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Festive Nails With Newlook

Festive Nails With Newlook

I love scanning Pinterest for festive nail designs during this time as they are my favourite styles to look at with all the glitter and sparkles. I wish it was acceptable to wear glitter nail vanish all the time but lets be honest if I wore a bright blue glitter nail polish during summer I think I'd get funny looks. Last year I treated myself to a gift set of festive nail vanishes from Newlook. You all know I love Newlook make up and their nail vanishes are just as good as the products I rave about.

Festive Nails With Newlook

In the set you get 7 different polishes which are all wearable and great quality, two are stand alone shades and the other 5 can be worn together as a base coat and a top coat of glitter (Deep Pink with Multi or Pink Pattern on top and Silver with Crystal on top). Deep Pink is a lovely glittery red with a hint of pink in which I was wearing in the photos for my October Favourites Post. This can be worn by itself for a pretty red nail and lip combo or with these two gorgeous glitter shades on top to really make your nails pop. Pink Pattern is a perfect bright glitter overload top coat which is a perfect shade for Deep Pink and Multi is a crazy colourful glitter top coat which has every colour imaginable in the pot! Both of these glitter top coats are great quality and I usually use two top coats of the glitter to make sure the glitter is evenly distributed.

At Christmas time I either go crazy on the gold or crazy on the silver, both are perfect for the festive period and some times good quality silver nail vanishes can be hard to get hold of, they either don't apply well or don't make a solid coat. This silver polish applies evenly and looks so metallic on the nails which is perfect for this season. To add an extra punch I love popping the Crystal polish on top to add even more glitter and sparkle. 

My two bright stand alone shades are Bright Blue which is as you can guess a glittery bright aqua blue which is unlike any colour I have seen before. It has a hint of green to it and sparkles like crazy as you move your fingers. My last polish is a deep purple glitter which stands out so much it is perfect for a crazy dark gothic festive look. This shade has been perfect for wearing on my toes during the last month as it is the right colour for the season and makes my nails look really put together when all I've really done is whack a bit of polish on them.  

I love Newlook products we all know that and they have recently re-branded (again) their range so hopefully they will bring out another nail polish gift set which amazing colours like these again. I will be sure to link them on my twitter or Instagram for you once I find them! What are you favourite festive nail products? Watch out for a second post on some of my favourite festive nail products from other brands and expect lots more glitter!

The Anti Matte Lip Products

The Anti Matte Lip Products

With all the hype around matte liquid lipsticks that seems to be everywhere right now I thought I would share with you some my most treasured moisturising lip products in my collection. Now I am not hating or bashing matte lip products in any way I have quite a few Nyx Matte Lip Cream in my collection which I really like. 

First of I have a Max Factor Lipstick in the shade Sun Bronze 837 which is a gorgeous mauve shade which has very subtle sparkles in and leaves my lips with a glossy hydrating finish. Another brand of lipsticks which are perfect when my lips are having a dry spell are the Bodyshop Lipstick which don't have a name which is very annoying. I have the shade 11, which I haven't used used yet if I am honest because it is a very little shade compared to my skin tone, and the shade 13 which is again my favourite shade of mauve. It is really moisturising on the lips and like the Max Factor lipstick leaves a nice glossy finish on the lips. 

A group of lipsticks that I have talked about some many times on this blog are the Clinique Colour Pop lipsticks which I bloody love to bits. They are super moisturising and the colours look lovely on the lips, these are great lip products for the summer when your lips need a little TLC but you also want a popping colour on the lips. 

My last lip stash that I absolutely love to give my lips some moisture on a day to day basis are the Rimmel Moisture Renew and Sheer and Shine formulas. I know everyone is going crazy for the new Rimmel Matte Lipsticks right now but these will always be my all time favourite Rimmel Lip products. These are so glossy and balm like that you feel like you you aren't even wearing a lipstick on your lips. The best thing about these lip products? They are glossy and luxurious on the lips but don't lack in colour and pigment. I find with some moisturising lip products that they run of your lips or rub on a glass or when your eat. The colour of these lipsticks is really pigmented and lasts a lot longer than other lipsticks. 

