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The Best Of Tanya Burr Cosmetics

The Best Of Tanya Burr Cosmetics
The Best Of Tanya Burr Cosmetics

I thought it was about time I wrote a whole post on one make up brand/collection that I have a growing stash off and which is one of favourites at the moment. Most of my stash are from a few of her collections with most of them still in shops as far as I am aware so I definitely think you should try these products if you haven't already!

The Face Illuminator is my all time favourite product from her collections because the product inside works really well on my skin and helps me look more alive when I don't always feel it. I use this underneath my foundation to give my skin a glow and to make me look more tanned. I love this product so much and I have 3 squeeze tubs of it in case it runs out, prepared much?! This product is only £8 and it does exactly the same as what some products which cost £30+ do so if you love the glowing from within look this is definitely up your street! 

Next up is her Illuminating Powders and I have both Warm Bronze and Champagne Sorbet which are both stunning. I love bronzers and Warm Bronze is the perfect shimmery warm toned powder to use normally when you have a tan or to use with a light hand over a flat bronzer to give your cheeks a real healthy glow. I love wearing the bronzer by itself or on top of other bronzers and it always looks nice. I am not a big highlighter gal on a day to day basis but Champagne Sorbet isn't too over the top so when I am in the mood to wear something this is perfect for looking natural.

I also have the My Paradise Eye Palette which is stunning! I love all four colours and they blend together to make such beautiful looks. I am quite a boring girl when it comes to eye shadow, I like one or two shades which match that I can blend together and I am done. None of this cut crease shit I don't have time for that! So this palette is great because all four colours work well together and when I wear them they are natural on the skin and don't look like I've made too much effort.

Lastly I have my first ever Tanya Burr product if I remember correctly, the Beautifully Defined Palette (ebay) which has 3 eye shadows, a contour, a powder highlight and a small tub of my favourite face illuminator. I used this palette non stop when I first got it because it has everything you would need in it. The contour shade can look quite scary in the pan but on the cheeks it is really subtle and blends in really easily.  The 3 eye shadow shades are right up my alley with the matte and shimmer brown tones and again they blend in really easily and look really natural. Annoyingly this palette isn't sold anymore from what I can see but I can see Tanya bringing out something similar in the future (well I am hoping anyway because I would buy that too)

The main thing I have found with most of the Tanya Burr products is that they all give me glowing healthy skin and I love that a lot. If I am going on a night out or going out on a sunny day I reach for these products because I know I will look good in them even if my skin is having a hiccup that day (which is most days lately...)

I would definitely recommend Tanya Burr Cosmetics if you haven't tried them yet and I haven't even spoke about her lip products... that might have to be a separate post!

A Very Christmasy Day | Christmas Tree Shopping

A Very Christmasy Day | Christmas Tree Shopping

Christmas is my favourite time of year as you should all know by now so when I had the chance to go with my friend to buy a Christmas tree I of course tagged along! Since I've been a little girl I have always had fake Christmas trees and Cal and I recently bought our own tree for our house which is a beautiful fake tree from studio. I have watched vlogs of people going out and picking their trees and since then I've wanted to tag along with someone. I personally am too lazy for the upkeep of a real tree and prefer having a tree already that I can pack up and store for next year. Buying a real tree every year can be expansive and having just bought a house most of money goes on my mortgage!

 We went to Stagsden Christmas Trees in Bedford which is basically 10 minutes away from the main Bedford roundabout. The small little inside shop sells everything from baubles, reefs, tables decorations and everything in between. I love cute little Christmas shops like this and had a good look round for some more house decs. I picked up a super cute white fur squirrel with tinsel wrapped around his neck which matches another two white animals we purchased from The Range previously. |I am planning on doing a Christmas Dec haul once we have all we need.  I find in these kind of shops you find really special house ornaments and decorations that you keep for years and my little squirrel is definitely one of those.

Once we had a little shop inside we made our way in to the forest of Christmas trees which was just magical! Having grown up loving Christmas trees walking through a forest of thousands of them was definitely unreal. There were so many different types of trees to choose from, if it was me I don't know if I would have been able to choose to be honest. I did end up taking quite a few photos in the trees because who wouldn't?!  I feel like this might be a yearly tradition now even just to tag along.

For those who are interested this is the tree Cal and I bought, we aren't getting it till after the 10th of December which way is too late for me which is why I have a second little white tree in our bedroom to keep my going till my main one arrives.

A Very Christmasy Day | Christmas Tree Shopping

Changes | 2017

My life has changed completely this year all for the better but it still feels strange to think about how much it has.

