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My Key Outfits This Spring

My Key Outfits This Spring

I love the clothing in shops during spring time because it is so colourful and you can pick up items which you can wear when it is cold and when it is hot with different alternatives. I thought i'd share with you of my favourite items which I love to wear during this season.

K N E E   L E N G T H   S K I R T S (photo)
This won't be a surprise to some of you because I live in long skirts during the warmer months, even though I am only 5 foot I think these really suit my size and shape at the right length and I much prefer wearing long shirts to wearing short shorts. I am not a big suns out legs out kind of girl. I love pairing long skirts with cropped tops or tip tops which I can tuck inside the skirts. I am lucky enough to have an alright waist so I like to show it off when I can.

S M O C K   T O P S  (photo)
I love to stick on a big smock top with a pair of skinny ripped jeans as it looks like you've  put a lot of effort into your clothes when really all I've done is chuck on some clothes. I like to pair them with black skinny jeans and blue ripped skinny jeans and they work with both.

C L O T S (photo)
Clot trousers are a staple in my wardrobe around this time of year because they work with any weather and suits my body shape to a tee. Again I like them because they are usually high waist so they emphasis my small waist. I pair these with cropped tops and they can look really casual or dressed up with wedges or heels.
B R A L E T S (photo)
I didn't hop on the bralet trend when it first came around but after a while I couldn't keep away and now that I own one I have fell in love. I don't like the bralets that have a thin strap on them as they make my boobs look a little pointy! But bralets with big straps looks good so I am trying to find as many as I can. I also love how these look underneath baggy t-shirts.

My Key Outfits This Spring

What are some of your favourite outfits this spring?

The £12.99 Curling Wand You Need | B&M

The £12.99 Curling Wand You Need | B&M

Since chopping off most of my hair this month I have really tried to style my hair more often. I am super lazy when it comes to doing anything with my hair but when I do do something with it, I love it  and wish I styled it more often.

I found curling my hair was a real chore before especially with my long hair, I used to use my straighteners to curl my hair but it never curled my hair the way I wanted it to. Then my sister told me about a curling wand she picked up from B&M that gave her the perfect waves in her hair. I don't like tight curls as I think it makes my face look even more round than it already is so lose waves and curls sounded perfect for me.

Since buying my own wand last week I have had my hair curly for 99.9% of the time as it is so quick and easy to curl thick hair with this. I have the thickest hair out of everyone body that I know so usually I have section my hair into tiny sections just to make curls work in my hair. But with this wand I can curl a large chunk of my hair in one go as long as I hold the hair on the wand for long enough.

I find with this wand I can curl small sections or large sections easily and the curls last all day in my hair. The next day the curls are loose waves which look lush as a everyday look. I also find the longer I hold my sections of hair on the wand the more tight the curls are so I can use this to my advantage depending on what look I was going for.

The reason I am writing a whole post on this curling wand is because it is an amazing price of just £12.99 at B&M which is an absolute bargain! There are quite a few designs including leopard and zebra print but I want with the least tracky (no offence to your leopard lovers out there) option which was a silver glitter design.

It you are on the look out for a new curling wand and don't want to fork out a lot of money on one then this curling wand is for you. It is perfect for traveling with and it wont brake the bank so its a win win!

How I Style My Lob

How I Style My Lob

I recently decided to cut off half my hair again and now I am rocking a lob which I absolutely love. I am a really lazy person when it comes to styling my hair so when I have short hair I find it so easy to look like I have put in some effort so I have a few styles which take no time at all and always look nice.

How I Style My Lob

The first style I like to use is my 'I am so lazy today I get be bothered for anything look' which is basically leaving my hair to dry naturally and then turning my head upside down and working the messy wavy look.

How I Style My Lob

My all time favourite hair style has to be the half up half down combo. I think my hair suits me much more when it isn't so thick because I have seriously thick hair so instead of getting my hairdresser to thin it and I regret it, I just throw up half my hair and I'm sorted. I like to use this hairstyle whether my hair is straight or curly as it works with both.