Glitter Party Eyes

beauty, makeup, urban decay, naked 2, maybelline, loreal, bodyshop, revolution, cream eyeshadow, shimmer bricks, pigments, glitter, party, eye looks,
beauty, makeup, urban decay, naked 2, maybelline, loreal, bodyshop, revolution, cream eyeshadow, shimmer bricks, pigments, glitter, party, eye looks,

When I think of eye makeup during winter and the Christmas party season all I think of is glitter, lots and lots of glitter and rich bright golden colours. This is my favourite time of year for makeup as I love the colours and I think they really compliment my complexion and hair colours.  I have a few of my favourite glitter products which get a lot of love during this season and they really don't disappoint.

Starting with the best Urban Decay know how to create party makeup with this palette of brown, taupes and glitters. This includes 8 glitter shades from a silver (Verve) to a mix of golds (Half Baked) to browns (Snakebite) and a taupe (Busted). My all time favorite shade is YDK which is an amazing dark gold with so much glitter packed into it. You could create so many party looks with this palette which makes it a great product to have in your collection. Plus the quality of the eye shadows is beyond amazing. 

This is just so so beautiful I had to buy it ready for Christmas, yes it is very bright but the bright the better I say when it comes to golds. Most palettes have a gold shade in but they are never like this gold so I had to put this in my collection. You get a lot o product in the small pot and the quality of the product is great. You could easily use a light hand and use this product as a highlighter as well so it has a dual use. 

Maybelline Colour Tattoo in 05 Eternal Gold and 70 Metalic Pomegrante
You all know how much I love cream eye shadows and these two shadows are perfect for creating Christmas eyes. Metalic Pomegrante is a gorgeous burgundy glitter shades which you can wear quite sheer for a everyday festive look or you can pack on the product to make more of an impact with the glitter.  The Eternal Gold shade is perfect for highlighting your inner eyes and brow bone and for adding a bit of gold to your lids to make your eyes pop.

Body Shop Shimmer Cubes in 30
I've spoke about these cubes before in previous posts and Christmas is finally the time where I can put these glitter cubes to use. The shades are perfect for making festive holidays looks and adding a bit of glitter everyday.

Revolution Pigment in Dynamic
I am venturing into the world of pigment this year and I am starting with this Revolution pigment. This dark golden pigment in packed full of glitter and will make a great addition to a smokey eye for a festive night out. A little big of this pigment goes a long way and adds a punch to any makeup look,

Newlook Autumn Lookbook ft Ways To Style Knee High Boots

I have always wanted a pair of knee high black boots for winter but being a right short arse like myself I had never found any boots that fitted my short legs. Then came along these beauties which fit me perfectly and look pretty good if I do say so myself. I have pieced together a few of my favorite outfits I have paired with the boots already. 

Newlook Autumn Lookbook ft Ways To Style Knee High Boots

I love this long jumper from the Cameo Rose section of Newlook so much already, it is the perfect length to wear as a dress with either tights or jeans and the boots. It is so warm that you don't need any other jackets on top to shield you from the weather. It is a really flattering shape and it will be a perfect outfit for when your having a fat frumpy day. The only thing about this jumper is that you can only really wear it when it is really cold, I was sweating my hair off in some of the shops. 

Newlook Autumn Lookbook ft Ways To Style Knee High Boots

Following on from my last jumper I recently bought this brown roll neck from Newlook and it is the comfiest jumper I own at the minute. Every year I like to invest in some new jumpers since I usually wear my old ones to death every winter. You can't go wrong with a brown roll neck as the colour is perfect for the time of year and you can throw it on with a pair of jeans and your ready to go. With the boots the outfit looks more feminine and grown up which helps me since I look about 15. 

