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3 Autumn Reds

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As much as Callum hates it when I wear bright colors on my lips, I love a bold lip. My signature colour is red, mainly because I am too un-adventurous to experiment with more brighter or bolder colours! So since Autumn is now upon us I thought I would take you through my three favourite red shades, the shades I tend to reach for the most. 

Avon Chilli
I loooove this shade for many reasons. The formula is really moisturising and I feel like it acts like a balm while on my lips too which is great for someone like me who has bitty lips. The shade is a gorgeous dark dirty red and it is so easy to wear which my skin tone. It isn't the longest lasting lipsticks mainly because it is so moisturising on the lips but I still like the wear it and don't mind re-applying it.  It also have Avon indented in the lipstick which I think is a great touch.

Rimmel 22
Everyone loves Rimmel lipsticks for many different reasons and I love this red Rimmel shade in number 22, It is red shade with a twinge of pink to it and this comes through when you apply it to your lips. It isn't a matte formula but does apply matte like on my lips which I like. It is super long lasting -come on it is Rimmel- and applies really smooth. It is quite a bold look so I tend to sport this look when I am going out for the evening and plan to dress up. It definitely isn't a shade you pop on to nip down the shops...

Revolution Who We Are 
This red shade is a fairly new addition to my red lipstick collection and out of all three lipsticks, it is the truest shade of red. When you think of bog standard red lipsticks with no other twinges to it, this is the shade you would think of, a classic red we'll call it. It is less bold then the Rimmel 22 and might lighter then the Avon Chilli but a firm favourite when I want to channel my inner Taylor Swift. It applies really smoothly and is nourishing on my lips which helps hold the colour. It lasts a fairly long time if your not eating or drinking, like most high street lipsticks. 

This is just a needle worth of my red lipsticks because I am a bit of a horder, if you would like to see my full red lips collection then let me know, you might be hear for a while! 
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  1. I love red lipstick!! That Revlon one especially looks like such a stunning shade, thank you for sharing. <3


  2. All these reds look so pretty! I'm a massive fan of the Rimmel Kate lipstick in the shade 30 which is a dark berry red colour so perfect for this season xx

    1. Oh I will have to look that one up, dark shades are becoming a favourite of mine recently! xx


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