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Things 2014 has taught me


When I started this blog last Janurary my first post was a dedication to the year 2013 and I always planned to write a post about what I had learned during the year.

Here are my most memorable lessons, if you would call them lessons...

# Some people aren't worth making time for
# Some things are more important than clothes (yes I did just say that!)
# You cant please everyone
# Some people will never understand adult life
# Some times the people who have been around you the whole time in the background could be just the people you have been looking for
# The only thing stopping me is me
# Sometimes learning from other peoples experiences is better than experiencing them yourself
# I go out for dinner way too much
# Some people expect too much from friendship when you world doesn't revolve around them
# Working full time does drain all the energy and enjoyment out of your life
# Singing once a day does help with your mood
# No job pays you enough money to worry about things, when you clock out, unload your worries
# I make too many lists
# I enjoy making them too much
# Saying no is easier than you thought
# Common decency hasn't died yet
# Some people will always be gross
# Life should be simple so don't loss sight by getting bogged down by other peoples problems
# Making time for you is just as important as making time for others
# You can never eat too much chicken, no matter what people say
# There is such a thing as having too many body product
# But you can never have too much make up!

Tell me about the lessons you have learnt this year :) xx
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