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My Holiday Summer Essentials

Holiday Summer Essentials
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With my summer holiday right around the corner (actually 81 days, 12 hours and 37 minutes; not that I'm counting) I thought I would share with you some of the items I think are essential when you are going away on a summer holiday.

Now the most important thing to take on holiday with you is a good sun lotion. The main reason is to protect your skin from the sun which is super important as you don't want to have skin problems when your older but it also helps you gain a nice even tan on holiday. I am not a big sun worshiper (my moto is fake not bake) but on holiday I tend to sit around the pool or beach and don't shy away from the sun, as much as usual anyway. I usually lather myself in Pizbuin on a factor 20-30 and continuously cover myself in it all during the day, this lotion protects my skin from the sun but it also help to enhance your tan and make you darker which I am a fan of.

On the topic of protection my next must have is a good pair of sunglasses. I always tend to take more than one pair but that is because I am a very clumsy person and accidents happen around me, but for any normal person one pair is enough. They need to be a pair which will go with any outfit and won't look dirty once you've wore them to the beach one day.

My next holiday essential is a good flattering bikini. I am lucky to still have the same bikinis I bought donkeys years ago which still fit me, still flatter my body and still look brand new (thank you Matalan). I have a selection of boob tubes with removable straps that are good for lazying around and catching a tan, and also some nicer bikinis which enhance my insect bites and have this very 60s style straps, which will come in useful when I travel to the water park and don't want to flash to the whole site.

While your at the pool or the beach you are gonna need a very important item in my opinion, a pretty kimono which goes with all your bikinis. I have a record number of kimonos that I purchased during the summer of last year so I think trying to choose which one I take on holiday this year is going to be tricky. They are so easy to wear and are so flattering to throw on over your bikini to walk around the hotel, if you are not comfortable walking around in just a bikini (I know I'm not). As long as they have the same colours in as your bikinis then go crazy, clash a little. The bigger the patterns the more flattering the kimono is i think!

Lastly, to make you prepared for any occasion that comes your way on the holiday you need two pairs of shoes. A casual flat sandal that is comfortable to wear all day and a wedge that goes with all your evening outfits. It would be nice to bring your shoe collection with you on holiday but its just not realistic so us girls have to compromise. The good news for us is that most retailer makes so many different types of shoes, its easy to find pairs that can be worn multiply times with different outfits. I think you can't go wrong with a brown wedge because they go with absolutely everything and brown is a more summer colour than black.

Writing this post has got me so excited for my holiday but I still have to wait 11 weeks which is going to kill me! Tell me about any holidays that any of you have been on already and make me jealous!

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