How I Style My Lob

Another hair style I like is the overly straight lob look which I usually wear for nights out or when I want to look quite sophisticated and because I don't have my hair straight very often its a nice change now and again.

How I Style My Lob

Most of the time I curl my hair because I think it suits my face the most and once you've curled it your hair is sorted for the next few days. Also I find when my hair is curly it tends to get greasy not as quick as if my hair is straight which is a bonus.

How I Style My Lob

My last hairstyle is perfect for the spring and summer months and so much easier to do when I have sort hair. I love doing braids during the warmer months because it gets your hair off your face all day and even when it gets a bit messy it still looks good. When I have a middle parting I like to do a braid on each side of my head and then when I have a side parting I like to do a braid on the bigger side.

Photo Links
Natural Waves
Photo One, Photo Two, No Link, Photo Four,

Half Up Half Down
Photo One, Photo Two, Photo Three, Photo Four

Photo One, Photo Two, Photo Three, No Link

Photo One, Photo Two, Photo Three, Photo Four

Photo One, Photo Two, Photo Three, Photo Four

A Week In My Shoes | Birthday Weekend

A Week In My Shoes | Birthday Weekend

I've started this follow me around post on a good weekend as it was recently my birthday so I had over a week off work to enjoy the festivities and the sunshine! This is basically a round up of my week with all the boring bits taken out which for this week there wasn't a lot of. 

Saturday 2rd April 
I rather have the full weekend off so I made sure I enjoyed it and on the Saturday my sister and I drove to Cambridge for the day which was lovely. The weather was really sunny and warm so the drove was picturesque and the park was the perfect place to enjoy a rest for an hour or so. We had a cheeky trip in Newlook, Primark and Lush where I bought most of the stuff I showed in my haul post. We also had a cheeky Zizi for lunch which was amazing, we had pizza and garlic and herb potatoes!

Sunday 3rd April - My Birthday!! 
For the actual day of birthday Callum, my sister and I went to Bicester for a little look round and I was a good girl and only got a new moisturiser and two delicious crepes. We never end up staying at Bicester for very long as most of the shops there aren't our cup of tea so we drove down the road to the town and have a little walk round in the sunshine which was lovely. After we sat in the sun for a nice drink at the local pub we went to Buddies for dinner and I had beautiful burger. 

Monday 4th April 
After a busy weekend I was pretty tried so a friend of mine and I went for a pub lunch and had a lazy day in the sun chatting and making plans for the following weekend. 

Tuesday 5th April 
I had a rather boring day on Tuesday and caught up with my washing, blogging and tv shows, wish is very important. But in the evening I picked Callum up from work, made burger and chips for dinner (which was tasty) and went to the cinema to finally see Beauty and the Beast. Callum wasn't too much of a fan of the film but I loved it and can't wait to watch it again on dvd. 

Wednesday 6th April
On this day I didn't do anything other than be lazy watching youtube videos and reading blog posts but in the evening I went to go see one of my oldest friends in his new house which was great. I haven't seen him for months and looking at his new build only made me more excited to get into mine!

Thursday 7th April
On Wednesday my friend and I went to a kids park called Wickstead Park which has big fields, a long route to walk, a play area and rides for all ages. It was a lovely day weather wise and once we had enough of the sun we went back to hers and made a homemade cheesecake which looked amazing if I do say so myself. After sitting in the conservatory for a few hours I spent the rest of my evening relaxing in the bath. 

Friday 8th April 
On Friday I went to lunch with some friends at Kaspers Deserts which is the best thing to ever be invented. It is basically a restaurant which sells cakes, crepes, waffles, ice creams and anything else you can think of. I would highly recommend this place. Then in the evening I spent the evening eating take away and having a belated birthday sleepover with my friends which I haven't done since I was about 15. 

