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J K Rowling | Fantastic Beast and the Cursed Child

J K Rowling | Fantastic Beast and the Cursed Child
J K Rowling | Fantastic Beast and the Cursed Child

For Christmas I received both of J K Rowling new books and I think it is about time I talked about them. I have been a fan of J K Rowling since I was child and fell in love with her stories very early on so I was super excited for her new releases.

Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them is my favourite book out of the two for some many reasons. Firstly the artwork for the book is brilliant, the book cover is removable and a super soft silky material with gold embroidery for the book name and illustrations. The book is set out as a screenplay which I haven't had much experience reading before but I really enjoyed reading this style. One of the things I love about this story is that it is completely brand new as it is set in the 1920s so before the Harry Potter era, I like the fact that you can read this book without having to have read any of the other books. It is refreshing to read something new and this story is brilliant. I love all the magical creatures it features in the story and Newt is my favourite character, I think the actors in the movie are perfect choices for all the characters and Jacob is such a cute character! If you like action packed stories about magic then this is perfect for you.

Harry Potter and The Cursed Child was a book I was really excited about since it followed on from the last book and included all the main characters so I was excited to see how they all turned out. Again this is in the style of a screenplay which was interesting to read but I did find that the story jumped too much for me. I loved the idea of including past events from the Goblet of Fire in this book with the time turner. My favourite part of the story is definitely the ending to part two where all the characters are together and it incorporates Voldemort in the story. I have to say I didn't enjoy this book as much as the previous seven in this story but it was always going to be hard to follow on from such a beloved story. I definitely would encourage any HP fans to read this book just to see how the characters end up and on the whole this book is a good read.

Both books are not too long so they both jump straight into the stories which is my favourite types of books. Being a huge Harry Potter fan there was no question that I had to have these in my collection and I would recommend reading The Cursed Child to find out how the characters ended up and I would recommend Fantastic Beasts mainly just because it is an amazing story and anyone can read it!

Lipstick Collection 2017

Lipstick Collection 2017

My lipstick collection has grown so much over the last year and I thought it was about time I posted my collection more for me really so I can remind myself what products I actually have and when I am planning a makeup look I can look at the swatches for reference. I currently hold my lipsticks in a four draw white heart cut out set of draws which I can't find online but here is a similar style of draws for you.

I separate my lipsticks by shades so I have a draw for my Newlook lipsticks, a draw for my nudes, a draw for my reds and berrys and the last draw holds my pink shades and other shades which I don't wear very often or which don't fit in the other draws because they are too full.

The first draw holds all of my Newlook Lipsticks in since that is the biggest collection I have. I have wrote quite a few posts on the brands makeup range so if you want to know about their formula and application head on over to either of these posts Pure LipsPure Lips #2Pure Lips #3. Two of my favoruites are Mid Brown and Camel.

Lipstick Collection 2017Lipstick Collection 2017

Second I have my nude draw which keeps all of my, yes you guessed it nudes! I have quite a few browns nudes which are my favourite shade to wear and some of my favourites products are the NYX Matte Lip Cream in Abu Dhabi which I have spelt completely wrong in the photo and Rimmel Moisture Renew lipstick in Heather Shimmer.

Lipstick Collection 2017

In my third draw I have all my berry and red tone lipsticks and looking at the swatches of the red shades are making me very excited for summer! Bodyshop Tahiti Hisiscus is a gorgeous pinky red shade which lasts a long time and Charlotte Tilbury Red Carpet Red is the perfect statement red.

Lipstick Collection 2017

Lipstick Collection 2017

Lastly in my fourth draw I keep all of my pink colours and any other lipstick which don't fit in my other draws like my Bodyshop Matte Lipsticks which don't fit in my nude draw. This would probably be my least opened draw just because I love most of my other lipsticks over any of these at the minute, but writing this post has made me want to delve back into this draw frequently and love some my forgotten products.

Lipstick Collection 2017

Brands I Want To Delve Into This Year | 2017

Brands I Want To Delve Into This Year | 2017

Like I said in my YouTube\Blogging Made Me Buy It post, it can be really easy to get sucked into the hype around products and reading blog posts and watching YouTube videos can make you lust after a lot of makeup which you don't really need. So in this post I am going to take you through the brands which I really want to try out this year, some I have tried one or two products from before but haven't really had a look through the whole collections and some brands I haven't tried anything from before.

