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My week in outfits #1

I thought I'd start doing posts where I round up photos of the outfits I've wore that week that I especially like/love and wanted to share with you guys :) 

The first outfit includes the floral shorts I recently bought and posted about which are my new favourite piece of clothing! They are so vibrate and eye catching, I had a few people come up to me and ask me where I got them from so I felt good that I pulled them off. They hang so nicely and the material is great because they are light and dont get creased when you sit down which is brilliant! 
I would normal wear them with a chiffon cami top but because I was wearing them to work I didn't want to be moving around and flashing the flesh so I wore it with a plain strappy black t-shirt, black tights and a green cardigan which brought out the green in the shorts. 
The shorts and cardigan are from Newlook and the tights and plain t-shirt are from Primark

The second outfit is a new dress I recently bought which I am loving for the warmer months. It's is a carpet pattern dress which feels very tribal (if you know what I mean). I paired it with a black and gold rope necklace (matalan), a brown belt and a black cardigan (Newlook) as I wore this the day before the heat wave so it was still pretty cold. I love that you can literally throw on this dress and go, it is very easy to wear. 

And then lastly today since it's my day off and (apparently) it is going to be hot like it was yesterday (I wouldn't know...) I am wearing this fitted white and blue spot denim dress from Primark. I love how slim it makes me look and I think it makes me look taller as well which is a bonas! I'm wearing it with a little brown belt and some light brown sandle flats from Newlook.

Hope you've enjoyed this little post as I love reading them myself and I'm going to make them a regular thing here :) xx

Cheeky Purchases May '14

Hello Lovelies! I tried so hard to resist the temptation to buy clothes while I've been at work and then this week I relapsed and bought some items before I finished- slap my wrist! To make myself feel better I tell myself that I needed them but if I'm completely honest, I didn't need either of them at all but ah well... And shock the first one is a tube skirt. I'm obsessed!

We only just got this new range in my store called Fashion Union and this skirt was one of the first items that was sent to us and It was love at first sight! I don't know why I have suddenly become obsessed with tube skirts but my collection is amazing now and this white and peach check print one is lovely. I do have one problem with it though, when I wore it the first time I had to continuous keep pulling it back the right way as it kept turning, I was walking round with the zip on my hip until I realised it wasn't straight anymore which was kinda annoying. Apart from that I love it and think it will be perfect for the warmer months with a white top.

The second item are these gorgeous floral shorts which look amazing on, even on me! They are made out of the chiffon material which doesn't crease which you sit down which is perfect and they just hang really nicely on. I thought they would look great on tanned legs with a bright coloured top.

I also bought two tops, the first one is a light blue long chiffon shirt type top which I already have in a red animal print. I bought it again in this colour because it is easy to wear with just leggings and sandals when you want a casual day but  you also don't want to look too casual.

The second top and last item is a dark blue long sleeved top in a heavy material. I know it will (or should I say meant to) be getting hotter soon but I love that this top doesn't get creased and it hangs nicely when its on. I'm living in these kind of tops at the moment because you can wear them with skirts, shorts or trousers.

This was only a small little haul but I thought I would show you guys as I buy so many clothes, I might as well use this little blog as an excuse to make myself and my bank feel better :P Hope you lovelies enjoy! xx

April Favourites

Hello strangers! I've had a little break from here recently as
1) I have had a busy and stressful few weeks
2) I didn't have any ideas of what to write when I actually sat down and thought about writing a post. So thank god it is the beginning of the month (kinda still) so I can ease myself back in nicely.

This is going to be a very random group of items so enjoy! :)

First off are the two new movies I recently bought that I love so much! I read the book for Beautiful Creatures a few months ago and tbh I couldn't finish it as I felt it dragged on. But when I saw the film in HMV I really wanted to see if the film was better than the book. It was. It is sooo much better than the book and it actually made me find southern American accents attractive... I'm not even embarrassed haha! 

The second film is The Mortal Instruments - City of Bones which is sooooo good! I love fantasy/action movies and this is right up my street! The two leads are my favourite actors at the minute; Jamie Campbell Bower and Lily Collins.

This leads me on to my next favourite which is the lovely Lily Collins. She is beautiful, calming and is a great actress. I first saw her in the film Mirror Mirror and loved her in it, then when I bought The Mortal Instruments and realised that she was in it too, I loved it even more. She is my new girl crush and my hair envy, I am planning on dying my hair soon a little brown or reddish colour just like Lily.

A book that I have loved this month and read in a matter of days was How to fall in love by Cecelia Ahern. I read a really good review on it in a magazine so I thought I might as well buy it as I needed a new books to read. As soon as I started it I could not put it down! I couldn't stop smiling after I finished it. If you love reading books about love stories then this is perfect, I recommend it to you all! :)
The three make up items I have been loving this month were all presents from my friends so I didn't actually buy them myself but I have still been using them non stop. First is one of Tanya Burr's nail vanishes in the shade Bright and Early, I love the colour so much it is perfect for spring and summer. It is really easy to apply and looks good even with just one layer on. Tanya Burr gets a thumbs up from me.
The other two items of make up are both Mac products - My first Mac products actually yay! - They are the Mac Eye Kohl pencil in shade Teddy and the Mac Zoom Lash Mascara. These both have become my favourite eye products to use especially the mascara, it makes my eyes look really big and open but its keeps them looking natural as well which I love in a mascara

Sorry I've been slacking lately with the posts but now I feel like I'm getting my life back and dealing with the stresses that's been taking up my time and energy so hopefully more posts shall be coming along in good time! :)
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