Saturday 9th April 
After I finally woke up on Saturday after the sleepover my friend and I decided to grab some lunch from Waitrose and went and sat in the park to caught a tan until the early evening. The perfect way to end a sunny and relaxing week off!

Outfit Details
Top - Newlook
Jeans - Newlook (similar)
Shoes - Primark 

5 Bath Products Good Enough To Eat This Spring

3 Bath Products Good Enough To Eat This Spring
This spring I am mixing up my body skincare collection with a few new editions and a few re purchases.

One of my favourite smelling bath products during most of the year but definitely during the warmer months to is the Lush The Comforter Shower Cream which is one of the best products I have ever smelt. This shower cream can be used as a shower cream and can be used to make amazing smelling bubbles for the bath. I am currently on my third bottle of this stuff and I can't get enough of it. It smells like the Calpol you had when you were a child which is what attracted me to it in the first place. I used to enjoy taking Calpol when I was ill so I have to be really strong and not eat it!

Another shower cream which smells amazing is the Treaclemoon Vanilla Bath and Shower Gel which smells of vanilla cheesecake, could it get any better? This product is so inexpensive currently at £2 and you get such a large bottle it is basically a steal. This bottle has lasted me so long already and I usually either use this as a shower gel or as bubble bath. It creates so many bubbles which smell amazing.

A body butter which smells like summer in a tub is the Bodyshop Papaya Body Butter. This body butter is super rich and smooth so it leaves the skin feeling like a new born baby. You also get a lot of product in the tub which makes it worth the money. It smells like a mix between cream and fruit so just imagine a very Instagram worthy breakfast bowl and you've hit the nail on the head.

Another Lush product which smells like heaven is the Snow Fairy Shower Gel. Again I can use this in my bath to create bubbles and it leaves my skin smelling amazing just like their Bubble Gum lip scrub. I totally forgot how much I loved the smell of bubble gum until I started collecting the Lush scented products and now I can't get enough of it. Lush can' go wrong with their scents in my opinion.

The Soap and Glory Sugar Crush Body Wash has been a staple in my bathroom since I was a teenager and still today I love to go back to it. I have never had a bad product from Soap and Glory so I know I can pick up any product and like it without reading reviews. This wash smells of citrus fruits but times a 100 and it leaves my body super smooth and the smell lingers on my skin all morning. It is also the best thing to use first thing in the morning to wake you up.

If you have any recommendations for amazing smelling products then comment them below!

Spring Clothing Haul | Primark, Newlook & Zara

Over the last week I have bought quite a few new bits for the warmer weather and thankfully for my birthday weekend which I bought most of these, the weather was absolutely beautiful. 

Spring Clothing Haul | Primark, Newlook & Zara
Firstly I went into Newlook and found some really pretty things, the first floral dress is a sheer see through material which I really like for when it is sunny but not particularly warm. I paired this dress with a black crop top underneath with my light blue ripped denim which looked pretty funky.

Spring Clothing Haul | Primark, Newlook & Zara

The yellow and blue skirt caught my eye straight away for the summer, paired with a yellow, blue or even white strapy top I think this will look really effortlessly put together and I love the split down the middle.
Spring Clothing Haul | Primark, Newlook & Zara
Spring Clothing Haul | Primark, Newlook & Zara
Lastly from Newlook I gathered these two sheer peplum tops which I've had my eye on for a while. I don't particularity like my stomach so anything that hides it is a bonus. I picked up the black version because you can never have enough black in your wardrobe and the baby pink version which will be perfect for spring.

Spring Clothing Haul | Primark, Newlook & Zara
Then in Primark I found a few more cute tops to add to my collection and you can definitely tell I have a new favourite type of tops... The first top is another peplum top in a light grey which was only £3 so I had to buy it. It has a cute butterfly embroidery effort on it which I think with a strapy one top will look lovely on a sunny day.