Changes | 2017

At the start of the year Cal and I were waiting for our mortgage offer to be accepted which was a very anxious time for both of us. I get nervous speaking to new people anyway so having to talk to different mortgage accountants and solicitors was a bit nerve racking, plus I don't sound very professional at the best of times. It didn't take very long to get all the legal side sorted so it was just a waiting game after that. I can't explain what emotion I felt when we were told we finally had our mortgage offer and just needed to wait for our completion day. I have wrote a few posts about the process and although it can be a really hard and draining process for some people, we were quite lucky that we didn't have a house full of stuff to move or kids and pets to get settled. Because it was just us two we could do it all at our own pace which made it more fun.

Then moving into a new place for the first time with my partner was a very strange feeling, I am a big home person and I am the kind of person who if I got the choice to go out and do something or stay at home... I would stay at home. My room in my parents house was my favourite place so leaving that behind to live with someone else was a big step for me. I am quite an independent person in that I am happy to do my own thing on my days off or evenings so spending every evening with someone is different. Now that I have lived in my house for 7 months it feels completely like home and I love it so much. Cal and I have found our rhythm living together now and our house is coming together and by the beginning of next year we hope to have the final touches done.

If that change wasn't big enough Cal proposed to me the first night we slept over in our new house and I really wasn't expecting it at all! I know some people say that proposing means nothing it is just a piece of jewelry but it has definitely changed our relationship. It still feels weird walking around with a sparkly ring on my finger, it definitely makes me feel more grown up. I have forgot to wear it a few times because it is still new to me which Cal doesn't let me forgot haha. I have wrote a post on our engagement story for you to read.

They say good things normally come in threes but this year I had a fourth big change happen to me! I have been working in retail management for 4 years now and like in most retail jobs, to get to where you want to go you have to move up the ladder which can take years. Over the years I have been a Sales Advisor, Supervisor, Sales Manager and Deputy and finally I am a Manager of my own store!! I love working in small stores, I love smaller spaces so I can do more things in a shorter time and I find working in smaller stores I can do more. When I have worked in larger spaces I find I am just people managing all day rather than merchandising ect. I love all my staff that I have who are all lovely girls and am so happy in my store!

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November Clothing and Skincare Haul

November Clothing and Skincare HaulChristmas is coming thick and fast now it feels and while I've been gallivanting around looking for Christmas presents I may have purchased a few presents for myself too... If you can't treat yourself who will hey?!

Starting with the skincare I have been on the hunt for some new skincare products to change up my routine because my currently not very friendly and my old routine wasn't working. I decided to take it back basic and re purchase some of my old favourites which served me well before hand. First of all I re purchased the Lush Ultrabland Cleanser which I used to live on back in 2015. I went through about three tubs of the cleanser at the time and at the time my skin loved it and definitely was in better condition than what it is in now, but then I ran out of my last tub and decided to branch out and try other cleansers like the Clinique Take The Day Off balm. I still have that balm in my collection but I still love but I tend not to reach for it on a daily basis because it irritates my eyes whereas the Lush cleanser doesn't irritate me at all. Hopefully this product can help calm down my skin and I will definitely let you know how I get on with it!

Next I have a moisturiser which again I used to love back in 2016 which is the Origins Gin Zing Ultra Hydrating Moisturiser. This used to make my skin feel so amazing and when I was having partially dry patches this moisturiser sorted them right out.  I stopped using this again when I ran out of the tub and since I normally buy it from Bicester Village because it is cheaper than buying it store, it wasn't worth a trip just to pick one tub up so I tried other products. I was using the Sukin Moisturiser but I feel like while my skin is this irritated I need something that I know works well and my skin likes.

On to clothing I picked up this super cute pearl top (similar) from Zara in Oxford a few days ago and I am in love. I love the safisicated but simple look of the pearls on black and think it will look super cute tucked into a high waist skirt and black tights for winter. I already have a jumper exactly the same but with longer sleeves so I know I'll get a lot of wear out of this.

I also bought two new jumpers from Newlook which are so flattering I have been throwing them on most days. They are just a simple long length design which covers my bum which is my favourite thing about them. Most jumpers now are cropped in some way and even though I love a good crop on some things... I welcome long body items into my wardrobe too! I have the jumper in burgandy and cream and love pairing them with ripped blue jeans and boots.

Lastly I have two new pairs of jeans to share with you, yes two blue pairs of ripped jeans. My excuse was I really need blue jeans... I have loads of black but not any blue jeans apart from one pair which I am absolute in love with but they have rips all over the bum. I have been on a hunt for these jeans again everywhere and couldn't find any! Then I tried these blue high waist hallie jeans from Newlook and I didn't hate them so I bought them thinking I would never find my jeans. The next day in Oxford I found the ripped blue skinny jeans I wanted AND they were in petit -dream come true! I had already wore the first pair of jeans so now I have two pairs of blue jeans but don't be mistaken, they are very different! One in a thin comfy material and the other is a thicker high waist style.

