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New in Lip Products

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In the last few weeks I have purchased a few extra little lip treats for myself (because I deserve a treat for no reason) and I wanted to show them to you since I am a little excited about them. Where I live I don't have any Boots shops that stock NYK products, not even the MK store has them! So when I went to Leicester with my boyfriend and friends and noticed they has a NYK counter, well I was quite embarrassing if I do say so myself. I had to leave with something so I picked up the Butter Gloss in shade 15 Angle Food Cake. It is a mauve coloured nude which is my favourite lip colour at the moment as you can tell from my previous post. I love a lip gloss recently and after trying this butter gloss I am excited to get a few more shades. 

My next purchase was the Soap and Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Lipgloss (see the theme here?) in Plumsup. I had an old Sexy Mother Pucker lipgloss in my stash that just needed to be thrown away so I re-purchased a new one and I forgot how tingly it made my lips! The sensation is probably the best thing about the product and then there is the plumping of my lips. I don't have small lips anyway but sometimes you do want your lips to be bigger and juicer. Again this shade is my favourite nudey shade which I know I will get a lot of use out of. 

Lastly I picked up the Bodyshop Lip and Cheek Stain in Deep Berry 029 as a whim really. I didn't have any in my collection yet and I wanted a shade which I knew would be something I could get a lot of use out of and this dark berry colour is perfect for me. It is very pigmented but a watery consistently like most lip stains, I find that this lasts longer on my lips then the products I have tried years ago. I usually apply a small amount on my lips with the wand and then use my finger to blend it out and cover every inch of my lips. It dries quickly and then lasts for ages on my lips which is why I wanted it, it makes it look like I have permanent rosey lips which only you guys will know is not true. 

A Few Forgotten Gems

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I was shopping my stash recently and I have found a bundle of products that haven't seen the light of day in months now. My collection has boomed lately so it has been hard seeing every product that I have and finding time to use every single product. I recently sorted through my draws and condensed my makeup down from four to two draws which is really good for me. Here a few products that I have kept in my stash and need to try and show some more love to them.

I purchased this Next Palette so long ago now in a next store when I went in to find some funny presents for my family at Christmas. I have never tried Next makeup before so I was really intrigued as all these colours are gorgeous and it was only £10.  I can honestly say I have used this palette once since I got it which I am really sad about. The pigmentation of the colours are really vibrant but you do need to really work your brush to get the product. It is the kind of shadows where if you rub your finger into the product you get a lot of product but when you rub your brush in it, you don't get a lot of product off the brush. It isn't too much of a problem as I quite like using my fingers to apply eye shadow sometimes.

My next forgotten gem is the Bodyshop Shimmer Cubes Palette in 30. My friend bought me these for Christmas last year and I absolutely loved them! I used them for quite a few weeks but since then they haven't really been opened. The pigmentation of these is really good and I like to use these when I want some extra shimmer on top of another shadow or in the crease to give my look a little something. The cube includes the shades Dusty Fawn. Warm Copper, Burnished Gold and Rich Expresso and they are all shades I really love, especially Dusty Fawn as a highlighter! I really need to whip this out more often.

dior, next, beauty, makeup, bodyshop, benefit, erase paste, hello flawless foundation, addict, fluid stick,

I have included the Benefit Erase Paste in blog post before and really liked how it worked on my posts and blemishes but recently I have fell back in love with my Collection concealer and every other product has been forgotten. I have this concealer in number 1 Fair but I could still use something a little bit lighter as it is quite a orangey shade which obviously isn't good when you haven't got a tan. I have a sort of tan at the moment so I am going to pop this in my makeup bag and use it on some pesky spots that keep appearing on my chin.

Another Benefit product I have only used once is a sample size of the Hello Flawless foundation in the shade Honey. I got this in a Benefit box set and the women in boots colour matched me to the Honey box so that is the shade I got, once I was home I realised she must have needed glasses as it was so dark on me! Even with a tan I am still not the right shade for the foundation so that pot is a lost cause, I am hoping if I mix it with a really pale foundation I can find a shade that will suit me. Wish me luck on that one!

Lastly I have had my Dior Addict Fluid Stick in the shade 754 Pandore in my collection for years and I have only used it a hand full of times. It is am amazing product, with an impressive duration, in beautiful packaging and in the most vibrant colour but I don't really wear it. The colour is so vibrant it can't be worn on a day to day basis as it is too in your face (for me anyway). This is definitely more of a night out product with its bright red colour but when was the last time I went out and got dolled up? I don't even remember.
I have been promoted at my old job in my home town and will be starting back there in two weeks so I am hoping when I was not doing 10 hours days and getting up stupidly early to drive to work for 6 or 7 that I will have more energy and be more willing to go out again. I have been such a hedgehog recently in the sense that I have hibernated for most of the last 3 months. I even fell asleep when I had couples round my house for date night because I was that tired from travelling to and from my current job so coming back home is going to feel like heaven!

Anyway enough of my ramble, hopefully I find some time or occassion to wear these products otherwise they might be in my 'forgotten gems' post next year! Hopefully not!