I really want to try out some Zoevva brush sets because they look so beautiful and so many people recommend them. The reason I haven't tried out their brushes before hand is because I have so many brushes already in my collections I can't justify purchasing any more. Plus I am still on my spending ban until I move into my house so I am trying to be a good girl. As well as brushes I really want to try their eye shadow palettes as they look beautiful and even more importantly, they don't break the bank.

Products I want to try - Cocoa Blend Eye Shadow Palette

C H A R L O T T E  T I L B U R Y
I already have a lipstick from Charlotte Tilbury (Red Carpet Red) and I love it so would love to try some of their other shades. Her lip liners as well look amazing so if I am going to try some new lipsticks I have to pick up some lip liners to match too! 

T O O  F A C E D
I see Too Faced products literally everywhere at the minute and that doesn't help my spending ban especially when they released their new sweet peach collection before I couldn't go anywhere without seeing a video or photo. The products them selves seem so good from everyone reviews and the packaging is super cute and right up my street. 

U R B A N  D E C A Y 
I love my Naked 2 palette from Urban Decay and over time want to collect all the naked palettes because they are suck good quality. I also want to try out some lip products from the brand as I have started to get a lip product obsession and I really want to add the Vice lipstick to my collection. 

Products I want to try - Naked 3 Palette and Comfort Matte Vice Lipsticks

I have been obsessed with the Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation and Concealer even since it was first released and would love to get my hands on it. It seems like a high coverage foundation which doesn't weigh down your skin or make you look like your wearing foundation. I also like the look of the Even Better foundation which has been around for a while. I have a thing for Clinique skincare so naturally I want to try most of the skincare products before so far they all work for my skin. 

N A R S 
I think I am one of few bloggers who has never owned Nars Sheer Glow foundation. Most people have tried it at least once whether they liked it o not doesn't matter. I don't like heavy foundations so this sounds perfect for me and combined with the Radiant Creamy concealer I bet looks really dewy and healthy. Also the Velvet Matte Lips look so good and you know how much I love a matte lip pencil. 

Products I want to try - Sheer Glow Foundation, Velvet Matte Skin Tint, Radiant Creamy Concealer, Velvet Matte Lips

Hourglass seem like such a luxurious brand and their Ambient Lighting Palettes look so beautiful I need them in my life. Their bronzers and powders look so glowy I may need to ask for them for my birthday. 

R O S I E  B Y  A U T O G RA P H
I have had my eyes on this M&S collection for a while but I have held off purchasing anything as I don't see many reviews of the products so don't want to waste my money. Over the last few months I have seen their products talked about more so my interest is pecking again and I really want to try a few bits as the packaging always catches my eye. 

C L A R I N S 
Clarins skincare is something I really want to delve into this year and I already have a few things on wish list like the Instant Light Lip Comfort Oils which look so good for my dry lips. 

Lastly there isn't many products I want to try from Chanel but I really really want to the Vitalumiere Aqua Foundation which looks right up my street. It a light weight formula so it looks like your own skin and it makes tired skin looks awake and refresh which is just what I need. It is expensive though and it comes in the smallest bottle so I have refrained from spending the cash. Plus I would have to buy it online so colour matching would be tricky. 

Products I want to try - Chanel Vitalumimere Aqua Foundation

What products are on your wish list?

6 Netflix Documentaries You Need To Watch!

6 Netflix Documentaries You Need To Watch!

I love a good documentary, its my favourite thing to watch at the minue and Netflix is my go to place find a new documentary film to watch. Since getting Netflix last year I have watched most of the documentaries they have and out of all of them, these are my favourite ones.

M A K I N G  A  M U R D E R E R 
I watched this series before it become the biggest documentary ever and I can tell you that it is definitely worth a watch. The series became mine and Cals obsession and we got so into it that we regularly google Steven Avery and Brandon Dassey to see if they have been released yet. We are both strong believers in Brandon being completely innocent so watching the show was really frustrated. On the other hand with Steven we aren't completely sure but the show really does make you question everything. It is so good I really recommend it!

