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Changes | 2017

My life has changed completely this year all for the better but it still feels strange to think about how much it has.

Changes | 2017

At the start of the year Cal and I were waiting for our mortgage offer to be accepted which was a very anxious time for both of us. I get nervous speaking to new people anyway so having to talk to different mortgage accountants and solicitors was a bit nerve racking, plus I don't sound very professional at the best of times. It didn't take very long to get all the legal side sorted so it was just a waiting game after that. I can't explain what emotion I felt when we were told we finally had our mortgage offer and just needed to wait for our completion day. I have wrote a few posts about the process and although it can be a really hard and draining process for some people, we were quite lucky that we didn't have a house full of stuff to move or kids and pets to get settled. Because it was just us two we could do it all at our own pace which made it more fun.

Then moving into a new place for the first time with my partner was a very strange feeling, I am a big home person and I am the kind of person who if I got the choice to go out and do something or stay at home... I would stay at home. My room in my parents house was my favourite place so leaving that behind to live with someone else was a big step for me. I am quite an independent person in that I am happy to do my own thing on my days off or evenings so spending every evening with someone is different. Now that I have lived in my house for 7 months it feels completely like home and I love it so much. Cal and I have found our rhythm living together now and our house is coming together and by the beginning of next year we hope to have the final touches done.

If that change wasn't big enough Cal proposed to me the first night we slept over in our new house and I really wasn't expecting it at all! I know some people say that proposing means nothing it is just a piece of jewelry but it has definitely changed our relationship. It still feels weird walking around with a sparkly ring on my finger, it definitely makes me feel more grown up. I have forgot to wear it a few times because it is still new to me which Cal doesn't let me forgot haha. I have wrote a post on our engagement story for you to read.

They say good things normally come in threes but this year I had a fourth big change happen to me! I have been working in retail management for 4 years now and like in most retail jobs, to get to where you want to go you have to move up the ladder which can take years. Over the years I have been a Sales Advisor, Supervisor, Sales Manager and Deputy and finally I am a Manager of my own store!! I love working in small stores, I love smaller spaces so I can do more things in a shorter time and I find working in smaller stores I can do more. When I have worked in larger spaces I find I am just people managing all day rather than merchandising ect. I love all my staff that I have who are all lovely girls and am so happy in my store!

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  1. Congratulations on all of your happy changes lovely!
    Amber | www.amberatlanta.blogspot.co.uk


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