im switching back between my products and I still have makeup on my hands. Good that about this palette is that it is super easy to clean thank god! Yes the size of the palette isn't ideal for traveling but what do you expect if you want all 88 shades in one place? The palette is ultra slim so you can fit it in your luggage somewhere! 

I own a lot of eye palette now (slaps wrist) and I always seem to come back to this palette for shimmer shades to use on top of other eye shadows as the shades work with any eye shadow and add that extra bit of glam to a make up look. 

This palette would be great for a present or great to buy for yourself if you want a palette which has everything in. You can find this palette here

For All You Walk Lovers

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I love a good walk around a little village or a country park on my day off or during the evening. It clears my mind if something is bothering me and helps me think of new ideas or make decisions that are playing on my mind.

Here is a list of reasons why a good old walk makes life easier...
  • the peace and quite of the countryside 
  • the great views which take your breath away 
  • the house hunting opportunity 
  • being alone with your thoughts 
  • the chance to catch up and have a good chat with someone during the walk 
  • the creative juices that flow while your mind is free 
  • the good old fresh air - sometimes you need it after spending all morning in bed watching films 
  • the excuse to get your best fluffy warm coat out 
  • the good feeling you get when a old couple say hello to you on your walk because they are just that polite
  • the gardening inspiration
  • the chance to get out of the house
  • bumping into dog walkers and coo over their fluffy friends

My Extravagant Travel Makeup Bag

Travel Makeup Bag

For two days I stayed round my sister's flat while she went away (the lucky thing) and so I thought this was a perfect time to update my Travel Makeup Bag post. Now I have named this my Extravagant make up bag because I know that the contents of this bag is a bit excessive, I blame the size of my makeup bag! Enjoy my Makeup Bag guys! 
  • Bodyshop Tea Tree Pore Minimiser primer - Link
  • Pure Colour Mattifying Primer - Link
  •  Benefit Boi-ing Concealor in shade 02 - Link
  • Kiko Full Coverage Concealor in shade 02 - Link
  • Rimmel Lasting Finish 25 hour foundation in shade 103 True Ivory - Link
  • Rimmel Lasting Finish 25 hour Nude foundation in shade 200 Soft Beige - Link
  • Benefit Girl Meets Pearl - Link
  • Rimmel Stay Matte Powder in shade 001 Transparent - Link
  • Revolution Protection Palette in shade Light - Link
  • Bodyshop Honey Bronzing powder in shade 01 - Link
  • Revolution Contour Stick - Link
  • Pure Colour Hightlighter in shade 93 Gold
  • W7 In The Nude Palette - Link
  • MUA Power Brow pencil - Link
  • Sleek Eyebrow Gel in Clear - Link
  • Revolution Brown Eye pencil - Link
  • Max Factor False Lash Effect - Link
  • Sleek Leathal Length Mascara - Link 
  • Benefit Cream Eyeshadow - Link
  • Maybelline Colour Tattoo in shade Leather Effect - Link
  • Revolution Pure Pigments in shade Cautious - Link
  • Bodyshop Lipstick in shade XK503CD - Similar Link
  • Kiko Creamy Lipgloss in shade 103 - Link
  • Pure Colour Crayon in shade 17 - Link
  • Pure Colour Crayon in shade 65 - Link

January Loves '16

January Favourites Lush Revolution Sleek Newlook Bodyshop

It is crazy to think that it is the end of January already and I have a few great products to talk to you about today. 

Starting with skincare, I have been using the Lush Eau Roma Water Toner no stop since I purchased it this month. I was having a few skin problems at the time when I purchased this and I hoped it would fix my face with its magic and I'm happy to report it actually has. I spray two pumps of this toner onto my hands and then smooth it all over my face. It leaves my skin super soft, moisturised and feeling clean. 

Another product I have been using non stop since I purchased it is the Newlook | Pure Contour Palette in the shade Brown Pattern. I saw this palette open on the counter in Newlook and knew the light contour shade would be perfect for me and it was! It is my perfect shade to contour with and has brought the fun back into powder contour. Everyone is commenting on my contour game recently and most people are shocked to know the product in question is by Newlook. 

On them days when I'm being really lazy and want a more casual look, I use my trusty Revolution Contour Stick. This is my favourite cream contour shade ever! I have quite a few cream contour sticks in my collection but I always reach for my Revolution stick over all the rest recently! 

My next favourite is a new lipstick of mine by the Bodyshop which I have reached for most days since Christmas. This was one of my Christmas presents from my sister and it is a perfect shade for me. I have never owned a Bodyshop lipstick before now and since trying this product, I want to expand my collection. The formulation is so creamy and moisturising on my lips, they leave my lips healthy even when they are having a dry day. 

Lastly I have a product which has become a staple in my makeup bag this month. The Lethal Length Mascara by Sleek is great for big individual leashes. This is the only mascara I have been using on a day to day basis this month and if I do go out anywhere fancy or want to make more of an effort, I can up my mascara game but going over my lashes again with the mascara to add even more volume. 

January Favourites Lush Revolution Sleek Newlook Bodyshop
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