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How To Style | Ripped Jeans

One of my favourite trends at the moment is skinny ripped jeans. Ever since they started coming into work I have been fascinated with them. I currently own a light blue pair and a dirty black/grey pair both from the petit section from Newlook.

I know a lot of people who wouldn't even pick up a pair of ripped jeans because they have no idea what to pair them with (and that was me before I just took the plunge). So I thought I would show you guys some options in how to wear them and what I wear my jeans with.

Jeans and Jumpers 
I love the look of jeans and jumpers. It is a really cosy look and can be worn at home lounging around and out and about in the cold.

Jeans and shirts
Another style I love is wearing ripped jeans with shirts. I regularly wear these at work as they are so comfy and easy to wear, you can throw on any patterned check shirt with jeans and a pair of boots and your ready to leave. 

Jeans and tee's
If you want to look really casual then you can wear a logo t-shirt or even a plain tee with jeans and rock the edgy look that day. I personally love tees with ripped jeans. 

Jeans and boots
No pair of ripped jeans is compete without a killer pair of boots to wear with them and I don't wear my ripped jeans with anything else during the colder months, and having an impressive and slightly embarrassing obsession with boots I have a lot of choices to chose from. 

*All photos have been used from Pinterest, which you can follow me by pressing here :)*
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  1. I love this post! Ripped jeans and jumpers are one of my favourite outfits, I am also a sucker for jumpers and leggings tut tut. I definitely need to get myself a blue pair too! Currently living in my black ones :) xxx


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