My Favourite Shops For Home Decor

My Favourite Shops For Home Decor

Ever since moving out I feel like I am always on the hunt for items to add to the house. I always used to like looking through the home sections of shops before but now I actually have space to put these bits rather than stuffing them all in my tiny bedroom at my parents house. I like to shop around for home bits because although I like to have pretty items all around the house, its always about a bargain for me! Here is a list of some of my favourite stores to shop home...

Dunelm is just the stuff of dreams isn't it! We have gone a little crazy in Dunelm recently but you can get everything there. We've bought most of our bath room items from Dunelm because they are such a good price and you can find some really nice patterns and styles. There are also so many bed covers and curtains to cause from there is literary something for everyone's taste.

Great for : bathroom, kitchen and bedroom 

How could I not mention the Swedish equivalent to heaven? Again we went crazy over in Ikea buying wardrobes, kitchen tables and chairs and loads of side tables for every room. It really is great for big items which you don't want to spend too much money on especially when you have just moved out. We planned to buy some cheap tables from Ikea and then over time upgrade them like most people do but I ended loving some of the pieces we got so have no plans to upgrade them! You can also get some much kitchen utensils, bath room pieces, basically anything you would need you can find it in Ikea.

Great for : bath room, bedroom, kitchen, living room - basically every room in the house!

Although most Primarks have a small home section they have a great selection of bedding for such good prices, we have a king size bed so buying bedding can be expensive so when we are buying bedding for our bedroom we normally buy from Primark. I recently bought this gorgeous marble style bedding from them for about £20 which is much cheaper than other places for that size.

Great for : bedding
Although B&M is more of a nic nac shop... I still bloody love it! It is great for cheap decorative pieces round the house like candles and photo frames which I love looking at and there are so many styles of bedding for such good prices. I also love the kitchen section because I got a huge Russell Hobbs pan set for such a good price and we bought our deep fat fryer there for only £20! Its also great for seasonal pieces like Halloween and Christmas, I have bought some Christmas oven mitts from there this week!

Great for : bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, hallway and garden & festive decor!!

For me Tesco is all about the appliances, cutlery and plants. Although the home section in my local Tesco isn't the biggest I have found quite a few bits in store including 10 house plants which were all between £3-£6 which is a bargain. I can't promise you that all the plants have survived but I do have the cute little plant pots they've left behind to start again! We also bought our square plates and bowls from Tesco which we love as well as a cute little sharing bowl.

Great for : kitchen and house plants 

This might be the last place you expected me to include but Wilkos has a whole collection of copper kitchen tools which obviously I had to invest in. Although I am not obsessed with copper like some people I still wanted the copper drainer just because it was so pretty! I have also bought some Christmas tea towels and oven mitts because you can never have too many Christmas themed oven mitts.

Great for : kitchen

T K Max / Home Sense
How could I not mention one of the best shops for home pieces! I love everything in these stores mainly because they have something for everyone's style, especially when it comes to seasonal pieces! I always get side tracked by the aisle of pans and saucers of all things, even though I am not the best cook I am obsessed with my kitchen and want every size and shape pan and saucer going. Lastly any shop that has a whole aisle of different coloured candles is a winner in my eyes. 

Great for : kitchen, living room, all the candles & festive decor!!

Lastly I thought I would give an honorable mention to garden centers because although some of you may not know this but garden centers are great places to get items for your home and most of them have amazing Christmas sections. I live across from one of the best garden centers in my opinion and I have been popping in every week to see if their Christmas section is ready yet. Most of them do amazing home made sauces and jams as well so we always keep our cupboards stocked up in jam and chutney. 

Autumn Film Picks

Now that the weather is cooling down and the rain is coming it is time to get our cosy slippers and dressing gowns out and whack on a decent film at home. There is nothing I love more than laying on the sofa with a good film on and a bowl of nibbles. I thought i'd list some of favourite films to watch during this time. Disclaimer: some of these films aren't typically autumnal but after looking through my film collection I really want to watch them soon!

1. Harry Potter
2. The Holiday
3. Crazy Stupid Love 
4. Paddington 
5. Les Miserable 
6. Stardust 
7. Fantastic Beast and Where To Fine Them 
8. Jurassic World 
9. Red Riding Hood 
10. Twilight Box Set 
11. Sex and the City Box Set
12. Gavin & Stacey Box Set  : Getting ready to watch the Christmas Special for the 100th time!

Makeup Wish List October 2017

Makeup Wish List September 2017

With Christmas coming up (100 days to go as I write this!) I have been online shopping a lot recently so that I can get some ideas for beauty products I want as a present -yes Cal this is your hint... So I thought that I'd make a list of all the products I have my eye on as I also love reading these posts. 