Spring Clothing Haul | Primark, Newlook & Zara
Next is a really pretty black embroidery top which I love with my yellow Zara leather jacket and blue jeans It hangs really nice over high waist and normal jeans and it works with black and blue jeans.

Spring Clothing Haul | Primark, Newlook & Zara
Lastly for Primark I have this black and white ginham peplum top shock which is a little bit over sized so it is really flattering.

Spring Clothing Haul | Primark, Newlook & Zara

How gorgeous is this Zara jacket?? It comes in black and baby pink and it has cropped sleeves and body which looks lovely with high waist jeans and a cropped top. My sister bought me this for my birthday and I absolutely love it! It is quite a thin material but it surprisingly kept me warm on a rather cold day.

Spring Clothing Haul | Primark, Newlook & Zara
Lastly I bought three new pairs of shoes from Newlook and Primark which are super cute and rather expensive looking for the price I think. The first are the black flat bow slip ons which were only £8 but I think they look much more expensive than that. Second are the black gold heel slip ons which were £12 and looks really nice with jeans and makes a plan outfit a bit more smart. Lastly I have these brown lace up peep toe heels which Cal got me for my birthday which I know they will kill my feet for the first few times but they will look really nice during the day with blue jeans and white shirts.

Spring Makeup Edit

Spring Makeup Edit Spring Makeup Edit Spring Makeup Edit

Since the clocks have finally gone forward I think its about time I embraced the spring season in full swing. I feel like I've been waiting for spring to come around for so long, this winter has definitely took its toll on me. I am ready for the coral shades and the sunshine days.

During the spring time I like to keep my base quite simple and light so I'll been wearing my Bourjois City Radiance foundation in the shade 02 which has been a favourite of mine since I tried it out late last year. It is a light weight medium coverage foundation which looks flawless and glowy on the skin and lasts all day on my face. When you first apply this foundation it looks really light compared to the skin but once it is blended it it is my perfect skin shade. As well as the Bourjois foundation I like to use the Bourjois Radiance concealer in the shade 01 Ivory to cover my under eyes circles, it brightens as well as concealers the area which is perfect for a spring healthy makeup look.

To keep my base in place all day I have a few primers/liquid products which keep my makeup in place and gives me a little subtle glow underneath my foundation. The Nivea Post Shaving Balm has been a favourite of mine during the warmer months since last year as it holds my base in place all day and makes me look so healthy. Two new base products that are perfect for the spring time are the Tanya Burr Face Illuminator and L'Oreal True Match Highlighter in Golden Glow which are both are firm favourites of mine.

On my cheeks I have a new blush which I know what your thinking, 'you don't even wear blush?!'. Yes I know I haven't wore blush in probably years but I have finally found a blush that works for me. This Newlook Baked Blush in Morocan Rose which is a golden rose shade which I think really suits my skin tone and looks gorgeous mixed with a golden bronzer. My go to bronzer for the spring time is the Bodyshop Honey Bronzer in 01 which is a super natural bronzer that looks good even when I am really pale.

On my eyes I have two pink palettes which are perfect for the spring time and look gorgeous on the eyes. The first is the W7 In The Nude Palette which I have mentioned a few times and pull it out whenever I want a pinky look. The palette includes some lovely matte shades and a few shimmer shades which wore really well with the matte shades underneath. The other palette is the Seventeen Easy On The Eyes palette in Birthday Suit which includes 4 cream shades and 8 powder shades which I have been using non stop this past week. I like to use the cream golden nude shade as a base for the powder eye shadow and then top it off with the golden pink powder shades which make my eyes pop.

On the lips I have two very similar lip glosses which I like to wear with minimal makeup which are Soap and Glory's Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss in Plumsup and Mac's Cremesheen in Deelight which are both similar baby pink shades which look quite minimal but pretty at the same time. You can whack these glosses on and it looks like you have made a lot of effort.
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