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A look at W7 mascaras

I was sorting through my mascaras trying to find a waterproof one, which I found I was seriously lacking in, when I found that I had accumulated a number of W7 mascaras without even realising, and that they were actually my favourite mascaras to use.

I have three mascaras to talk about today which are all under £2 (from B&M) and work just as well as my more expensive mascaras. They are all in similar size packaging with just one difference. The first mascara I ever picked up from W7 is not made of plastic like the other packaging it is more of a rubbery material which does get dirty really easily ( as you can see in the photos). 

Apart from that I love all of these mascaras and use them all for different reasons. None of the wands are the same shapes and are all extra large which I really like. My favourite wand is the Eyelust mascara as it is really big and gets all my lashes. The Showing Out mascara has an even larger wand which makes my lashes so big. The Lashtastic mascara is the smallest wand of them all but has small fibres in it that attaches to your lashes and makes look much fuller and thicker. 

I find when I am using these mascaras that I don't have to deal with any annoying clumping which is the most annoying thing in the world ( hands up if you agree with me!). 

I think these mascaras are so good for the affordable price they are and I do find that I tend to reach for these mascaras more than any of my others, and I have quite a rediculous number of mascaras at the moment. 

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