This is the latest documentary I have watched and I know I am late to the party but forgive me. I have never been to Sea World or anything of the same kind and I am so glad that I haven't now after watching this film. What is good about the making of this film is it is about a killer whale who has killed a number of people but the whole time I just felt sorry for Tilikum. It totally pulls on your heart because you feel horrible for the people who have died and their poor families, but you also feel bad because you know Tilikum is doing this because he confined in a pool rather than being with his family in the ocean. If you are a animal lover you will love this but be prepared to have your heart broken.

Another fish but of a different kind, Catfish follows Nev as he tracks down the girl who he has fallen in love with online. I love watching Catfish the TV series so I had to watch the film that started it all. It really opens your eyes to what happens when you enter the online world and how emotional involved people can become with someone they haven't even met before. I don't think I could ever be as trusting as Nev is to plan a life with someone from the internet. The fact this film has made Nev famous within his own right is great and if you love the TV show, I recommend watching the film to see a baby faced Nev.

L O U I S  T H E R O U X
Cal and I love watching Louis' documentaries and he has so many on Netflix you would be sorted for a weekend binge sess no problem. You wouldn't expect Louis to be a good journalist and documentary maker as he is pretty awkward and shy but that is what makes the documentaries so good. I love it when he asks awkward questions other people might not ask. A few of our favourite episodes are The Most hated Family in America, Miami Mega-Jail and Behind Bars. I love watching prison documentaries and Louis' episodes on prisons are really good.

A M A N D A  K N O X
This documentary is one that I am still not sure on what I think about it all. When the murder happened in 2007 I didn't become too involved in the trial and when the news said she was guilty I didn't question it. Fast forward to last year when I watched the documentary and I am in total limbo on how I feel. For those of you who don't know, Amanda and her boyfriend were jailed for the killing of the girl Amanda shared a house with, they were acquitted of the murder in 2015 and the film follows her after she is released and shows footage of the trail. The evidence the court raises and the interviews she gives afterward have totally through me on my verdict. If you have watched it/ go on to watch it please tell me your opinion!

Aileen Wuornos: The selling of a Serial Killer and Aileen: Life and Death of a Serial Killer are two documentaries on Netflix about a women called Aileen Wuornos who is known as the first major female serial killer. After watching interviews with Aileen I seriously think she was disturbed and needed psychiatric help more than anything but that didn't happen for her. The documentaries follow her trail and what happened after the trail leading up to her execution. A good watch if you are into documentaries about female killers.

Hopefully Netflix will add some more documentaries to to app to watch as prison and murder films have become an obsession of mine. I recently watched 60 Days In Jail and Women Who Kill which are both currently on 4OD and seriously worth a watch, especially 60 Days in Jail.

If you have any new documentaries you think I might like comment them below!  

YouTube and Blogging Made Me Buy It

YouTube and Blogging Made Me Buy It
YouTube and Blogging Made Me Buy It
YouTube and Blogging Made Me Buy It
Watching YouTube and reading blogs means my bank balance regularly gets a bashing after a new product is raved about and like most people I get taken in by the hype of products. My collection is full of products that I have seen someone I look up to talk about and thankfully most of the items are good with only 3 products I wouldn't recommend.


Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer
This is a cult classic for most people and I tried this product right at the beginning when I was starting out and haven't looked back since. It really is as good as everyone says and I recommend this to everyone.

Baby Lips
You guys know how bad I suffer from dry lips and since trying these lip balms many moons ago I haven't bought another product since. They last me ages even though I use them multiply times a day and are great to wear underneath lip products.

Real Techniques Brushes
Being a blogger I always want to support other bloggers who bring out products and the Real Technics brushes are items I would happily buy multiple times to show my support. They are some of my favourite brushes to use and even though I do have some cheap versions in my collection, I do always go back to the originals when I want my face to look the best.

NYX Lips
These exploded last year in the blogging community and when the counter finally came to the town next to mine I picked up a few bits to try and fell in love with the products. I have three lip creams which I regularly keep in my makeup bag for everyday use and there are so many more NYX lip products I can't wait to try.