Iconic London Illuminator Drops - Link 
I have had my eyes on this highlighter ever since Steph from Cocochic first tested it in a video and made me fall in love. I like liquid highlighters which are natural but also pack a punch, with the original shade a light hand can look really natural and glowing from within. 

Elf aqua Beauty Molten Liquid Eye Shadow - Link
These Liquid eye shadows look amazing! You all should know by now that if I can be lazy I will so liquid eye shadows are my favourite invention ever because they are so easy to use. The shade range of this product is perfect for Christmas with all the golden glitter shades. 

Beauty Pie Foundation - Link
I have had my eye on this brand ever since it first appeared on the scene but I've seen a mixture of reviews on the products and a lot of people debating whether it is worth the subscriber fee but I still want to try it. I love the packaging of all the products and the foundation really is the product I want to try the most.

Loreal Nude Cushion Foundation - Link 
Even though this is a reasonably cheap foundation on the drug store I am still to try it and I can't wait. I love light foundations which make my skin look dewy and healthy and a cushion foundation sounds right up my street. Every time I go into Boots or Superdrug I always forget to pick one of these foundations up so that is my mission in the next month.. If I remember.

Bare Mineral Complexion Rescue - Link
Everyone seems to have this bb gel in their makeup collection and this sounds like a great product for dry skin which I am really suffering with at this moment. Again I like to wear light formulas which show my skin through them so this sounds perfect for me.

Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette - Link
Who doesn't want this palette? I think by Christmas everyone will have this palette in their collection if they don't have it already. I live for brown plum tones with a bit of shimmer especially during the end of the year when all I am wearing in mustard, brown and black clothing.

Stila Magnificent Metal Glitter Glow Liquid Eyeshadow - Link
These liquid eye shadows are absolutely beautiful! I love liquid eye shadows for nights out because I am lazy and don't know how to blend properly so these are a god send when I want to look good on a night out. I want all the gold glitter shades which basically 6 out of the 9 shades.

Makeup Wish List September 2017

Autumn Jacket Collection | Newlook and Zara

Autumn Jacket Collection | Newlook and Zara

Autumn winter fashion is my absolute fav and I have gone a little crazy on the jacket buying in the last few months. I have a different style of jacket for any occasion now and I don't think I will stop here either. All of these jacket are new apart from one very old swede jacket which I bring out every winter.

The first jacket is this dark grey fur gillet which I fell in love with when I saw it. I love gilets during the colder months to layer on top of thick jumpers and roll necks and I always feel dressed up wearing this style. I have this in two colours as well because I love this so much, I have a snow white version which makes me look like the abominable snowman. I love wearing earthy toned skirts with this gilet as the colours always compliment each other and also it looks like I have put a lot of effect into my outfit when really I've just thrown on some fur. Without this gilet I find some outfits look a little too plain so I like to add this to make the outfit complete. 

Running with the fur theme I have this denim jacket with a fur colour which looks really good on top of dresses or with black denim. I purchased one of these last year or the year before from Primark as everywhere else had sold out of this style denim jacket so Primark was my last resort. The jacket I bought wasn't exactly what I wanted so I have wore it a total of 5 times since I bought it... I need to learn to be patient! Anyway this jacket is exactly what I wanted and I love that the body is quite short so it really sorts high waist denim which I mainly live in. It also looks super cute with high waist patterned skirts which you know I love. I love the look of a roll neck poking through a fur collar as well so I like to wear them underneath the jacket. Although the jacket has the fur collar it isn't the warmest of jackets so it is a great jacket to wear at this stage of autumn when the weather isn't too cold.

Next have a different style of jacket which I am obsessed with. When I saw this out shopping I loved it straight away and thought it would look great on top of all my autumn dresses which suit a long coat more then short ones. It is quite big and over sized so I can wear this on top of any style dress because you won't see it underneath the coat and it does have quite broad shoulders so I think I will always wear my hair down this jacket. Does anyone else feel better with their hair down with some outfits or just me? Anything with puffy sleeves appeals to me so I had to buy it and it is like that is has a leather look finish so if it gets wet I can just brush the water off and the coat wont get ruined. I also like that it does't have a sip or clasp as sometimes that weighs down the jacket and it doesn't have nicely but I like how this jacket hangs as if it is closed

Autumn Jacket Collection | Newlook and Zara

A throw back coat for you all is this super cosy fake sheep coat from the 915 section of Newlook from like 4 years ago. I love this coat because it fits like a dream and keeps me so warm in the winter, it is my favorite to wear when we are in the middle of winter. I usually wear this with a black or brown roll neck top or jumper with a skirt and it really makes the outfit. I will try and find one similar to this as I know this exact coat wont be on the website anymore. Whenever it snows I bring out this jacket because I know it will keep me warm and I won't be waking up with a cold! Over time the sleeves have appeared smaller and smaller on my arms so I have to style out the hidden hand look because my top/jumper sleeves are so long.

