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Revolution Lip Crayons

Revolution Lip Pencils

After getting this set of Revolution Lip Crayons for my birthday I was excited to try them out as Make up Revolution is fast becoming one of my favourite budget brands. These haven't disappointed at all in my eyes.

You get three colours in the set, a nude/orange shade, a red shade and a bright pink shade and all of these crayons don't have any codes on them so I'm sorry if they are hard to find. These crayons apply really easily to the lips and last a good amount of time without going cakey. You don't have to worry about putting too much product on your lips as the colour comes out lightly and you can build it up, which I find better than products that come out too much.

My favourite shade to use is the nude-y orange as it is the most natural of all the shades and looks really nice with bronzed cheeks. Although I got these products as a birthday gift I can imagine that they wont cost that much as the brand is so affordable.

I also have these super cute little lip glosses as another set and I cant wait to use these lip glosses during the summer when I want a pop of colour on my lips.

Revolution Lip Glosses

May Beauty and Clothing Haul

Haul Primark Newlook Lush HMV Superdrug Revolution

I wasn't planning on writing a haul any time soon but then I went to Northampton town shopping center to get an outfit for the weekend (outfit post coming your way) and look what I ended up coming home with... I regret nothing! Theres quite a bit to go through so I've grouped all the items under their shops. 

Haul Primark Newlook Lush HMV Superdrug Revolution

I did try on some clothes in Primark but I didn't find anything that excited me so I ended up leaving with all these goodies instead. 
 P.S. Love - My Glam Tan in light to medium to try out which I am quite excited to try out 
Eye lash curlers
a foot file (don't judge)
a nail vanish remover pot
two different foundation sponges. 

Haul Primark Newlook Lush HMV Superdrug Revolution

Batiste dry shampoo 
Revolution Ultra base face primer 
Revolution Vivid baked highlighter in Pink light 
Revolution Vivid baked bronzer in Golden days  
Revolution vivid baked bronzer in Rock on world 

Haul Primark Newlook Lush HMV Superdrug Revolution

Lush Fresh Cupcake Fresh Face Mask 

Haul Primark Newlook Lush HMV Superdrug Revolution

Breaking dawn part 2
The perks of being a wallflower
The fault in our stars 
Haul Primark Newlook Lush HMV Superdrug Revolution Haul Primark Newlook Lush HMV Superdrug Revolution

I got these casual off the shoulder tops in black and white and a black dress and a black play-suit. The dress has mesh detail on the waist which really brings in the waist and the play-suit has lace detail on the back and a slit in the middle. Which ever outfit I wear this weekend I will take loads of photos and do a blog post for you guys! 

And that is my unexpected haul, I'm sorry about the bad quality photos but my phone didn't want to be nice today. Enjoy! 

My top 5 'Pick Me Up' Films

We've all been there where we've had a rough tough day that gets us down and ruins our mood, I personally like to cuddle under the covers with some pizza and a nice warm Callum. On them days where I can't nick him for cuddles, I like to snuggle in  bed with a good chick flick to help my mood. I have become obsessed with really girlie cheesey films lately (this might be my emotions telling me something) and I thought I would write a post on my favourite 'pick me up' films. 

Bridget Jones's Diary

Bridget Jones's Diary

Every women who was born in the 90s loves Bridget Jones and I'm sure most of these women will have made their daughters watch her too, I sure will be! I think her films are brilliant and no matter what is getting me down, these films always find a way to pick me up (probably because my life isn't usually as tragic as hers, but she does get to kiss Collin Firth and Huge Grant so who really is winning at life?). Bridget is a singleton living in London who is trying to find love in this big wide world and in her big huge control pants. She is hilarious and always makes me smile, plus her friends are even more hilarious!

Walking on Sunshine

Walking On Sunshine 

This film I will admit I am a little embarrass to claim I love but... I absolutely love love love it! It is ridiculously cheesey and full of 80s songs but I can't help reaching for it when I am in the mood to be cheered up. The lead male Giulio Berruti is a beautiful creature who I have fallen in love with (sorry Cal) and it also has Leona Lewis in who I have loved ever since she was on The X Factor. This plot is the ordinary - boy meets girl on holiday and fall in love, girl leaves boy to fly home and start uni, boy then gets engaged to girls sister 3 years later. How gutted would you be!  

About time

About Time 

This photo sums up this film perfectly with one word - cute. I love Rachel McAdams in every film she is in and I love her in a whole nother way after this film. The plot is about Tim who is a time traveler and the journey of his 'extra ordinary' life and his meetings with Mary. I love watching this film because firstly like i said, it is super cute and secondly it is relate-able and down to earth,  obviously not the time traveling bit but the love story and journey from young adult to actual grown up. 