Bath Time With Soap and Glory

Before I became embedded in the world of Lush products, my bathroom was full of mainly Soap and Glory products. I still love them and some of these gems I have had for years and still repurchase them when I am running low. You can never go wrong with Soap and Glory products especially when they are usually on 3for2 in boots! 

A little product I have thrown into this mix because I have recently really enjoyed using it in the shower is the Peaches and Clean Cleansing Milk. I included this in a post way way back in January 2014 so it has been a long old favourite of mine that I seemed to have forgotten about for a long while. I recently re-purchased it and I have really enjoyed how soft and smooth it leaves my skin. It is nice as a refreshing wash after you have cleaned your face of all the impurities. 

The Clean, Girls Body Wash is an old favourite of mine which is one product I dual use as a makeup brush cleaner and I can't decide which way I prefer. The wash lathers up so much you only need a small amount of product to cover your whole body, which is also great for when you clean your makeup brushes. It leaves your skin really soft and clean and feel so creamy when you work it in. I have had this bottle for what feels like years and I still have so much left, even after using it for cleaning my brushes every time! 

For when I need a big re-fresh and want to really make my skin smell amazing I like to use the Sugar Crush body wash purely because it smells a-m-a-zing! I don't even know how to describe the smell apart from sugar covered fruit. When I have had a long day or I feel really disgusting and grubby, I love using this product to make me feel human again. 

I have only ever had one favourite body scrub for years and that has always been The Scrub of Your Life. I like to call this scrub the best of both worlds as it has lots of beads in the product that works great at scrubbing your skin super smooth, plus once it mixes with water the product then turns into more of a wash as well as the beads so it is like using two products at once. 

The Righteous Butter is an old classic in most peoples books and rightly so, the tub you get is huge and the product lasts so long! I have tried a lot of body butters over the years but I always come back to the Soap and Glory Righteous Butter as it works every time and isn't greasy like some body butters. It sinks in quite fast as well so you don't end up standing like a statue for half an hour. 

I have another Bath Time post including some of my Body shop favourites to show you soon. Let me know if you think there are any products worth trying out? 

Lips By Kiko

I thought it was only right that I write a post about my lip products from Kiko as I love them quite a lot and think they deserve some lime light. For the price that they are, the products are such great quality and are lovely to use. 

Starting of with some of the many lip balm products I have from Kiko, I'll talk about the pH Lip Enhancer Base and Glossy Balm. I bought this in the first place ages ago because it intrigued me a lot, a pH lip enhancer? I didn't know what it would do to be perfectly honest. I agree with the 'glossy balm' statement as it leaves my lips very glossy and plumped, perfect to prep your lip before a lipstick. I do find that the product brings out the natural colour of my lips and makes it look more rosey and healthy, no body wants dull dry lips! It also smells of chocolate?!

I also have the Glossy Balm Ultra Moisturising Lip Balm. Yes I know its another glossy lip balm but I have a problem okay? This does have a difference to the previous one though. Instead of being a stick the packaging has a ball on the end that dispenses product onto your lips as you roll the ball on them. I love this packaging idea and it makes the application of the product really soothing as the ball is cold so the product stays cold on your lips while it sinks in. When you first apply the product it does feel quite greasy on the lips... until it sinks in and then it you are left with non - greasy hydrated lips! 

Now for my last balm of the day... the Kiss Balm in 03 Tutti Frutti. Firstly can I just say the packaging of this product is very cute and expensive looking, especially for just a lip balm. This gives my lips a gorgeous colour perfect for the summer months when you don't want to clog your lips up with a thick lipsticks but you want a some colour on your lips. This balm is super moisturising, probably the most moisturising out of all three. The colour doesn't last long on your lips but for the price you can apply this balm 10 times a day and it will still cost you less then a similar expensive version. 

Now time for my first lip gloss in the collection (well proper lipgloss, you'll understand when you read about the next product). The Creamy Wet Look Lip Gloss in 103 Pearly Coral is my lips but much better looking. The product does make my lips look wet but in a really nourished way if you know what I mean, they look like I'd tried to have some drink and missed my mouth badly. When I am having a 'no make up' make up day I like to use this lip gloss to give my lips so shine but not so I look like I have tried. 

Lastly my newest product from the brand is the Pencil Lip Gloss in number 10 Dark Rose. I choose this shade as it was a nudey/beige shade which as you can tell from my recent lipstick post, I am loving that shade. The pencil is a touch lighter on my lips then what I expected but I still love the colour that I get. Being a 'pencil lip gloss' is a strange concept to myself but to be completely honest with you, it is basically just a giant lip pencil. I love that I can cover my entire lips with just a few lines of this pencil because it is a large size and it comes in handy when you just want to quickly do something to your lips while your on the go. The durability of the pencil is standard I'd say, I put it on first thing in the morning and reapply it after my lunch and it lasts the best part of the day. 

If you haven't invested in some lip products from Kiko before trust me when I say they are worth a trip! 