I'm finishing with my all time favourite yellow leather jacket from Zara which I purchased last year. I found this jacket in one of the many Barcelona Zara stores and fell in love straight away. I got it in a Small and it fits me perfectly and goes with nearly every outfit I try it with. I love that it is a mustard yellow shade because it really suits browns, burgundys and blacks which is what I wear a lot during this season.

Denim Jacket Link
Shell Pink jacket Link
Fur Camel Jacket Link (similar)
Yellow Leather jacket Link (original used)

Reasons Why I Love Autumn


You all know I am the biggest fan of Nude shades but I think most people are now aren't they? I live in Nude shades on a day to day basis and I wanted to take you through my favourite nude shades to throw in my bag.

The first nude I want to talk about is the Revlon Ultra HD Gel Lip Colour which I didn't photograph as it was in my makeup as you saw from my last post. It is so easy to keep in my hang bag and throw on when my lips are dry or I want to add a bit of colour during the day. I find it leaves my lips feeling looked after instead of dried out which is why I love it.

Next I have some nude pencils which I love to go between and the first pencil will be no surprise to any of you. I have talked about the Newlook Matte Pencils many times before and out of all the shades I own the nude shade is my favourite. I'm not too sure if this shade is still available to buy since I bought it quite a while ago but if you can you need to get it! The shade name is toffee Apple and if this shade isn't still available then I hope there is a similar shade!

The next pencil is the Kiko Lip Gloss Pencil in the shade number 10 and this is completely different to the Newlook pencil as it is a lip gloss so leaves a nice shine on the lips and is really easy to wear and apply throughout the day. I really like Kiko lip products and this pencil makes me want to try more products from the brand.

The last pencil I have is the Maybelline Intense Velvet Lip Crayon in the shade 630 which is such a good lip pencil and a really rich nude shade which looks really nice on the lips. All three lip pencils aren't too different if I am completely honest but it is nice to mix up which lip product I use.

Moving away from pencils two nude NYX lip products which are probably my two favourite products out of all the ones I am mentioning. I have the NYX Lip Cream in the shade Abu Dhabi which I tried first from NYX and fell in love with. The colour is super rich with two coats and when I want the over draw nude lip look this is the product I go for. I tend to draw round my lips with a lip pencil first and then pop this lip cream on top and it doesn't dry my lips out and gives me big full lips.

What's In My Shower | £1 Bargain Products

What's In My Shower | £1 Bargain Products
Kind of a strange title I know but I have some bargain shower products that I really wanted to talk about so I thought I would include them in a 'What's In My Shower' post.

First off starting with my hair Callum is a touch picky when it comes to hair products so we always have Tresemme products in our bathrooms. We currently have the Tresemme Volume and Body Shampoo and Conditioner in our shower and it is worth every penny. My hair is super thick and straight and it needs some help keeping its body and keeping it bouncy. These product do this as well as keeping my hair shinny and healthy. Because my hair is so shinny and straight it can get greasy quite easily so washing my hair can be a irritating task but you only need a small amount of product to do the job.

As for my body I found some absolute bargain shower products that make showering a lot more fun. I found in Asda of all places four Radox shower gels and creams all for a pound. Yes a pound! I love a good bargain especially when it smells so good!

I picked up four different flavors and each one is better than the first. First I have the Pomegranate and Red Apple Shower Gel which you can guess smells amazing! You only need a small amount of product for it to lather up and it leaves my skin smelling amazing. For just a pound they are absolute bargain purchases and easily something to stock up on. You can never have too many shower products and I like to change up what I use in the shower frequently. I also bought it in the Pink Grapefruit and Basil Shower Gel, the Cherry Blast Shower Gel and the Berry Blast Shower Cream which all smell amazing and are the best things to use when you feel a little bit grim.  The shower gels come with a hook as well so you can hang them in the shower which I love!

Now time to go have a shower I think! 

Whats In My Makeup Bag

I haven't wrote a beauty post on this blog for what feels like ages (when actually I wrote one last month) so I think my blog is well over due some beauty chat! My makeup bag has changed a lot recently so I thought I'd take you through what is currently living in it. 

Firstly for base I have been using the L'oreal Infallible 24hr matte foundation in vanilla which I repurchased last month. I used to be obsessed with this foundation last year as it is really easy to apply and it is fool proof foundation. After repurchasing it I can remember why I loved it so much but I do which I bought it in a darker shade as it doesn't suit my tanned neck and shoulders so much... My tan is starting to fade now though so I can get away with it with some bronzer all over my face. 

