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My current skincare routine | Simple Clear Skin range

I've realised that I have never done a post on the skin care products I am using at any point so I thought I would do a little post for you now on my current skincare now, which also gives me a chance to tell you about a new range from Simple that I am trying, their Clear Skin range.

At the moment I am using a combination of three products in the mornings and evening to keep my skins looking decent (some sort of decent). The first product I use in the mornings is the Simple Kind To Skin refreshing facial wash gel which I am finding really refreshing and leaves my skin feeling really clean. This gel is formulated for people with sensitive skin and I have found it doesn't make my skin red and blouchy like other facial washes I have used recently.

After I have washed my face with the facial wash gel I then rub a pea size amount of Simple Clear Skin oil balancing moisturiser all over my face. I picked this up as I was intrigued to see how my skin reacted to it as recently I have found my skin became irritated whenever I applied moisturiser to my face. Also a moisturiser for oily skin? Perfect!

Lastly in the evening before I go bed and after I have removed my make up, I am using the Simple Clear Skin oil balancing facial scrub to remove any more makeup and clear my skin for the night so that while I am asleep it can breath. I then apply the Simple Clear Skin oil balancing moisturiser.

I am already seeing a change in my skin since I have started using these products, I think the combination of all three works well with my skin and I have had less spots come up. Thank god!

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  1. sometimes it takes a while to find the products that work best for you but when you do its the best thing! ahha! id love it if youd comment back http://www.amyelizabethfashion.com/2014/07/hawaiian-tropic.html xx


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