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My Current Face | May 2016

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My current face routine has changed a lot recently with a few new products added to my everyday makeup bag and I thought it was about time I show you guys whats I have been loving. My new second skin has been the L'Oreal True Match foundation in the shade Vanilla Rose. I have heard so much about this foundation from Youtubers and Bloggers and I finally followed my heart and purchased it. The foundation is so dewy and glowy but in a none shinny and oily way, I was worried the shade I picked might be too dark but it matches me perfectly and gives me a nice natural tan as well as blending in well with my skin. I agree that this product is super bendable, it doesn't matter how much I slap on my face it still all blends in together and doesn't look caked on at all. 

To conceal my current favourite is the Miss Sporty Perfect Stay Concealer in Light which I tried out mainly because of Gabrielle I'm not going to lie. It definitely isn't a concealer to use on spots as the converge isn't there but as for under eye brightening, it is spot on. The light shade is perfect for brightening my eye area with my current foundation shades. 

To add a spot of dimension to my round face and my chubby cheeks I have been using the Maybeline Master Sculpt Contour and Highlighter in the shade 01. You can't go wrong with this powder as the contour gives a subtle contour to your face so you wont look like a drag queen by accident, something that I am prone to do often! The highlighter shade really compliments the subtle glow of the contour and I really like the effect it gives my face. 

As for eyes and brows I have been using my SmashBox Brow Tech Matte Pencil for absolutely months now, I purchased it at Biecster Village late last year and I haven't used another product since. It is so easy to work I haven't needed anything else since. To make my eyes more open I have been using the L'Oreal Volume Million Lashes which keep its hold all day if I use eye lash curlers. 

So this is all I have been putting on my face recently when usually I like to pick and choose from my whole makeup collection. What are some of your current favourites?

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My Favourite Primers

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A trend that I have really been embracing this year is primers and I have a collection of pretty good products in my stash now. Mainly all drugstore but I do have a special mention for one high end product which I love. I have recently finally purchased the Nivea Mens Post Shaving Balm which I am currently trying out so I wanted to take a look at my beloved old favourites before this product takes over my life.

Revolution Ultra Face Base Primer
I think this was the first ever primer I purchased and and the only silicone formula I have in my collection. I love the finish this gives my skin, it always feels like baby skin after I've used it and it does a great job of keeping my makeup in place all day. I need to repurchase this primer again as I'm nearly running out and I like to have it in my stash to go back to all the time.

Newlook Pure Colour Mattifying Primer
I've spoken about this product before quite a few time most recently on Pure Colour Collection so you will know how much I am fond of this product. It really works at stopping my skin from turning oily or shinny during the day and keeps my makeup up to scratch when I'm running around all day.

Benefit Pore-fessional Primer
This is a blogger classic which over the years I have received lots of samples of so I have never had to fork out on a full size which is helpful! The texture of this product is my favourite out of them all as it so soft and creamy on your skin. I tend to use this when I am going out for the evening or for special occasions.

Lastly I have a special mention for my Dior Pore Mininizer Primer which is my favourite (and only) high end primer. This is so luxurious for a primer and my ultra party primer potion for when I go to very special occasions, this baby isn't getting wasted!

My Beauty And Style Bibles | Lauren Conrad & Fleur De Force

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I love a good book and books about how to do certain makeup tricks and how to fine the perfect pair of jeans are my favorite kind. I find these books so good to help learners start picking the right products and finding their own techniques that work for them. I regularly go back to these books to help me do a certain style of makeup or what I should be avoiding. 

Fleur De Force \ The Glam Guide 
Of course like everyone else I went crazy for Fleur's book when it first came out, I pre-ordered it and wasn't disappointed when it arrived. Since I loved Fleur as a person and as a YouTuber, I knew I was going to love the content of this book. The range of topics it talks about is huge, it contains makeup, hair, fashion, travel, fitness, tips for blogging and YouTube and a section on self confidence and body image. She takes you through the colour wheel which tells you what colours suit which eye colours, the best brushes for every task and how to choose foundations. The layout of the book is so dreamy, it looks perfect on my book shelf on display and I find myself looking back on a day to day basis for little snippets to use.

beauty, books, bibles, lauren conrad, fleur de force, the glam guide,

Lauren Conrad \ Beauty 
I have been obsessed with Lauren Conrad ever since I was a die heart fan of The Hills. I loved her style and how she presented herself so of course I bought both her books! In the Beauty book she includes so much information, if you were to only buy one beauty book I would convince you to buy this one. The book includes skincare, haircare, how to deal with stress, fitness and food, everyday and party makeup, everyday and party hair, nails and lastly it gives you lists of ingredients you should avoid using for certain skin. It literally has everything in! It includes photos of loads of different models with all different skin colours, hair colours, hair lengths and styles to show you how to do different makeup and hair on different people. Just like The Glam Guide this book looks so pretty on my shelf and very swish. 

beauty, books, bibles, lauren conrad, fleur de force, the glam guide,

Lauren Conrad \ Style 
Just like Lauren's Beauty book, her Style book is jam packed full of useful tips, tricks and lovely photos of Lauren looking beautiful- slight girl crush going on. It includes so much helpful tricks that help you save money like where to splurge and save, how to update outfits, how to shop effectively online, how to prolong outfits, how to hand wash clothing and how to dress a LBD 5 ways. It also talks about how to find the perfect pair of jeans, how to de-clutter your wardrobe (I bet we all need to do this), every pair of shoes you'll need and how to downplay and show off you different body parts. As well as all that it has extra sections of makeup and hair (which is a condensed version of her beauty book), how to dress for work and school and what to take with you when you are traveling. 