For concealers I currently have 3 in my makeup bag to go between as I am trying out two new products. The Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer is of course in my bag for obvious reasons, my spots aren't going to cover themselves! I also have the Rimmel Match Perfection and the Rimmel Wake Me Up concealers in the shade Ivory to try out. So far I have found the wake me up concealer does crease under neath my eyes but I like it once it set down with powder, the match perfection concealer hasn't wowed me yet but I know a lot of people love this concealer so I will keep trying it till I like it. 
I've been using the NYX Eye Shadow in the colour taupe to contour my cheeks which is the perfect shade to contour with and this is all I use most days. I find it doesn't look muddy like some contour products which is one of the reasons I keep it in my makeup bag to touch up any makeup look. 

I keep the Max Factor Excess Shimmer Cream Eye Shadow in Bronze in my makeup bag because most days I can't be bothered to do anything fancy with powder eye shadows so I have been living in this eye shadow most days. I like to most days put a thin layer of colour on my lids to keep it casual and then if I am running out straight for the evening then I layer more product on to make the colour more prominent.  

Lastly for my eyebrows I have gone back to using the Soap and Glory Brow Archery pencil in Brown and the Rimmel Super Curler Mascara on my lashes which I am really liking right now. It has a bent wand which makes it easier to grab all the lashes and I have a few super short bent eye lashes which this mascara can get so it is a winner. 

Lastly on my lips I have been non stop wearing the Revlon Ultra HD Lipstick in the shade Sand which is the perfect sheer nude shade to throw on with any makeup look. 

Tell me whats currently in your makeup bag!

H&M Haul and Styling Denim Dungaree Dresses

H&M Haul and Styling Denim Dungaree Dresses

H&M have really upped their game recently with their clothing items and I recently went into a near by store while I was bored one day and found so many goodies I wanted to buy. I didn't go completely crazy only buying a few bits but I definitely could have! 

First up I bought this blue denim dress which is exactly what I have been looking for for so long! I think most denim dungaree dresses don't suit me as they make me look like a sack of potatoes but this dress pulls me in at the waist and looks really flattering. I first bought the dress in the black and then hunted around another store to find the blue version as well. 

I'm going to pair this dress with this bright red and white stripe top which I found in store and is right up my street. I live in dresses and stripe tees all through autumn and I have so many in my wardrobe but you can never have enough. 

H&M Haul and Styling Denim Dungaree Dresses

Here is the black version which I first bought last week and I have been wearing non stop every day. If you ever see me walking down the street in the future I bet 9/10 times I will be wearing this dress! It is so easy to wear with any colour top so you have so many different ways to wear it. 

I've paired the black one with a long sleeved yellow top with this silver lace up design over the boobs which gives it a little extra to the mainly plain outfit.

H&M Haul and Styling Denim Dungaree Dresses

H&M Haul and Styling Denim Dungaree Dresses

Next up I have two right bargains that I found on their website over the weekend which were only £2.99! I saw these on online and thought they were be really good to wear underneath jumpers while the weather is transitioning into autumn, so if I get hot I can whip off my jumper and have my cute top on underneath. They are also really floaty so they will be great for next summer when we get another heat wave.

H&M Haul and Styling Denim Dungaree Dresses
Lastly I have this thin jumper top with cut out shoulders which I also bought in green but it is currently in the wash. I really liked the way this hangs with high waist jeans and a leather jacket on top and I find cold shoulder tops suit me a lot and are easy to wear. 

I didn't really need anymore clothes but with the seasons changing and there being so many sales everywhere at the moment, I couldn't help myself! I have linked all the items below in case you want to have a little look :)

Blue Denim Dungaree Dress - Similar - £24.99
Red and white stripe long sleeve tee - Link - £8.99
Black Denim Dungaree Dress - Similar - £24.99
Yellow lace up long sleeve top - Link - £9.99
Black strappy top - Link - £2.99
White strapy top - Link - £2.49
Pink Cold shoulder Top - Link - £4.89

I'm Engaged! Engagement Story ~

I'm Engaged! Engagement Story ~

So you can probably tell by the title of this blog post but... I've got engaged! It happened way back in May when Cal and I officially moved into our brand new home and I have mentioned words like fiance but not actually announced it. So here I am... announcing it!

Before I tell you how Callum proposed which I will tease you - it is super cute, I will give you some back ground about Cal and I. We have been together for 3 years now and we become friends when I was 16 so I have known him for 6+ years now. We first started talking on BBM -who actually remembers when everyone had BBM? Those were the good old days!- through mutual friends way back 6 years ago and at first we were just casual friends. Then over time we become best friends and would spend most of our free time together. Then 3 years back it all changed when we had a little cheeky kiss and I guess you could say the rest is history! 

So we celebrated our 3rd anniversary in August - although we both forgot till the end of the month so technically we haven't celebrated alone yet... I feel a curry house date night! 3 years already I don't know how I've lasted with this milky bar kid.