The holiday

The Holiday 

This film is years old now and It still makes me so happy when I watch it. Even though it technically is a Christmas film, it never stays away during the rest of the year! Jude Law is a very handsome English gentleman in the film which I am all over and he has two little girls who are just how I want my kids to be. I love all four of the main actors in this film and found Jack Black such a cutie after watching it. It follows two women who swap houses over Christmas time to get away from their ex partners and surprise surprise they find love in the other women's house, standard love story really but I still love it!

Angus thongs and perfect snogging

Angus Thongs and Perfect Snogging 

This is my favourite guilty pleasure film which makes me feel 15 again. Firstly, and most importantly, Aaron Johnson is a beautiful young man and I fancied him for a few years after watching him in this film. Georgia is a girl whos main mission in life is to make Robbie notice her as well as not turn into a lone like the rest of her family, as she calls them. This film is hilarious and has me covering my face half the time at the immaturity. 

If you have any good recommendations of super girlie chick flicks, leave them in a comment below! 

Purifying Face Mask ... From Wiko?

Wiko Kiss x Face mask

I don't know if I'm late to the party (which I usually am) but when did Wiko start making their own skincare range?! I saw this purifying face mask from the Kiss x range on sale in the Western Favell Wiko store a few weeks ago and thought 'hey, I want to try you'

The packaging for this little pot is super cute but clear and simple about what the product is. The pot directs you use the face mask for 5 minutes for a 'quick skin treat' or for 15 for a 'deep cleansing facial'. I have only use this for 5 minutes at a time because it does tingles your face quite a lot and that is too much for me to handle for more than 5 minutes. Every time I have used this clay mask my skin have felt so clean afterwards and it definitely does cleanse my skin and make it feel refreshed and new. It clears up any problem skin after continual use and doesn't irritate my skin (apart from the tingling which tells me it is working). The product is cream coloured and quite thick but can be distributed around your face easily. I have quite a lot of face cleansers and masks but I am reaching for this mask once a week to really clean my skin.

I am interested in trying out a few other products from the Kiss x range now after using this mask, I'll be sure to let you guys know how I get on!

A Look At Avon Lipsticks

Avon Lipsticks

Avon Lipsticks

Avon are a well known brand of make up who don't get mentioned very much in the blogging world, which is a shame because I love their lipsticks so much. They are my favourite brand to collect lipsticks of and the best thing about them is that they come at great prices. They always have deals on in their brochures and this has resulted in me having a good collection of them.

I tend to pick up a Avon lipstick more than any other brand because their formulas are so good. Every lipstick I own is really moisturising on the lips so they improve the condition of my lips while I am wearing them. The colours always transfers the same on the lips as they are on the stick so you don't need to worry about the colour coming out different on your lips. Since they are sooo moisturising they do tend to not last as long as other lip products but I can get over that and I personally don't mind just reapplying them now and again.

I have 6 lipsticks from different ranges from the brand but non of them have the range names on them so I can only give you their names, sorry about that :)

My most used lipstick is called Rosy Gold and it is a shimmery dark pinky/red which looks great with all styles of make up. I love wearing this shade when I have no other make up on just to give my face a little something. I then have Chilli this lovely dark red shade which is one of my favourite red shades to wear in the colder months. I have a bright shimmery pink which is very girlie for the summer called Imperial Pink. Next is my second favourite shade which is a more subtle shimmery pink called Pink Pop. Then I have a natural soft pink called Pink Cooler which is great for non make up days. Lastly is this pale lilac shade which comes out as a lovely nude on the lips called Lilac Shimmer.

After going through all my Avon lipsticks I now have the urge to go get a brochure and have a nosey at some different colours. Let me know if you have any Avon shades that you love!

Hair Tool #1 | Babyliss Heated Hair Rollers

Babyliss Heated Hair Rollers
Babyliss Heated Hair Rollers
Babyliss Heated Hair Rollers

For my 20th birthday my sister bought me some heated hair rollers from Babyliss after I had convinced her I needed them in my life. I may have been a bit over dramatic but at the time I did believe that if I had them, all my hair problems would be non existent.

I have had them for over a year now and although I haven't used them as much as I would have liked, I think they are a brilliant hair tool and I love using them.

They are so easy to use you just turn them on and leave them to warm up, I usually wash my face and brush my teeth while I'm waiting, and then separate sections of my hair starting from the top. I wrap a section of hair around the roller using the larger size rollers for the top of my hair and clip them in place. I then usually do my makeup while they are in and by the time my face is ready and I've got changed my hair has been in them long enough. I then take out the rollers one at a time and style my hair how I want it using hair spray to make sure my curls stay in.

Obviously the length of time the curls stay in depends on the amount of product you use before and after as without any product the longest you are going to have the curls is about an hour. But if you use the right products they can last all day and the rollers make amazing big curls and really lifts your hair from the roots. Today have left them in for a about 10 minutes to just give my hair some volume and spray a little bit of hairspray on them afterwards. I cut my hair even shorter this week and this is the first time I've used them since cutting it, I much prefer how my hair goes after using these on my shorter hair. It just gives my hair a little something when it is straight and flat.

