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W7 Absolute Lashes | Benefit They're Real Dupe

Isn't finding a good dupe for an expensive brand the best feeling ever? As much as I love some of Benefits products, I don't practically love some of the price tags. Especially when a mascara is around £20 and I wear it probably about 2-3 times a week. Even though I am not a big mascara wearer (due to plain laziness) I do like to have really good mascaras in my collection, especially for them special occasions.

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I have two miniature Benefit they're real mascaras in my collection from various subscription boxes over the last few years and they are a firm favourite for me when I have a big occasion. I don't particularly wear them by themselves most of the time but I like to layer them on top of other mascaras to add loads of extra body and volume.

Although I am a big fan of the mascara I still haven't forked out for a normal size tube, I am saving to move out next year so spending £19.50 on one mascara kinda defeats the object. So when I went to the W7 outlet shop in the Spalding Retail Park I scanned the whole shop for W7's own Absolute Lashes Mascara which is said to be a good dupe for Benefits They're real.

At just £3.99 they already had an advantage on Benefit and I hadn't even tried it yet. The packaging is basically a copy of the They're real packaging (of the full size product) and the brush is also practically idential. The brush is long, thin and straight which is perfect for spreading out the lashes, adding extra length to them and getting all the lashes to curl. Just like the Benefit They're real mascara I like to add this mascara on top of other mascaras to give my lashes extra boost and body.

If I had the money to spend £20 on a mascara every time I probably would keep repurchasing the Benefit mascara but for now I am happy to the W7 version which does the exact same job for a fraction of the price. Being a cheap skate isn't all that bad because I get to have 5 mascaras for the price of one!
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