Nivea Post Shaving Balm
Nikki Tutorials made this such a popular product that I thought this was going to completely change my life. I do love using this as a primer as my skin looks amazing and last for so long, it is perfect for weddings or nights out when you want your skin to stay fresh all day/night. I don't wear it very much though as I do think it causes spots on my skin so I save it for special occasions.

L'Oreal True Match Foundation
Nearly ever beauty blogger or YouTuber has this foundation in their collection it seems and I totally understand why. it is amazing at making my skin glow and look like I have the perfect skin. I go through stages of wearing it everyday and then not wearing it for weeks because I don't want to run out. The price of this product is great and definitely worth a try if you don't have it in your collection.

Top Shop Glow Pot
At one time nearly everyone was using this highlighter in blog posts and videos and now its kind of become forgotten about. This is a great highlighter at such a good price, a lot of people have compared this highlighter to many high end products which show how good it is. The only down side to this product is that it does rub off my foundation when I apply it. Knowing me though, I am probably applying it wrong.

Benefit Hoola Bronzer 
I don't know anyone who doesn't like this bronzer and that shows how popular this bronzer actually is. I bought it a very long time ago and I still love it as much as when I first got. I think the best thing about it is that you can use it as a bronzer as well as a contour because the tone of the product is perfect for both.

Maybelline Colour Tattoo
To this day I still use my Colour Tattoos on a regular basis as they are so easy to use. I have 3 shades in this and I think its time to pick up a few more shades soon. They blend really easily and last a long time on the lids so they are definitely worth the hype for me. I love to use them on lazy makeup days.

T H E  B A D
Mac Studio Fix 
So many people love this foundation so of course I had to try it but I have been disappointed. I hardly use this foundation but I can't bare to throw it away or pass it on because I want to like it. I like natural looking skin and this foundation can look natural if your don't use a lot of product but most of the time when I wear it, it just ends up looking cakey. I find with this foundation I don't like the look of it until its been on for a few hours which isn't good because then I have to take it off. I think for the price, the foundation just isn't worth it.

Benefit Erase Paste
This concealer was really hyped about when it first came out and that made me try it out not long after it surfaced. I got the shade fair which I thought would be great for me but it was really orange toned, when I had a tan it wasn't too bad on my skin but the coverage and the tone just didn't work for me. Also the pot was really annoying to use.

Bodyshop Shade Adjusting Drops
Everyone went crazy for these drops when they first came out and I really wanted to try out the dark drops because I thought they would be more useful. I don't know whether I used it wrong but every time I used these drops my foundation just looks muddy which is not the look I was going for. I started using the drops to cream contour my face which worked better than darkening my foundation but since I don't cream contour very often, the product just didn't get used.

What products have you bought thanks to blogging or YouTube?

Beauty Related Things I Suck At

Just because I write a blog about beauty and makeup doesn't mean I know everything about makeup and doesn't mean that I can do all the tricks which I certainly can't. I thought it would be good to make a list of all the things I can't do just for fun.

1. Winged liner
I am so rubbish at winged liner it is really embarrassing, my attempts are so funny. It takes me hours of watching YouTube videos and reading beauty books to even attempt to do them and they still done work out every time. I think we all share a bond on this one.

2.Applying blush without looking like a drag queen
It doesn't matter how lightly I use my hands when handling blush, I always look like a drag queen with it on. I've never found a colour that suits my skin perfectly and look good with my bronzers so I tend to avoid them.

3. Keeping up with fake tanning
I have loads of different fake tans in my cupboards in my bedroom and I absolutely love the look of wearing fake tan but after I've applied it once... I forget/can't be bothered to do it again and before I know it, I am pale again. I then don't bother with fake tan for a few weeks until I start the process again.

4. Doing anything with my hair other then clipping half of it up
I am so lazy with my hair! I do have an excuse at the minute with work but even when I am not at work, I tend to not style my hair at all. The most I do most days is clip it up just to get it out of my face. My straighteners are feeling pretty unloved!

5.Applying more then 2 eye shadow colours at one time 
I love a good golden shimmer eye shadow over a matte base for a day to day look. When it comes to adding more colours into the equation I tend to end up ruining what I have already done so that's another thing I tend to stay well clear of.
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