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The £1 Lip Stains

£1 lip stains eBay bargain
I've spoken before about being a lover of  eBay bargains whether its clothing or make up and eBay pro over here has found another bargain make up gem. I wanted to build my lip product collection as the only products I really had was lipsticks which I weren't using much of at the time. I found these Lip Gloss Stains for just £1. Yes £1! I like to buy products that I like in every colour going so with these lip glosses being one £1 I can buy all the colours they do for the price of a normal lip gloss.

I ordered three shades to try; 03 which is a pale pink nude shade, 24 which is a sparkly coral shade and 31 which is a gorgeous Barbie pink shade. I picked these three as they were the most wearable colours for me and I have found myself steering more towards natural tones lately with lip colours. My most loved shade has to be 03 pink-y nude as it is so easy to wear.

The product is very pigmented, much more pigmented then I thought they would be and you only need a little product to get the job done. I find these last a good few hours as long as you put them on top of dry lips. One time I did put one on after applying a moisturising balm on my lips and it slide straight off!  Apart from that I find that these give my lips a good colour that dries quickly and works very much like a lip stain. I would call these gems a lip gloss/stain hybrid which is the best of both worlds, the product applies like a lip gloss but dries matte leaving you with the colour but you don't have shinny lips that don't last more than a hour.

I love how simple the packaging is for this product and it is made slim lined so it can fit in even the smallest of handbags or purses. You have a normal applicator to apply the product and the top of the tube has a smaller passage so that you don't waste too much product when you take the applicator out.

I did only buy these products to try out because I love trying different things and didn't expect much from them to be perfectly honest. I am glad I bought them now as they are a regularly used product in my makeup collection.  You can purchase the lip stains here.
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  1. When I saw the title on my feed I had to click to find out more. i think I'm going to have to give these a try! I was really disappointed by the Bourjois Rouge Edition Lip Velvet lip stains (and they're not the cheapest things either), so these sound like a really good alternative :) x

    | euhnella |


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