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My ultimate eyebrow product | MUA Pro Brow Kit

I'm sure you would have seen in a few photos of me pre February that I didn't use to bother with my eyebrows. I had never found a shade which matched my dark eyebrows without looking big and black and I had kinda given up the search for one. Then my sister used her brow kit on me and since that day in February, I have been doing my eyebrows everyday!

The kit in question is the MUA Pro Brow kit which I picked up in dark. The dark brown is a perfect shade for me and my eyebrows don't look unnatural or OTT when I use it which is brilliant. When I really want to make a statement I can use the black shade and even that isn't too dark on me. 

It also comes with a nude shade which Im guessing you either use for highlighting underneath your eyebrow or even as a eye shadow and a brow jel which I am yet to use. I use a angled eye brow to apply the shade and I can get the perfect eye brow with this combo. 

The eye brow kit is less then £5 so it is a right bargain if I do say so myself! It is worth a try if you are looking for a cheaper alternative to the high end brow kits which can cost your a bomb. 

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