I love using these rollers when I'm going out for the day and I don't want flat boring hair, even after the curls are gone your hair is still bouncy and fuller which is an added bonus. The case for these rollers is really sleek and smart looking and fits perfectly in my compartments in my wardrobe when I'm not using it.

If you are looking for something to give your hair a bit more volume on a daily basis then they roller would be a great tool to invest in. I plan to use them more now with my shorter hair as its takes less time to style.

My Skin History

My skin history
This photo is about 2 years ago when I was going through a
really good skin phase.

I have realised recently while writing a skincare post that I have never actually explained how my skin works to you before. I haven't told you how my skin behaves, in proper detail anyway so I thought I would write a post talking about what kind of skin I have, at present and through the years.

Lets start back in the young fun days of school... who am I kidding they were the longest days of my life! Anyway back in my teen days I had what you would call perfect skin, not to sound big headed but while all my friends had spotty skin, I never ever had spots thank god. This may have been the result of my lack of make up I used to wear at the time because over the years, the more make up I have started wearing the worse my skin has become. During my 17th year I started to get the odd spot now and again but these didn't used to be pimples, these were horrible big red spots. I didn't class this as a problem because it was very rare that I got them.

As the years have gone by since my 17th birthday I have developed very problematic skin. It has gone from normal easy to live with skin, to spotty, dry and irritated. Now don't get me wrong, I know people with much worse skin to myself but because I have been used to easy skin most of my life and obviously you are always harder on yourself, to me I would call it problem skin.

Especially over the last two years (I am 21 btw) my skin has been at its worse with my chin being my biggest problem. At one point I had continuous spot after spot for a good few months as well as very red cheeks and it really upset me during the time. At the same time my forehead and skin around my eyes was severely dry and flaky 99% of the time and that phase really prompted me to re-evaluate my skin care and invest in some more suitable products for my skin.

I completely revamped my skincare draw and threw away all my rubbish or odd products that I had collected through the years and focused on my problem areas. I'll save the products I have found that have helped me in a different post otherwise I would be sitting her writing for hours. For now I will leave you with my short skin history and ask you to tell me yours :)

Whats in my Handbag

Whats in my handbag

A females handbag can sometimes seem like a portal to Narnia with the amount of stuff we carry in there and I am no different to any other girl, the bigger the bag the better I say.

Here is a low down of the junk I have in my bag all the time;

  • My purse - for obvious reasons
  • My car and house keys
  • My work keys and lanyard
  • My phone and most recently my Ipad - I've been sitting on my lunches at work reading my eBooks like the big geek I am :)
  • A small hair clip and hair band - so that I can pin back my hair at any time of the day
  • My diary - I am lost without it!
  • My blog post note book
  • Current handcream - Ginger and Co. Hand it to me dreamy handcream
  • Some chewing gum ;)
  • My little Me To You folding mirror
  • Two lip balms -Vaseline and Nivea raspberry lip butter at the moment
  • Current lip products - at the moment I have Rimmel lasting finish in nude pink 206
My bag isn't terribly exciting but I do love a good nose around peoples bag posts so if you have a bag post yourself, leave you link so I can have a nose :)

Lush Ultrabland Cleanser | The Only Cleanser For Me

Lush Ultrabland Cleanser

Lush Ultrabland Cleanser

I have tried quite a few Lush products over the last year when I discovered them (yes I know I am always late to the party) and one product has stood out for me as being the best. I started using the Ultrabland Cleanser half way through last year and since I started using it, I have never used anything else to remove my makeup.

I used to have a love hate relationship with make up as I love applying it but I dreaded removing it at the end of the day and constantly tried new cleansers and make up removers as I never got on with one product for long. Either they left product still on my skin after using it or they didn't take all my eye makeup off. This problem often left me going make up free most days because I didn't want to have the hassle of removing it.

I read a review on this cleanser (I can not remembered who's review it was so I apologise for not mentioning them) on Bloglovin and instantly wanted to give it a go. I purchased a tub from my nearest Lush store and I haven't looked back since purchasing it and I am on my second tub now.

I usually use this product by applying it with my fingers all over my face and working the product into my skin especially onto my lashes, because Lush only use natural ingredients in their products I can rub this product into my eyes and not flinch at all which makes taking off mascara so much easier. I use my flannel to wash off all the product on my face, some people find that they cant wash all the product off in one go but by using a flannel I never have an residue left. I find this cleanser so moisturising on my skin that if I am in a rush I don't feel the need to moisturise my face after. Even with my sensitive skin this product has never irritated me once which is why I love it so much. My first tub lasted me about half a year even though I used it every night and most mornings so I am really pleased with the size of the tub and the quality of the product.

If you are looking for a product that is both healthy for your skin and can be used all over your face this product is the winner. Depending on what size tub you purchase it will cost you either £7.25 or £11.50 which is not bad at all. This is definitely something to try if you suffer from sensitive skin.
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