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My Pinterest Home | The White Bedroom

I am a big Pinterest lover and use the app on my phone all the time to plan outfits in my head, or get ideas for my future home. I may only be twenty but I am already on the look out for furniture and home decorations so that when I move into my dream house, I already have some of the essentials that will make my house look like a home.

I thought I would share with you some of the ideas I love the look at for my future home through my Pinterest boards. If you want to look at any of my boards you can click here.

Today I'm going to start with the most important room in any house, the bedroom. Out of all the different style you can have in your room, my favourite is the white walls theme. I think it looks clean and makes the room feel so much more lighter and bigger. I know that where ever I move into the bedroom will probably not be white and I will have to paint it but I am willing to spend the time doing that to have my white bedroom.

Here are some of favourite white bedroom pins that feel me with fuzziness.


I love the look of minimal bedrooms and big windows so that your bedroom looks like a big open space, plus the light is great for doing your makeup! Obviously I am not deluded and I know that my first house probably wont look anything like these and will have a small bedroom but its nice to imagine your perfect space up so that one day you can work your way towards it.

If you want to look at my Bedroom board on Pinterest you can find it here.
If you like this kind of post I think I might do one for all the rooms in my Pinterest home as I have a board for every room at the moment, enjoy!
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