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Bath Time With Soap and Glory

Before I became embedded in the world of Lush products, my bathroom was full of mainly Soap and Glory products. I still love them and some of these gems I have had for years and still repurchase them when I am running low. You can never go wrong with Soap and Glory products especially when they are usually on 3for2 in boots! 

A little product I have thrown into this mix because I have recently really enjoyed using it in the shower is the Peaches and Clean Cleansing Milk. I included this in a post way way back in January 2014 so it has been a long old favourite of mine that I seemed to have forgotten about for a long while. I recently re-purchased it and I have really enjoyed how soft and smooth it leaves my skin. It is nice as a refreshing wash after you have cleaned your face of all the impurities. 

The Clean, Girls Body Wash is an old favourite of mine which is one product I dual use as a makeup brush cleaner and I can't decide which way I prefer. The wash lathers up so much you only need a small amount of product to cover your whole body, which is also great for when you clean your makeup brushes. It leaves your skin really soft and clean and feel so creamy when you work it in. I have had this bottle for what feels like years and I still have so much left, even after using it for cleaning my brushes every time! 

For when I need a big re-fresh and want to really make my skin smell amazing I like to use the Sugar Crush body wash purely because it smells a-m-a-zing! I don't even know how to describe the smell apart from sugar covered fruit. When I have had a long day or I feel really disgusting and grubby, I love using this product to make me feel human again. 

I have only ever had one favourite body scrub for years and that has always been The Scrub of Your Life. I like to call this scrub the best of both worlds as it has lots of beads in the product that works great at scrubbing your skin super smooth, plus once it mixes with water the product then turns into more of a wash as well as the beads so it is like using two products at once. 

The Righteous Butter is an old classic in most peoples books and rightly so, the tub you get is huge and the product lasts so long! I have tried a lot of body butters over the years but I always come back to the Soap and Glory Righteous Butter as it works every time and isn't greasy like some body butters. It sinks in quite fast as well so you don't end up standing like a statue for half an hour. 

I have another Bath Time post including some of my Body shop favourites to show you soon. Let me know if you think there are any products worth trying out? 
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  1. Such a lovely post, and it’s reminded me how good Soap & Glory is so thanks for sharing! My favourites from the brand are any of the shower gels or body butters. They have some lovely scents particularly sugar crush which I know you mentioned. Look forward to hearing about your fav Body Shop products too! :-) xx

    Helen | Helens Fashion & Beauty Blog


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