Now for what you'll be waiting for and probably skipped to because your too impatient, the proposal!!

Callum proposed the first night we slept over at our new house and we had been out for most of the night. We arrived home around 11 in the evening after a bit of trouble with the parking , basically Callum parked in a car park next the bowling alley we were at that night and they locked the gates so he had to drive up onto the pavement to get out! I told him just to leave it and get someone to pick us up but he obviously didn't want someone else coming back to ruin the surprise. We arrived home to a pitch black house and I walked in to the house first and noticed some lines going up the stairs, at first I thought that maybe the builders have entered our house while we were out and left something. Once I finally found the light switch I realised the lines were colorful ribbon leading up the stairs with love hearts stuck on them. 

As soon as I sure the ribbon and the love hearts I knew exactly what was happening and to be honest I was completely stunned. I couldn't move my feet. Callum had to push me up the stairs to our top floor bedroom where the ribbon stopped in front of the back wall. Leaning against the wall was a hand made heart shaped mirror (made by Callum) which has a post it note stuck to it which said 'will you marry me?' and fairy light lit up around it and a bottle of champagne and two flutes.

While we had been out all evening my parents had come round and placed the ribbon up the stairs and put everything in place. Apparently my dad helped to stick the hearts on the ribbon and if you saw my dad you would laugh out loud imaging him doing this like I did! He is not the most femine man so I bet he loved it! Typical cockney geezer...

As you can imagine I stood there stunned in silence for a long while Callum got the ring box out of its hiding space and opened the box to show me the ring. He then cheekily said 'do I have to get down on one knee?' which I said of course! The whole time I kept repeating 'is this a joke? is this real?'

I feel a bit like I have wrote a short story here instead of a blog post but the details are everything! It still feels weird calling Callum my fiance and if I am completely honest, even thought our relationship status has changed, nothing about our relationship has, we are the same since day one.

We have no plans to get married any time soon as we are in no rush to make it official but that hasn't stopped me looking at wedding posts, which has made me want to write wedding inspo posts so keep your eyes out for them!

I hope you are still awake! Leave me links to any wedding inspo posts you have written so I can get some ideas! xx

Bathroom Tour ~ Toilet, Main Bathroom & En suite!

Bathroom Tour ~ Toilet, Main Bathroom & En suite!

I have been super excited to show you all my bathrooms in my new home because I am so in love with them and they finally feel ready to be shown to the world! Call me sad but I love being nosey in peoples bathrooms, more than any other room is the house. I think it is because I spend a lot of time in there either have a overly long bath, getting ready for bed or the day ahead so I spend a lot of time in there.

I have three bathrooms in my house; the downstairs toilet, the main bathroom and the ensuite on the top floor (yes cleaning them all is a long job ...) so we had a lot of space to fill and a lot of products to spread out. We plan to use the ensuite more often when we have our mirror which Cal has recently made screwed into the wall but at the moment we only have a small mirror to use so we tend to mostly get ready in the main bathroom on the second floor.

Bathroom Tour ~ Toilet, Main Bathroom & En suite!

Bathroom Tour ~ Toilet, Main Bathroom & En suite!

Bathroom Tour ~ Toilet, Main Bathroom & En suite!

F i r s t  B a t h r o o m
Starting with the downstairs bathroom, we didn't want to over crowd it too much so we currently just have a small wood basket which a friend of mine got us as a moving in gift (it had a hand wash and candle and all cute bits in) to hold our toilet paper which I think looks super cute! We also have a white marble toilet brush holder from Dunelm which we really like against the black flooring. We also have a bottle of Baylis and Harding Pink Processco and Cassis Fragranced hand wash which smells divine! Nationwide sent us a huge hamper for choosing to get our mortgage with them and this was one of the items included which we loved. Cal has made a mirror for every bathroom in the house and the mirror that will be going in this bathroom is a big diamond which will tie the whole room together I think.

Bathroom Tour ~ Toilet, Main Bathroom & En suite!

Bathroom Tour ~ Toilet, Main Bathroom & En suite!

Bathroom Tour ~ Toilet, Main Bathroom & En suite!

Bathroom Tour ~ Toilet, Main Bathroom & En suite!

Bathroom Tour ~ Toilet, Main Bathroom & En suite!

