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Outfits of the week #1

I'm going to start doing posts about my favourite outfits of the week as I enjoy writing outfit posts quite a bit so keep your eyes out for the future ones :)

I have had a bowler hat for some time now and if im being completely honest it has hardly seen the daylight. I love wearing hats but they just aren't practical at my job and since I work full time I rarely decide to pop it on on my day off (as I am usually in bed all day...) so I am making a conscious effort to wear my hat more.
My hat, top, ripped jeans and sheep coat are all from Newlook shock...

This is my favourite dress now since I ordered it the other week. I love that it is really easy to wear and I feel like I just throw it on with a belt and I'm sorted. I don't need to fuss about what to put with it or how to wear it. I also love the shoulders although they have been a little cold everytime I have worn it so maybe it's not for the Middle of winter haha.
(Excuse the funny hand...)
Lastly on my day off I wore my new fur collar from Newlook with a floral shirt which I think goes really well with it. I have wanted a fur collar for a while now but I was a little put off by them as i didn't want to look like Cruella de Vil (which I do think I do) but once I tried it with my sheep coat I felt more comfortable wearing it. Hopefully this won't be another bowler hat! 

 I would just like to add that I don't really care if your can see my messy room in the photos as when I'm getting ready my room never stays tidy, and who can honestly say their room isn't messy after they have got ready in the morning? :) 

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