Newlook Autumn Lookbook ft Ways To Style Knee High Boots

How beautiful is this floral black skirt?! It is the prettiest design and perfect to jazz up a plain black outfit, I like styling this skirt with a plain black top like this boxy sporty style top, black tights and my new knee high boots. I have an outfit that looks put together when all I've done is thrown on a pretty skirt and some gorgeous boots. 

Newlook Autumn Lookbook ft Ways To Style Knee High Boots

One outfit I love to wear with my new boots is black skinny jeans and a long flowing shirt. I find it really flattering on my body shape as my legs looks super skinny and long thanks to the boots but my tummy is covered if I am having a fat day. The Topshop Joni jeans are my all time favourite jeans to wear and because they are high rise they help with hiding the mince pies I've been eating lately. Any shirt will do but obviously if its floral its even better. 

Newlook Autumn Lookbook ft Ways To Style Knee High Boots

Lastly, although I usually like to wear black and fade into the back ground I do love the look of back knee high boots with light blue jeans. To finish off the look and make me look even more preppy I have been loving this shirt jumper from Primark which is super cute and hangs in just the right way to look really flattening on me. This is the kind of outfit you can just throw on and it looks casual all without trying.

How would you style these boots?

What I've Been Reading Lately | Part 2

I love sitting in bed curled up in my pjs reading a good book and in my last book post I talked about my favourite book series' to read and now I have for you some more books I have been reading which I just love. To give you a breakdown of what type of books I love, I mainly read young adult romance fiction but I also love a good action book with magic in.

That Secret We're Keeping by Rebecca Done 
This book really pulled on my heart strings but because of the concept of the book I felt kind of ashamed to admit it. The story follows a man and women who meet again after 10 years of no contact, they met a decade ago when he was a teacher and she was a pupil. They had a relationship and get caught out which is why they have had no contact. Most of the book is in the preysent tense with a few chapters thrown in from the past to tell you exactly how they started and ended their relationship. I will admit this book made me cry and with it being a taboo subject you may be surprised to know I was crying because I was routing for the couple so much. I love this book a lot and it is a real tense pull on the heart strings kind of read.

You and Me, Always By Jill Mansell 
This has to be my favourite book of the year so far! It is about a girl who meets a famous guy and of course they fall for each other (who wouldn't) but waiting in the wings has always been the friend of hers who is a big player and wouldn't look at her in a million years because they are friends. Like any human who has just realised the person they have loved for years but never done anything about now has a rich sexy actor boyfriend, he gets jealous. While all of this is going on the girl is trying to track down the man who was her mothers only true love so that she put together more pieces of the mother she lost too soon. I go really invested in this book and it started a love affair with the Author, I recently downloaded seven more books of hers and the last book I read was Falling For You by Jill and I would really recommend it!

The Substitute by Denise Grover Swank 
The concept of this book is absolutely hilarious of meeting a stranger on a plane and leaving the airport with a pretend fiancee to please a super high maintenance mum who would make the characters life a misery if she knew the truth. The main male character Josh is so dreamy I can admit that I fell for this fictional character a little bit. You know a book is good when you fall for a made up character.  This is the kind of book for when you need a little pick me up because it light hearted, romantic and hilarious.

Love Me, Love Me Not by S.M Koz
This book has very adult themes but is such a good read and really got me invested. It follows a girl who hasn't had an easy life in foster care and ends up living with a real genuine nice lad and his parents. Of course her old life comes back to haunt her and that plus a jealous ex girlfriend nearly ruin her nice new life. Some parts made me feel really sad for the characters and my heart went out to Hailey the main girl most of the time as she just has bad luck. This includes real adult themes and a dodgy druggie ex boyfriend who I hate so much with a passion.

PS... Eye Shadow Palettes

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I have got a lot of things in Primark over the years but if you told me I would purchase and really like their brand of makeup I would not have believed you. I am not a snob when it comes to makeup at all, drugstore brands are my baes for life and Newlook makeup is just incredible but Primark, I was sceptical  about.

