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Soap and Glory Candy Crush Trio

I know I am a bit late to review these products but I thought I'd wait until the hype around these items died down before I gave you guys my input.

I think I should start off by saying I am a huge Soap and Glory addict. Most of my body products are S&G and whenever something new comes out I cant help myself but be drawn in by the name. I purchased the Sugar Crush range more than 6 months ago and I've only just got round to using them, that just shows you how much body products I have to get through!

Now the body wash is everything you would want from a wash; its a thin consistency which means you only need a little bit to go a very long way, it lathers up nicely and omg it smells soo soo amazing!

The body scrub leaves my skin feeling so refreshed and clean, it is perfect for them days when you feel like your carrying the day on your skin (if anyone knows what I mean) I like to use this first thing in the morning to get rid if any crap on my skin from the day before. It really works well on getting rid of any dead skin or dirty. 

S&G body butters are my favourite thing in the world. They always make my skin feel so lush and soft without fail, so now add in a sweet sugar smell to that and you have the perfect product! 

These are another loved range added to my body products collection and I wouldn't be surprised if they don't last long as I have been using them non stop these last two weeks. I think once you start using them you get obsessed with having them in your regular routine. These are well worth a buy! :) 

Revlon photo ready crème blush | 300 Coral reef

Hello lovelies! 



I have a review on a Revlon blush product for you guys which has been in at least one of my monthly favourites and a few other make up tag posts in recent months. I'm going to be talking about the Revlon photo ready crème blush in the shade 300 coral reef.

I'm going to start off by saying this is my first crème blush product (aside from a really old product I had when I was little from a Sabrina the teenage witch magazine) and so when I purchased this late last year for a Halloween make up idea, I didn't know what to expect from it and to be completely honest I didn't know how to use it.

The shade is actually perfect for my skin tone I think, it looks really red in the pot and if you use too much on your cheeks, then you will end up with bright red cheeks but if you know how much to use on your face, it can look really nice and natural and healthy. It gives me a really nice healthy glow to my cheeks which I love.

After a lot of practice I now know the trick to applying it, after countless tries where I ended up looking like a china doll! The product is super pigmented so you only need a little bit of product on your fingers to make it work on your cheeks. I know it may be unhygienic to use my fingers but I find that it works best for me so I just keep doing it haha.  

I put a little bit onto my fingers and then do a duck face as you do... I rub the product on to my cheeks in a circular motion and make sure that I really rub it in so it is all even. Most of the time I will then use my flat top blush brush to blend it out even more just to make sure it looks all natural.

It looks really nice by itself on 'no make up days' and it also works really well with other blush products which are a bit darker to make more of a statement for a night out.

I find that this lasts longer than any other powder blush product that I own even when I've been at work all day it stays put until the end, I would say it has converted me to crème blushes and I never thought I would have said that.
This is a product that I would definitely repurchase and I am excited to try the different shades in the range, have any of you tried it? What are your thoughts? :)

Lush Volcano Foot Mask


I recently went into the Lush store and was on the hunt for something a bit different to what I already had at home. I have face masks, I have moisturizers and scrubs, I have toners so I went in wanting to find something new. Something interesting I did find! I don't know about some of you but I did not know they made foot masks, I love the idea of a mask for your feet!

I was really excited to try it out and see whether it worked like a face mask (obviously it wouldn't get rid of spots because I would hope no one has spots on their feet!). Just like a face mask you take a generous amount of product on your hand and rub the product all over your feet covering the whole surface. It suggests on the label, once all of your feet are covered, to then wrap them up in cling film. Now I have used it with and without cling film and it has worked both times so it all down to your own preference. Once you have covered your feet in the mask and wrapped them up in cling film (or not) you can just sit back and relax for 20 minutes while it does its magic.

20 minutes later...

After 20 minutes you simply just wash the mask off with some water in the shower and your done. The first time I used this mask I was completely shocked, I didn't expect so much dirt to come off my feet (which I didn't think were that dirty in the first place).

