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January Top 5: Random

These are the non beauty items that I have been loving this month :)



Red Riding Hood
This is my favourite film at the moment, I bought it on DVD finally this month and I've it already a good few times. It stars Amanda Seyfried and Billy Burke (Bella's dad in twilight) but the stars of the film are Shiloh Fernandez and Max Irons, my new crushes. They are both B-E-A-UTIFULLLLLL but anyway the film is really good. I would recommend it for twilight lovers, it's even better!

Usher Perfume 'She Eau de Toliette' 
I got this perfume for Christmas this year from my sister after I borrowed her a few months earlier. I haven't stopped wearing it since Christmas and everyone asks me what I'm wearing when I have this on. I am very bad at describing perfumes so I am not even going to attempt to, sorry!

Minion Toy
I also got this minion toy for Christmas and it is my favourite thing ever! Super cute and I just want to cuddle it all day long. If only it talked too :(

Ted Baker Body Spray
This is another 3for2 purchase from boots and I don't regret it. It smells great and it's more of a perfume than a body spray smell.

Brown Satual bag from Primark
I bought this bag from Primark one or two months ago and it has become my favourite bag to use. I've wanted a Satual for ages now but never got round to actually buying a proper one. Then I saw this one in Primark and knew it was meant to be, it was only £10 or something so a right bargain!
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