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How To Style | Ripped Jeans

One of my favourite trends at the moment is skinny ripped jeans. Ever since they started coming into work I have been fascinated with them. I currently own a light blue pair and a dirty black/grey pair both from the petit section from Newlook.

I know a lot of people who wouldn't even pick up a pair of ripped jeans because they have no idea what to pair them with (and that was me before I just took the plunge). So I thought I would show you guys some options in how to wear them and what I wear my jeans with.

Jeans and Jumpers 
I love the look of jeans and jumpers. It is a really cosy look and can be worn at home lounging around and out and about in the cold.

Jeans and shirts
Another style I love is wearing ripped jeans with shirts. I regularly wear these at work as they are so comfy and easy to wear, you can throw on any patterned check shirt with jeans and a pair of boots and your ready to leave. 

Jeans and tee's
If you want to look really casual then you can wear a logo t-shirt or even a plain tee with jeans and rock the edgy look that day. I personally love tees with ripped jeans. 

Jeans and boots
No pair of ripped jeans is compete without a killer pair of boots to wear with them and I don't wear my ripped jeans with anything else during the colder months, and having an impressive and slightly embarrassing obsession with boots I have a lot of choices to chose from. 

*All photos have been used from Pinterest, which you can follow me by pressing here :)*

Ways to unwind in the evenings

Working 40 hours a week can really take it out of you so if your anything like me then you know how treasured free evenings are. Lately I feel like I am always on the move seeing friends and being out and about with my boyfriend in the evenings and so I feel like I don't actually have any spare time. From now on though (yes I am making a new years resolution already) I shall make more of an effort to free up my evenings and spend more time relaxing instead of always being on the ball. My friends might see my evening as free but to me, im busy relaxing :)

Here are some of my favourite ways to relax in the evenings

Taking my make up off the first thing I do when I get home is tie my hair up and take my make up off, especially if I've been at work all day. As soon as I'm home I like to wipe the day away and free up my skin.

Having a bath or shower depending on what type of mood I'm in, I'll always tend to have some sort of wash when I get home as I don't like to relax in bed dirty, getting into bed after a shower or bath is the best feeling, especially if they are new sheets!

Lighting some candles and popping the fairy lights on I don't know why but there is something about having a candle burning in the background or having my fairy lights on that really relaxes me.

Turning my phone off or atleast putting it away and ignoring it, I don't really have a problem with leaving my phone but just a few phone free hours can do a lot to your mood.

Popping a soothing face mask on even when I am having a good skin day I like to pop a face mask on to just relax my skin and keep it looking fresh and spot free.

Reading a magazine I have a yearly subscription to Cosmo so I always have something to read in my room when I want to relax and ignore technology for a little while.

Paint my nails nothing makes me free more refreshed then having newly painted nails and them looking good!

Writing down any blog post ideas I have a blog ideas notepad that I carry with my everywhere to write down inspiration (because I am getting organised now ;)) and I find I get the most ideas when I am relaxed and taking it easy, it is like my free mind just wonders and ideas appear.

And lastly one thing that is a cosy evening must is getting into a onesie. It has to be done!

Winter Bath Essentials | 2014

One thing I associate Winter with is boiling hot full to the brim bubble baths, my favourite thing to do when I have time. In the debate between showers and baths, for most of the year I am on the side of baths (although during them weeks in the summer when it is too hot to do anything, showers do come in handy)

What I like to put in my bath varies all the time, some days I want to put everything I own in it, while other days I want a simple bath. One thing that will always be in my bath no matter what the time of year or how I'm feeling is bath salts. I always like to have them in my bath as I was told many years ago that having salt in your bath kills bacteria on your skin, that might not be true at all but it has always stuck with me. Some bath salts that I am using at the moment are by Burlington.

One product that half the time does, half the time doesn't, make it into my bath is actually bubble bath. My skin is quite temperamental so sometimes having bubble bath in my bath does irritate my skin, but on them days when my skin does want to work, I love to add a bit of Soap and Glory Calm one Calm all bubble bath.

The last thing that I bring in the bath with me is my Baylis & Harding body wash in sweet mandarin and grapefruit. It is one of my old favourites that makes my skin feel really clean and nourished every time I used it. The great thing about this body wash is that it leaves my skin feeling really soft and moisturised.

And those are my three bath essentials for Winter. Now that I've finished this post, I am off to go and have a long bubble bath. Tell me what are your 'must have' bath essentials! :)

Monthly favourites | October '14

Its that time again people where I  tell you guys what I've been loving this month and shock! I totally forgot until now when we are already 4 days into the next month. Good thing I have been writing products down in my notebook all month so I haven't been completely lazy...

 I haven't got many favourites this month but all the products I'm going to talk about I haven't been able to stop using the theme for this month is quality over quantity.

The first is these incredibly cute ginger bread leggings I got from Primark at the beginning of the month. Seriously how cute are they?! I love the design because I am a huge fan of Christmas and the little ginger bread men are just sooo cute. The leggings are also extremely warm so great during the colder months.

Next is a make up product I have talked about before but I need to talk about every day because I love it just so much! It is the brilliantly helpful Sleek contour palette, you probably guessed it anyway. Like last time I wrote about it, I have been using it everyday still. I wont go over everything I love about it again, here is just my post dedicated to it here.

My next item is from quite a miss-looked brand that now does make up. It is Newlook's Pure Colour blusher in shade 72 babydoll pink. Not many people talk about the make up from Newlook and I am not just saying this because I am biased but this blush in my opinion is really good. It Is a nice pale pink colour that looks really nice on the cheeks.

My go to foundation this month has been the Maybelline Fit Me foundation in shade 115 Ivory. Again I have talked about this foundation before so it has been a long time favourite of mine for a few months now. The shade isn't too pigmented like other foundations so its good at not turning your face a different colour to your neck.

My last item is the Soap and Glory Clean, Girls body wash, this is the perfect body wash for skin that isn't feeling that healthy and needs something to give it back some moisture and loving. Already this autumn my skin has started to get really dry and irritated so this moisturising body wash is perfect to help you get back super soft skin.

And that's the end of my short but sweet October favourites post, have you guys tried any of the products?  

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