My feet were really soft and refreshed after I used the mask and so I'm telling you all to indulge in the hype around this product. It wont disappoint! Since I've bought this product I've been using it at least once a week and it works everytime! :) 

Music you should be listening to

I thought I'd share with you the songs that I have been loving recently because they're just so bloody good!

The first three songs are all by 5 Seconds Of Summer who are my new favourite band! Ashton is my favourite, my mission to marry him to underway... <3

Heartbreak Girl


Beside Me

Now time for the cutest guy in music, Ed Sheeran

Thinking Out Loud


Tenerife Sea

Next is

Coldplay - A Sky Full Of Stars


Next is

Christina Perri - Human - which I love so much!

And then last but not least...
This has to be my favourite song at the moment, I can not stop listening to it and I have probably played it at a least once every day  since I first heard it (and I am listening to it now on repeat while I am writing this)


Sia - Chandelier


I've linked in the youtube videos of all the song so if you haven't heard some of them, you guys can go have a listen but come on, who isn't loving 5SOS at the moment?!

My current skincare routine | Simple Clear Skin range

I've realised that I have never done a post on the skin care products I am using at any point so I thought I would do a little post for you now on my current skincare now, which also gives me a chance to tell you about a new range from Simple that I am trying, their Clear Skin range.

At the moment I am using a combination of three products in the mornings and evening to keep my skins looking decent (some sort of decent). The first product I use in the mornings is the Simple Kind To Skin refreshing facial wash gel which I am finding really refreshing and leaves my skin feeling really clean. This gel is formulated for people with sensitive skin and I have found it doesn't make my skin red and blouchy like other facial washes I have used recently.

After I have washed my face with the facial wash gel I then rub a pea size amount of Simple Clear Skin oil balancing moisturiser all over my face. I picked this up as I was intrigued to see how my skin reacted to it as recently I have found my skin became irritated whenever I applied moisturiser to my face. Also a moisturiser for oily skin? Perfect!

Lastly in the evening before I go bed and after I have removed my make up, I am using the Simple Clear Skin oil balancing facial scrub to remove any more makeup and clear my skin for the night so that while I am asleep it can breath. I then apply the Simple Clear Skin oil balancing moisturiser.

I am already seeing a change in my skin since I have started using these products, I think the combination of all three works well with my skin and I have had less spots come up. Thank god!

Day out in Cambridge

Here are some of the photos I took during my day trip to Cambridge with two good friends of mine who you'll see in some of the photos, it was such a good day even though the sun decided to disappear this day.
  #1- Me and James before we set off for the drive to Cambridge, Our breakfast of cinnamon buns with extra chocolate (YUM), a selfie of me, James and Tom, the boys after they enjoyed their breakfast
  #2 - James doing all the work and Tom pretending he is helping, standard selfie on the river, a working James and a smiling Tom
 #3 -Pictures of sights along the river with a selfie in-between
 #4 -More river sights
 #5 - Three very different selfies with the boys on the river (James' face in the last one is my favourite!)

#6&7 - Photos of the Museum of Archaeology & Anthropology in Cambridge with a selfie of me and James being lazy and taking the lift

Cambridge is fast becoming my favourite place to visit so expect more photos of trips to visit the boys down there in the future! :)

Monthly Favourites June '14

Its that time again so I'm going to get straight into it and try not to waffle... yeah right!

My first favourite is a perfume my sister got for me randomly a few weeks ago, it is the Dolce and Gabbana -The One- and its smells beautiful. I'm not going to try and describe the smell for you because I am rubbish at but in its official describtion it describes it as "fruity-floral" and "lasting warmth of vanilla and sweetness of Amber and Musk" -Sounds delicious I know...

My next favourite for June is my new iPhone 5s :D
I've never been the one to get the newest phone as I don't see the point in paying extra for the newest phone when you can get an older version which costs less and does most of the same stuff. But this time it cost the same to get the newest iPhone so I did and I haven't looked back yet. I love that it has finger print recognition, how cool is that! I also love the thinner longer design.

