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Shopping my stash | Highlighters

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Following on from my Shopping my Stash | Blusher post I thought I'd do a post about my forgotten highlighters too and don't they make a pretty photo. Highlighters are such pretty products and come in the prettiest packaging but like blushers, I always seem to stop once I've done my bronzer/contour. Call me a lazy beauty blogger!

The first of my forgotten highlighters is Benefits High Beam which I have used about once since I got it. I know a lot of people love this highlighter and it is meant to be great in the summer but I have never got on with the texture of the product. I have always been a powder highlighter kind of girl and this product I feel can rub off my foundation when I apply it. It is probably me not applying it properly so I am going to give it a second chance this summer. 

A cream Highlighter that I do love using but always forget about is the Topshop Glow pot. This highlighter is a gorgeous golden cream shade that glows beautifully on the skin and thankfully doesn't rub off any makeup already on the face. This past week I have already started showing this product some more love and plan on continuing doing that this summer. 

Lastly my cutest highlighter in my stash is the I heart Makeup Goddess of Love Tripled Baked Highlighter. It screams Too Faced with its packaging but it is a fraction of the price! I always forget about this highlighter which is hidden at the bottom of my stash but I don't know why because it is so gorgeous. It definitely needs to be shown some more love this summer! 

beauty, stash, highlighters, benefit, i heart makeup, topshop
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  1. I way prefer powder highlighters and the I heart makeup one looks great, I love the packaging - so cute!

    1. Totally agree! Try it out it is a lovely product to own :) x


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