All of these books are so useful and worth a read if you are into beauty like me, they also all say slightly different things so it isn't like reading the same book twice. I love reading different peoples opinions on certain trends and how they do it on themselves. One thing all of these books have in common is they have a section on 'how to do smokey eyes' which is perfect for me! I am slowing getting better which I like to think is because of these books. If you have any other beauty books that are worth a read, leave them in the comment. 

Rimmel Foundation | The Formulas

The one drugstore brand who I think know their foundations really well are Rimmel, they dominate my foundation collection by more than half and every formula they come out with suits my skin so well. Rimmel is one of the first brands I started using when I dove into makeup in my teens and I still love the same products now.

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My all time favourite foundation and the first one I ever tried out is the Rimmel Wake Me Up. This foundation gives me perfect glowy skin and a little subtle shimmer to my skin. It has a medium coverage so it covers most blemishes and it doesn't cake on my face no matter how much product I put on. yay! The shimmer to the foundation isn't to everyone's taste but I love the glow it gives me and that's why this foundation is a staple in my summer makeup bag. Plus for a smaller size bottle the product lasts for ages!
I have this product in 100 Ivory and 200 Soft Beige

Another formula I love from Rimmel is their Match Perfection foundation which was my holy grail foundation for about 2 years. This is my bog standard good skin in a bottle foundation, no matter what my skin is playing at at the time this foundation comes to the rescue every time. It again is a medium coverage which is build-able depending on how your skin is behaving and how much product you want to use. I specially like to use this formula when my skin is particularly red and patchy as you can never till once I have this foundation on. This foundation is my go to holiday/tanned shade.
I have this product in 201 Classic Beige

My last formulation I am going to talk about is the Rimmel Lasting Finish 25 hr foundation. I have this foundation in both the Nude and the Comfort Serum, to be completely honest I can't tell the difference between them but I love them both. This is the foundation which is 9/10 times in my handbag with me in case I need a touch up or I am on the move somewhere. Like the match perfection formula this foundation gives me good skin when my skin isn't particularity behaving and can be built up to give more than the medium coverage that it gives with one layer.
I have this product in  103 True Ivory and 200 Soft Beige. 

One thing I love about Rimmel Foundations is the price, you can't go wrong with a good foundation for £7.99. It doesn't matter what brand I try for a new base - and I am trying to branch out a little bit- I always find my way back to Rimmel as I know their products work for my skin. All three formulas blend really easily into the skin so that it doesn't look like you have a layer of slap on and they last all day.

Which formula is your favourite?

Pure Colour Collection | The Good, The Bad and The Wonderful!

Every since Newlook started selling their Pure Colour makeup range I have been hooked, I swore by the Kelly Brook nail polishes and mascara and then they reformulated their makeup and I fell even more in love. The reformulated version is called Pure Colour and my collection is rather large now...

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I have purchased loads of base products from Newlook over the months, my all time favourite is Mattifying Primer which is a really good primer for the price that it is. It really helps to make my foundation last longer and it gives me silky smooth skin which I love. I also have the Illuminating Primer which I am not as big a fan of as I don't think it changes how my skin looks that much, but as a primer it is still good. 

I have two types of foundations from the range, the first is the Liquid Foundation in the shade 03 Beige which I really like to wear on 'no makeup days' when I am lazy. It lasts on my face all day at work and blends in really nice with your fingers rather than a brush. I also have the Foundation and Contour Sticks in 01 Light  and 02 Medium. On my arm the Medium Foundation looks considerably darker then the Lighter shade but the difference isn't this large in real life. I like to use the light shade all over my face and then the medium shade to contour my cheeks and temples. 

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One of the first products I purchased was the Liquid Concealer with the Liquid Foundation and compared to the quality of the foundation, the concealer didn't impress me at all. I don't like how it looks on my skin and I don't like blending it in either. It also doesn't hide anything which is its main job. That's enough of  a bad review, now onto my all time favourite product from the range, the Contour Palette!! I actually only use one shade in this palette but that one shade makes this palette my all time favourite. The contour shade is so perfect for my skin, it isn't too brown or too muddy looking which I find a lot of the time.

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Another of my favourite products from the range is the Highlighter Stick in 93 Gold. This is a gorgeous golden shimmer highlighter which blends in really easily and doesn't stick out on the skin. The Baked Power Highlighter is also an amazing product, it is more of a highlighter / bronzer with its golden brown pigment.

Newlook, Pure colour, Makeup, collection,

I have two eye products from the range as well, the Baked Eye shadow in 91 Bronze is amazing and super pigmented. I haven't had much use of the Waterproof Ink Liner but from trying it on my hand I can see it is long lasting as I can't get out off afterwards.

I have already given you two posts about the Pure Colour Lip Sticks before so I wont go into too much detail as you can read them both here Pure Lips #1 / Pure Lips #2. I also have some Matte Lipsticks from the range which I was really excited to try but they are just too matte for me and they dry my lips out too much which I am really disappointed about. The lip crayons on the other hand are so nourishing on the lips and leave a shiny smooth colour on my lips. 

Newlook, Pure colour, Makeup, collection,

My Collection is definitely a large one but for the price of the products you can't go wrong. Since I was only disappointed in two of the product I think that is a pretty good run. 

Have you tried any of the Pure Colour collection?
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