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My week in outfits #1

I thought I'd start doing posts where I round up photos of the outfits I've wore that week that I especially like/love and wanted to share with you guys :) 

The first outfit includes the floral shorts I recently bought and posted about which are my new favourite piece of clothing! They are so vibrate and eye catching, I had a few people come up to me and ask me where I got them from so I felt good that I pulled them off. They hang so nicely and the material is great because they are light and dont get creased when you sit down which is brilliant! 
I would normal wear them with a chiffon cami top but because I was wearing them to work I didn't want to be moving around and flashing the flesh so I wore it with a plain strappy black t-shirt, black tights and a green cardigan which brought out the green in the shorts. 
The shorts and cardigan are from Newlook and the tights and plain t-shirt are from Primark

The second outfit is a new dress I recently bought which I am loving for the warmer months. It's is a carpet pattern dress which feels very tribal (if you know what I mean). I paired it with a black and gold rope necklace (matalan), a brown belt and a black cardigan (Newlook) as I wore this the day before the heat wave so it was still pretty cold. I love that you can literally throw on this dress and go, it is very easy to wear. 

And then lastly today since it's my day off and (apparently) it is going to be hot like it was yesterday (I wouldn't know...) I am wearing this fitted white and blue spot denim dress from Primark. I love how slim it makes me look and I think it makes me look taller as well which is a bonas! I'm wearing it with a little brown belt and some light brown sandle flats from Newlook.

Hope you've enjoyed this little post as I love reading them myself and I'm going to make them a regular thing here :) xx
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  1. I love that tribal print dress, I really want one like that for summer! X



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