August favourites

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There has been a few products that I haven't stopped using this August, to the point where I have turned my room upside down because I can't find them (they were in my hand bag for the record). I have mentioned the Dior Pore Minimizer Primer before in a post looking at my Dior Collection and I did say that I rarely use this product because it is expensive and a present from a relative. This month I stopped hiding it in my draw and whipped it out for some uses, I mean there is no point holding onto a product for it just to go off! It is a great product and leaves my skin so soft. I don't have a problem with big pores thankfully but when my skin has been red and patchy, this product has smoothed out my problems ready for my next products. I do believe it keeps my foundation on for longer as I used it when I spent the whole day in Leicester where it was windy and rained on and off, when I got home my foundation was still in tack and looking good.

My first and favourite loose powder that I like to use is the Newlook Pure Colour Loose Powder in Translucent. I used pressed powders for years and never wanted to try loose powders before until I decided to try out this powder from Newlook. I have now jumped on the bang wagon and wouldn't go back to my Rimmel Pressed Powder. It is great at keeping my under eye makeup in place all day and doesn't make my skin turn cakey or give me spots. That was one thing I was worried about with loose powder as you tend to use more product but I didn't need to worry. It can get messy and from now on I do keep my pot on the top of my draws as it gets messy when it moves around in my draws but it is easy to clean with a brush.

I have been going in between two different concealers this month and the first one is the Miss Sporty Concealer in Light. This is great at brightening my eye area and different points around my face. It is really creamy and easy to blend in which makes making my eye bags a thing of the past. It doesn't have a high coverage so I wouldn't use this on problem areas but it is a great eye concealer. My other concealer is the Bourjois Radiance Reveal Concealer in 01 Ivory. Again I use this concealer on my under eye area and it is great at brightening that area. This product is a thicker consistency than the Miss Sporty product so it takes a bit more to blend it in. I like going in between these two products depending on how much makeup I am putting on that day and how bad my bags are.

I have two lip products I have been all over this month and they are Mac Cremesheen in Delight and Clinique Colour Pop in Bare Pop. Yes I know I have mentioned Clinique Bare Pop why too much in my lifetime but I just love it sooooo much! I will try and stop talking about it but I can't promise anything... The Mac Delight on the other hand I think I have hardly mentioned which I am shocked about. It is the perfect lip gloss in shade and product, the shade is a perfect pinky nude which is great for everyday makeup and goes with any makeup look. The consistency is kinda thick but not so thick that your lips feel suffocated, it sinks into your lips and leaves them with a glossy colour on you lips which isn't sticky.

Lastly a hair product that I have been using for months now but it hasn't made its way into my favoruites before now is the Urban Therapy Twisted Sista Different Strokes Serum which I apply to wet hair before I leave it to dry. This gives my hair moisture, stops it going frizzy when it is dried and leaves it super smooth and shinny when it is dry. When I don't use this product my hair feels dry and rough and doesn't sit well whatever I try to do with it. I couldn't live without this product to be honest.

What products have you loved in August?

Top 3 Palettes In My Collection

I have gone a little crazy for eye shadow palettes this last year and most days now I wear eye shadow which is a stark contrast to previous years when I didn't even know what eye shadow was. Recently I have felt naked without something on my eyes and in my collection I have three palettes which I can't put down. None of these will be a big surprise to any of you as these are all pretty popular products on the scene, although that may be an understatement for the last palette!

As you can see from the photo this palette has really been shown some love since it was purchased. For just £10 you get 3 matte and 9 shimmer shades which are so easy to wear and blend like a dream. I was really surprised by the quality of this palette when I first tried it as the quality of the product is really good. The shadows are quite buttery so blend really easily and the colour pay off is so good for price. Apart from the last 2 shades (sorry dark purples) I wear most of these shades on a daily basis and two shades have been hacked at as they are so beautiful. The three matte shades are perfect colours to work as bases for the rest of the shimmer shades and you can create some really pretty looks with this palette. When I use this palette my eye shadows lasts all day on my lids, I usually use a Maybelline colour tattoo as a base primer to make sure it lasts me till bedtime. 

Once I knew the quality of W7 eye shadows were up there with some of the best, I invested in another palette when I came across one. This palette is perfect for smokey and glitter party looks, just like the previous palette the pay off and quality of the eye shadows is amazing for the price. I couldn't find this palette on the W7 website so I am unsure whether it has been discontinued or something? But I did find it on the Argos website of all places at half price so it is a right steal. The gold shades in this palette are beautiful and range from an intense dark gold to a subtle shimmer which could easily be used as a highlighter. Apart from the last black shade (I'm sorry but dark colour aren't for me) I love all the shades in the palette and enjoy playing around with it. 

You may notice but this palette is exactly like the W7 palette I've just talked about, the W7 palette is a dupe for this gorgeous palette which is a steal at the current price, but there is nothing like having the original. If you can afford to buy these palettes then definitely go out and buy one because they are amazing. If you can't then the w7 palettes are great substitutes, they aren't as good as Urban Decay but they definitely are a good dupe.  The quality of the Urban Decay shadows are just amazing, there is no other words to use. They are so pigmented, blend so easily and last all day with or without a primer. This palette really packs a punch with its colours and glitter and YDK is my all time favourite shadow of all time. 

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