M a i n  B a t h r o o m
Since this is our biggest bathroom out of the three and the one we would probably use the most we wanted it to make it feel really cosy and relaxing. On the top shelf we firstly have our tooth brushes and tooth paste in a little candle holder with a C on from my sister many moons ago. I never intended to keep the candle holder as a tooth brush holder but now it would feel wrong having anything else! Next to that we have our Ikea mirror which is bloody brilliant! It doesn't matter which room you put it in or whereabouts in the room you always get brilliant light through it so doing your makeup in it is amazing! Again Cal is planning on making us a mirror that runs the length and width of the wall above the shelf but until they we are using this mirror to get ready in the mornings. Then just next to the mirror we have my Zoella My Eden candle as I love to have candle lit baths and this candle matches the bath really nicely.
Down on the floor we have our black marble bin, toilet brush holder and toilet paper holder all from Dunelm again (seriously their home stuff is amazing and their sales are so good, some of the items I mention are full price but most were either on sale or just a really good price anyway!) We also have a white three tier shelving unit which we picked up from The Range in Milton Keynes which is amazing for home buys! This rack was only £15 and it has come in so handy and looks really nice in our simple bathroom. This rack holds all of Cal's products and then I have one on the top floor which holds all mine.

Bathroom Tour ~ Toilet, Main Bathroom & En suite!

Bathroom Tour ~ Toilet, Main Bathroom & En suite!

Bathroom Tour ~ Toilet, Main Bathroom & En suite!

Bathroom Tour ~ Toilet, Main Bathroom & En suite!

Bathroom Tour ~ Toilet, Main Bathroom & En suite!
E n s u i t e
I never thought i'd ever say this but I have an ensuite! It is quite strange having one because it is lovely to only have to walk a few steps to go toilet but I don't find myself using it in the night because I am too scared to wake Cal up so I don't actually use it for its purpose. Anyway again this is only a small room so we didn't want to over crowd it so we just have my white three tier shelving unit which this time we found in Dunelm (we really like Dunelm...) which is a perfect match for our unit down stairs. We do have a plan to get a small white draw unit to have in the main bathroom and then to use our white shelves as his and her racks either side of the ensuite sink, cuties I know. We have a cute little rotating mirror from B&M sitting on the sink for now to use to get ready (Cal has made a circle pot hole mirror for this bathroom) and lastly we have our stripe toilet brush holder, tooth brush holder and soap dish all from yes you guessed it Dunelm which I absolutely love. I like that each bathroom has different accessories. Lastly in this room we just have a boring black pedal bin from Dunelm (shut up really?!) I love the skylight in this bathroom it makes the room so light no matter what time of day. I think this sky light compensates for not having a window in our min bathroom.

I realise this is quite a long post and not everyone is interested in peoples bathrooms so if you have made it to the end well done! I will leave links to all the items I have talked about in case you want to copy me and have matching bathrooms, let me know if you do! Also please tell me you like looking at peoples bathrooms as much as me so I don't feel so lame! I plan to fill all three bathrooms with big green plants for the corners because I love how colorful but understated green plants look in white bathrooms.

White marble toilet brush holder (similar)
Baylis and Harding Processco hand wash
Ikea Mirror
Zoella My Eden candle
Black marble bin
Black marble toilet brush holder
Black marble toilet paper holder
White shelving unit (The Range)
B&M mirror
Stripe toilet brush holder (similar)
Stripe toothbrush holder (similar)
Pedal bin

Boughton House Stately House Visit Photos

Boughton House Stately House Visit Photos

I recently went to Boughton House in Northamptonshire for a day out in the sun and I took so many photos that they deserved their own post. Boughton House is a stately home with 11,000 acres of beautiful grass and flower gardens which cost nothing to walk round. On a sunny day this estate is absolutely beautiful to walk around and if you want to walk around the actually manor you can for £10 each.

My friend George and I went to Boughton Manor just for the gardens and were amazed by the size and landscape. The manor sits in the middle of the estate surrounded by large green land all neatly cut and pretty satisfying. The land is separated with large hedges and trees which divide the land into long stripes. At the end of each stripe is a man made pools (not for humans) which are home to some lovely swans and a lot of bugs...

Boughton House Stately House Visit Photos
Boughton House Stately House Visit Photos
Boughton House Stately House Visit Photos
Boughton House Stately House Visit Photos
Boughton House Stately House Visit Photos
Boughton House Stately House Visit Photos

Walking around the grounds is a lovely walk with lots of scenery and just next to the manor are beautifully filled flower gardens full of flowers and even pumpkins! My first sighting of a pumpkin of the year! Walking around these gardens make me want to become a green fingered garden boss. whether or not I can do that is another post entirely. I am hoping by this time next year I will be on my way to having a little flower bed in the back garden. 

Boughton House Stately House Visit Photos
Boughton House Stately House Visit Photos
Boughton House Stately House Visit Photos
Boughton House Stately House Visit Photos
Boughton House Stately House Visit Photos
Boughton House Stately House Visit Photos
Boughton House Stately House Visit Photos
Boughton House Stately House Visit Photos
Boughton House Stately House Visit Photos

Sorry for the flower photo overload but they were all too pretty not to capture. I am no amazing photographer but some of these photos turned out quite well for just an iPhone. Enjoy the photos!
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