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Why Short Hair Girls Have More Fun

Jenna Louise Coleman Short Hair
Shout out to my favourite girl Jenna Louise Coleman 

A month ago I cut my hair into a bob and I am in love with it! I have had long hair since I started growing it at 16 and the longest it has ever grown to is around my boob region. Realising I wasn't going to have hair down to my bum I accepted defeat and embraced the short hair crew. And now i understand people who get the bug when they cut their hair short, I want to get an even shorter bob do but I have been told I am not allowed by Cal haha.

I thought I would make a little list of all the things I love about having shorter hair and why it is great to be part of the short hair crew!

  • Washing and drying your hair doesn't take 10 thousands years 
  • There is definitely no dead ends left in your hair when your missing half of it
  • Half up half down dos really do suit shorter box cuts 
  • Your hair is so bouncy you think your in a VO5 advert 
  • It takes half the time to curl or straighten it hallelujah
  • You don't get an annoying wet back when you take your washed hair out of the towel
  • Your hair doesn't tangle as much 
  • You go through less shampoo and conditioner ect
  • You'll be thankful for shorter hair come to hotter months 
  • Dry shampoo somehow works better with shorter hair - just me?
  • It so much easier to style, just throw some sea salt on it your ready to go 

I might do some hair style type posts in the near future to show you guys my favourite styles to do for shorter hair as well as a hair care routine.

 Who else has embraced the short hair crew?
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