I was feeling adventurous one day when I was in Primark with my sister so decided to try two of their eye shadow palette for £2.99 each. First of all that is ridiculously cheap! I did think even if the product wasn't any good It isn't like i've wasted much money. You get 9 shades in the palettes which is a great number and I picked up two palettes. A neutral brown selection and a more pink and purple selection which I thought I could have a little play with one day.
eye shadow, palettes, primark, review, beauty, makeup, nudes, pinks, the girl gang, blogging gals,

Both Palettes have a base colour in the selection which I like as recently I have been using base colours. I find all the shades I have tried so far are really creamy, more creamy then I expected to be perfectly honest so that was a good surprise. They aren't ridiculously pigmented with one swipe like the Naked Palettes but I find they are really easy to build up and make dramatic.

The nude palette is perfect for creating a everyday smokey eye and would be great for beginners who want to play around with makeup since it wouldn't matter about wasting the product on practice runs. And for people like me who only really wear smokey eye colours, spending £2.99 on a palette with different colours then what I'm used to is an absolute bargain. I am very careful not to waste money on expensive makeup which I don't know whether I would like or get use out off.

The packaging is very much copying Mac but that definitely works in their favor as younger girls (and boys) who can't afford a Mac palette can purchase this instead. Obviously the product isn't the same but this palette is a good item to hold you over until you can purchase the expensive version. It is also a great size for traveling.

Since buying these I have found that most days this last week I have used the brown palette because it is really quick and easy to blend out and go. I even got complimented on my eye makeup at work and that has never happened when I have wore Mac or Urban Decay before. That makes it a winner for me!

October Favs

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I am so happy that it is November finally, I feel like I have been waiting for this month since January. This year I won't be prepared for Christmas presents but I already have a bunch of festive posts lined up so I am happy about that. My proprieties ladies and no gentlemen.

Anyway I have a few products I have been loving this past month and I am going to start off with the prettiest of them all. I bought these brushes in September after reading Makeup Savvy's blog post about them and I am so glad that I did. They are from eBay and they are only £4.99 for 7 brushes! They are an absolute bargain. I love the gold design of them and they are the perfect size for sticking in your makeup bag on the go. The brush hair is super soft and gentle which is the main reason I love them so much, I have a huge pot of eye makeup brushes from loads of different shops and brands but these brushes are now my favourite for creating eye looks. They are the perfect size for blending out eye shadows and most importantly blend them out beautiful so you don't have any harsh lines and the eye shadows don't go all the way up to your eye brow. You also get a foundation brush and two face brushes that I like to use for bronzing and contouring (which is why they are a little dirty)

An old favourite that I have pulled back out of my draw is the Dior Pore Minimzer primer. It is very expensive but for a good reason as it is a great product that keeps my makeup in place all day and makes my skin feel like a babies bottom. The tub has lastly me a few years as well even with me using it more and more over the last few months.

Two products that I purchased only two weeks ago but have fallen in love with are the L'Oreal True Match Liquid Glow Illuminator and the Tanya Burr Face Illuminator. These are both golden illuminators which I tend to wear underneath my foundation on top of cheek bones. These give my skin a really lovely glow from within look and gives my skin some dimension before I have even contoured or bronzed. You only need a small amount of product on your face so these tube will definitely last me a long time, these will definitely come in handy during next summer.

A new mascara that I have been loving the past month is the Revlon Volume and Length Magnified mascara which is my new favourite mascara ever. The wand is big and fluffy so it is perfect for getting big fluttery lashes and perfect for my straight lifeless mascara.

Lastly a lipstick that I have been reaching for the most this past month is the Newlook lipstick in 24 Mid Brown which is the perfect dark nudey brown. The lipstick is really creamy and glides onto the lips really smoothly. It lasts me usually till about lunch time and then after I have eaten I reapply it and I am good to go.

monthly, favourites, october, tanya burr, revlon, loreal, dior, eBay, beauty, makeup, newlook

What were you favoruites of the past month?
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