A piece of clothing that I have become obsessed with recently is Kimonos. I love them so much, they look good on everyone and everything and are so easy to wear. I currently have 4 and are planning on adding to my collection :)

My first make up item that I have been loving this month is my Maybelline Fit Me foundation in the shade 115. The colour is perfect for my skin and is easy to apply, look good throughout the day, blends well on the skin and simply looks good.

The second is the Rimmel Wake Me Up concealor in Ivory which I have had for some time now and find myself continuously using it on days when I am wearing makeup and also on 'no makeup days'. It is great for covering little spots I might have surfacing and to cover up redness that I have on my cheeks.

The third is my H&M bronzing powder in Dark Tan. This is a really nice colour that looks great on the cheeks and on your temples, it doesn't look to dark on your skin but you can build it up if you want a really defined cheek bone. Im pretty sure I've mentioned it in a previous favourites post or at least a themed post.

The last item is Benefit's they're real mascara. Everyone raves about this mascara and I can see why, It makes my lashes look so amazing that I feel like I don't need to wear eye liner with it, my lashes look amazing with just this on. It also doesn't clump which is a bonus so I have been religiously using this this month.

So these are my favourites for this month, have any of you tried these products? Apart from Benefit's mascara because lets be honest, if you haven't tried it then you've been living under a rock! :)

My blogging break: What I've been doing

As you may or may not have noticed I have been severely slacking in the blog post department recently and I'll tell you why, I'm a human being who gets distracted by other things and falls out of love with things after a while. Lots of things have changed recently in my day to day life which has kept me busy and distracted, which has resulted in me writing naff posts here and there so that I've at least posted something that month. And I think its about time I got organised and get back on top :)

I thought the best way to start afresh and really get back into it was to write a post telling you all about the stuff I have been doing recently that has kept me so busy, give you an insight into my life as I find these posts more enjoying than reviewing a product if I'm honest.

So Chelsea what have you been up to since April time...?

One thing that has really impacted my day to day life recently has been work, I was officially promoted to Sales Team Leader at my work this June (after being the holding Sales Team Leader since January) :D so I've been super excited about that, and with this new title I have more responsibilities around work, especially when I am the only management in for a day. So that has really been wiping my out lately causing me to come home, make some food and flop into bed (more of a dive bomb really..). The thought of sitting on a computer for a few hours typing up something didn't really appeal to me for a while, so my laptop has been hibernating under my bed for too long now.

As well as work wiping my out with the long stressful days, I have also joined back at the gym to get back in shape after a significant number of months away. An hour in the gym or an hour class after work has been really effecting my energy levels, again I've been hibernating in bed to recover haha. But its worth it right? Kim K here I come...

I've also been making a conscious effort to see my friends more, especially my favourite girls who have busy lifes and partners that keeps them busy themselves. A night at the pub or at a restaurant for dinner has been a reoccurring theme in my weekdays in recent weeks and certain aspects of my friends lifes have changed so that seeing them during the week is easier now :)

I've also been going on adventures with friends to my new favourite place recently too, Cambridge. I could see myself living in Cambridge after my first visit there and so me and my friend James have travelled down a few times just to spend the day exploring the town and relaxing in my favourite spot, Jesus park. It is so peaceful and just a change of scenery.

Here are some photos from my most recently trip :)


Lastly, the weather recently has been amazing, what I've seen of it on my days off anyway... so I've been enjoying the sunshine on my days off having bbqs, going for walks with my family and grabbing lunch in pub gardens and just sitting outside in the sun with a drink and friend chatting about life.
*Spot the blogger* Ashleigh (All Things Ashleigh) Please don't hate me! :P

I appreciate that you guys have stuck around instead of un-following me after I haven't posted in so long so thanks guys and I assure you I have a good number of posts backed up to post in the next few weeks so watch out :P
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