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New In Primark Makeup | First Impressions

Swatches: 1. Insta Girl Iridescent Highlighter 2-5 Glow Palette
Swatches: 1 Instant Radiance in Goddess, 2 Instant Radiance in Paradise, 3 Face and body highlighting cream in Rose Gold, 4 Face and Body highlighting cream in Oyster Rose

I had a cheeky little shop in Primark last week and I thought i'd treat myself to some of their new makeup range. I haven't bought any Primark makeup in years, the last product I bought from them was the PS... 9 Shade palettes for £2.99. I really liked them at first but after a while I did realise how rubbish they were....

A few years later and I'm back at it giving them another go. I'll start with my bargain products!

On the clearance rack I noticed the PS...Insta Girl Banana Powder which I have heard a lot about when it first came out. I tend to stick to the same powders so I wanted to change it up a bit and give this a go since I have never tried a loose banana powder before. I've tried the powder once so far and I liked it but the packaging isn't great. I tap some powder into the cap of the bottle but once I had used enough powder I didn't know what to do with the excess powder. A part from the packaging flaw the powder is really finely milled so it doesn't feel like I am wearing anything no matter how much I apply. On first impressions I really like this powder but to be fair, I've never found a powder I haven't liked.

My second sale item is the PS... Insta Girl Iridescent Baked Highlighter which is a beautiful icey crystal tone. I find with baked products brands really can't go wrong in my opinion, every baked product I have tried has been really good and this highlighter is no exception. It isn't a shade I could wear on a daily basis as it is too light for me, I tend to go for more golden shades for highlighter but I thought in the winter when I don't have a tan I could make this highlighter really work for me. For £3 you can't say no.

Sticking with the highlighters I picked up two Strobe Face and Body Highlighting Creams in Oyster Pink and Rose Gold. Oyster Pink gives a light shimmer whereas Rose Gold comes out much more pigmented and acts like a fake tan. From first impressions I think these are a great product to have for a night out or in a travel bag to either mix in with your foundations or use underneath. I don't have anything like these in my collection and when I wore Rose Gold underneath my makeup for a BBQ a few days ago my skin looked sun kissed and flawless so I am a big fan so far!

I also bought some PS... Bronze Instant Radiance Highlighting Drops in two shades, a light creamy shade  called Paradise and a gold bronze shade called Goddess. From first impressions these seem amazing for adding a glow to your foundation to give you a super healthy glow. I have tried the more golden shade on top of my foundation on my cheekbones for that BBQ and the glow it gave me was amazing. It does look quite scary in the bottle but it blended out like a dream and didn't budge my foundation one bit. The lighter shade is definitely more suitable for everyday but the bronze shade is just to die for. I am definitely loving the bronzing shades this summer. The packaging of these drops is very fancy as well with the glass bottles with the pellet, Primark have upped their game with this packaging.

The last highlighter I picked up in Primark is the PS... Glow Palette Highlight and Sculpt Cheek Palette which is a perfect dupe for the Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Palette.  It was only £5 so since I don't have the original palette I thought this was a good start. The packaging is the exact same as the Beverly Hills version so it looks gorgeous and definitely stands out in my collection but it will get dirty very easily.  The highlighters feel so creamy on the skin so they blend in really easily and can be built up depending on how much of an impact you want. The golden shade is my favourite of the four but they are all shades that I would wear and I have used it a lot already since I purchased it.

The last product I purchased in Primark is the PS Bronze Metallic cream eye shadow in this gorgeous metallic golden bronze shade which is just up my street. I love cream eye shadows because they are so easy to apply and they look like you have spent a lot of time on your makeup. During the last 3 months I have been growing my finger nails so now they are super long and healthy but it means getting product out of tub can be frustrating so I have adapted using a small brush to get the product onto my eye lid and then using my finger to blend it out. This cream eye shadow is as pigmented as the Maybelline and Loreal cream eye shadows I've been using for years so I've intrigued to try more shades.

So far I have been really impressed with the products I purchased and I've been using most of them on a daily basis. I'm excited to see what else they have in store next time I pop in to Rushden Lakes. Expect to see these mentioned a lot during the summer months when all I care about is having the best glow ever.
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  1. I wish I could find these in my local Primark haha! That palette really does look like a dupe of a ABH glow kit. Primark are killing it with their makeup range at the minute!xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

  2. I didn't know Primark makeup looked so good! I still would find it quite weird going into primark for the sole purpose to pick up cosmetics but if I'm browsing and happen to see some of these items I'll be sure to pick some up and give it a try! Great post xo

    Sinead | www.subjectbeauty.com


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