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Monthly Favourites June '14

Its that time again so I'm going to get straight into it and try not to waffle... yeah right!

My first favourite is a perfume my sister got for me randomly a few weeks ago, it is the Dolce and Gabbana -The One- and its smells beautiful. I'm not going to try and describe the smell for you because I am rubbish at but in its official describtion it describes it as "fruity-floral" and "lasting warmth of vanilla and sweetness of Amber and Musk" -Sounds delicious I know...

My next favourite for June is my new iPhone 5s :D
I've never been the one to get the newest phone as I don't see the point in paying extra for the newest phone when you can get an older version which costs less and does most of the same stuff. But this time it cost the same to get the newest iPhone so I did and I haven't looked back yet. I love that it has finger print recognition, how cool is that! I also love the thinner longer design.

A piece of clothing that I have become obsessed with recently is Kimonos. I love them so much, they look good on everyone and everything and are so easy to wear. I currently have 4 and are planning on adding to my collection :)

My first make up item that I have been loving this month is my Maybelline Fit Me foundation in the shade 115. The colour is perfect for my skin and is easy to apply, look good throughout the day, blends well on the skin and simply looks good.

The second is the Rimmel Wake Me Up concealor in Ivory which I have had for some time now and find myself continuously using it on days when I am wearing makeup and also on 'no makeup days'. It is great for covering little spots I might have surfacing and to cover up redness that I have on my cheeks.

The third is my H&M bronzing powder in Dark Tan. This is a really nice colour that looks great on the cheeks and on your temples, it doesn't look to dark on your skin but you can build it up if you want a really defined cheek bone. Im pretty sure I've mentioned it in a previous favourites post or at least a themed post.

The last item is Benefit's they're real mascara. Everyone raves about this mascara and I can see why, It makes my lashes look so amazing that I feel like I don't need to wear eye liner with it, my lashes look amazing with just this on. It also doesn't clump which is a bonus so I have been religiously using this this month.

So these are my favourites for this month, have any of you tried these products? Apart from Benefit's mascara because lets be honest, if you haven't tried it then you've been living under a rock! :)
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