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I'm Engaged! Engagement Story ~

I'm Engaged! Engagement Story ~

So you can probably tell by the title of this blog post but... I've got engaged! It happened way back in May when Cal and I officially moved into our brand new home and I have mentioned words like fiance but not actually announced it. So here I am... announcing it!

Before I tell you how Callum proposed which I will tease you - it is super cute, I will give you some back ground about Cal and I. We have been together for 3 years now and we become friends when I was 16 so I have known him for 6+ years now. We first started talking on BBM -who actually remembers when everyone had BBM? Those were the good old days!- through mutual friends way back 6 years ago and at first we were just casual friends. Then over time we become best friends and would spend most of our free time together. Then 3 years back it all changed when we had a little cheeky kiss and I guess you could say the rest is history! 

So we celebrated our 3rd anniversary in August - although we both forgot till the end of the month so technically we haven't celebrated alone yet... I feel a curry house date night! 3 years already I don't know how I've lasted with this milky bar kid.

Now for what you'll be waiting for and probably skipped to because your too impatient, the proposal!!

Callum proposed the first night we slept over at our new house and we had been out for most of the night. We arrived home around 11 in the evening after a bit of trouble with the parking , basically Callum parked in a car park next the bowling alley we were at that night and they locked the gates so he had to drive up onto the pavement to get out! I told him just to leave it and get someone to pick us up but he obviously didn't want someone else coming back to ruin the surprise. We arrived home to a pitch black house and I walked in to the house first and noticed some lines going up the stairs, at first I thought that maybe the builders have entered our house while we were out and left something. Once I finally found the light switch I realised the lines were colorful ribbon leading up the stairs with love hearts stuck on them. 

As soon as I sure the ribbon and the love hearts I knew exactly what was happening and to be honest I was completely stunned. I couldn't move my feet. Callum had to push me up the stairs to our top floor bedroom where the ribbon stopped in front of the back wall. Leaning against the wall was a hand made heart shaped mirror (made by Callum) which has a post it note stuck to it which said 'will you marry me?' and fairy light lit up around it and a bottle of champagne and two flutes.

While we had been out all evening my parents had come round and placed the ribbon up the stairs and put everything in place. Apparently my dad helped to stick the hearts on the ribbon and if you saw my dad you would laugh out loud imaging him doing this like I did! He is not the most femine man so I bet he loved it! Typical cockney geezer...

As you can imagine I stood there stunned in silence for a long while Callum got the ring box out of its hiding space and opened the box to show me the ring. He then cheekily said 'do I have to get down on one knee?' which I said of course! The whole time I kept repeating 'is this a joke? is this real?'

I feel a bit like I have wrote a short story here instead of a blog post but the details are everything! It still feels weird calling Callum my fiance and if I am completely honest, even thought our relationship status has changed, nothing about our relationship has, we are the same since day one.

We have no plans to get married any time soon as we are in no rush to make it official but that hasn't stopped me looking at wedding posts, which has made me want to write wedding inspo posts so keep your eyes out for them!

I hope you are still awake! Leave me links to any wedding inspo posts you have written so I can get some ideas! xx
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